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[03:11] [chibois] :/
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[05:09] [marful] oi oi
[05:10] [marful] !morf me medium
[05:10] *** marful cries...
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[07:00] [xenic_laptop] CHI!!!!
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[08:28] [Misty] 'Tis the morning after the night before... let us hope that it is a...
[08:28] [Misty] Good morning, y'all.
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[10:44] [E_Red] ???
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[11:43] [Rebekah] heya foxy
[11:43] [StarfoxHowl] Hey Becka.
[11:43] [StarfoxHowl] whatcha' up to?
[11:43] [Rebekah] watchin pretender
[11:44] [StarfoxHowl] the old series? that was a good one.
[11:44] [Rebekah] yepyep
[11:51] [Rebekah] i have a few hours then i gotta go to work
[11:51] [Rebekah] i have a 4 hour gig today at the salon
[11:51] [StarfoxHowl] Neat!
[11:51] [StarfoxHowl] any more hours or just those?
[11:52] [Rebekah] just those
[11:59] [Rebekah] so whatcha up to
[12:20] [StarfoxHowl] me? just trying to transcribe the rest of Angel Wings.
[12:21] [Rebekah] coolness
[12:37] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[12:38] [Rebekah] heya shrike
[12:39] [Shrike] Hi
[12:40] [StarfoxHowl] PETE!
[12:40] [Shrike] who?
[12:40] *** Shrike looks around
[12:40] [Shrike] Oh me!!!!!!!!!!! :d
[12:40] [Rebekah] lol
[12:41] [StarfoxHowl] Did Jory set you straight on your proper priorities? :-)
[12:41] [Shrike] Like I would care
[12:41] [StarfoxHowl] LOL!
[12:43] [StarfoxHowl] Did you get my file for the repost of PRIMAL?
[12:43] [Rebekah] proper priorities??
[12:44] [Shrike] yes, I will look later what I'm going to post
[12:45] [StarfoxHowl] Shrike made a statement to the effect that he had other things he needed to take care of, like his wife, and the baby... Jorey quipped back that it was obvious that Shrike did not have his priorities set correctly (meaning that he needed to update the site first).
[12:46] [Rebekah] wow jorey has some nerve
[12:47] [StarfoxHowl] I think it was said mostly in jest.
[12:47] [Rebekah] still the nerve of some ppl
[12:48] [Shrike] Like I care what someone says about those things, I'm Frisian, we stand firm
[12:48] [StarfoxHowl] back in a bit.
[12:49] [Rebekah] thats good
[12:50] [Shrike] talking to steph on gchat
[12:51] [Rebekah] cool
[12:54] Stephanie_B (~ViRC@vgxyncpdpuhw) joined #morfs.
[12:54] [Stephanie_B] hello :)
[12:54] [StarfoxHowl] Hi Steph
[12:54] [Rebekah] heya steph
[12:54] [Shrike] Hi Steph
[12:55] [Stephanie_B] is everyone having a good Valentine's Day?
[12:55] [Shrike] We had two visits today, of course at the same time
[12:55] [Rebekah] its otay could bebetter
[12:56] [StarfoxHowl] Well, we had a good dinner here. Not much you can do for Valentine's day when I'm so far away from my sweetie.
[12:57] [Stephanie_B] yeah, it's nice to it falls on a Saturday this year
[12:57] [Stephanie_B] I usually have to work, or I'm out of town :(
[12:58] [Shrike] So did you get something from ....
[12:58] [Stephanie_B] we just traded cards
[12:58] [Stephanie_B] and a few chocolates
[12:59] [Stephanie_B] you can't have Valentine's without chocolates :P
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[13:02] [Stephanie_B] something I said?
[13:03] [Rebekah] i doubt it
[13:03] [Rebekah] he is busy with astory
[13:03] [Stephanie_B] oh okay
[13:03] [Stephanie_B] I like his stories
[13:03] [Rebekah] so how have you been
[13:03] [Stephanie_B] at least the ones I've read so far
[13:03] [Rebekah] i like his stories also
[13:04] [Stephanie_B] I'm good, how about you?
[13:04] [Stephanie_B] hows the job hunt?
[13:05] [Rebekah] not good
[13:06] [Stephanie_B] oh, I'm sorry :(
[13:06] [Rebekah] thats otay not your fault
[13:12] [Shrike] What did you think of the pics page?
[13:12] [Rebekah] i do have 4 hours tonight
[13:12] [Rebekah] i liked it
[13:12] [Stephanie_B] what pics?
[13:12] [Stephanie_B] I haven't seen them yet
[13:12] [Rebekah] yesterdays post
[13:14] [Stephanie_B] okay, I just went to look
[13:14] [Stephanie_B] I've seen a few of them, but I still love them :)
[13:14] [Stephanie_B] very nice
[13:24] [Shrike] easier when no ready stories
[13:25] [Shrike] someone is sleeping in my arms
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[13:33] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupuaoxqla) joined #morfs.
