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[00:07] [Nina] i have to head to bed now
[00:07] [Nina] night night all
[00:07] [Nina] sweet dreams
[00:07] [Rebekah] night night my love
[00:08] [Nina] night gwm
[00:09] *** Nina hugs everyone good night and falls asleep in bekah's arms
[00:09] Hinomeko (~The_Doctor@pacdxarozkbqpacd) joined #morfs.
[00:09] [Hinomeko] Anyone awake out there?
[00:09] [Nina] hi hinomeko
[00:10] [Hinomeko] j0, hows things?
[00:10] [Nina] i'm heading to bed
[00:10] [Nina] Bekah and Gwm were here
[00:10] [Hinomeko] ah well sweet dreams
[00:10] [Rebekah] heya Hinomeko
[00:10] [Nina] thanks
[00:11] [Hinomeko] hey, hows thigns?
[00:11] *** Nina hugs hinomeko good night then lays in bekah's lap to fall asleep
[00:11] [Rebekah] ok but could most definately betted
[00:11] [Nina] logging out now
[00:11] Nina (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupueaxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:11] [Rebekah] better*
[00:11] [Hinomeko] I could say about the same.
[00:12] [Rebekah] cant seem to type today
[00:12] [Rebekah] ive been evicted by my roomates
[00:12] [Rebekah] this coming saturday is my last day with a roof over my head
[00:12] [Hinomeko] wow that sucks.
[00:12] [Rebekah] yep and no job either
[00:13] [Hinomeko] well I can somewhat co-miserate on that. I got layed off myself a few weeks ago.
[00:13] [Hinomeko] where abouts are you? in the States?
[00:13] [Rebekah] Virginia
[00:14] [Rebekah] ouch
[00:14] [Rebekah] ive been unemployed except temp jobs for almost 3 years
[00:16] [Hinomeko] I was full time for three or so years. they had no work so I had to be let go.
[00:16] [Rebekah] yeah that really sux
[00:16] [Rebekah] i can definately agree with you on that
[00:17] [Hinomeko] yeah its never a fun situation. but atleast I own the roof over my head as long as I can pay the bank.
[00:17] [Rebekah] thats really good
[00:18] [Rebekah] i wish i had a roof overmy head
[00:18] [Hinomeko] whats bad about it is We gutted the main floor to do renovations. So I cnat rent out my house until its done.
[00:18] [Rebekah] ouch
[00:19] [Hinomeko] yup, I've got no walls and the econemy crashes. Perfect timing.
[00:20] [Hinomeko] so what about you, what happens after saturday?
[00:21] [Rebekah] living outta my car waiting for my tax return so thati can get a cell phone to work on gettinga job
[00:22] [Hinomeko] that doesnt sound good. No family to turn to?
[00:23] [Rebekah] my dad and i dontget along and my grandmother in georgia isnt quite ready to acceptme as a girl
[00:25] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
[00:25] Moo (~justinlebovici@flwfiluagdwlkfkxf) joined #morfs.
[00:25] [Hinomeko] Thats too bad. its sad when things like that happen.
[00:26] [Moo] hi
[00:26] [E_Red] 'jo
[00:26] [E_Red] !morf mr medium
[00:26] [Hinomeko] hello, hows things
[00:26] [E_Red] !morf me medium
[00:26] [E_Red] BAH!
[00:26] [E_Red] meh
[00:26] [Hinomeko] hey thats lucky!
[00:26] [Rebekah] yeahit is
[00:26] [Rebekah] heya guys
[00:26] [E_Red] things could be better
[00:26] [E_Red] hey, bekah
[00:26] [Moo] lol
[00:26] [E_Red] howsit?
[00:26] [E_Red] \
[00:26] [Rebekah] not lucky ppl usethatinhopesofgettingpowers
[00:27] [Moo] hi bekah
[00:27] [Rebekah] heya red andmoo
[00:27] [E_Red] bah
[00:27] [Hinomeko] well that morf me thing is supposed to be like that. its like morfs itself, some hope for powers then get a sex change.
