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[03:05] Logger joined #MORFS.
[03:05] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[03:44] [bane-out] !morf me medium hybrid
[04:47] darkwinglance (~darkwinglance@rwcgvopgniagrwcg) joined #morfs.
[04:47] [darkwinglance] hello all
[04:48] bane-out (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[04:48] [darkwinglance] any one there
[04:50] [darkwinglance] ano one know if there are going to be more stories
[04:52] darkwinglance (~darkwinglance@rwcgvopgniagrwcg) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[05:00] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) joined #morfs.
[07:53] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
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[11:51] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) joined #morfs.
[16:00] Rock (~Rock@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[16:11] *** bane slaps shrike
[16:13] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[16:14] *** bane slaps matt
[16:14] *** EMW runs away crying
[16:15] *** EMW returns with a legion of devastator class kittybots
[16:16] [bane] oh crap
[16:16] [EMW] cry havok and let slip the kitty's of war!
[16:17] *** bane throws magnets into the mass of them
[16:17] *** EMW watches shrike bot fall over
[16:17] *** EMW and ninabot crash into a tree
[16:17] [bane] wuahahahah
[16:17] *** EMW bane bot steals the magnet and runs off with it
[16:18] *** bane wispers to matt when no one was looking "watch out shrike is planing to take you out!! he just admited it in gchat!"
[16:18] *** bane "just like he did in brit!"
[16:19] [Rock] !morf me random
[16:19] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@zcxcbyjarofezcxc) joined #morfs.
[16:19] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[16:20] [bane] no he is here!
[16:20] [EMW] :O
[16:20] [bane] hey dale
[16:20] [Chipmunk] BANE!!!!
[16:20] [Chipmunk] MATT!!!!!
[16:20] [Rock] good now I can wipe them out in one fell swoop
[16:20] [EMW] hello
[16:20] [Chipmunk] you can try
[16:20] [bane] see! seee!
[16:20] [Chipmunk] :p
[16:20] [EMW] but first more chocolate pudding
[16:20] [Rock] Yes I remember the alamo, they all died anyway
[16:20] [Chipmunk] hmm..... chocolate
[16:21] [bane] hey! dont diss the alamo!!!!
[16:21] [bane] that is not cool
[16:22] [Rock] They got killed
[16:22] [bane] well ya but the other guy cheated!
[16:22] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:22] [Rock] How do you think I got into power
[16:23] [bane] you payed your energy bill?
[16:23] [bane] what you up to dale?
[16:23] [Chipmunk] playing nfs prostreet
[16:24] [Rock] he's writing, something you should do as well
[16:24] [Chipmunk] although I have got laptop open beside me
[16:25] [EMW] alamo that's where the mexicans invented car rentals right? my american history is fuzzy
[16:25] [Rock] that's where they started to take jobs from americans
[16:26] [bane] damn right
[16:26] [EMW] I had a bit of a mixing bow related disater and got chocolate mixture all over the floor ... on an unrelated note would anyone like some chocolate pudding surprise?
[16:26] [bane] they wanted into the alamo so they could mow the yard
[16:26] [Rock] I thought it was all sand there
[16:27] [bane] na, got grass
[16:27] [bane] i want chocolate!!!
[16:28] [EMW] now with 20% more broken glass
[16:28] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:28] [Rock] had enough chocolate for now
[16:28] [bane] oh and you should have lexi keep on wakeing up with kittybanebot sleeping on her head
[16:28] [bane] crunchy
[16:28] [EMW] hehe
[16:29] [EMW] or stealing her alarm clock
[16:29] [bane] lol
[16:29] [bane] that means he has some way of wakeing up from sleep mode on his own
[16:30] [bane] oh and he needs to suck up to lexi's parents
[16:31] [bane] :D
[16:31] [EMW] hehe
[16:32] [bane] lol lexi wakes up and banebot is stuck to her head, she cant get him off :d
[16:32] [EMW] hehe
[16:32] [EMW] that would be an issue
[16:33] [bane] lexi keeps trying to figure out why he dosent stay in sleep mode like the other kittybots
[16:34] [bane] lol she takes a shower and turns around and sees kittybanebot stuck to the show glass looking at her :p
[16:35] [bane] she screams and almost slips in the shower
[16:35] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:35] [bane] sigh i want to be kittybanebot
[16:35] [bane] he gets to have all the fun
[16:36] [bane] unlike poor petebot how cant walk in a strait line
[16:36] [Chipmunk] i just dominated a drag race on prostreet
[16:37] [bane] ah poor xenic dosent get a bot of his own :p
[16:38] [Chipmunk] poor me
[16:38] [bane] i know! chipmunk bot!
[16:38] [Chipmunk] yep... a side-project as a play thing to the kittybots :p
[16:39] [bane] lol
[16:39] [bane] a failed exsperminet that gose crazy and escapes!
[16:39] [Chipmunk] what do you mean failed?
[16:40] [bane] lol
[16:40] [bane] alternitly sucsesful?
[16:40] [Rock] I'm sending in the bot scrapper
[16:41] Nick change: Chipmunk -> Chipmunk-bot
[16:41] [bane] what youll kill your own self?
