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[00:02] Sarang (~Sarang@xsvcxsaktmesxsvc) joined #morfs.
[00:02] [Sarang] Hey all.
[00:02] [Sarang] WOW!
[00:02] [Sarang] This is the least crowded I've ever seen the room.
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[05:49] bane (~bane@nqngnqxcjsrfnqng) joined #morfs.
[07:40] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
[07:40] [E_Red] morn'n
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[10:03] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
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[11:01] [Shrike] make up your mind, join or quit :p
[11:24] [Sarang] Yo.
[11:24] [Sarang] I missed E_Red!
[11:24] [Sarang] :-(
[11:24] [Sarang] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:24] [Sarang] Shrike?
[11:25] [Sarang] Does "Anti-Fairy Tale" have a part 2 or is she dead?
[11:25] [Shrike] How would I know
[11:26] [Shrike] Hold on I'll ask the writer, he's online
[11:26] [Sarang] Ok.
[11:28] [Sarang] Oh is the next "Sounds Like A MORF's Story" in the queue?
[11:30] [Shrike] not that I know of
[11:31] [Shrike] for tomorrow is ray's Saouda's docket #60350
[11:33] [Shrike] They say there is a part 2
[11:33] [Shrike] I'm trying to work on Feral 2 and Mindcontrol 2
[11:33] [Shrike] But with the baby, the move to a new house and the updates, there isn't much progress
[11:35] [Sarang] So what did TLM say?
[11:35] [Sarang] Does she die?
[12:15] [Shrike] he didn't say yet
[12:15] [Shrike] sorry I'm making soup here as well
[12:17] [Shrike] prolly not, but we'll see, she's still in stage 3 you know
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[13:08] Sarang (~Sarang@zoduzbbktsnyzodu) joined #morfs.
[13:08] [Sarang] What happened?
[13:08] [Sarang] Shrike?
[13:08] [Sarang] Did you get an answer?
[13:08] [Sarang] Does the girl die in "Anti-Fairy Tale"?
[13:34] [Sarang] Shrike?
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[14:52] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[14:55] [Sarang] EMW!
[14:55] *** Sarang jumps on EMW.
[14:55] [EMW] hello
[14:56] [EMW] ow!
[14:56] [Rebekah] allo
[14:56] [EMW] hi
[14:56] [Sarang] EMW is a sweetheart.
[14:57] *** EMW is a malicious trickster god
[14:57] [EMW] in an authorial sense :S
[14:57] [EMW] :D
[14:58] [Sarang] No you're not.
[14:58] [Sarang] It helps if I imagine you looking like Flux though.
[14:58] [Sarang] Hugging you.
[15:00] *** Sarang hugs EMW.
[15:00] [EMW] :D
[15:08] [Sarang] Anyway whatcha got there?
[15:08] *** Sarang frisks EMW.
[15:08] *** Shrike sneaks in
[15:09] *** Sarang frisks Shrike.
[15:09] [Shrike] whoa, get a room
[15:09] [Shrike] Hey I'm married with a little kid
[15:16] *** Shrike gives a slap on sarang's behind
[15:16] [Sarang] I didn't mean that kind of frisk you pervert.
[15:16] [Sarang] I was checking to see if you had any extra stories on you.
[15:16] [Shrike] frisking is frisking, it's bodily contact
[15:16] [Sarang] I found one on you and EMW.
[15:17] [Shrike] I'm working on Feral 2 and Mindcontrol 2
[15:17] [Shrike] ANd on Going Native and spelled innocents
[15:19] [EMW] sorry I was on the phone :D
[15:19] [Shrike] What was her name? :p
[15:19] [EMW] it was my dad :P
[15:20] [Shrike] eew
[15:20] [Shrike] so what did you find on me?
[15:21] [Sarang] What ever happened to the MORF's story where the teacher gets it?
[15:21] *** EMW holds up incriminating documents
[15:21] [Sarang] Where's the continuation on that?
[15:21] [EMW] not sure
[15:22] [EMW] some stories just fade away
[15:24] [EMW] like d
[15:25] [EMW] like ducks ... on a ... fireplace
[15:31] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@xuhscccgpydoxuhs) joined #morfs.
[15:31] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[15:32] [EMW] hi
[15:32] [Chipmunk] MATT!!!!
[15:32] [EMW] it is I
[15:36] [EMW] how's things
[15:36] [EMW] shrike was around
[15:37] [Sarang] Chipmunk?
[15:37] [EMW] but I guess his little brat is taking his time
[15:37] [Sarang] I regret missing Kelsey coming in here that one time.
[15:37] [Chipmunk] SARANG!!!!
[15:37] [Sarang] :-(
[15:37] [Sarang] Ummm who is this?
[15:37] [Chipmunk] i'm aka Xenic
[15:37] [EMW] she's been a couple of times
[15:37] [Sarang] Oh it's Xenic.
[15:37] [EMW] but not recently
[15:37] [Sarang] Hey girl.
