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[05:58] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[06:01] [bane] hey hey hey
[06:01] [bane] no wait im not black
[06:02] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[06:03] [Chipmunk] !morf me medium
[06:03] [Chipmunk] damn
[06:03] [bane] yaya
[06:04] [Chipmunk] how's you bane?
[06:04] *** bane laughs like nelson from the simpsons
[06:04] [bane] good
[06:04] [bane] you?
[06:04] [Chipmunk] yeah, not too bad
[06:05] [Chipmunk] only on for an hour or so... got driving lesson then
[06:05] [bane] shrike hit you up for votes for uglyest baby of the year contest?
[06:05] [bane] ah
[06:05] [Chipmunk] nope
[06:05] [bane] about time you learned to drive, even if it is on the wrong side of the road :p
[06:05] [bane] just remember red means go fast
[06:05] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:05] [bane] :d
[06:06] [Chipmunk] it might on your side of the pond
[06:06] [Chipmunk] :p
[06:06] [bane] and its good maners to honk if you see a police guy on a horse
[06:06] [Chipmunk] rarely get those over here
[06:06] [bane] i have never seen one
[06:06] [Chipmunk] normally see a load in november... for the carnival
[06:06] [bane] exsept over there one time
[06:07] [bane] well we get a few for the rodeo
[06:08] [bane] so you have a car?
[06:08] [bane] you could get one of thse things from india for 2000$ :p
[06:09] [Chipmunk] lol... they don't pass european safety standards
[06:09] [bane] who cares! they are cheap!!
[06:09] [bane] lol
[06:09] [bane] and you can turn them by hand
[06:09] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:10] [bane] or one of those new GM things pumas or what ever
[06:10] [bane]
[06:10] [Chipmunk] i'll let you know what type of car i get when i get one
[06:11] [bane] lol for use when you could have just walked to whereever you were going instead
[06:11] [Chipmunk] i prefer walking when i can
[06:11] [bane] be american get a hummer :d
[06:12] [bane] or was that 'be american get hammered'?
[06:12] [bane] i always get it confused
[06:13] [bane] ah well you have to like us now since we have a black guy in office, and dont forget it!
[06:13] [bane] i exspect invatations to all your parties now!
[06:13] [Chipmunk] Hummer? in this country? Where it's the equivilant of $2/litre, and over half of that is tax?!?!
[06:14] [bane] lol
[06:14] [Chipmunk] and hummers do 1-4miles to the gallon, or something like that don't they?
[06:15] [Chipmunk] i wouldn't make it to work without needing to fill up
[06:15] [bane] but you would look really cool!
[06:15] [Chipmunk] it would piss my boss off...
[06:15] [Chipmunk] that would be worth it
[06:15] [bane] and you could save by not having to wait in traffic, you could just go over the top of it
[06:16] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:17] [bane] and if there is a war or something your ready for it!
[06:17] [bane] its all good
[06:17] [Chipmunk] i'll just borrow a vehicle from the marines i work with... job done
[06:18] [bane] you see america has secretly wanted someone to go to war with thim in america for awhile, thats why we have all the big cars and guns
[06:18] [bane] and train our youth with video games
[06:19] [Chipmunk] yeah... but why have the kids get so fat too...
[06:19] [bane] instent bullet proffing
[06:19] [bane] :d
[06:19] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:19] [bane] works better than kevlar
[06:20] [Chipmunk] somehow i doubt that
[06:20] [bane] then we will see who owns all your bases!!!! wauahahahahah
[06:21] [Chipmunk] all your base are belong to us
[06:21] [bane] ahum sorry got carryed away
[06:21] [Chipmunk] !morf me medium
[06:22] [bane] well at least you got taller
[06:22] [bane] thats something at least
[06:22] [Chipmunk] true
[06:24] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[06:24] [Chipmunk] hi shorty :p
[06:25] [bane] you know i have goten nothing buy powerful morfs for a while now....better not tell anyone
[06:25] [Chipmunk] shhh...
[06:25] [bane] like finding money in your bank account, do you tell anyone or just take it and run :)
[06:26] [Chipmunk] i always have money in my bank account... got a worm to sort that out for me
[06:27] [bane] must be a smart worm
[06:27] [Chipmunk] you have no idea :p
[06:27] [bane] watch
[06:27] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[06:27] [bane] see powerful again
[06:27] [Chipmunk] BUG!!!!!!!!
[06:27] *** Chipmunk hits bane the bug
[06:28] [bane] hey!!
[06:28] [bane] i have feelings too!
