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[00:10] [Nina] night all
[00:10] [Nina] sweet dreams
[00:10] *** Nina hugs everyone good night
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[01:12] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[01:12] [marful] helloooo
[02:02] Nick change: marful -> marful_away
[02:32] [marful_away] Anyone there?
[02:32] [marful_away] Starfox?
[02:32] [marful_away] Bekah?
[02:32] *** marful_away sighs
[03:19] [Jenny] morning
[03:19] [marful_away] Hello!
[03:19] Nick change: marful_away -> marful
[03:20] [Jenny] hi marful :)
[03:20] [marful] And good evening =)
[03:20] [Jenny] hehe
[03:20] [Jenny] I just started work today
[03:20] [marful] I see you in here all the time, but I don't get to talk to you much =)
[03:20] [marful] Ah cool!
[03:20] [marful] you must be outside of CONUS to be up at this hour. Since its midnight for me in California
[03:21] [Jenny] I'm in Europe
[03:21] [marful] Ah!
[03:21] [marful] That explains it =)
[03:21] [Jenny] 9:21 am here
[03:21] [marful] I want to take a vacation to europe =(
[03:21] [marful] See Germany or the Nederlands
[03:22] [marful] and dfinately ireland and scottland
[03:22] *** Jenny is from the land of windmills, dikes, woodenshoes, cheese, tulips, legal prostitution and free drugs ;)
[03:22] [marful] Amsterdam?
[03:22] [marful] oh wait thats a city
[03:22] [marful] lol Netherlands right?
[03:22] [Jenny] yup
[03:22] [Jenny] Amsterdam is the capital
[03:22] [marful] I think Shrike is from there too
[03:23] [Jenny] yeah
[03:23] [marful] Cool!
[03:23] [marful] I'm from Disneyland
[03:23] [marful] =)
[03:23] [marful] LOL, thats what I say to everyone. Since I live about 8-10 kilometers away from it
[03:23] [Jenny] hehe
[03:23] [marful] I can watch the fireworks at night from my roof
[03:23] [marful] Congrats on the job btw!
[03:23] [Jenny] job?
[03:24] [marful] You said you just started work today =P
[03:24] [marful] I assumed you just got a new job?
[03:24] [Jenny] no I mean, I just got in
[03:24] [marful] oooooh!
[03:24] [marful] heh
[03:25] [Jenny] excuse me for my poor phrasing :P
[03:25] [marful] Nah, no need !
[03:25] [marful] such formalities =P
[03:26] [Jenny] but I've ony had one mug coffee so far ;-)
[03:26] [marful] LOL
[03:26] [marful] Seems some things stay the same no matter where you are in the world
[03:27] [Jenny] yup
[03:28] [marful] So, I see you in the chatroom all the time with mod status =P
[03:28] [marful] Have you written any morfs stories?
[03:28] [Jenny] not yet
[03:28] [marful] Got some ideas you are kicking around?
[03:28] [Jenny] I have another story I want to finsih first
[03:29] [Jenny] finish*
[03:29] [marful] ah, you write non-morfs stuff too?
[03:29] [marful] neat
[03:29] [Jenny] I started a TG themed actio/adventure a few years ago, still not finished
[03:29] [marful] Ah, I noticed that commonality
[03:29] [marful] with a lot of the morfs people
[03:30] [marful] Very interesting!
[03:31] [Jenny] I always say I finish it by christmas...just not which year
[03:32] [marful] Bwuahaha!
[03:32] [marful] too funny
[03:33] [Jenny] work seems to drain me from my writing creativity
[03:33] [marful] ditoo
[03:33] [marful] ditto even
[03:33] [Jenny] and I'm lazy too ;-)
[03:33] [marful] =)
[03:34] [marful] So, in your TG fiction, are the protagonist magical TG? or science / surgery? or genetic?
[03:34] [Jenny] starts of as CD but will venture in some surgery
[03:35] [marful] Ah
[03:35] [Jenny] it's got a bit off a scifi theme, but not overly
[03:35] [Jenny] hmm, let see if I have a work-safe link handy
[03:35] [marful] ahaha
[03:37] [Jenny] it's here
[03:37] [Jenny] called 'something different for a change'
[03:38] [marful] wait... is YOUR domain?
[03:38] [Jenny] no
[03:38] [marful] oh...
[03:39] [Jenny] it's owned by Ave
[03:39] [Jenny] I do own though
[03:39] [marful] I thought Britney owned that?
[03:39] [Jenny] I host her site there for her
[03:39] [marful] Wow!
[03:39] [marful] nice =)
[03:42] [Jenny] :)
[03:45] [Jenny] how did you run into morfs if not from the TG angle?
