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[01:44] [chibois] :/
[02:00] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[02:00] [marful] hello peoples
[02:52] [marful] oi oi?
[03:12] [chibois] oink oink?
[03:12] [marful] o
[03:12] [marful] no
[03:12] [marful] oi oi
[03:12] [marful] Whats up?
[03:12] [chibois] watchin hunter x hunter
[03:13] [marful] ah
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[13:30] [dragonprincess9] good afternoon
[13:30] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
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[13:58] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[14:03] [Misty] Yeah? You can unload it in my barn.
[14:04] [Misty] Oh yeah, stack it neat in the loft, okay?
[14:06] *** Misty looks around, wondering where that hey hauling groundsquirrle went.
[14:06] [Misty] oops bbl
[14:26] [Chipmunk] lol
[14:32] [Misty] Hey GroundSquirrel, I be back now.
[14:32] [Chipmunk] MISTY!!!!!!!!!
[14:32] *** Misty hugs da furry one
[14:32] *** Chipmunk hugs Misty
[14:33] [Chipmunk] how are you Misty?
[14:34] [Misty] I"m very well, thank you
[14:34] [Misty] How you been?
[14:34] [Chipmunk] that's good...
[14:34] [Chipmunk] I had a bad day yesterday, but better now thanks
[14:34] [Misty] Bebe'
[14:35] [Misty] I been south, where thar ain't bin no bain fer awhile.
[14:36] [Misty] bain = rain
[14:36] [Chipmunk] ah
[14:36] [Chipmunk] we have too much in this country :p
[14:38] [Misty] I am part owner of a small herd of horses and I had to do down to where they are, west of Galveston, but east of Austin, and see to having them watered by truck.
[14:39] [Chipmunk] leading a horse to water?
[14:39] [Chipmunk] sorry for the (bad) joke
[14:39] [Misty] hehe so to speak
[14:40] [Misty] I just wish I had somwe place up here to run them until the drought breaks
[14:41] [Chipmunk] must be tough for you and the herd... how restless can they get?
[14:43] [Misty] There plenty of room, grass and water normally... but it is a bit dry down there now.
[14:46] [Misty] What brought about your bad day and how did you fix it?
[14:48] [Chipmunk] the boss, and bad accounts... fixed by walking away from them and not worrying because my balls won't be on the line as much as his will be
[14:50] [Misty] Yeah, you guys kinda got to watch out for those danglers...
[14:51] [Chipmunk] i think he's going to be asked to leave before too long... his balls are almost on the plate ready for serving
[14:52] *** Misty is very glad that you guys do watch out for tyhem, so I can enjoy watching them, too.
[14:52] [Chipmunk] lol#
[14:54] [Misty] Hehe there are things I like to do with them that is more interesting than just watching them...
[14:55] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[14:55] [dragonprincess9] hi
[14:55] [Chipmunk] i can think of a few things... but i prefer keeping my mind out of the gutter... no, screw it, it's staying there :p
[14:55] [Chipmunk] NINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:55] *** Misty is getting naughty now.
[14:55] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[14:55] [Nina] hi
[14:55] *** Misty hugs dat Nina warmly
[14:55] *** Chipmunk needs bleach to make his mind clean again
[14:55] *** Chipmunk hugs Nina too
[14:56] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[14:56] [Chipmunk] MATT!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:56] *** Misty hugs da EMW, too.
[14:56] *** Chipmunk hugs Matt
[14:57] [EMW] greetings
[14:58] [Chipmunk] how's things Matt?
[14:58] [EMW] good
[14:59] [EMW] yourself?
[14:59] [Chipmunk] better than yesterday
[15:00] [EMW] cool
[15:04] [EMW] quiet in here tonight
[15:06] [Chipmunk] yep
[15:12] *** Nina hugs everyone
[15:12] [EMW] hi nina
[15:13] [Nina] hi
[15:13] *** Misty likes to read da MORFs tale involving HSer and lots of fights in da halls with purist getting whupped up on.
[15:26] [EMW] Ow! I bit my cheek
[15:26] [Nina] aw
[15:29] [Chipmunk] ... how??
[15:30] [EMW] with my teeth
[15:32] [Rebekah] i hate it when that happens
[15:32] [Chipmunk] BEKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:32] *** Chipmunk hugs bekah
[15:32] [Nina] yep
[15:32] [Rebekah] hehe
[15:33] [Rebekah] *hugs*
[15:33] [EMW] hi bekah
[15:34] *** Chipmunk wishes he could concentrate on his story instead of watching a dvd
[15:36] [Nina] lol
[15:37] [Chipmunk] it's not like the film will give me that many ideas for stories... unless i start writing horror stories
[15:38] [Nina] lol
[15:39] [Chipmunk] i'm watching ju-on: the grudge...
