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[00:06] [Sarang] Ok.
[00:08] [Moo] ok what?
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[00:14] [Moo] alright, peace
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[00:59] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[00:59] [marful] hello
[01:01] [Sarang] Hey.
[01:01] [Sarang] Hello Matthew.
[01:01] [marful] Anything happening today?
[01:01] [Sarang] Not much right now.
[01:01] [Sarang] You write any MORF's stories?
[01:01] [marful] Yes, I am working on one
[01:01] [marful] I have it up on Gdocs
[01:02] [marful] but I don't like releasing my writings piecemail, so I'll submit it for the website when I'm done
[01:03] [marful] The whole morfs world is pretty fascinating
[01:04] [marful] The environment is so extensively developed thanks to the many stories that the setting is very concrete and makes an easy place to write a story within
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[01:06] [marful] What about you? are you working on anything?
[01:07] [E_Red] morn'n, ladies
[01:07] [marful] ..
[01:07] [marful] .
[01:07] *** marful ahem...
[01:07] [E_Red] .... who're you?\
[01:07] [E_Red] o.O
[01:07] [marful] not female
[01:08] [E_Red] Ah
[01:08] [E_Red] i see
[01:08] [marful] =)
[01:08] [marful] I'm awaiting eagerly the next chapter of your story "Here on Earth" =)
[01:08] [E_Red] ah
[01:08] [E_Red] well, thank you
[01:09] [E_Red] any comments to drop, seeing as how my comment page is all viagra and car insurance ads?
[01:09] [marful] Yes. If you take 1 of these pills 1 hour before your activities. You will please her ten times more! 100% guaranteed or someone else's money back!
[01:10] [marful] =)
[01:10] [marful] Sorry, couldn't resist
[01:10] [marful] I have no negative comments.
[01:10] [marful] I really like the whole sharing emotions thingy though. Thought that was cool
[01:11] [marful] the "twists" you are dropping are also rather exciting
[01:11] [marful] my only gripe is that there isn't a chapter 8 already =P
[01:11] [E_Red] well, look for it before the end of the marathon
[01:12] [E_Red] ... and that's all I got to say about that...
[01:12] [marful] lol
[01:12] [E_Red] ^_^
[01:18] [marful] E_Red, how long, about, does it take you to write each chapter?
[01:20] [E_Red] honestly?
[01:20] [E_Red] not too long
[01:20] [marful] no, I want you to lie!
[01:20] [marful] =P
[01:20] [marful] do you have the entire story planned out? or do you write "stream of consciousness" style?
[01:21] [E_Red] the posting process takes a while, but i really need to either have a huge idea, or really knuckle down
[01:21] [E_Red] a little of both
[01:21] [E_Red] i have major events and a few major scenes planned, but the rest just flows
[01:24] [E_Red] you a new reader?\
[01:25] [marful] yes and no
[01:25] [marful] I've been reading for months =P
[01:25] [marful] but new chapters came out =P
[01:25] [E_Red] ah
[01:25] [E_Red] one of those...
[01:25] [E_Red] :p
[01:25] [marful] ...
[01:26] [marful] LOL
[01:26] [marful] I'm writing a morfs story right now. But I want to wait to complete it instead of write it chapter by chapter
[01:26] [marful] mainly so I can go back to the beginning and make changes if I feel like it
[01:27] [E_Red] ah
[01:28] [E_Red] i've found that sometimes the continuity errors I make by accident turn into major plot devices later
[01:28] [E_Red] plus, I enjoy the sensation of flying by the seat of my pants
[01:28] [marful] The story I'm writing is quite different from the other morfs stories. It's more adult. With the main protagonist 29 years old. Its basically a crime story involving a serial killer.
[01:30] [E_Red] so this would be the proverbial "punisher" story amongst our "marvel" stories, so to speak
[01:30] [marful] lol
[01:30] [marful] not really
[01:30] [marful] I just didn't want to write about highschool kids =P
[01:31] [marful] The protagonist is a female FBI agent who went through morfs at 10, and is perpetually trapped in a childs body. She has weak empathic powers and regeneration and that's about it.
[01:31] [E_Red] ?!
[01:31] [E_Red] an odd combination, but I can see potential...
[01:31] [marful] The major plot devices, secondary to the serial killer, is her coping with in society
[01:32] [marful] well, part of her backstory is her parents paid a M-Bio to try and age her
[01:32] [marful] but her regeneration resists aging past 15-16~ish
[01:32] [marful] She has to deal with the fact that she is in a professional world, and dealing with people who see her as a child. She doesn't have any personal relationships due to some bad events that happened when she was younger.
[01:32] [marful] In short, she has a lot of baggage =P
[01:33] [E_Red] ah, baggage...
[01:33] [marful] Oh, and as an empath she can pick up on the emotions people show towards her, which can exacerbate her social skills
[01:33] [E_Red] the best thing you can give a character
[01:33] [marful] The only reason she passed the FBI training academy is because she has Eidetic memory
[01:34] [marful] Normally young kids possess this but it fades, due to morfs though, she kept it.
[01:34] [marful] That and increased physical attributes.
