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[00:01] [Rebekah] ah otay
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[04:04] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[04:10] [bane] hmmm well ill send some flowers then
[04:10] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[04:10] [StarfoxHowl] Calimari!
[04:11] [bane] hey your dead no talking with a good medium!
[04:11] [StarfoxHowl] How you doing Bane.
[04:11] [bane] or at least a large coke
[04:11] [bane] ok
[04:11] [StarfoxHowl] We're getting soaked here.
[04:12] [bane] really?
[04:12] [bane] you home yet?
[04:12] [StarfoxHowl] yep. lots of rain.
[04:12] [bane] ah, wish we had the rain we need it
[04:12] [bane] dry as a bone here
[04:12] [StarfoxHowl] Still scheduled to get out of here on the 16th.
[04:13] [StarfoxHowl] working on Madame Venus at the moment. and the second chapter of Ben and Sheri.
[04:13] [bane] didnt think it rained that much in afgan
[04:13] [bane] but then i dont realy know that much about it
[04:13] [StarfoxHowl] I didn't either. But I'm told this is the spring rains.
[04:14] [StarfoxHowl] I'm learning a lot about it. :-)
[04:14] [bane] lol like the fact that its not some place you want to really be?
[04:14] [StarfoxHowl] GET ME OUT OF HERE!
[04:15] [bane] you could click your heals togeather and say
[04:15] [StarfoxHowl] Have you seen Brit on recently?
[04:15] [bane] no place like home
[04:15] [bane] no not in a loooooooooong time
[04:15] [bane] i think shrike killed her in a power grab
[04:15] [StarfoxHowl] I could, but I don't have any ruby sneakers.
[04:16] *** StarfoxHowl shrugs.
[04:16] [bane] i could send you some red cowboy boots
[04:16] [StarfoxHowl] have no clue.
[04:16] [StarfoxHowl] size 14's please... round or pointed toe?
[04:16] [bane] im just waiting for the CSI people to start asking us questions :p
[04:17] [StarfoxHowl] I have a good alibi.. I was out of the country.
[04:17] [bane] pointed but ill tell you what ill make them out of snake skin just for you
[04:18] [StarfoxHowl] okay.. but no sequins, please.
[04:18] [bane] alibi smalibi
[04:18] [bane] iv seen much better ones not work on that show :p
[04:19] [StarfoxHowl] eh?
[04:19] [bane] CSI
[04:19] [bane] you have to have a good alible so they can drag the show out
[04:19] [bane] being out of the country just makes you more of a suspect
[04:19] [StarfoxHowl] oh, alibis.. yes... it's been a while since I've been able to see it.
[04:20] [bane] them, there are a dozen diffrent CSI now
[04:21] [StarfoxHowl] There's only three that I know of.. Las Vegas, New York and Miami (ick)
[04:21] [bane] ask shrike he watches them all, which is kind of worring with my afor mintioned sucpetions....
[04:21] [bane] navy too
[04:21] [bane] NCSI
[04:21] [bane] i think
[04:21] [bane] i dont watch it
[04:22] [bane] its too much bad acting
[04:22] [StarfoxHowl] NCIS Navy Civillian Investiagtive Service.... sorry, not enamored with that show.
[04:22] [StarfoxHowl] I know how poor the real group is... I can't disbelieve enough.
[04:22] [bane] lol, i watch it when i want to yell at the screen "that is so stupid like that could accualy happen"
[04:23] [StarfoxHowl] hehehe
[04:24] [bane] then i watch law and order if i want to find out how liberals think the world should really be, and see lots of liberal probaganda
[04:24] [StarfoxHowl] oh yes... "let loose 30 million gun nuts......"
[04:25] [StarfoxHowl] same thing with West Wng when it was on.
[04:25] [bane] yep
[04:25] [StarfoxHowl] West Wing that is.
[04:25] [bane] the bad guy is alwas the guy what was making money
[04:25] [StarfoxHowl] yep.. wealth envy.
[04:26] [bane] i really hate it when they try to put propaganda on tv shows, its just wrong
[04:26] [bane] cant they make a show without trying to influince what i think?
[04:26] [StarfoxHowl] well.. it comes out the heart of wealth envy liberalisim, hollywood.
[04:26] [bane] and penic envy
[04:27] [StarfoxHowl] The government is good, individualism is bad.
[04:27] [StarfoxHowl] who's envious of my penic?
[04:27] [bane] penis envy*
[04:27] [StarfoxHowl] yes, I know.
[04:28] [bane] oh just adding your your list wealth envy, liberalisim, hollywood and penis envy
[04:28] [bane] studys have shown :d
[04:28] [StarfoxHowl] That's the only thing I don't like about CSI LAS Vegis, Katerin Willows is a man hater extraordinare...
[04:29] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[04:29] [bane] now now, you know that there isnt really a diffrence between men and women
[04:29] [bane] exspet for the brest thing
[04:30] [bane] but thats not important
[04:30] [StarfoxHowl] or the penis thing.
[04:30] [bane] or so your supposed to believe
[04:30] [bane] that too
[04:30] [StarfoxHowl] but what happens if you have both? like Jason/Jessica Ryerson?
[04:31] [bane] you spend a lot of time in bed with the blinds closed?
[04:31] [bane] you know every time i use the bot its a powerful morf
[04:31] [StarfoxHowl] I don't have windows in my room.
