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[00:58] [chibois] :/
[08:07] [Misty] Weird... seven hours since anyone's said anything
[08:08] [Misty] 'Tis once again morning... like it or not.
[08:40] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@tsegvghglclgtseg) joined #morfs.
[08:41] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me hybrid
[08:41] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me random hybrid
[08:42] *** Misty greets da Fox with a wam hugs
[08:43] [Misty] Even if he is teasing dat MRD again
[08:50] [StarfoxHowl] Hi Misty.
[08:50] [StarfoxHowl] How you's doing?
[08:51] [StarfoxHowl] a gender bending snake morf, eh? I guess I get to tease Adam this time? :-)
[08:58] [Misty] I am okay...
[08:59] [Misty] better than a gender-bent snake anyway
[09:00] *** Misty hates da thought of beingf bent anything
[09:01] [Misty] getting bent would hurt.
[09:04] [StarfoxHowl] yeah, I'd love to get bent right now.. but nothing to drink here that would do the job.
[09:05] [StarfoxHowl] But, given my druthers, I'd rather tempt Eve, rather than Adam.
[09:05] [Misty] Hehehe
[09:06] *** Misty loves playing Eve.
[09:07] [Misty] At least the going naked part
[09:07] *** StarfoxHowl tease Eve. flicking his tounge out to show her how much of a tease he can be.
[09:12] [Misty] Sorry, I have to go get some work done this morning.
[09:13] [StarfoxHowl] not a problem... have fun.
[09:13] [Misty] I have to open my cottages by St. Pat's day.
[09:13] [Misty] laytre
[09:19] [StarfoxHowl] take care Misty..
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[10:51] *** Shrike hears crickets chirping
[10:51] [Shrike] !morf me random
[10:52] [Shrike] !morf me customsize large
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[12:17] Nick change: playing_L4D -> Moo
[12:23] [Moo] .....
[12:23] [Moo] hello?
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[12:59] [E_Red] 'jo
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[13:08] [Moo] ?
[13:08] [Rebekah] key
[13:08] [Moo] hi
[13:10] [Rebekah] whats up
[13:19] [Moo] not much
[13:19] [Rebekah] thatscool
[13:20] [Moo] you?
[13:21] [Rebekah] not much
[13:26] *** Shrike sneaks past
[13:27] [Moo] hi
[13:27] [Moo] we saw you
[13:27] [Moo] nice try, tho
[13:28] [Rebekah] hehe
[13:28] *** Shrike sneaks out again
[13:30] [Rebekah] lol shame on u
[13:30] [Shrike] why shame?
[13:30] [Rebekah] sneaking in then out without talking
[13:31] [Shrike] So?
[13:31] [Rebekah] :P
[13:35] [Shrike] matt is in gchat
[13:35] [Moo] ?
[13:35] [Moo] k....
[13:36] [Moo] thats wy im here :P
[13:38] [Shrike] He hit a mute button and split a coke on the remote
[13:38] [Moo] ???
[13:40] [Moo] wtf does that mean?!
[13:40] [Moo] hey shrike, did you get manifest?
[13:41] [Shrike] when?
[13:41] [Moo] i dunno....yesterday prolly
[13:41] [Shrike] Yeah too gorey
[13:42] [Shrike] :p
[13:42] [Moo] ???
[13:42] [Moo] 0_o
[13:43] [Moo] so rate it slightly less gorey. the ratings should'nt go up to 10 if 8,9, and 10 aren't allowed
[13:44] [Shrike] you shouldn't make it so gorey too
[13:44] [Moo] dude....with some of the stories on there, it's a hypocritical rule
[13:44] [Moo] its not just gory, its violence and gore
[13:44] [Shrike] SUre
[13:44] [Moo] so lower all the rates by 1....and ill reflect the change in the story
[13:44] [Shrike] I only have Mindcontrol rip the arms and legs off a person
[13:45] [Moo] ......
[13:45] [Moo] i only have manifest stab someone
[13:45] [Moo] mind control is more gorey. post my story. its not too gory
[13:46] [Shrike] Just messing with you
[13:46] [Shrike] Did you see the news about that crashed plane?
[13:46] [Moo] no
[13:46] [Moo] what happened?
[13:48] [Shrike] They stalled just before the runway and fell about 240 feet into the mud
[13:50] [Shrike] Sorry 300 feet, and the engines died is what they say
[13:51] [Shrike] There where 7 americans on board
[13:51] [Moo] eeeee
[13:51] [Moo] how many died
[13:51] [Shrike] 9 including the pilots and engineer
[13:52] [Moo] woah
[13:52] [Moo] small plane?
[13:53] [Moo] or empty
[13:55] [Shrike] 135 including crew, 737-800 from turkish airlines
[13:57] [Moo] wow
[13:57] [Moo] ...busy now
[14:00] [Shrike] steph is there
[14:01] [Misty] Even the wise man, Pony-That-walks, has been shouted daown by the Council. This can only lead to war!
