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[15:30] [Chip] hey hey
[15:43] [bane] hey
[15:44] [bane] changing comp please hold
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[15:47] [bane] where is dale?
[15:56] [Chip] hey hey
[15:56] [Chip] sorry... was watching something on the bbc site
[15:57] [bane] ok
[15:57] [Chip] where's everyone else?
[15:57] [Chip] and where's the bot?
[15:57] [bane] i was playing chip n' dale :p
[15:57] [Chip] :p
[15:57] [bane] all did
[15:58] [bane] i still have the game lol
[15:58] [Chip] cool
[15:58] [bane] old nes, one of the few games i could beat back then
[15:58] [Chip] brilliant game
[15:59] [Chip] what about duck tales? do you have that one?
[16:00] bane1 (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[16:00] [bane1] damn stupid
[16:00] [Chip] lol
[16:01] [bane1] i have a lot of the old nes games still
[16:01] [bane1] and the system
[16:01] [Chip] cool...
[16:01] [Chip] i've only got a snes...
[16:01] [Chip] and a mega drive (genesis)
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[16:01] [Chip] ...
[16:01] [Chip] ..
[16:01] [Chip] and a ps2
[16:01] [Chip] and a psp
[16:01] [Chip] and a ps3...
[16:01] [Chip] and a ds
[16:02] [Chip] and a gomeboy colour...
[16:02] [bane1] wii?
[16:02] [Chip] not a wii...
[16:02] [Chip] yet... maybe
[16:02] [bane1] you have to have a wii to be cool
[16:02] [bane1] didnt you know that
[16:02] [bane1] you dont have to use it just have one
[16:03] [Chip] can't afford one and have driving lessons and such
[16:03] [bane1] lol
[16:04] [Chip] maybe once i've had a car for a month or two
[16:05] [Chip] need to catch up on anime watching
[16:06] [bane1] how much do you need to watch
[16:07] [Chip] over 60 series
[16:07] [Chip] some are longer series than others
[16:07] [Chip] longest one atm is naruto
[16:09] [Chip] 220 eps in naruto... and then they go to another series after that...
[16:10] [bane1] oh boy
[16:10] [Chip] i've got two piles of dvds with all the discs
[16:11] [Chip] i still think i might need more though
[16:11] [bane1] lol
[16:12] [Chip] well... what happens in a few months when i've finished them all??
[16:12] [bane1] umm watch them again?
[16:13] [Chip] i would watch a few of them again
[16:13] [bane1] if they arnt good enough to watch again then they arnt good enough to watch in the first place
[16:13] [bane1] and you could read a book :p
[16:13] [Chip] true
[16:13] [bane1] to much tv rots your brain
[16:14] [Chip] don't know about that... depends what you're watching on tv
[16:14] [bane1] ...your watching anime....
[16:14] [bane1] nothong mor likely to rot the brain
[16:14] [Chip] oh yes there is...
[16:14] [Chip] soaps
[16:15] [bane1] anime by onther name....
[16:15] [Chip] you can't compare soaps and anime
[16:15] [bane1] really?
[16:16] [bane1] both have plots that keep going and going and going...
[16:16] [bane1] both have to many characters doing to many diffrent things
[16:16] [Chip] lol
[16:16] [bane1] both have 'suprizes' that everyone sees coming
[16:17] [Chip] anime can surprise people with their twists
[16:17] [Chip] just look at evangelion
[16:17] [Chip] or vampire princess miyu
[16:17] [bane1] bah, only if there brain is roted :p
[16:19] [bane1] where is everyone else?
[16:19] [Chip] that's what i asked
[16:19] [bane1] oh,
[16:19] [bane1] i forgot
[16:19] [bane1] :p
[16:19] [Chip] lol
[16:20] [bane1] im bored
[16:20] [Chip] ditto
[16:20] [Chip] what shall we do then?
[16:20] [bane1] dance for me!
[16:20] [bane1] now!!
[16:20] [bane1] wuahahahah
[16:20] *** Chip does the chipmunk dance
[16:20] *** bane1 shoots gun at chips feet
[16:21] [bane1] im geting pissed that my next chapter isnt geting posted
[16:21] [Chip] poor bane
[16:22] [bane1] they posted 3 chapters for some newbi writer by i have been waiting a year
[16:22] [Chip] lol
[16:23] [Chip] well... i need to finish WC chapter 2 before i can say anything about the speed of posting
[16:24] [bane1] you need to finsh chapter 3 as well :d
[16:25] [Chip] chapter 2 first :p
[16:29] [bane1] damn it where is the bot!
