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[00:32] chibi_working (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) joined #morfs.
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[00:33] [chibois] ayo
[12:42] Logger joined #MORFS.
[12:42] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[14:24] shrike (~shrike@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
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[14:44] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) joined #morfs.
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[15:12] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[15:15] [bane] hey
[15:15] [EMW] hey
[15:15] [bane] .....
[15:15] [bane] ok thats all i have to say....
[15:15] [bane] :p
[15:15] [EMW] .....
[15:15] [EMW] :)
[15:16] [EMW] same time tomorow?
[15:16] [bane] yep
[15:16] [EMW] k
[15:17] [bane] so what are you doing?
[15:17] [EMW] eating tea
[15:18] [bane] i told you to buy some new milk so you can drink it like a normal person
[15:19] [EMW] I'm hardcore no milk no sugar no water just a bowl of tea leaves and a spoon
[15:19] [bane] bah, your not hardcore you use a spoon! no one that uses a spoon is hardcore
[15:20] [bane] its a spork or nothing
[15:20] [EMW] you use a tea spoon can't get more hardcore than that
[15:21] [bane] ok, go real hardcore eat the spoon
[15:21] [EMW] crunch
[15:22] [EMW] ow!
[15:23] [EMW] now my teeth hurt
[15:23] [bane] youll get over it
[15:23] [EMW] yes
[15:23] [EMW] I'll go eat a raw onion
[15:24] [bane] you know i was thinking i might need to call the police
[15:24] [EMW] that should help
[15:24] [EMW] whys that
[15:24] [bane] i think shrike murdered brit!
[15:24] [bane] power grabe!
[15:24] [EMW] :O
[15:24] [EMW] he is power crazy enough
[15:24] [bane] i mean look at the facts! it all fits
[15:25] [EMW] I can't deny that
[15:25] [bane] he cant get 'online' for a week and brit disaperiers
[15:26] [bane] the merathon was just a cover for the take over
[15:26] [bane] and people have been disapering....maybe he is takeing them out to cover his tracks!
[15:27] [bane] we could be next!!!!!!
[15:27] [EMW] could be
[15:27] [bane] its worse than sharklions! its shrikelions!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:28] [EMW] :O
[15:29] [bane] i knew i shouldnt have given him the genetic code for the sharklions....
[15:30] [EMW] you fool!
[15:30] [EMW] now synergy can't be stopped
[15:30] [bane] noooooooooo
[15:31] [bane] but wait! you have the new kittybots!
[15:31] [bane] kittybotbane cant take her down!!
[15:31] [bane] can*
[15:31] [EMW] only time will tell
[15:31] [EMW] he's more likely to steal her wallet
[15:32] [bane] its ok, ill tell you a secret. i put borg programing in him!
[15:32] [bane] only if he needs to buy a snack
[15:34] [EMW] it's hungry work tho
[15:36] [bane] they only problem is making all the space ships a cube, he isnt quite sure if he got it right
[15:36] [bane] it has 7 sides
[15:37] [EMW] ah close enough
[15:38] [bane] and it only has 3 corners.....
[15:38] [EMW] well bit of duct tape should fix that
[15:40] [EMW] couple of coats of paint no one'll notice
[15:40] [bane] ya
[15:40] [bane] duct tape can fix anything
[15:40] MORFS_Registry_Database (MORFS_Registry_Database@xbpadsectdckxbpa) joined #morfs.
[15:41] [EMW] yep
[15:43] [bane] all right ill be back later
[15:43] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[16:40] xenic_laptop (~chatzilla@vwpcdyranuxo) joined #morfs.
[16:40] [xenic_laptop] hey hey
[16:41] [EMW] hello
[16:44] [xenic_laptop] how be?
[16:46] [EMW] good
[16:46] [EMW] bane thinks shrike has killed brit
[16:46] [EMW] in order to seize power
[16:46] [xenic_laptop] ah... conspiracy theory
[16:48] [xenic_laptop] can he prove it though?
[16:50] [xenic_laptop] what ya up to?
[16:53] [EMW] just on the phone
[16:53] [EMW] finsihed now
[16:53] [EMW] now back to making my 3d printer
[16:54] [xenic_laptop] i'm watching haloid
[16:58] [xenic_laptop] finished now...
[16:59] [EMW] cool
[17:03] [xenic_laptop] bored now...
[17:05] [EMW] try terdiamazapan pills I take them and I'm never bored
[17:05] [EMW] or happy
[17:05] [EMW] or angry
[17:05] [xenic_laptop] lol
[17:06] [EMW] or tired
[17:06] [EMW] or talkative
[17:06] [EMW] or warm
[17:06] [EMW] I just stare at a wall all day and drool
[17:06] [xenic_laptop] perscription only i take it?