[00:27] [Moo] hi red
[00:27] [Rebekah] damn space bar
[00:28] [Rebekah] yeah i know
[00:28] [E_Red] i need brit and kelsey to approve alloy 3 before it goes to print
[00:29] [Hinomeko] hey, E.Red I like your stuff.
[00:29] [Rebekah] yepyep
[00:29] [Rebekah] me to
[00:30] [Moo] me three
[00:31] [Hinomeko] I've been reading the achives over there for the last little while. Theres been some really good stuff added lately.
[00:31] [Hinomeko] I jsut finished reading Flux. I hope a new part comes out soon. It was jsut getting good.
[00:33] [E_Red] thanks
[00:33] [E_Red] err, for the compliment... flux isn't mine
[00:33] [E_Red] :p
[00:34] [Hinomeko] well I know. I havent actually read any of your stuff in a few months.
[00:34] [E_Red] :(
[00:34] [E_Red] ^_^
[00:34] [Hinomeko] But I;'ve read a whole bunch of others today.
[00:34] [E_Red] no worries
[00:35] [E_Red] im going to do my own marathon next month.
[00:35] [Hinomeko] I thnk the last time I read "here on earth" ther was only three parts.
[00:35] [E_Red] im gonna put out one serenity story a week, and hopefully a chapter each for alloy anf HoE
[00:36] [E_Red] wow, that was a wqhile ago
[00:36] [Hinomeko] yeah, I do this sort of thing in cycles.
[00:37] [Hinomeko] so usually If I'm not seen here I probably havent read anything in that time either.
[00:37] [Hinomeko] I think the last time I was in here was September?
[00:37] [E_Red] actually, i've never seen you in here
[00:37] [Rebekah] yeaht hat was along time ago
[00:39] [Hinomeko] yeah I'm a regular that never shows up. It always seems to be new faces.
[00:39] [Hinomeko] I feel old, I've been hanging around on these servers for 8 years.
[00:40] [Hinomeko] in the begining it wasnt even mirc. it used to be java.
[00:40] [Rebekah] cool
[00:40] [Rebekah] itsjavaand mirc now
[00:41] [Moo] ?
[00:41] [Hinomeko] ive logged 1039 hours or so. and thats jsut on this installation. its more than triple that.
[00:42] [Moo] im totally lost right now
[00:42] [Rebekah] the browser version and the irc clentversion
[00:43] [Hinomeko] LOL I've spent atleast full 44 days of my life chatting around here.
[00:44] [Rebekah] hehe my client hasbeen attached virtually non stom since september
[00:44] [Rebekah] stop*
[00:45] Pippa (pippa@awdkduewvgbsawdk) joined #morfs.
[00:45] [Hinomeko] so you're one of the wall flowers. I swear I've never seen .Jenny actually move.
[00:45] [Rebekah] ive talked alot to jenny
[00:45] [Hinomeko] Pippa Hows things.
[00:45] [Pippa] Jenny is only ever active in the afternoon, her time, which is GMT+1
[00:46] [Pippa] heya, meko!
[00:46] [Pippa] *hugs*
[00:46] [E_Red] 'jo
[00:46] [Rebekah] bbiab
[00:46] [E_Red] laters
[00:46] [Pippa] hiya, Rebekah
[00:46] [Hinomeko] lets see that would make here +6 from me, which would make er asleep when I show up.
[00:46] [E_Red] !morf me medium
[00:47] [Pippa] hello, E_Red
[00:47] [Pippa] meko, i thought you were GMT-8?
[00:47] [E_Red] never seen you before either
[00:47] [Hinomeko] GMT-5
[00:47] [E_Red] it's a night to meet people, i guess
[00:47] [E_Red] ;_;
[00:47] [Pippa] I'M GMT-5
[00:47] [Hinomeko] Eastern time zone.
[00:47] [Pippa] really?
[00:48] [E_Red] that mean's it's o-dark-30 for you two as well
[00:48] [Hinomeko] 1am Wednesday.
[00:48] [Pippa] why did i think you were somewhere out west?
[00:48] [Hinomeko] Well Canada is rather large. and I have been al over the world at this point.
[00:48] [Rebekah] yep nearing 1am here also
[00:49] [Pippa] so, where are you, Northern Ontario?
