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[01:15] Nick change: chibois1 -> chibous
[01:15] [chibous] bah
[01:15] [chibous] cant type in da dark
[01:16] Nick change: chibous -> chibois
[01:16] [chibois] i win
[01:16] [chibois] moahahaha
[01:16] [chibois] i showed you dark!
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[07:02] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupueaxqla) joined #morfs.
[07:02] [dragonprincess9] good morning
[07:30] [bane] morning!!
[07:30] [bane] you ready for your 8:00 class?
[07:37] [bane] guess you left already
[07:38] [dragonprincess9] leaving now
[07:38] [bane] ah well good luck with class
[07:38] [dragonprincess9] thanks
[07:38] [dragonprincess9] see u later
[07:38] [bane] see ya
[07:38] *** dragonprincess9 hugs bane good bye for the day
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[10:44] bane (~bane@nqngnqxcjsrfnqng) joined #morfs.
[10:47] [bane] anyone on?
[10:47] [bane] jenny?
[11:30] [Jenny] heya Bane
[11:46] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
[11:46] [E_Red] morn'n
[12:04] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupueaxqla) joined #morfs.
[12:05] [dragonprincess9] hi
[12:08] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[12:08] [Shrike] jenny?
[12:13] [dragonprincess9] hi shrike
[12:13] [dragonprincess9] how are u?
[12:13] [Shrike] confused
[12:13] [dragonprincess9] why?
[12:14] [Shrike] problems with the buyer
[12:14] [dragonprincess9] aw
[12:14] [dragonprincess9] now i'm confusd lol
[12:14] [dragonprincess9] what buyer and for what?
[12:15] [Shrike] buyer of the apartment
[12:16] [dragonprincess9] oh
[12:17] [dragonprincess9] sorry
[12:17] [Jenny] hi there
[12:18] [dragonprincess9] hi jenny
[12:18] [Jenny] hi Nina :)
[12:18] [dragonprincess9] shrike islooking for u
[12:18] [dragonprincess9] :D
[12:18] [Jenny] I figured as much
[12:19] [Shrike] yes
[12:19] [Shrike] I need a few commentboxes
[12:19] [Jenny] I've been away for most of the weekend
[12:19] [Jenny] fire away, Shrike
[12:19] [Shrike] Het is makkelijker als ik ook een emailadres heb
[12:19] [Jenny]
[12:20] [Shrike] moment please looking for the file
[12:21] [Jenny] and stick to one language in chat or my head will explode ;-)
[12:21] [Shrike] That was private
[12:21] [dragonprincess9] lol
[12:21] [dragonprincess9] i'm cleaning my room
[12:22] [Jenny] fun :P
[12:22] [dragonprincess9] lol
[12:23] [Shrike] I need comments for writer TLM, story antifairy
[12:24] [Jenny] antifairy folder is done
[12:24] [Shrike] And one for captions
[12:24] [Shrike] risedestiny is needed also
[12:25] [Shrike] byteoutoftime as well please
[12:28] [Jenny] done
[12:28] [Shrike] that would be risedestiny, not resedistiny
[12:28] [Shrike] if you please
[12:28] [Jenny] got it right the 1st time :P
[12:29] [Shrike] Just got two more
[12:30] [Shrike] dreamsknight
[12:30] [dragonprincess9] oh
[12:30] [dragonprincess9] is there a new update up now>/
[12:30] [dragonprincess9] ?
[12:31] [Jenny] done
[12:31] [Shrike] Saouda's Docket #60350
[12:31] [Shrike] probably should shorten that
[12:31] [Shrike] SD60350
[12:31] [Jenny] I try to avoid spaces
[12:31] [Shrike] that should do it
[12:31] [Shrike] So SD60350
[12:31] [dragonprincess9] 'm confused
[12:32] [Shrike] Jenny can make the comment folders, I can't, that's why there were now comments possible
[12:32] [Jenny] and done
[12:32] [dragonprincess9] oh
[12:32] [dragonprincess9] cool
[12:33] [Jenny] I could do some premade ones if you like, so you only have to rename them
[12:33] [Shrike] That would be excellent, what are you going to name them?
[12:33] [Jenny] premade01-09 ?
[12:33] [Shrike] That's okay
[12:35] [Jenny] then you can just give me a yell when you run out
[12:35] [Shrike] okay
[12:36] [Shrike] the rascal is on top of me again
[12:36] [Shrike] reading this
[12:37] [Jenny] dinner time, back later :)
[12:37] [Shrike] kay
[12:37] [dragonprincess9] bye jenny
[12:37] [dragonprincess9] have a good meal
[12:37] [Jenny] :)
[12:38] [dragonprincess9] :)
[12:41] [dragonprincess9] shrike
[12:42] [dragonprincess9] are u working on today's update?
[12:50] [Shrike] yes
[12:51] [Shrike] first corrected some things
[12:51] [E_Red] interesting...
