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[12:14] Moo_sleeping (~justinlebovici@flwfiluagdwlkfkxf) joined #morfs.
[12:14] [Moo_sleeping] nick/Moo
[12:14] Nick change: Moo_sleeping -> Moo
[12:45] lilsara (lilsara@rsrexmvcnktursre) joined #morfs.
[12:46] [Moo] hi
[12:47] [lilsara] hi
[12:48] [Moo] hows it going?
[12:51] [lilsara] ok i guess
[12:51] [Moo] cool
[12:52] [Moo] pretty empty in here, huh?
[12:53] [lilsara] yeah :(
[12:54] [Moo] oh well
[12:54] [Moo] what can you do?
[12:55] [banezzzzzz] keep it down im trying to sleep
[12:55] [banezzzzzz] :p
[12:55] Nick change: banezzzzzz -> bane
[12:56] [Moo] hi bane
[12:56] [bane] hey ya
[12:56] [Moo] brb
[12:57] [Moo] back
[12:57] [bane] hmmmmm
[12:57] [bane] is that a good thing?
[13:00] [Moo] ....
[13:00] [Moo] you tell me
[13:01] [bane] the world will never know
[13:04] [bane] so what are you doing?
[13:05] [Moo] playing fable
[13:06] [bane] i desided what morf power i would want, the ability to not need to sleep
[13:06] [bane] :s
[13:06] [Moo] lol
[13:07] [bane] i missed a class this morning
[13:07] [Moo] ah
[13:07] [bane] i cant really think in the morning
[13:07] [Moo] I can go fine without sleep, so long as im doing something fun and/or interesting that i want to do
[13:08] [Moo] for two days
[13:08] [Moo] easy
[13:08] [bane] i make bad dicetions, like that class really isnt all that important really
[13:08] [bane] i'v done that
[13:12] [Moo] yeah....
[13:13] [Moo] whats you up to?
[13:13] [bane] not much of anything
[13:13] [bane] lesining to a book
[13:13] [Moo] ?
[13:13] [bane] audio book?
[13:13] [bane] you know?
[13:14] [Moo] ah
[13:15] [Moo] what book?
[13:15] [bane] JOHNNY AND THE BOMB
[13:15] [bane] terry pratchett
[13:16] [Moo] cool
[13:29] [Moo] fable is awesome
[13:29] [Moo] if i ever get a new 360, im buying the sequel
[13:38] [bane] i remember that game, it was ok
[13:44] [Moo] i really like it
[14:05] [Moo] !morf me random hybrid
[14:17] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[15:33] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[15:33] lilsara (lilsara@rsrexmvcnktursre) left irc: Quit: The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself -Sir Richard Francis Burton
[15:40] xenic_laptop (~chatzilla@vwpcdyranuxo) joined #morfs.
[15:40] [xenic_laptop] HEY HEY
[15:41] [xenic_laptop] !morf me medium
[15:55] [Moo] hi xenic
[16:00] [xenic_laptop] hi moo
[16:01] [Moo] sup?
[16:01] [xenic_laptop] not much...
[16:01] [xenic_laptop] had a bad day at work
[16:01] [Moo] i am also on my potpal
[16:01] [Moo] oh no!
[16:01] [Moo] what happened?
[16:01] [xenic_laptop] the boss
[16:01] [Moo] :'(
[16:02] [xenic_laptop] seeing HR tomorrow about him
[16:03] [Moo] good luck
[16:04] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[16:04] [xenic_laptop] i think we have enough ammo against him
[16:04] [xenic_laptop] MATT!!!!!
[16:05] [EMW] JEFFFF!!!!!
[16:05] [xenic_laptop] don't say that name...
[16:05] [EMW] :)
[16:05] [Moo] hi matt
[16:05] [xenic_laptop] that is the name of the devil himself
[16:05] [EMW] hi
[16:05] [EMW] indeed
[16:05] [EMW] from rainbow
[16:05] [xenic_laptop] in other words, he's my boss
[16:05] [EMW] jeffry is the devil
[16:06] [EMW] hence bungle
[16:06] [xenic_laptop] lol
[16:06] [xenic_laptop] my boss's name is Jeff, and he is...
[16:06] [xenic_laptop] feel free to add just about every expletive after that
[16:07] [Moo] what does he do?
[16:07] [Moo] wrong?
[16:07] [xenic_laptop] the answers in order, nothing and everything
[16:08] [Moo] i hate asshole incompetent bosses
[16:08] [xenic_laptop] anyone could be in his seat and it wouldn't make a different...
[16:09] [xenic_laptop] well... it would because they would do some bloody work
[16:09] [Moo] i hear you
[16:11] [xenic_laptop] if something isn't done about him tomorrow i will walk out and not work in the same site as him
[16:14] [xenic_laptop] might be a little ott...