[15:40] [Nina] oh
[15:40] [Nina] i watched that
[15:40] [Nina] werid ass movie
[15:40] [Nina] creepy though
[15:40] [Chipmunk] japanese for you :p
[15:41] [Nina] yep
[15:41] [Nina] they make weird stuff
[15:41] [Nina] but it is always good
[15:41] [Chipmunk] i prefer their type of horror to the "blood and guts" american horror
[15:42] [EMW] more thought to it
[15:42] [Nina] yep
[15:42] [Nina] i like the anime of japan
[15:42] [EMW] it's actually scary
[15:42] [EMW] rather than just bloody
[15:42] [Nina] is so much better then a lot of american cartoons
[15:42] [Chipmunk] i <3 anime
[15:42] [Nina] Anime most of them at least have a plot to them
[15:43] [Nina] cartoons in america are just going one episode to the other
[15:43] [Nina] with no plot
[15:43] [Chipmunk] well... hardly any
[15:43] [Nina] yep
[15:44] [Nina] ok
[15:44] [Nina] try to name an american cartoon that had a plot to it
[15:44] [Rebekah] new or old
[15:44] [Nina] either
[15:45] [Chipmunk] hmm...
[15:45] [Rebekah] well heman and she-ra use to have plots sometimes
[15:45] [Nina] yeah old cartoons probably have a plot
[15:45] [Nina] but newer cartoons don't for a lot of them
[15:45] [Rebekah] true
[15:47] [Nina] ha
[15:47] [Nina] can't think of any can u chip?
[15:48] [Chipmunk] avatar
[15:48] [Nina] hmm
[15:48] [Nina] true
[15:48] [Nina] hmm
[15:48] [Rebekah] yeah there is avatar
[15:48] [Nina] is thaat an american cartoon?
[15:48] [Rebekah] no idea
[15:48] [Nina] it was a book first i think
[15:48] [Nina] wasn't it?
[15:49] [Chipmunk] well... it isn't from a japanese studio
[15:49] [Chipmunk] i think
[15:49] [Nina] true
[15:50] [Misty] Ahhhh, the very best tales are those of the freshmen boy who MORFs to become a girl... and has TK and other mental abilities.
[15:50] [Chipmunk] i can't think of that many cartoons... i'm loosing touch with them :p
[15:50] [Nina] ha
[15:51] [Chipmunk] the old spider-man and x-men cartoons had plots and stories...
[15:51] [Nina] avatar drew on elements from East Asian, South Asian, and Western culture, making it a mixture of what were previously traditionally separate categories of anime and US domestic cartoons.
[15:51] [Nina] ok
[15:51] [Nina] lets try new cartoons
[15:52] [Chipmunk] hmm....
[15:52] [Nina] i already admited that old cartoons would probably have a plot
[15:53] [Chipmunk] ben 10?
[15:53] [Nina] cool misty
[15:53] [Nina] true to a point it has a plot
[15:54] [Chipmunk] which is why i questioned it...
[15:54] [Nina] thsts 2
[15:54] [Nina] ok
[15:54] [Nina] now try to name as many anime as u can that have a plot
[15:54] [Nina] for one Sailor moon
[15:54] [Chipmunk] dragonball
[15:55] [Nina] Cardcaptor Sakura
[15:55] [Nina] pokemon
[15:55] [Chipmunk] pretty much anything from CLAMP
[15:55] [Nina] has a plot to it
[15:55] [Chipmunk] digimon
[15:55] [Nina] lol
[15:55] [Nina] yep
[15:55] [Nina] Yo yo hakusho
[15:55] [Chipmunk] pretear
[15:55] [Nina] pretear?
[15:55] [Chipmunk] blood+
[15:55] [Chipmunk] bleach
[15:56] [Chipmunk] naruto
[15:56] [Chipmunk] yu-gi-oh
[15:56] [Nina] yep
[15:56] [Nina] tokyo mew mew
[15:56] [Nina] slayer
[15:56] [Chipmunk] kashimashi
[15:56] [Nina] oh
[15:56] [Nina] i have trhat anime
[15:56] [Nina] on dvd
[15:56] [Chipmunk] cool
[15:56] [Nina] I have KAshimashi
[15:56] [Nina] hehe
[15:57] [Chipmunk] ghost in the shell
[15:57] [Rebekah] ghost in the shell is cool
[15:57] [Nina] Abonobashi Shopping arcade
[15:58] [Chipmunk] evangelion
[15:58] [Nina] not sure if i spelled that right
[15:58] [Nina] see
[15:58] [Nina] so many more anime have a plot
[15:58] [Chipmunk] yep
[15:58] [Nina] american cartoons are just cartoons that try to push ideas of life on kids
[15:58] [Chipmunk] and you have some that don't seem to have a plot... like excel saga
[15:58] [Nina] like be nice to each other
[15:59] [Nina] true
[15:59] [Misty] Shopping? Somebody mention shopping?
[15:59] [Nina] but i never said all anime has a plot lol
[15:59] [Nina] lol
[15:59] [Chipmunk] or puni puni poemy
[15:59] [Nina] it was a anime misty

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