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[05:23] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
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[06:15] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[06:44] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[06:44] [bane] in a world of gray and shadowed skies only one thing holds true, this to will pass.
[06:46] [bane] errr shall pass*
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[08:33] [Sarang] Hey all.
[08:33] [Sarang] I was hoping E_Red would be around.
[08:33] [Sarang] :-(
[08:33] [Sarang] I'll bbl.
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[13:39] [Rebekah] heya bane
[13:39] [bane] hey
[13:39] [Rebekah] reading the new part to rosetta
[13:40] [bane] oh any good?
[13:40] [Rebekah] yepyep so was interface and Higher
[13:40] [bane] i really dont read tosetta, i dislike jory so much that it bleeds over into the reading
[13:41] [bane] i like interface though
[13:41] [Rebekah] it happens but i dont let author personalities interfere with my reading of a good story
[13:43] [bane] i think interface is becoming my favorit morf story
[13:44] [Rebekah] it is really good
[13:44] [Rebekah] btw have u ever played morrowind ... i dont remember if i asked or not
[13:44] [bane] yep
[13:44] [bane] one of my all time favorit games
[13:45] [bane] you playing it again?
[13:45] [bane] :p
[13:45] [Rebekah] yep and teacing myself to make mods for it
[13:45] [bane] lol i used to do that
[13:45] [bane] not anything fance
[13:45] [bane] no scripting or anything
[13:46] [bane] just buildings
[13:46] [Rebekah] i made a training room complete with working training dummies and sparring mat
[13:46] [bane] i think everyone makes a ultimte home at least once
[13:46] [Rebekah] i have an uvirith mod that makes it awesome so i dont need to make one
[13:47] [bane] i just wish someone would group all the best mods into one and make sure the all work togeather :p
[13:47] [Rebekah] hehe
[13:47] [bane] i would have about 40 or so going at one time
[13:47] [bane] and all the really big ones conflicted with eachother at some point
[13:48] [Rebekah] i have the mod home sweet home ... placed in a mountain at balmora ... i attached my training room to that
[13:48] [bane] i allways went with a dimentanal home, so i could quick travile to it
[13:49] [bane] i was a pack rat, i would steal everything
[13:49] [bane] down to the silverwear
[13:49] [bane] :d
[13:49] [Rebekah] coc "home sweet home"
[13:49] [Rebekah] in the console
[13:49] [Rebekah] :)
[13:49] [bane] i think i remember that one
[13:50] [bane] i havent messed with it in about a year or two
[13:50] [bane] so i dont know what is new out there
[13:50] [bane] the mods where the best part of morrowind
[13:50] [Rebekah] i just started to play again last week
[13:50] [bane] ah
[13:51] [bane] i dont think i ever really finished the main plot
[13:51] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@zcxcbyjarofezcxc) joined #morfs.
[13:51] [bane] do busy exsploring
[13:51] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[13:51] [bane] hey hey hey!
[13:51] [Chipmunk] BANE!!!!!!!!!!
[13:51] [bane] bane!!!!!!
[13:51] [bane] oh wait no
[13:52] [bane] dale!!!!!!!
[13:52] [Chipmunk] what up big dawg?
[13:52] [Rebekah] yay chipmunk
[13:52] [Chipmunk] BEKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:52] [bane] me and bekah were talking about morrowind
[13:52] [Rebekah] we are talking bout morrowind
[13:52] [Rebekah] hehe
[13:52] [bane] lol
[13:52] [bane] i liked it way better than oblivion
[13:53] [bane] oblivion didnt have enough veration and wasnt as big
[13:53] [Rebekah] i couldnt get oblivion to work right because of vista
[13:53] [bane] its really no big loss
[13:53] *** Chipmunk spits on vista
[13:53] [bane] and the construction set was way hard to use
[13:54] [Rebekah] never tried the oblivion tescs
[13:54] [bane] only like 2 diffrent kind of dungunse and no real custiom nes
[13:54] [bane] ones
[13:54] [Rebekah] couldnt get oblivion working right and refused to buy the official mods
[13:55] [bane] ya that was junk
[13:55] [Rebekah] so chip whatcha been upto
[13:55] [bane] i just stole them :p
[13:55] [Chipmunk] this and that... and being ****ed of with the boss
[13:55] [bane] ah sorry to hear that
[13:56] [Chipmunk] and i told HR that i thought he was incompetent
[13:56] [Rebekah] so still getting the no lube pineapple treatment
[13:57] [Chipmunk] he has good days and bad...
[13:57] [bane] just smake him in the mouth
[13:57] [Chipmunk] i would lose my job
[13:57] [bane] spranos stile
[13:57] [Chipmunk] can't afford that
[13:57] [Rebekah] if he smacks him he would get soooo canned that it wouldnt be worth it
[13:58] [bane] ya i guess, would still be fun
[13:58] [Chipmunk] if i could persuade one of the marines, or one of the guys who can retire soon....