[16:29] [bane1] !morf me medium hybrid
[16:30] [bane1] pretend your the bot :p
[16:30] [Chip] not going to work
[16:30] [Chip] not pretending to be the bot
[16:30] [bane1] im bored you have to fill in for it
[16:30] [bane1] lol
[16:30] [bane1] sigh
[16:31] [Chip] or would you prefer that i said that "you're dead"?
[16:31] [bane1] lol
[16:32] [Chip] okay... how about helping out with my latest story idea?
[16:32] [bane1] ok
[16:32] [bane1] what ya need?
[16:32] [Chip] i sorted one main character out yesterday...
[16:33] [Chip] now for another
[16:33] [bane1] cool
[16:33] [bane1] all right what you need?
[16:33] [Chip] a 'rescuer'
[16:34] [bane1] in what way?
[16:34] [Chip] the person will rescue wuth main character
[16:34] [Chip] *the not wuth
[16:35] Shrike (~Shrike@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[16:35] [bane1] hmm ok
[16:35] [bane1] sex?
[16:35] [Chip] part of a team of rescuers i think
[16:35] [Chip] SHRIKE!!!!!!!!
[16:36] [Shrike] who?
[16:36] [Chip] female... i'm thinking.... ripley-esce
[16:36] [Chip] a character in my latest story idea
[16:36] [bane1] early ripley or late ripley?
[16:36] [Shrike] Ripley sucks
[16:36] [Chip] ripley from aliens
[16:37] [bane1] yes i know, early ripley was diffrent from late ripley :p
[16:37] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[16:37] [Shrike] I fixed your sex adds, no don't put them in again
[16:37] [bane1] early ripley ran around screming late repliey kicked ass
[16:37] [Shrike] hi matt
[16:37] [EMW] hello
[16:37] [Chip] MATT!!!!!!!!!!
[16:38] [bane1] damn i was going to get nude pics later from there :p
[16:39] [bane1] i read you latest chapter, the tentical sex as great!
[16:39] [bane1] very tenticaly
[16:39] [Chip] lol
[16:40] [Shrike] and I fixed it so the spider or bot can't find the comments again, so it should stay clean for a while
[16:40] [bane1] so what is everyone doing?
[16:40] [Shrike] fixing the site
[16:40] [bane1] good
[16:41] [bane1] at least as clean as anything dealing with me :p
[16:41] Chip_ (~chatzilla@xfpubyjarofexfpu) joined #morfs.
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[16:41] Nick change: Chip_ -> Chip
[16:41] [Chip] damned internet connection...
[16:42] [bane1] lol
[16:42] [Chip] should have known not to do a deal with the devil for net connection
[16:43] *** Shrike wears a protective suit
[16:43] [Shrike] I finally installed some programs I needed on the laptop
[16:43] [Chip] ps3 is playing up now...
[16:43] [bane1] at least its better than blessed internet, its really slow
[16:43] [bane1] and no porn
[16:44] [Shrike] A study said that playing games is a worse addiction then smoking
[16:44] [bane1] bah, thats bull shit
[16:44] [Chip] yep
[16:44] [EMW] but playing games is also good for you
[16:44] [Shrike] No that is what your home is made of
[16:44] *** bane1 hands shakes and he goes for his controler
[16:45] [Chip] ps3 isn't connecting to net :( it was working fine yesterday
[16:45] *** bane1 puts on his three step game addiction patch
[16:45] [Chip] depends which game you play...
[16:46] [bane1] here is a truth to remember
[16:46] [bane1] there is a study claming something is bad for every thing
[16:46] [Chip] breathing is bad um kay
[16:46] [Shrike] Texans are bad for health
[16:46] [bane1] so are fries
[16:47] [Shrike] nope that myth is busted
[16:47] [bane1] unless they have plinty of salt on them
[16:48] [bane1] and maybe cajun seasonings
[16:49] [Shrike] My favorite team just won a cup halffinal
[16:49] [Chip] cool
[16:49] [Chip] which team is that?
[16:50] [bane1] cajun fries united
[16:50] [bane1] what is matt doing?
[16:50] [Shrike] Heerenveen
[16:50] [bane1] is he writing on a story :d
[16:51] [Shrike] welcome bekah
[16:51] [bane1] wow, like the letter e dont they
[16:51] [Shrike] Who killed the bot this time
[16:51] [Chip] heerenveen?... can't say i've heard of them#
[16:52] [Shrike] It is a place with the first best indoor iceskating ring for speedskating
[16:52] [bane1] its the team that will bankrupt you on wheel of furtun
[16:52] [Chip] lol
[16:52] [Shrike] Tektronix had the base of operations there as well
[16:53] *** bane1 gives matts monkeys a bucket full of suger
[16:54] *** Shrike throws shiny nuts to chip
[16:54] [Chip] SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:54] [bane1] all that gliters is not gold

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