[16:41] Nick change: Rock -> bot
[16:41] [bot] !morf me random
[16:42] Nick change: bot -> Bot-Scrapper
[16:43] *** bane shoves petebote at bot-scrapper
[16:44] [Chipmunk-bot] !morf me medium
[16:45] *** Bot-Scrapper puts the Shrikebot into a special safeplace
[16:46] *** Bot-Scrapper looks for the banebot
[16:46] Nick change: Chipmunk-bot -> Chip
[16:49] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[16:50] [bane] yay me and vicky can have wild tentical sex togeather!
[16:50] [Chip] okay...........
[16:50] [bane] inside joke
[16:50] [bane] hey matt did you get the link i sent you to that scince artical?
[16:51] [bane] about all octopuses being posionus?
[16:52] [EMW] yes
[16:52] [bane] ok, just thought it might be something you might be intrested in knowing
[16:53] [EMW] indeed :D
[16:53] [bane] especaly for when vicky and lexi.....well
[16:53] [bane] :P
[16:53] [bane] :d
[16:53] [bane] ....
[16:53] [bane] tentical attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:53] [bane] lol
[16:55] [Bot-Scrapper] !morf me random
[16:55] [bane] ok what is everyone doing riiiiiiight.... now!
[16:55] [Bot-Scrapper] !morf me custom-large
[16:55] [Bot-Scrapper] trying to hide the bodies
[16:56] [Bot-Scrapper] I also intercepted Fox on his flight out
[16:56] [bane] leave them at a poloticions party, they will just think it was someone they killed while drunk and take care of it
[16:56] [bane] so did i
[16:57] [bane] early this morning
[16:57] [Bot-Scrapper] But I intercepted with a commandosquad, he's now in my clutches as well
[16:57] [Bot-Scrapper] muhahahahaha
[16:58] [bane] good thing i smuggled those lockpicks to him this morning
[16:58] [bane] he is behind you!!!
[16:58] [Bot-Scrapper] You mean these lockpicks?
[16:58] *** Bot-Scrapper shows the lockpicks
[16:59] [bane] no those are the exsploding decoes i gave him
[16:59] [bane] boooooom!
[16:59] [Bot-Scrapper] I had a stripsearch done, even the internal checks
[16:59] [bane] ewwwwww
[16:59] [Bot-Scrapper] he's walking funny, if he ever gets to walking again
[17:00] [bane] to much information
[17:00] [Chip] WAY too much info
[17:02] [Bot-Scrapper] Now which one should I go after next and lock up
[17:02] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:03] [Bot-Scrapper] !morf me customsize large
[17:03] [Bot-Scrapper] watching destroyed in seconds now
[17:07] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:08] [Bot-Scrapper] you rigged the bot
[17:09] [bane] yep
[17:09] [Bot-Scrapper] well I rigged the site
[17:09] [Bot-Scrapper] he he
[17:09] [bane] ya ya your a bastard we know that
[17:09] [Bot-Scrapper] nope, I know my heritage and parents, and checked it all
[17:10] [Bot-Scrapper] I wasn't left in the barn, like most texans
[17:11] [bane] thats born in the barn not left in the barn
[17:11] [Bot-Scrapper] dumped most likely
[17:11] Chip (~chatzilla@zcxcbyjarofezcxc) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.8/2009032609]
[17:12] [bane] in a manger :p
[17:12] [Bot-Scrapper] he went away, now I can get him
[17:12] *** Bot-Scrapper moves in to get Chipmunk
[17:13] [Bot-Scrapper] ask me nicely and I might consider doing an update
[17:14] [bane] do it now bitch!!!
[17:14] [Bot-Scrapper] fine, I'm busy
[17:15] [bane] i said now!!!!
[17:15] [bane] or ill hurt you!!!
[17:16] [Bot-Scrapper] You can't find me, neh neh neneh neh
[17:16] [Bot-Scrapper] bekah is coming soon
[17:16] [bane] yes she wanted me to take down the christmass lights
[17:17] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:18] [Bot-Scrapper] again?
[17:18] [bane] yep
[17:18] [bane] all the time
[17:18] [Bot-Scrapper] !morf me large
[17:18] [bane] wait ill show you
[17:19] [Bot-Scrapper] !morf me large hybrid
[17:20] [bane] thats one big horse boy
[17:20] bekah (bekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[17:20] [bane] bekah!!!
[17:20] [EMW] I shouldn't have eaten that 4kg block of marsipan
[17:20] [bekah] allo
[17:20] [bane] im sorry ill take down the lights! dont hit me!!!
[17:20] [EMW] hello
[17:20] [bekah] haha
[17:20] [bane] :d
[17:20] [Bot-Scrapper] hit him bkeah
[17:21] [bekah] i was trying to talk to gareth not bane
[17:21] [bane] ;)
[17:21] *** Bot-Scrapper slaps bane
[17:21] [bane] in my house we would just yell at each other from wherever we where :p
[17:22] [Bot-Scrapper] here too, the wife just hates that
[17:22] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:22] [Bot-Scrapper] part of the problems I have now
[17:22] [bekah] i tried that he didnt hear me
[17:22] [Bot-Scrapper] !morf me large hybrid
[17:23] Nick change: Bot-Scrapper -> Snake
[17:23] [bane] radioactive snake
[17:23] [Snake] !morf me customsize large

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