[16:18] [EMW] so how have people been not spoken to you two in a while
[16:19] [xenic_laptop] apart from work, not too bad
[16:19] [EMW] cool
[16:20] [xenic_laptop] feeling kinda apathetic atm though
[16:22] [xenic_laptop] need a laugh... know any good websites
[16:22] [xenic_laptop] ??
[16:22] [EMW] well
[16:22] [EMW] escapist is usally good
[16:22] [EMW] tgheres a new zeropuntuation
[16:22] [EMW] but I;ve not watched it yet
[16:23] [EMW] brb cooking tea
[16:37] [EMW] back
[16:46] [xenic_laptop] wb
[16:46] [EMW] :)
[16:46] [xenic_laptop] sorry, watching dvd
[16:46] [EMW] np
[16:47] [xenic_laptop] still bored...
[16:47] [Moo] wb
[16:47] [Moo] playin fable
[16:48] [xenic_laptop] cool... got that on pc... would think about installing it on laptop... one problem with that though...
[16:48] [xenic_laptop] the dvd drive isn't f***ing working
[16:48] [Moo] its on the pc?
[16:48] [Moo] what about fable 2?
[16:49] [xenic_laptop] probably...
[16:49] [Moo] sides, i can beat that
[16:49] [xenic_laptop] haven't got it though
[16:49] [Moo] MY laptop doesnt have a cd drive
[16:49] [xenic_laptop] my laptop won't recognise my external hard disc
[16:50] [Moo] eeee
[16:50] [Moo] i had that problem on my old laptop
[16:50] [Moo] then it broke down
[16:50] [xenic_laptop] did you manage to fix it?
[16:51] [xenic_laptop] damn
[16:51] [Moo] no, it was an old thinkpad
[16:51] [Moo] it became a hot plate
[16:51] [Moo] :P
[16:51] [Moo] or better yet, a pillow warmer
[16:52] [xenic_laptop] i know somethings attacked laptop... i get annoying messages at the top of the internet page... got a virus scanner, but it hasn't picked anything up
[16:52] [Moo] uh oh
[16:54] [xenic_laptop] and my desktop is screwed atm :(
[16:54] [Moo] :(
[16:55] [xenic_laptop] the cable to the hard drive is messed up i think...
[16:55] [Moo] :(
[16:56] [Moo] sorry
[16:58] [Moo] aw *CENSORED*
[16:58] [Moo] my xbox froze
[16:58] [xenic_laptop] d'oh
[16:58] [EMW] unusual they usually overheat
[16:58] [EMW] :D
[16:59] [Moo] it froze while autosaving, so my autosave file was deleted
[16:59] [Moo] but i had just regular saved, so im ok
[16:59] [EMW] oh no!
[16:59] [EMW] oh yes!
[17:06] Logger joined #MORFS.
[17:06] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[17:07] [EMW] be a couple of years yet I would imagine
[17:07] [Moo] it keeps freezing
[17:07] [EMW] not good
[17:07] [Moo] must be overheated
[17:07] [Moo] or i messed up the save file
[17:08] [xenic_laptop] damn
[17:09] [Moo] ooo
[17:09] [Moo] that was lucky
[17:09] [Moo] my dad got home
[17:11] [Moo] so ive been writing more, and i am happy about it
[17:11] [EMW] cool
[17:11] [EMW] I've been writing some more flux
[17:12] [Moo] im not writing morfs
[17:12] [Moo] im starting a book series
[17:12] [Moo] gonna publish them
[17:12] [EMW] cool
[17:12] [Moo] for teens
[17:12] [Moo] its about zombies
[17:12] [Moo] :D
[17:12] [EMW] I've been writing a bit of fantasy themed thing
[17:12] [EMW] :D
[17:13] [Moo] cool
[17:13] [xenic_laptop] i can't relax enough to write anything at the moment... though i am self-editing what i have written
[17:14] [Moo] kewl
[17:14] [EMW] cool
[17:14] [EMW] I've got quite a few parts through editing recently :D
[17:14] [EMW] hopefully they will get posted at some point :S
[17:15] [EMW] but now it's time for chocolate cake!
[17:15] [Moo] jerk
[17:15] [Moo] i want cake
[17:17] [EMW] jeeves! chocolate cake for Moo
[17:17] [xenic_laptop] hate it when people do that... though i admit i have been guilty of doing it too...
[17:17] [EMW] I could be lying maybe I have no chocolate cake
[17:17] [Moo] do what?
[17:17] [Moo] blasphemer!
[17:18] [EMW] no rich chocolaty creamy cake with rich sponge and chocolate fudge filling
[17:18] [Moo] stop it
[17:18] [Moo] meanie
[17:18] [Moo] i have no cake
[17:18] [EMW] I just have turnips
[17:18] [Moo] my life is empty
[17:18] [EMW] rich chocolatey turnios

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