[13:33] [dragonprincess9] hi
[13:36] [Shrike] hi
[13:42] [Shrike] bbl
[13:42] [dragonprincess9] whats u doing?
[13:43] [Shrike] looking at someone sleeping in my arms
[13:44] [Rebekah] back all
[13:44] [dragonprincess9] aw
[13:44] [dragonprincess9] yay
[13:44] [dragonprincess9] hugs bekah
[13:44] *** dragonprincess9 hugs bekah and shrike
[13:44] [Rebekah] hugs
[13:44] [Rebekah] im gonna leave in about an hour or so
[13:47] [Shrike] bbl,going to eat and such
[13:48] [Shrike] jenny, please make entry - antifairy, writername is TLM
[13:48] [Shrike] for comments
[13:49] [dragonprincess9] k
[13:49] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[13:51] [Rebekah] yay a moo
[13:52] [Nina] huh?
[13:52] [Rebekah] anti fary tale is a moo story
[13:54] [Nina] cool
[14:04] *** Misty like Aunty Fary tales, too.
[14:05] [Misty] good afternoon, y'all.
[14:05] [Misty] :)
[14:07] [Nina] hi misty
[14:07] *** Misty hugs da nina warmly
[14:10] [Rebekah] heya misty
[14:10] *** Nina hugs back
[14:10] [Nina] how are u misty?
[14:10] *** Misty hugs dat Bekah, topo.
[14:11] [Misty] I are frizzen todaay.
[14:11] [Misty] Only forty degrees at noon
[14:11] [Misty] Too cool for me.
[14:11] [Nina] aw
[14:12] [Misty] How about you? Are you well this one?
[14:13] [Rebekah] i am well would be better in ninas arms :)
[14:14] [Misty] :O hehe
[14:14] [Nina] i'm ok and didto what bekah said
[14:14] [Nina] about to start doing lunadry
[14:16] [Misty] I did mine on Monday.
[14:16] [Rebekah] i will prolly do mine tomorrow
[14:16] [Misty] Two huge loads.
[14:18] [Misty] I only have some shortts and twees and undies this week.'
[14:18] [Rebekah] twees??
[14:18] [Nina] neat
[14:18] [Misty] I been showin' oof a leg wax all week
[14:18] [Misty] hehe
[14:19] [Misty] oof =off
[14:19] [Rebekah] wish i could afford to get my legs waxed
[14:20] [Nina] me too
[14:22] [Misty] One ofd the reasons I wore short-shorts was to display my wax job for the gal that did it. I got a half-price deal for the doing display
[14:22] [Rebekah] cool
[14:25] [Misty] It's not as if I do not enjoy wearing shoerts any way..LOL
[14:25] [Misty] shorts, I mean
[14:26] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:26] [Misty] Makes for a light laundry laod hehe
[14:29] [Nina] hmm
[14:29] [Nina] bekah
[14:30] [Nina] maybe u can get the girls at the salon to do your legs after they close
[14:30] [Nina] hehe
[14:37] [Rebekah] im the closing girl baby ill bethe only one there
[14:38] [Nina] aw
[14:38] [Nina] hmm
[14:38] [Rebekah] besides i shaved lol
[14:38] [Nina] u could get someone to show u how to do it
[14:38] [Nina] so u can wax your own legs
[14:38] [Nina] :)
[14:39] [Rebekah] kiss kiss
[14:40] [Nina] so misty whats u going ot do today?
[14:44] [Nina] hmm we lost misty
[14:44] [Rebekah] yep seems like it
[14:46] [Nina] u reading for work?
[14:47] [Rebekah] ??
[14:47] [Nina] all dressed? makeup done? and looking pretty
[14:47] [Nina] ready*
[14:47] [Rebekah] ready yes
[14:48] [Rebekah] i dont wear makeup ... never learnedhow to apply
[14:48] [Nina] aw
[14:48] [Nina] :(
[14:49] [Rebekah] one of these days i will learn
[14:50] [Nina] k
[14:56] [Nina] whats your favorite color?
[14:56] [Rebekah] Purple and emerald green
[14:58] [Nina] neat
[14:58] [Nina] favorite animal?
[14:58] [Rebekah] hmmm thatsa tough one
[14:59] [Nina] hehe
[15:00] [Rebekah] ill be home around 10 ish ... need to head on out
[15:00] [Rebekah] kiss kiss
[15:01] [Nina] k
[15:02] [Nina] kisses
[15:02] [Nina] have fun
[15:07] [Shrike] get a room
[15:07] [Shrike] :p
[15:07] [Shrike] :d
[15:09] [Nina] lol
[15:09] [Nina] hi shrike
[15:11] [Nina] how are u?

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