[17:06] [EMW] nah you can get them off the internet
[17:06] [EMW] via dubai
[17:07] [EMW] from dubious precription only meds via the internet .com
[17:07] [xenic_laptop] lol
[17:08] [EMW] now with 20% less rat poison
[17:09] *** xenic_laptop snorts out a laugh
[17:09] [xenic_laptop] !morf me medium
[17:09] [xenic_laptop] hi
[17:09] [EMW] and that's garanteed
[17:09] [xenic_laptop] i'm skippy
[17:09] [EMW] skippy skippy faster than lightning so fast it's frighning under the sea
[17:10] [EMW] no wait that's flipper
[17:10] [xenic_laptop] lol
[17:10] [EMW] or was it gentle ben
[17:10] [EMW] no that was the other one
[17:10] [EMW] lassie?
[17:10] [EMW] no the littlest hobo
[17:10] [EMW] one of those
[17:10] [xenic_laptop] give up :p easier
[17:18] [xenic_laptop] !morf me medium
[17:23] Rock (~Rock@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[17:23] shrike (~shrike@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[17:24] [shrike] Anyone alive here?
[17:24] [EMW] no
[17:24] [EMW] we all died years ago
[17:24] *** shrike kicks the dead matt
[17:25] [shrike] dale?
[17:26] *** shrike watches tumbleweed float past
[17:26] [EMW] you've got a lot of nerve showing your face in here
[17:26] [EMW] bane told us what you did
[17:27] [shrike] Hey I finally got some internet access, just not wireless yet
[17:27] [shrike] I didn't do anything
[17:27] [EMW] you murdered brit to take control using the cover of your "internet being out"
[17:27] [EMW] that's just what a murderer would say
[17:27] [shrike] I have no clue what you mean
[17:28] [EMW] preparing your defence already I see
[17:28] [EMW] cunning
[17:28] [shrike] I don't need defense, I'm looking for a job, and trying to get my internet up again
[17:29] [shrike] and preparing for mom in law to come day after tomorrow
[17:30] [EMW] so that's who you're working for this shadowy figure known as the mominlaw
[17:31] [shrike] nope
[17:32] [xenic_laptop] i'm floating man...
[17:32] [shrike] you're seeing conspiracies where there are none
[17:32] [shrike] stop smoking that weed
[17:32] [EMW] we see the connections!
[17:32] [EMW] ans we have it all on this tape
[17:32] [xenic_laptop] don't be harsh man... that's bad vibes
[17:32] *** EMW points at roll of duct tape
[17:33] [shrike] anyway is there any news?
[17:33] [EMW] about what?
[17:34] [shrike] anything
[17:35] [EMW] ye
[17:35] [EMW] s
[17:35] [xenic_laptop] my boss is p***ing me off more than usual
[17:35] [shrike] yes what?
[17:35] [shrike] my employer is getting ready to fire me
[17:36] [shrike] and I just got a new car too, I hope I don't have to turn it in in 2 months
[17:36] [shrike] :'(
[17:36] [xenic_laptop] harsh man
[17:37] [shrike] and still sleepless nights as well
[17:39] bekah (bekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[17:39] [bekah] yay shrike
[17:39] [xenic_laptop] not grppvy man...
[17:39] [shrike] who?
[17:39] [xenic_laptop] groovy even man
[17:39] [xenic_laptop] hey bekah
[17:39] [bekah] hows it goin shrike
[17:39] [EMW] hi bekah
[17:40] [bekah] heya xenic emw
[17:40] [shrike] still sucks, got till june to find work or get fired
[17:40] *** EMW waves
[17:40] [xenic_laptop] not groovy man
[17:40] [EMW] nasty
[17:41] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupuxixqla) joined #morfs.
[17:41] [dragonprincess9] wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[17:41] [dragonprincess9] lots of people in here
[17:41] [bekah] so how is everyone doin
[17:41] [shrike] crowded here
[17:41] [xenic_laptop] hey.... groovy... it's nina!!
[17:41] [EMW] hi nina
[17:41] *** dragonprincess9 gives everyone hugs
[17:41] Rock (~Rock@nehmpunildxknehm) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[17:41] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[17:41] [shrike] Sorry got to reboot
[17:41] shrike (~shrike@nehmpunildxknehm) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[17:42] *** xenic_laptop hugs nina
[17:42] [Nina] !morf me small hybrid
[17:42] *** xenic_laptop hugs bekah
[17:42] *** xenic_laptop hugs emw
[17:42] [Nina] ahhhhh xenic's laptop is hugging me
[17:42] [EMW] run!
[17:42] *** Nina is scared of monster laptop
[17:42] [bekah] yay hugs
[17:43] *** Nina hugs Xenic ho was turned into a laptop
[17:43] [Nina] who*
[17:43] Nick change: xenic_laptop -> Xenic_High
[17:44] [Nina] oh no Xenic issmoking pot
[17:44] [Nina] hehe

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