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[13:06] Logger joined #MORFS.
[13:06] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
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[13:47] Rebekah (Rebekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[14:15] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) joined #morfs.
[14:16] [Rebekah] heya bane
[14:16] [bane] hey bekah
[14:16] *** bane hugs bekah
[14:16] [Rebekah] yes logger is back but the logs page is currently inaccesible
[14:16] [bane] k ;)
[14:16] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:17] [bane] how are you doing
[14:17] [Rebekah] im doing ok
[14:17] [bane] have you read my teaser?
[14:19] [Rebekah] teaser for what
[14:19] [bane] a new story
[14:19] [bane] its on the forum
[14:20] [bane] my different world is the title
[14:21] [Rebekah] ill take a look in a while
[14:21] [bane] k
[14:21] [bane] so what are you doing?
[14:22] [Rebekah] reading
[14:22] [bane] what ch reading? :p
[14:31] [Rebekah] something on topshelf
[14:40] [bane] ok im going to play a game, talk to you later
[14:41] [Rebekah] k later
[14:56] [chibois] \-poke-
[14:57] [Rebekah] heya chibi
[14:57] [Rebekah] i finally got my desktop set back up
[14:57] [chibois] sup?
[14:57] [chibois] yay
[14:57] [Rebekah] not much just reading some
[14:57] [Rebekah] and waiting for the bathroom
[14:59] [chibois] ?
[15:07] [Rebekah] foxes son
[15:07] [chibois] oic
[15:12] [chibois] who all is livin there?
[15:12] [Rebekah] me, foxs wife and son
[15:26] xenic_laptop (~chatzilla@vwpcdyranuxo) joined #morfs.
[15:27] [xenic_laptop] hey hey
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[15:33] Loggera joined #MORFS.
[15:33] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
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[15:34] Nick change: Loggera -> Logger
[16:26] [Misty] If it were nbot for the sergents, the armies would not work at all.
[16:54] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) joined #morfs.
[17:28] Moo (~Moo@flwfiluagdwlkfkxf) joined #morfs.
[17:29] [bane] moo mooooo
[17:30] [Moo] hi
[17:30] [bane] how it going?
[17:30] [Moo] slow
[17:31] [bane] same here
[17:31] [Moo] what happened to this chatroom? its always empty now. this is the fullest its been in a month
[17:31] [bane] dont know
[17:31] [bane] i noticed that too
[17:31] Steph (~ViRC@laeunyzslkrflaeu) joined #morfs.
[17:31] [bane] hey steph!
[17:31] [Moo] hi
[17:31] [Steph] hello everyone :)
[17:32] [bane] havent seen you in chat for a while
[17:32] [Moo] welcome in! imma gonna close the gchat
[17:32] [Steph] yeah, I know
[17:32] [Steph] I come in every now and then but there's usually no one chatting :(
[17:33] [Moo] i know
[17:33] [bane] lol, i think no one is chating becuse noone is in here chating
[17:33] [Moo] i started reading CUJO today. anyone read that? its by stephen king
[17:33] [Steph] I saw the movie :)
[17:33] [bane] nope
[17:33] [Moo] creepy creepy story
[17:33] [Moo] there was a movie?
[17:34] [Steph] oops... that's me giving my age away again :P
[17:34] [Moo] ....
[17:34] [bane] ;)
[17:34] [Steph] I saw it on tv a long time ago
[17:34] [Moo] was it good?
[17:34] [Steph] I think someone had it on video
[17:35] [Steph] yeah, I liked it
[17:35] [Moo] some of kings movies are terrible, especially the shining
[17:35] [Steph] the Stand was a great book, but only a so-so movie
[17:35] [Moo] that was a piece of crap
[17:35] [Moo] the movie
[17:35] [Moo] the book was frikking scary
[17:35] [Moo] well, creepy
[17:36] [Steph] all his are creepy
[17:36] [Moo] ever read CELL?
[17:36] [Steph] no, is that a newer one?
[17:36] [Moo] not as creepy, but more, i dunno, actioney
[17:36] [Moo] new-ish
[17:36] [Steph] I've read Tommyknockers, Pet Cemetry, The Stand
[17:37] [Moo] in it, a pulse is sent out through the cellphones, and anyone who hears it goes completely insane. in the beginning, its almost like a zombie movie
[17:37] [Moo] but where theyre fast
[17:37] [Moo] i read one of his newest, 'Duma Key'
[17:37] [Steph] there have been a few movies like that
[17:37] [Moo] probably his creepiest book ever
[17:38] [Steph] I haven't read any of his newer books, I should really :)
[17:38] [Moo] he is a good author
[17:38] [Steph] I've always enjoyed all the ones I've read so far
[17:38] [Moo] i enjoyed most of them
[17:39] [Steph] so Bane, hows the writing going?