[04:31] [bane] watch
[04:31] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[04:31] [bane] :d
[04:32] [bane] it just likes me better than you
[04:32] [bane] ...for a change
[04:32] [StarfoxHowl] hehe.. I just have to wait until the orage smoke to take effect.
[04:32] [bane] ribbit!
[04:33] [StarfoxHowl] and what was that "blinds closed" remark supposed to be about?
[04:33] [StarfoxHowl] better check that tounge, the girls might start liking you.
[04:33] [bane] the person with the boobs and a penis
[04:33] [bane] why do you think the prencess kissed me?
[04:33] [StarfoxHowl] sorry.. guess I just don't get the humor.
[04:34] [bane] privite time in bed? you know....
[04:34] [bane] you asked what happens if they have both
[04:34] [StarfoxHowl] oh... finally.
[04:34] [StarfoxHowl] and no, I don't spend a lot of time in the bed.
[04:35] [bane] O.o
[04:35] [bane] oh so you have the brestes?
[04:35] [bane] man boobs dont count
[04:35] [bane] :p
[04:35] [StarfoxHowl] nope.
[04:35] [bane] watch powerful morf again
[04:36] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[04:36] [StarfoxHowl] Sorry.. I don't wear skirts.
[04:36] [bane] whats wrong with wearing a skirt most of your ancestors did
[04:36] [StarfoxHowl] so you hang out on the eves of ancient gothic churches.
[04:36] [bane] and not just he female ones
[04:37] [StarfoxHowl] those were kilts, not skirts.
[04:37] [bane] what can i say, im religuse
[04:37] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[04:38] [StarfoxHowl] foo! <slaps the bot
[04:38] [bane] most historic people didnt wear pants not just he scots
[04:38] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[04:39] [StarfoxHowl] Three powers and a shape change.. hummm.. that's not powerful?
[04:39] [bane] ok your not alowed to write a storry with a centaur hybrid, yours are bad enough as it is :p
[04:39] [StarfoxHowl] hey, I get lots of reads on my stories.
[04:39] [bane] lol
[04:40] [StarfoxHowl] and besides I've already used a centaur hybrid.
[04:40] [bane] so dose penthouse :d
[04:40] [bane] you did?
[04:40] [bane] i though you only had a horse hybrid
[04:40] [StarfoxHowl] hey can I help it if that's where the characters go?
[04:40] [StarfoxHowl] yes.
[04:40] [StarfoxHowl] Primal, the police officer in charge of the riot squad was a centaur hybrid.
[04:41] [bane] ah
[04:41] [bane] ok
[04:41] [StarfoxHowl] I hate that I have to post such heavily edited material on the MORFS site.
[04:42] [bane] ya
[04:42] [StarfoxHowl] and I'm not responsable for sticky keyboards.
[04:42] [bane] but its better than the morf site turning into a porn story place
[04:43] [bane] seems to be more people writing erotic stories on the internet than regular stories
[04:43] [StarfoxHowl] True. At least most of the stories on the MORFS site have something akin to a plot.
[04:43] [StarfoxHowl] Well.. at least the sex stories are the ones that get read most often.
[04:44] [bane] i have a hard time finding good storie sites on the web that arnt overriden with erotics
[04:45] [bane] its annowing im trying to read a story and suddinly everyone is neked and jumping on each other for no reason
[04:46] [StarfoxHowl] True. But the GOOD ones are the ones where the sex is part of the plot, not just a sex scene with enough plot to get to the next sex scene.
[04:46] [bane] few and far between
[04:46] [StarfoxHowl] yes, at least in the amature writer venues.
[04:47] [bane] yep
[04:48] [StarfoxHowl] If you go on SOL you can use the search feature to find NO SEX stories.
[04:49] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me medium hybrid
[04:50] [StarfoxHowl] now I really do speak with a forked tounge. :-)
[04:52] [bane] yep knew it all along
[04:54] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[04:58] [bane] when was the last time you say brit on?
[04:59] [StarfoxHowl] Months ago. Back during the marathon.
[05:00] [bane] wonder if some thing has happened to her or if she has just given up on morfs
[05:01] [StarfoxHowl] Don't know.. I wish I knew.
[05:01] [bane] i know she has a new kid and all but that shouldnt stop her from poping in from time to time
[05:02] [bane] maybe i should start a thread, missing person-brit pleas report if found :p
[05:02] [StarfoxHowl] I would like to think that he's busy with family and school.
[05:02] [StarfoxHowl] hehe.. maybe so.
[05:03] [StarfoxHowl] It might turn into an "Elvis Sighting" thread.
[05:03] [bane] lol
[05:03] [bane] could do the same thing for a few other authors too
[05:06] [bane] might have to offer a reword....
[05:06] [StarfoxHowl] oh? what reward? Instant posting of their next story?
[05:07] [StarfoxHowl] You know that there haven't been any new postings since the end of Feb.
[05:07] [bane] yep
[05:07] [bane] matt offered to help with the site but i dont think shrike or brit wanted to give up power :p
[05:08] [bane] and now they are both not around, its a bit like goverment
[05:08] [StarfoxHowl] I've offered to help with the forums, but same answer. Brit is the only one that has the ability to give upgraded privliges on the MORFS site.
[05:09] [StarfoxHowl] I can understand Shrike. He's getting his internet back, and having to look for a job, so I know his head if focused elsewhere.
[05:12] [StarfoxHowl] his head is focused elsewhere that is.
[05:12] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
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[10:12] [Sakura] hello
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