[03:45] [marful] I ran into shrike's story on stories online
[03:45] [marful] It's an interesting tale =P
[03:47] [marful] I'm personally not gender confused, but I liked reading magical TG stories, and his story "First Hybrid" popped up on search. Right from the start, I realized that the "MORFS" universe was very well developed, and I thought there might be more stories from it, so I googled "MORFS" and your hosted domain was the first link
[03:47] [Jenny] cool
[03:47] [marful] I admit to liking stories of turning into girls
[03:47] [marful] I further admit that were morfs possible, I would be doing everything I could to contract i t=P
[03:48] [Jenny] brb, phone
[03:51] [Jenny] I'm not gender confused either, I just like to pretend to be a woman from time to time :P
[03:59] [Jenny] fell of your chair?
[03:59] [marful] ?
[03:59] [marful] no
[03:59] [marful] lol
[03:59] [marful] I do live in california =)
[03:59] [marful] a close friend of mine has AIS, my best friends wife's roomate actually got gender reassignment surgery
[04:00] [marful] another of my friends does nude modelling for bondage catalogs
[04:00] [Jenny] heh, neat
[04:00] [marful] another friend in college was a stripper to pay her tuition (to a private christian college no less =P)
[04:00] [Jenny] interesting friends you have
[04:00] [marful] AIS = Androgen Insensitivy Syndrome, aka hermaphrodite
[04:01] [Jenny] I know a little about the subject
[04:01] [marful] ah, cool not many do
[04:01] [marful] they just know the term hermaphrodite
[04:01] [Jenny] which is just a general (often wrong) term
[04:01] [marful] yup
[04:03] [Jenny] being in several TG themed chatrooms, I make it a point on knowing a bit about the broad spectrum that's put under the TG umbrella
[04:03] [marful] Cool
[04:03] [marful] I used to irc a lot, but got bored. I only come to the morfs channel to talk to the other morfs enthusiasts and authors
[04:07] [Jenny] work prevents me from being online a lot lately
[04:07] [marful] my works firewall blocks irc =P
[04:07] [Jenny] I'm the sysadmin, so it's not blocked ;-)
[04:08] [Jenny] but I do't connect to it directly, I just rdp to my home machine
[04:18] Nick change: marful -> marful_away
[04:18] [marful_away] sorry, I'm nodding off =P
[04:19] [marful_away] its almost 2 am for me
[04:21] [Jenny] good night!
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[14:22] [Chipmunk] it's quiet in here...
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[15:27] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[15:32] [bane] yo shrike
[15:32] [bane] sorry was editing rage
[15:34] [bane] hey how do you spell unick? you know a guy that has his balls taken off
[15:50] [Rebekah] notsure
[15:51] [Shrike] eunuch
[15:51] Kelsey (~Kelsey@feyviluagcoccfezu) joined #morfs.
[15:52] [Rebekah] i think there is an o in it
[15:52] [Shrike] I fixed the comments and made sure those will not be spammed again
[15:52] [bane] ah thanks
[15:52] [Shrike] Hi kelsey
[15:52] [Kelsey] hi
[15:52] [Rebekah] allo allo
[15:52] [Shrike] How is brit?
[15:52] [Kelsey] has anyone seen ERed lately?
[15:52] [Shrike] He was on afew days ago
[15:52] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
[15:52] [Kelsey] Brit's doing good. she's at school right now
[15:52] [bane] lol
[15:52] [Shrike] He's here
[15:52] [Kelsey] hey Red
[15:52] [bane] i see him!
[15:53] [E_Red] 'jo
[15:53] [Kelsey] i was just looking for you
[15:53] [bane] and hi kelsey :)
[15:53] [E_Red] mm hmm?
[15:53] [Shrike] SO I still have to update instead of her?
[15:53] [Rebekah] yes hi Kelsey long time no see
[15:53] [Shrike] And we need a ruling from brit on a matter
[15:53] [Kelsey] so i just emailed Brit some stuff on sounds 3 and she was going to put it on google docs and then share you
[15:53] [Kelsey] wondering if you could take a look
[15:54] [Shrike] You could just submit it, I get that mail as well
[15:54] [bane] hey you need to tell brit that we miss her here :(
[15:54] [Shrike] What email from her is working?
[15:54] [Shrike] THere is confusion on Timetravel, so we need a ruling on that
[15:55] [Shrike] Kelsey private
[15:55] [Kelsey] i thought she posted stuff on time travel, i read it in the forum
[15:55] [Shrike] How is Owen doing?
[15:56] [E_Red] and i need a yea or nay on Knight
[15:56] [bane] ok how would you right the sound of a pan lid rulling on the ground, you know on its bottom, maybe yong yong yong?
[15:56] [bane] rolling*
[15:56] [Rebekah] i wouldnt
[15:57] [bane] write*
[15:57] [bane] :(
[15:57] [Shrike] wong
[15:57] [E_Red] lol
[15:58] [Rebekah] i cant really describe that sound
[15:58] [bane] oh i ment to type wong.... my fingers most be off to day, well more off than usaly
[15:58] Moo (~Moo@flwfiluagdwlkfkxf) joined #morfs.
[15:58] [Shrike] hi moo
[15:58] [Rebekah] heya moo

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