[12:51] [Shrike] can' do much now, jt is being a pain
[12:57] [E_Red] give 'im a squeaky toy
[12:57] [E_Red] >.
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[13:05] [Shrike] he's not a puppy
[13:17] [dragonprincess9] i have to head to class now
[13:18] [dragonprincess9] bye for now
[13:18] *** dragonprincess9 hugs everyone as she leaves
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[13:30] Boogeyman (~Boogeyman@vwpdpirkjuxo) joined #morfs.
[13:30] [Boogeyman] I'm the boogeyman
[13:40] Sarang (~Sarang@xsvcxsaktmesxsvc) joined #morfs.
[13:40] [Sarang] Hey all.
[13:51] [Shrike] hi
[13:55] Nick change: Shrike -> morfsgod
[13:55] [morfsgod] I'm not afraid of a boogeyman
[14:03] [Boogeyman] Heh
[14:04] [Boogeyman] Would you think about dating him
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[14:10] Nick change: morfsgod -> Shrike
[14:11] [bane] Bang!!
[14:12] [Shrike] boom
[14:12] [Shrike] howdy monkeyboy
[14:13] [bane] hey pops
[14:13] [bane] :p
[14:13] [bane] old man
[14:13] [Shrike] I fixed the comments on the last updates
[14:14] [Shrike] Well with the help of Jenny, who makes the folders
[14:14] [bane] ah, good now you will have people complaning about only geting pics for updates :p
[14:14] [Shrike] No comments yet
[14:14] [bane] just wait for them :p
[14:15] [bane] where is todays update!
[14:15] [bane] :p
[14:15] [bane] i know you have nothing better to do than serve at my wem updating for me
[14:17] [bane] just so you know that was a sarcastic remark aimed at all the people that complane about not geting the updates at 2 minutes after the day starts
[14:18] [bane] oh and i had a little project idea for you and everyone else that you could get to help, you need to update the page on the web site that tells you the rules and canan for the morf universe
[14:19] [bane] right now they are kind of spread out all over the website, wiki, and forum. and some are just rules that are agreed to but never writen down
[14:19] [bane] you still there?
[14:20] [Shrike] nope
[14:20] [bane] ah good
[14:20] [Shrike] well gather all the rules and such and send them to me then :p
[14:20] [bane] lol
[14:21] [bane] i just dont like haveing to tell new writers that there idea is aginst the rules over and over again becuse they dont know about tem
[14:21] [bane] them
[14:21] [Shrike] I mean it, I'm busy with a lot of things
[14:21] [bane] i know
[14:21] [bane] ill mintion it to some of the other people too
[14:21] [Shrike] the housebuyer is *CENSORED* up again as well
[14:21] Sarang (~Sarang@xsvcxsaktmesxsvc) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[14:21] [bane] see if we can all gather them to geather for you
[14:21] [bane] that sux :(
[14:21] [bane] whats wrong now?
[14:22] [Shrike] something about not being able to raise the cash
[14:22] [bane] augh
[14:22] [Shrike] Which shouldn't be true as it can
[14:22] [bane] why are they biding on a house if they dont have the cash?
[14:22] [bane] or credit
[14:23] [Shrike] Well he'd better buy it, or he'll end up with no house and owing us 10% of the price
[14:23] [Shrike] He did sign the agreement, so we're going to hold him to it. I need the cash if it has to be on the market again
[14:23] [bane] how is the bouncing baby boy doing?
[14:24] [Shrike] being a pain
[14:24] [bane] you should get some more new pics of him its been a while since the first ones and im sure he has grown :)
[14:24] [Shrike] this morning he was already crawling from ny stomach to my head
[14:24] [bane] lol
[14:24] [Shrike] well not really grown I think
[14:24] [Shrike] but he's strong and willfull
[14:25] [bane] im sure he has, you just dont notice becuse your with him every day
[14:25] [Shrike] crawling at 3 weeks
[14:25] *** Shrike shudders thinking what that means for the future
[14:25] [bane] thats pretty good!
[14:25] [Shrike] I might have to rename him
[14:25] [bane] what?
[14:25] [Shrike] to (meep meep) Roadrunner
[14:26] [bane] oh :p
[14:26] [bane] the faster he starts doing things the smarter he is
[14:26] [Shrike] And the wife keeps forgetting things, maybe she gave all her smarts to him
[14:26] [bane] he is already starting with a disadvantage with you as a father so he needs all the help he can get
[14:26] [Shrike] ha ha very funny
[14:27] [bane] ;)
[14:27] *** Shrike hits bane with a tyreiron
[14:27] [bane] how is the wife doing?
[14:27] [Shrike] okay
[14:28] [bane] no more fixing to fly back to her parents huh? :p
[14:29] [Shrike] nah, she's worried about Jason
[14:29] [Shrike] besides, her mom comes her on 28 march
[14:29] [bane] oh? just normal motherly worring?
[14:29] [Shrike] comes here

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