[00:49] [Moo] in case anybody cared, im still lost. whats goin on?
[00:49] [Hinomeko] thats it. the great frozen north. snow... every where... I miss palm trees....
[00:49] [E_Red] ...?
[00:49] [Pippa] heya, Moo
[00:49] [E_Red] like, north-northern ontario?
[00:49] [Moo] hi
[00:49] [Pippa] nice to meet you, too.
[00:50] [Moo] meet? we've met before
[00:50] [Moo] .....i think
[00:50] [Pippa] cool
[00:50] [E_Red] .... now I'M confused
[00:50] [Hinomeko] No Red like Kyushu Japan.
[00:50] [Moo] ???
[00:50] [E_Red] ah...
[00:50] [E_Red] wait...
[00:50] [E_Red] .....
[00:50] [E_Red] err...
[00:50] [E_Red] ...
[00:50] *** Pippa is waiting...
[00:50] [Rebekah] now im confused
[00:50] [E_Red] ...wha?
[00:51] [Pippa] we have palm trees in NYC
[00:51] [Hinomeko] I said I miss Plam trees. The last time I was living with Palm trees around I was on the islad of Kyuushu in Japan.
[00:51] [Pippa] but, they're indoors
[00:51] [Rebekah] ah otay
[00:51] [Hinomeko] these were all over the place outside.
[00:52] [Pippa] i used to sit and have lunch under the palm trees when i worked at the World Trade Center. *snif*
[00:52] [E_Red] ...
[00:52] [E_Red] way to kill the mood
[00:52] [Hinomeko] well now. isnt that ground Zero now?
[00:52] [E_Red] !morf me medium
[00:53] [Moo] lol
[00:53] [Moo] blind and mute
[00:53] [E_Red] a... mute... newt?
[00:53] [Pippa] actually, the Winter Garden survived. it's across the road from the WTC, and is part of the World Financial Center.
[00:53] [E_Red] :p
[00:53] [Hinomeko] you knwo that morth thing needs to expand its hybrid descriptions some. what part of the newt did you get exactly?
[00:53] [E_Red] that's for you to imagine
[00:53] [Pippa] that's where the palms are. if you're ever in NYC you HAVE to visit the Financial Center. Just don't look east.
[00:54] [E_Red] partial means not easily hideable, then there's hidden and absolute
[00:54] [E_Red] makes for goo imagination work
[00:54] [Pippa] anyway, sorry about the mood.
[00:54] [E_Red] I save many of the results i get, in case they spark off an idea later on
[00:54] [E_Red] meh
[00:54] *** Pippa gets all cheery again
[00:54] [E_Red] no worries
[00:55] [E_Red] im a comedian, it all kinda blends together for me
[00:55] [Hinomeko] I always like the stories where the hybrids find out what they were saddled with. its kinda funny when they discover the tail.
[00:55] [E_Red] yeah
[00:55] [Hinomeko] Oh noes I gots tail!
[00:55] [E_Red] it's hard to resist doing the 'safe' morfs for your protagonists, tho
[00:56] [Hinomeko] Mind you I really could do without six pages of shopping for new clothes.
[00:56] [Pippa] !morf me random
[00:56] [Pippa] cool. i'm a jockey.
[00:57] [E_Red] i don't like the 'random' descriptor any more
[00:57] [E_Red] you usually end up way too tall or way too short
[00:57] [Hinomeko] Especially the genderbender stories. I always felt like a well done paragraph could gloss over it and get on to more important things like social interations and action.
[00:58] [E_Red] well, yeah, but it is a rather all-encompassing problem
[00:58] [E_Red] i agree that it shouldn't be the only one, though
[00:58] [E_Red] hence my own particular stab at it
[00:59] [E_Red] ..
[00:59] [E_Red] i gots to go to bed
[01:00] [Hinomeko] well I tend to read the stories that have somehting other than M2F in the tag line. EL is fun, HYB is nifty, but NM is a bit of a rare left out category. I often wonder what it would be like to see a story told entirely by the non-morf character.
[01:00] [E_Red] it's gettin late, and i just got back from work
[01:01] [Hinomeko] ah well its been good talking to you.

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