[06:28] [bane] god that power would suck for that hybrid
[06:28] [bane] feel nothing but disgust
[06:28] [Chipmunk] yep
[06:28] [bane] hmmm could make a intreating character
[06:28] [Chipmunk] true
[06:29] [bane] brb
[06:30] [Chipmunk] !morf me medium
[06:37] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[06:37] [Chipmunk] i've been getting an awful lot of "fairly average" morfs
[06:38] [bane] back
[06:38] [Chipmunk] wb
[06:38] [bane] well wait a moment and lets see if i can have a powerful again :p
[06:39] [Chipmunk] go ahead
[06:39] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[06:39] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:39] [bane] :p
[06:39] [bane] if only i could be taller
[06:40] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:41] [bane] when you are doing driving practice if you hit a speed bump start yelling that you hit someone and killed them at the top of your voice :p
[06:41] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:41] [Chipmunk] !morf me medium
[06:41] [Chipmunk] damn
[06:42] [bane] lol
[06:43] [Chipmunk] i think i'm going to go for food soon
[06:43] [bane] k
[06:43] [bane] get some squid :p
[06:43] [Chipmunk] lol
[06:43] *** bane starts chowing on dales tintecles
[06:44] [bane] mmmm
[06:44] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[06:44] [Chipmunk] hey
[06:45] *** bane turns his head to look at dale in that very scary slow praying mantic way
[06:45] [Chipmunk] hmmm... who would win, mantis or squid
[06:45] [bane] hmmmm
[06:45] [Chipmunk] squid
[06:45] [bane] mantis
[06:45] [bane] :p
[06:46] [bane] he could cut through the tinticals
[06:46] [Chipmunk] i'm off for food... be back after driving lesson
[06:46] [bane] k cya
[06:46] [bane] have fun
[06:46] [Chipmunk] later
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[11:47] [Misty] Mornin' MrDatabase
[11:48] *** Misty hugs dat Logger
[11:49] *** Misty molests da bane fondly
[12:28] bekah (bekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[12:28] [bekah] we need our userbase back
[12:29] bekah (bekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) left irc: Quit: Goes away with big boom
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[16:01] [Misty] G'afternoon, Logger.
[16:01] *** Misty hugs dat MrDatabase
[16:02] [Misty] Hi Bane... molest... molest
[16:03] *** Misty waves wildly at Jenny
[16:41] [bane] is that you molesting me or me molesting you? i just like to get these things strait
[17:08] Rock (~Rock@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[17:09] [Rock] Yo
[17:10] [bane] yo
[17:10] [Rock] what's up
[17:11] [bane] not much
[17:11] [bane] havent seen you on here before
[17:11] [bane] this your first time?
[17:12] [Rock] Not really
[17:12] [Rock] !morf me random
[17:13] [Rock] I have been here before
[17:13] [bane] ah ok
[17:13] [bane] so what stories do you like?
[17:14] [Rock] I like Feral
[17:15] [bane] sigh, shrike is that you?
[17:15] [bane] you know its not nice to pretend to be someone else
[17:16] [Rock] Who?
[17:17] [Rock] Okay, you got me, so now we can get on with what we talked about this morning
[17:17] [bane] lol
[17:18] [bane] you gave yourself away, no one could like feral as there favorit
[17:18] [Rock] And why not?
[17:18] [bane] :p
[17:18] Nick change: Rock -> Shrike
[17:18] [bane] becuse they could have chosen rage of the earth instead
[17:18] [bane] of course
[17:18] [Shrike] Never
[17:19] [bane] so what did you think up?
[17:19] [Shrike] Haven't had time yet, been busy
[17:20] [Shrike] And just got a message that I may have to go somewhere 100 km tomorrow to pick up something
[17:20] [bane] that sucks
[17:21] [bane] how far is that in real people distince
[17:21] [Shrike] I would prefer that on sunday or monday, but I will have to see
[17:21] [bane] miles
[17:22] [Shrike] That is real people distance, not that simplistic system of some people
[17:22] [Shrike] 1 mile = 1.609 km
[17:22] [bane] :)
[17:22] [bane] ah not that far then
[17:23] [Shrike] The whole country is about 300 km long
[17:23] [bane] small frie
[17:23] [Shrike] But important, even your pres listens to us
[17:24] [bane] he listens to everyone he has no idea what he is doing
[17:24] [bane] he listens to sock puppets
[17:24] [Shrike] As long as he doesn't listen to texans, they have done that for far too long
[17:25] [bane] we would all be better off if people had listened to us
[17:25] [Shrike] The floating city, should it be a haven for rich morfed or rich pures?
[17:26] [bane] hmmmm both
[17:26] [bane] seperated halfs
[17:26] [Shrike] Look a texan, shoot on sight
[17:26] [bane] only reqirement being rich
[17:26] [Shrike] Fire at will
[17:27] [Shrike] I always wondered why Commander Riker never said, "Why are they always shooting at me"

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