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[09:57] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[09:58] [Misty] hi bane
[09:58] *** Misty hugs da bane
[09:59] *** Misty shrugs and goes back to work
[10:10] *** bane hugs da misty now that he has his breath back from her hug
[10:14] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[10:14] [bane] cool! i have three eyes!!!!
[10:19] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[10:41] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[10:41] [bane] thats one cool elephant!
[11:01] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[11:16] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[11:16] [bane] holy shit im a radioactive girl bird!!
[11:19] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[11:21] [bane] hmmm geting a lot of gender change....
[11:21] *** bane checks his pants to see if every thing is ok
[11:24] [bane] !!!!
[11:24] *** bane passes out
[11:32] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
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[15:28] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
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[16:00] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
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[16:10] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[16:41] Rock (~Rock@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[16:45] [Rock] Anyone check the morfssite?
[16:52] [Rock] anyone here
[16:55] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[16:56] [Rock] you!
[16:56] [bane] you who?
[16:56] [bane] oh him
[16:56] [bane] he is no one
[16:57] [bane] ignor the man behind the curtin
[16:57] *** bane puts a curtin around matt
[16:58] [EMW] hey who turned out the lights?
[16:59] [bane] we are trying to save on electrisity here so no lights
[16:59] [EMW] I see
[16:59] [EMW] or I would if it wasn't pitch black
[17:00] [EMW] oh I thought up a plot for interface 2
[17:00] [bane] yay! what is it?
[17:00] [Rock] THen go write it
[17:00] [EMW] someone steals Kittybot
[17:00] [Rock] which one
[17:00] [EMW] and lexi and the triplets and vicky and friends have to get her back
[17:00] [bane] hey shrike why do i still have 1064 pages of junk in my comment section?
[17:00] [bane] owww cool!
[17:01] [bane] rescue kitty bot goooooo!
[17:01] [Rock] because you dumped it?
[17:01] [bane] dumped what?
[17:02] [bane] sounds like a good plot
[17:03] [bane] banebot will need claws so he can scratch out the eyes of the perk that stole kittybot
[17:03] [bane] what you up to shrike?
[17:03] [Rock] I have a normal attacked by supers, but he gets some help
[17:03] [EMW] From team kittybot!
[17:04] [EMW] their cute ness is too much
[17:04] [bane] team kittybot HOOOOO!
[17:04] [bane] :p
[17:04] [EMW] you're powers combined I am captain kittybot
[17:04] [Rock] nope, Danny is around and makes him act like a jedi
[17:04] [bane] no wrong cartoon
[17:05] [bane] thundercats hoooo!
[17:05] [Rock] no no, wrong story, that is Kumiko and her band
[17:05] [EMW] you know I always wondered how that society was going to work
[17:05] [EMW] they only had one maybe two women
[17:05] [bane] lots and lots of inbreading
[17:05] [Rock] two
[17:05] [EMW] it was unclear
[17:06] [Rock] cheetah with lion?
[17:06] [Rock] litah?
[17:06] [Rock] cheeon?
[17:06] [bane] one was them was a little young...
[17:06] [Rock] cheeton?
[17:06] [EMW] wile kit
[17:06] [Rock] little kitten
[17:10] [bane] so when can we exspect interface 2 (revinge of the kittybots) to be ready
[17:10] [Rock] yeah when? Matt?
[17:10] [EMW] you can't rush genius
[17:11] [bane] says who
[17:11] [Rock] Oh and I'm collecting emailaddresses for interested people to order the book
[17:11] [EMW] the genius workers union local 2003
[17:11] [bane] never trust a union
[17:11] [Rock] put the whip to the monkeys
[17:11] [Rock] the cat with nine tails
[17:12] [bane] go update the site :p
[17:12] [Rock] I did
[17:12] [bane] or matt will make petebot fall in a blender
[17:13] [Rock] and break the blender
[17:14] [bane] cheap neatherlands made blender
[17:15] [bane] will there be tentecal sex matt?
[17:15] [EMW] no time for that with kittybot being held
[17:15] [bane] thats all i care about
[17:17] [Rock] pervert
[17:19] [bane] ha dont act like you dont want to see it happen :p
[17:19] [Rock] I'm respectable
[17:19] [Rock] I'm the morfsgod
[17:20] [bane] at some point lexi needs to say "kittybots go!"
[17:20] [bane] :D
[17:20] [Rock] Maybe the cat-squad
[17:20] [bane] you cant both be a morfsgod and respectible
[17:21] [Rock] I liked that movie
[17:21] [Rock] good one
[17:21] [bane] never seen it
[17:22] Chip (~chatzilla@zcxcbyjarofezcxc) joined #morfs.