[01:34] [marful] But nothing like throwing cars or anything
[01:35] [marful] If I wasn't so tired from work I'd be writing it faster =(
[01:35] [E_Red] don't force it
[01:35] [E_Red] trust me
[01:36] [E_Red] it turned one of my best stories into a complete fiasco in two chapters
[01:36] *** Sarang hugs E_Red.
[01:36] [E_Red] 'jo
[01:36] [E_Red] ^_^
[01:36] [Sarang] He's from Canada too.
[01:36] [Sarang] :-D
[01:36] [Sarang] :D
[01:36] [marful] hahah
[01:36] [Sarang] I'm not a Cannuck.
[01:37] [Sarang] But it's nice he's not all the way from the UK like EMW is.
[01:37] [Sarang] :-(
[01:37] [Sarang] A comfy Cannuck.
[01:37] [marful] so, not from quebec?
[01:38] [Sarang] Me?
[01:38] [E_Red] moi? Un Quebecuis?
[01:38] [E_Red] Non
[01:38] [Sarang] Oops.
[01:38] [E_Red] Je suis Toronto
[01:38] [marful] =P
[01:38] [E_Red] :p
[01:38] [Sarang] He's a nice normal English Canadian.
[01:39] [E_Red] indeed
[01:39] [E_Red] apart from the 'nicew' bit
[01:40] [E_Red] im a right arse sometimes
[01:41] [E_Red] opposed to a left arse...
[01:44] [E_Red] ....aww
[01:44] [E_Red] ima go to bed nao
[01:44] [E_Red] ...gotta work tomo... err... today
[01:45] [E_Red] night, all
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[07:50] [E_Red] morn'n
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[08:24] [bane] hey red
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[14:02] Nick change: Shrike -> Dangerous
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[14:17] *** Dangerous is the world to Texans
[14:20] [Dangerous] this is /me
[14:21] [Dangerous] *&^
[14:26] [bane] hey
[14:26] [bane] you wernt around this morning
[14:35] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[14:41] [bane] hey matt
[14:41] [EMW] hey
[14:42] [bane] what you dong?
[14:42] [bane] doing
[14:42] [EMW] watching zero punctuation
[14:43] [bane] ? whats that?
[14:43] [bane] sounds like a 9th grade english class
[14:43] [bane] or my first rough draft
[14:43] [EMW] it's a set of videos by an acerbic video game critic called yahtzee
[14:44] [EMW] they are very funny
[14:44] [EMW] well to a gamer :S
[14:45] [bane] :p
[14:45] [EMW]
[14:47] [bane] i was reading yalls talk on time els, can they trivle to the futuRe?
[14:48] [EMW] dunno ... maybe
[14:48] [EMW] traveling forward in time is actually easy
[14:48] [bane] what would happen if a time el went to the future and learned the loto numbers they went back and used them?
[14:48] [bane] would that be messing with the time line?
[14:49] [EMW] they would change the time line
[14:49] [EMW] yes
[14:49] [EMW] I would guess then a load of heavys would turn up and kill them or something
[14:49] [bane] wouldnt that mean that there is no free will and everything is already predestened?
[14:50] [EMW] not so much more that a load of time el's have arbitarialy decied which future we are having
[14:50] [bane] i ment by trivleing to the future that proves that there is no real present as such
[14:51] [EMW] time is non linear
[14:51] [EMW] there is no such thing as now
[14:51] [EMW] only local time
[14:51] [EMW] since space and time are the same thing
[14:52] [EMW] the branching universe thing neatly takes care of some of these holes
[14:52] [bane] ah, yes the branching one would
[14:52] [EMW] but then I think that would break pre existing stories
[14:53] [EMW] and it would also mean there would be no need for anyone enforcing the timeline
[14:54] [EMW] I did read a story that had a sort of combination of a linear time line with the branching time thing
[14:54] [bane] oh?
[14:54] [EMW] they had a sort of branching thing but with probability
[14:55] [EMW] so the more improbably and further form the the "main" tineline you went the more energy it requure to get out of that minimum
[14:55] [bane] hmmm
[14:55] [EMW] eventually the energy cost could become so high you got stuck
[14:55] [EMW] and couldn't travel
[14:55] [EMW] it was a bit weird
[14:56] [bane] i think the self healing timeline is the best as far as for writing
[14:57] [bane] have you read ann mccaffreys dragon riders of pern serise? is the morf time line like how that one's is?
[14:57] [EMW] not read that
[14:57] [bane] ah
[14:57] [EMW] but then self healing timeline implies predestination too
[14:57] [Rebekah] the pern series is often
[14:58] [bane] often?
[14:58] [Rebekah] awesome
[14:58] [bane] ah
[14:58] [bane] ya one of the first series i ever read
[14:58] [Rebekah] fingers moving faster than brain today
[14:58] [bane] well lisened to realy wasnt readying yet when i started
[14:58] [Rebekah] i like her pegasus series also
[14:59] [bane] in that serise time line is kind of predestened
[14:59] [EMW] this is one of those damned if you do damned if you don't situations :S
[15:00] [EMW] if we fix the timeline no paradoxes yay

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