[14:01] [Misty] ood afternoon, y'all.
[14:02] [Shrike] ood? dr who?
[14:02] [Misty] No, The Duke.
[14:04] [Misty] She WQore a yellow ribbon. Circa 1960s.
[14:05] [Misty] wore
[14:09] [Misty] Are you a Who-vian, Moo?
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[14:12] [Misty] WB Shrike
[14:13] [Shrike2] darn connction
[14:13] [Shrike2] owwie
[14:13] [Shrike2] sharp nails
[14:14] [Misty] Hang'im, hang'im high!
[14:23] [Shrike2] crisis, he threw up his milk
[14:24] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[14:25] [Shrike2] Hi matt, bye matt, going to clean him up after throwing up milk
[14:25] [Shrike2] before he smiled like in gchat
[14:26] [Shrike2] eyes closed and mouth in smile
[14:27] [EMW] k
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[15:14] bane (~bane@nmpelyrsjqawnmpe) joined #morfs.
[15:15] [bane] hey hey!
[15:15] [EMW] hey
[15:15] [bane] how it going?
[15:15] [bane] the forum still down?
[15:15] [EMW] yep
[15:16] [bane] how is supposed to be in charge of it?
[15:16] [EMW] not sure
[15:16] [bane] ah, might be part of the problem :p
[15:16] [EMW] I gather various people have let the people in charge know
[15:16] [bane] hmmm, what would happen if all the stuff on the forum got erased?
[15:17] [EMW] panic
[15:17] [bane] :s
[15:17] [EMW] since it's a free service I would assume limited or no backups
[15:17] [bane] well that aint good
[15:18] [EMW] indeed
[15:18] [bane] we should see if bekah knows how to back it up when it comes back on line
[15:19] [bane] i needed to ask for a editor
[15:19] [bane] :(
[15:19] [bane] oh! i thought of a question!!!!
[15:19] [EMW] inconvienient
[15:20] [bane] can none morfs develup mental powers?
[15:20] [bane] like normaly?
[15:20] [bane] or el powers for that matter
[15:20] [EMW] dunno
[15:21] [EMW] maybe if their family had some history of it
[15:21] [EMW] so the genes are there
[15:21] [EMW] sort of dromant stuff that kicks in when you have all the bits or some such
[15:21] [bane] ya
[15:22] [bane] i was working on my PI story
[15:23] [EMW] cool
[15:23] [bane] do you think police would start having devisions that delt only with crimes commited with morf powers?
[15:23] [bane] like cyper crime, or drug crime, or vice devitions?
[15:24] [EMW] I would imagine so
[15:24] [EMW] I certainly said something along those lines in flux
[15:24] [bane] ah
[15:25] [bane] im finding that im trying to steal lots of ideas from one of my favarte books that has a PI as the main character :s
[15:25] [EMW] heh
[15:26] [EMW] I read the maltese falcon for background
[15:26] [bane] lol
[15:26] [bane] i read jim butcher's, dresdan files
[15:26] [bane] its urban fantasy
[15:26] [EMW] ah yes
[15:27] [EMW] I've read most of those
[15:27] [bane] you read it?
[15:27] [bane] i have to say its one of my favorit serise
[15:27] [EMW] not the most recent 3 or 4
[15:27] [EMW] it's good stuff
[15:28] [bane] butcher can accualy have a serice that is 10 books long and it dosent read like he is trying to draw it out
[15:28] [bane] they keep geting better
[15:29] [bane] i lisened to the audio book version
[15:29] [EMW] cool
[15:29] [bane] they guy they have reading is one of the best i have heard
[15:29] [bane] he is some acter, played in buffy the vampire slayer or something
[15:29] [bane] james marsters
[15:29] [EMW] ah yes spike
[15:29] [EMW] he does a good british accent
[15:30] [EMW] even tho he's texan or something
[15:30] [bane] he is wasted on tv, should spend more time reading books
[15:30] [bane] :p
[15:30] [bane] he is a perfict match for the books, thats hard to do sometimes
[15:30] [EMW] most americans can't get it right they sound like dick van dyke in mary poppins but that guy really can do accents
[15:31] [EMW] I can imagine he'd be good at reading books
[15:31] [bane] you ever lisen to books?
[15:31] [EMW] no not usually
[15:31] [bane] ah, its a acuiered tast
[15:32] [bane] some people like it some cant stand it
[15:32] [EMW] I've not tried it
[15:32] [EMW] or have I
[15:32] [bane] :p
[15:32] [EMW] no I have once for a podcasted book the author was reading
[15:32] [bane] dont remember
[15:32] [EMW] called playing for keeps
[15:33] [EMW] which was very good
[15:33] [EMW] sort of low power super heroes with odd or seemingly useless powers

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