[17:22] [Chip] hey hey
[17:22] [bane] hey hey hey
[17:22] [bane] ...
[17:22] [Chip] BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:22] [EMW] hey
[17:22] [bane] you bring out the black in me
[17:22] [Chip] EMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:23] [Rock] finally here?
[17:23] [Chip] the black in you bane... in that case can i ask... "What's up my nigga?"??
[17:23] [bane] only if you are black
[17:23] [Chip] i'm in a funny mood today
[17:24] [bane] join the club
[17:24] [Rock] tegrahchan is not, he just said that his legs are bleeding
[17:24] [Chip] i don't have the biscuit for the club
[17:24] *** Rock checks for club membershipcards
[17:24] *** bane shows badge no. 001
[17:25] [Chip] hang on...
[17:25] [Rock] That's a fake one
[17:25] *** Chip sorts through his membership cards
[17:25] [bane] cant prove that
[17:25] *** Rock throws bane out
[17:25] [bane] cant i out rank you
[17:25] [bane] no clean my shows no. 004
[17:25] [Rock] You can't outrank the morfsgod
[17:25] *** Chip pulls out the chipmunk lovers membership card
[17:26] [Chip] wondered where i put that
[17:26] [Rock] sorry that one is not valid here
[17:26] [Chip] what else now
[17:26] *** Chip pulls out the nuts lovers club card
[17:27] [bane] matt badge no. 002 please take care of these lower no. people
[17:27] *** Rock throws some nuts
[17:27] *** Chip dives for the nuts
[17:27] *** Chip starts playing with my nuts
[17:28] [bane] not in public please!
[17:28] [Rock] ever think of getting the site
[17:28] [bane] its taken
[17:28] *** Chip holds up walnuts
[17:28] [Chip] not even those?
[17:29] [bane] i dont care where you put them, wall or no
[17:29] [Chip] looks cool
[17:29] [Chip] at least they aren't peanuts
[17:30] [Rock] Bane's are to small to notice
[17:31] [bane] yes, if you are on a glactic scale
[17:31] [Rock] Even seen with microscope, still not noticable
[17:32] [Chip] wouldn't know...
[17:33] [bane] who would want to have their nots stuck in a microscope....
[17:33] [bane] i mean ow
[17:33] [bane] what if they focused to much?
[17:33] Tegrachan (~siberionkun_187@tgzgrgbepmbctgzg) joined #morfs.
[17:33] [bane] hey tegrachan
[17:33] *** Tegrachan walks in
[17:33] [Chip] TEGRACHAN!!!!!!!!!!
[17:33] [Tegrachan] hello
[17:33] [EMW] hello
[17:34] *** Tegrachan looks at ground
[17:34] [Tegrachan] im sorry i been away
[17:34] *** Rock wheeled tegrahchan in
[17:34] [Rock] we know
[17:34] [bane] dont do it again
[17:34] [Tegrachan] i been ill
[17:34] [bane] and did you bring the chocolat cake
[17:34] [Rock] He's from NJ
[17:35] [bane] oh its ok then
[17:35] [Tegrachan] no but i want some
[17:35] [Chip] i got the chocolate cake
[17:35] *** Chip hands out chocolate cake
[17:35] [Tegrachan] !morf me random
[17:35] [Rock] I like strawberry cake
[17:35] [Tegrachan] awwww
[17:35] [bane] damn so we all brought the plastic sporks?
[17:35] [Rock] the bot is killed
[17:35] [Tegrachan] no more mod?
[17:35] [Rock] Bane! what did you do
[17:35] [bane] no shrike just killed it, it will be back
[17:35] [Tegrachan] did bane or emw do it?
[17:36] [Tegrachan] lol
[17:36] [Rock] Bane was here
[17:36] [Rock] matt joined later
[17:36] [Tegrachan] sorry was away tho i had almost left this plane
[17:36] [Rock] Don't go haunting us
[17:36] [bane] did you have to slide down the wings? and use a seat as a floit?
[17:37] [Tegrachan] no but i was confined to a medical ward
[17:37] [Tegrachan] hopefully me and shrike can get byakko rolling soon
[17:37] [Rock] Bane should be, a mental hospital ward that is
[17:38] [Chip] no... that's me
[17:38] [Rock] Still working on Feral and Mindcontrol
[17:38] [Tegrachan] but he got comp issues and i got brain ones lol
[17:38] [Tegrachan] and i got another morf story in mind
[17:38] [Rock] Tomorrow I go to the Taxoffice
[17:38] [Tegrachan] wanna hear the bare bones of it?

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