[17:39] [Steph] have you updated anymore of the Rage?
[17:39] [bane] got about 2k done so far
[17:40] [bane] or on rage, nothing new
[17:40] [Moo] still want me to spellcheck?
[17:40] [bane] exsept its pretty much ready for posting
[17:40] [bane] sure see if you can find anything
[17:40] [Moo] or got that done already?
[17:40] [Moo] ok
[17:40] [Moo] do i have the most recent version?
[17:40] [bane] no
[17:41] [bane] let me send you the newst
[17:41] [Moo] oh
[17:41] [Moo] k
[17:41] [Moo] email it to me
[17:41] [Moo] ill spellcheck and send it back
[17:42] [bane] all right
[17:42] [bane] sent
[17:43] chibois (chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) left #morfs.
[17:43] [Moo] got it
[17:43] [Moo] :(
[17:43] [bane] so steph have you looked at my teaser yet?
[17:43] [bane] ?
[17:43] [bane] whats with :(
[17:43] [Steph] no, did you just post it?
[17:43] [bane] ya the other day
[17:43] [Steph] okay, I'll go take a look
[17:43] [Moo] i :( cause chibi left
[17:43] [Steph] brb :)
[17:43] [bane] oh ya
[17:43] [bane] :)
[17:47] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:48] [Moo] ok, first question
[17:48] [bane] im sea-man!
[17:48] [Moo] why does iberico talk like a scotsman
[17:48] [bane] ....ummmm
[17:49] [bane] thats not really scotsman like....
[17:49] [bane] its more uneducated
[17:50] [Moo] i dunno, it sounded to me like scottish accent
[17:51] [bane] try reading it not in a scottish accent and see how it sounds
[17:51] [Moo] meh
[17:51] [Moo] is jair's full name jerald?
[17:51] [bane] yes
[17:51] [Moo] k
[17:51] [bane] have you ever heard a mexican speaking?
[17:51] [bane] a uneducated one?
[17:53] [Moo] i guess
[17:53] [Moo] it was prolly just me
[17:53] [bane] read it like your a mexican gang member :p
[17:54] [bane] ok then read it like your a call girl :d
[17:55] [bane] right now read it like your a bad british theater actor
[17:56] [bane] and finily read it as if you are darth vader
[17:59] [Moo] wow, you are able to carry on an entire conversation by yourself, arent you?
[17:59] [bane] yep!
[18:00] [Moo] almost done editing
[18:00] [Moo] nothing major wrong, some spelling errors
[18:00] [bane] and i mermur off color limerics in my sleep
[18:00] [Moo] and you seem to drop the period a lot
[18:00] [bane] 'there once was a girl from nantucket, whos mouth was a big as a bucket.....
[18:02] [bane] you still there steph?
[18:03] [bane] its not that long of a teaser, even if you had to use your finger to read it :p
[18:03] Steph (~ViRC@laeunyzslkrflaeu) left irc: Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby
[18:04] [bane] :(
[18:04] [Moo] :'(
[18:04] [Moo] i sent you the edited version
[18:04] [bane] cool thanks
[18:04] [Moo] fixed a bunch of spelling and grammar errors, nothing more
[18:05] [bane] any opinions on it?
[18:05] [Moo] its good
[18:05] [Moo] why does he cough up blood?
[18:06] [bane] his lungs are changing
[18:06] bekah (~whitefyr@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[18:06] [Moo] yay
[18:06] [Moo] hi bekah
[18:06] [bekah] allo all
[18:06] [bane] so he can breath in how air, and ash
[18:06] [bane] hey bekah
[18:06] [bane] hot air
[18:06] [bekah] how goes
[18:06] [bane] good good
[18:07] [bekah] thats good
[18:07] [bane] volcanic ash turns into a kind of sement in your lungs
[18:07] [Moo] i know
[18:07] [Moo] i researched pompai
[18:07] [bane] ;)
[18:07] [Moo] sounds cool tho
[18:07] [bekah] ah cool
[18:08] [bane] so how it go with you know bekah?
[18:08] [bane] since a few hours back i mean :p
[18:08] [bekah] it goes goof
[18:09] [bane] well at least its not goofy
[18:09] [bekah] good*
[18:11] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[18:11] [bane] damn
[18:11] [Moo] lol
[18:12] [bane] wonder what happend to steph
[18:15] [bekah] no idea
[18:16] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[18:20] [bane] sigh
[18:20] [Moo] what?
[18:20] [bane] its boring in here :p

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