[13:58] [Rebekah] lol yeah try that hehe
[13:58] [bane] lol
[13:59] [bane] and give them a roll of dimes
[13:59] [Rebekah] 5 dollars ??? are u daft
[13:59] [Chipmunk] he's got little man syndrome
[14:00] [Chipmunk] he has a 4x4 (big one) and doesn't need it
[14:00] [Rebekah] lol
[14:00] [Chipmunk] he's got a few nicknames which he doesn't know about
[14:00] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:00] [bane] lol
[14:00] [Rebekah] so chip ever play morrowind
[14:01] [Chipmunk] Lord Farquaad, Smeegal, Hobbit... to name a few
[14:01] [Chipmunk] i played morrowind, but not much and not often
[14:01] [Rebekah] oh and scripting for morrowind is a pain
[14:01] [bane] i loved how you could play for days and still not have visited every where
[14:02] [Rebekah] the script syntax is horrid
[14:02] [bane] ah dont ask me, i know nothing about scripting
[14:02] [Rebekah] i could play for 1 day and be level 20 and head of the mages guild and house telvanni hehe
[14:02] [Chipmunk] syntax....
[14:03] [bane] well you play fast then :p
[14:03] [bane] i like to take it slow
[14:03] [Rebekah] the scripting is mostly if then statements
[14:03] [bane] spend more time exsploring then in quests
[14:03] [bane] and in stealing of course
[14:03] [Chipmunk] lol
[14:04] [Rebekah] i do my exploring after those achievements
[14:04] [bane] i think by the time i quit playing every movable object was in my posetion :s
[14:04] [Chipmunk] lol
[14:04] [Rebekah] lol
[14:05] [Rebekah] not if u never completed the main quest
[14:05] [bane] i had to keep on making mods to put chest in my home to put the stuff in
[14:05] [Chipmunk] you kleptomaniac bane
[14:05] [Rebekah] as there are plenty in that area
[14:05] [bane] yep
[14:06] [Rebekah] i have the morrowind crafting mod so i can make chests and install them in my house"
[14:06] [Chipmunk] we need a kleptomaniac morfs survive
[14:06] [Chipmunk] *survivor
[14:06] [bane] lol
[14:06] [Rebekah] chests and desks and dressers and beds
[14:06] [Rebekah] i can make alot of stuff and sell it all hehe
[14:07] [bane] lol
[14:07] [Rebekah] can even make weapons and armor
[14:07] [bane] aw thats cheating, you have to steal those!
[14:08] [Rebekah] no because its a pain in the a$$
[14:08] [Chipmunk] what wouldn't you steal bane?
[14:08] [bane] oh and i colected rare souls
[14:08] [Rebekah] u have to find mining deposits and mine the metal
[14:08] [bane] i mined all the mines bear :s
[14:08] [bane] and stored the stuff away
[14:08] [Chipmunk] !!
[14:09] [Rebekah] yeah without the mod there is only glass and ebony
[14:09] [bane] ya but there are plenty of mods for more stuff
[14:09] [Rebekah] with the mod there is that and iron, silver, and adamantium
[14:10] [Rebekah] not to mention the ability to make jewelry and clothing and all sorts of stuf
[14:10] [bane] what major mod to you use?
[14:13] [bane] is the gients mod still out there?
[14:14] [bane] giants? whatever
[14:14] [Rebekah] i use book rotate, all the official mods, better bodies, alot of tweak mods, uviriths legacy, multi-mark, glass gauntlets, Good Adamantium, antare's big mod, calis betterbodies dresses, home sweet home, my training room, at home alchemy, you are being robbed, and some others
[14:14] [Rebekah] yes u can probably find it at planetelderscrolls
[14:14] [Rebekah] brb
[14:15] [bane] i know some of those
[14:15] [bane] and thats where get the modes
[14:17] [Rebekah] back
[14:17] [Chipmunk] After being in development hell for ages, I have come to the conclusion that Wild Child Chapter 2 needs a major re-write
[14:17] [Rebekah] i got all of those from there
[14:18] [bane] really, whats wrong with it?
[14:18] [Rebekah] ah really
[14:18] [bane] i liked the old site better for planetelderscrolls
[14:18] [bane] you cuould surch by size
[14:19] [Chipmunk] i have a new idea, and... now that i have had that idea i came up with i don't like how i've written it so far
[14:19] [Rebekah] stuff happens bane
[14:19] [Rebekah] its called progress
[14:19] [Rebekah] ah thats cool chip
[14:20] [bane] urg, bane no like progress!
[14:20] [bane] ;)
[14:20] [Chipmunk] :p
[14:20] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:21] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[14:22] [bane] hmmm now we need a short tiger
[14:22] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:24] [bane] take all the time you need xenic, after all i need someone to break my longest time with out posting record
[14:24] [Chipmunk] what is the record so far?
[14:25] [bane] ummmm
[14:25] [bane] well i was close to one year
[14:25] [Chipmunk] i'm already beating that :p
[14:26] [bane] na you posted after i did
[14:26] [Rebekah] well we are still waiting for an update on grey so that author has you beat
[14:26] [bane] and my next isnt posted yet so it could be longer
[14:26] [bane] hummmm
[14:26] [bane] when was the last gray update
[14:27] [Rebekah] more than a year ago thats for sure

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