[15:38] [Sarang] Any news on a new part to "Wild Child"?
[15:38] [Chipmunk] as yet... no
[15:39] [Chipmunk] i'm working on another project atm...
[15:39] [Chipmunk] i will get around to chapter 2 of wild child... eventually
[15:39] [EMW] project satan!
[15:40] [Chipmunk] lol... alas no
[15:42] [EMW] die hard 5 die hardererr
[15:43] [Sarang] :-(
[15:43] [EMW] indy 5 wrath of short round?
[15:43] [Chipmunk] do we need those films?
[15:43] [EMW] maybe
[15:43] [EMW] with the indy series it's not like it could get much worse
[15:45] [Chipmunk] lol
[15:46] [Chipmunk] i'm working on 2056
[15:47] [Chipmunk] which is only a working title atm
[15:47] [Sarang] Ummm Shrike.
[15:48] [Sarang] Two pages worth of comments in Twilight Void's posted comments section is full of shit.
[15:48] [Sarang] *are full
[15:48] [Sarang] Just spam.
[15:48] [EMW] I hate those guys
[15:48] [Chipmunk] that sucks
[15:49] [EMW] they filled up freeze frame for ages took several attempts to clear it out
[15:49] [Sarang] WHOA!
[15:50] [Sarang] I found Twilight's e-mail in this section.
[15:50] [Sarang] I'm e-mailing him ASAP!
[15:50] [Sarang] Anyone else want to e-mail him asking or pleading him to come back?
[15:51] [EMW] maybe he/she/they/it can finish the voice of chaos thingy
[15:52] [Sarang] I'm going to tell him or her that most of us on here love em'.
[15:52] [Sarang] *CENSORED* what people beefing against em' say.
[15:57] [Sarang] Who wants the e-mail?
[15:59] [Sarang] How do you hug on Yahoo! again?
[16:00] [Chipmunk] pass
[16:01] [Sarang] You didn't like it Xenic?
[16:01] [Sarang] I found the e-mail in the comments page.
[16:09] [EMW] back
[16:09] [Chipmunk] wb
[16:13] [Sarang] Be back.
[16:13] [Sarang] It's somewhat warm outside.
[16:14] [Chipmunk] have you seen the teaser for 2056 on the forum yet Sarang?
[16:15] Sarang (~Sarang@zoduzbbktsnyzodu) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[16:18] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupuaoxqla) joined #morfs.
[16:18] [dragonprincess9] hi
[16:18] [Chipmunk] NINA!!!!!!!!!
[16:18] [Shrike] DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:19] [dragonprincess9] CHIPMUNK!!!!!!!!
[16:19] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[16:19] [Shrike] NINA!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:19] [Chipmunk] SHRIKE!!!!!!!!
[16:19] [Nina] hi
[16:19] [Chipmunk] ME!!!!!!!!!
[16:19] [Shrike] YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:19] [Chipmunk] US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#
[16:19] [EMW] hi
[16:19] [Shrike] WE!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:19] [Chipmunk] THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:22] [Nina] whats going on?
[16:22] [Chipmunk] not much...
[16:22] [Nina] ah
[16:23] *** Nina poke bekah then hugs her
[16:23] [Chipmunk] the usual then :p
[16:23] [Nina] lol
[16:25] *** Shrike hugs nina
[16:25] *** EMW hugs himself
[16:26] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:27] *** Nina hugs emw
[16:27] [EMW] :)
[16:27] *** Nina hugs everyone
[16:30] [Shrike] Killed some spam just now
[16:30] [Chipmunk] cool... killed spam :D
[16:34] [Chipmunk] how'd you kill it? nuke?
[16:38] [Rebekah] lol
[16:39] *** Rebekah pounces nina
[16:44] [Nina] yay
[16:45] *** Nina hugs bekah
[16:45] [Rebekah] hehe
[16:45] [Chipmunk] ahhh... so cute together...
[16:46] *** Chipmunk hugs Bekah and Nina
[16:46] [Rebekah] hehe yes we are
[16:47] *** Shrike takes out the official cannon
[16:47] *** Rebekah hides from cannon balls
[16:51] *** Shrike fires the cannon
[16:51] *** Shrike sees the spam sprinkle as confetti on bekah and nina
[16:51] [Rebekah] lol
[16:52] [Shrike] Just realized what I did wrong, now I have more work cut out for me
[16:52] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:52] [Rebekah] whatdid u do wrong
[16:52] [Nina] lol
[16:52] [Shrike] I forgot to compact the database after deleting
[16:53] [Rebekah] afterdeleting what??
[16:53] [Shrike] spam
[16:53] [Rebekah] oh lol
[16:54] [Shrike] brb
[16:54] [Rebekah] kk
[17:02] [Nina] k
[17:02] *** Rebekah kisses nina on the cheek
[17:03] [Nina] heh
[17:03] [Nina] so how is everyone's work on their story going?

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