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[00:01] [Nina] how r u chi?
[00:01] [Nina] echo Echo ECho ECHo ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo.....
[00:02] [Nina] lol
[00:06] [gw] doctor WHO!
[00:06] [gw] best damn show ever!
[00:07] [Nina] neat
[00:07] [Nina] was wondering where u guys went
[00:13] [chibois] i'm crazy
[00:13] [chibois] and inattentive :P
[00:13] [chibois] you nina?
[00:15] [chibois] apparently the same :p
[00:18] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[00:19] [Nina] hi marful
[00:20] [marful] hey Nina
[00:21] [Nina] how are u?
[00:21] [marful] good!
[00:21] [Nina] thats good
[00:21] [Nina] i'm reading Here on earth
[00:22] [marful] I'm liking that one a lot
[00:22] [gw] Dr. WHO!!!!!
[00:23] [marful] ...
[00:26] [gw] Best show ever!
[00:26] [marful] old or new?
[00:27] [gw] new, haven't seen the old, but really won't mind watching it
[00:27] [marful] I have to disagree...
[00:27] [marful] I liked the old better than the new
[00:27] [marful] but Red Dwarf > Dr. Who
[00:30] [gw] Dr. Who!
[00:31] [Nina] lol
[00:31] [gw] fanatic. You can't change the mind of a fanatic, only those who are open to change in the first place
[00:31] [gw] fanatic = me
[00:31] [Nina] i'm liking HoE too
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[00:37] [chibois] rawr
[00:37] [marful] hey
[00:37] [chibois] i am starving in Africa, please send chicken nuggets
[00:39] [Nina] aw
[00:39] [Nina] wait
[00:39] [Nina] why are u in africa?
[00:39] [chibois] cus i'm watching ace venture: when nature calls
[00:41] Nick change: marful -> marful_away_fooooood
[00:41] [Nina] lol
[00:42] [Nina] i like that movie
[00:44] [bane] ack, i cant stand that actor
[00:45] [bane] if i want to hear funny noises ill talk to a 5 year old :p
[00:47] [chibois] or record yourself and play it back
[00:47] [bane] lol
[00:47] [bane] but i dont talk
[00:47] [bane] havent talked in 5 days
[00:48] [chibois] u diddnt say talk, u said funny noises
[00:52] [bane] but what is talk exsept for funny noises?
[01:00] [Nina] night guys and gals.
[01:00] [Nina] sweet dreams
[01:00] [chibois] night nina
[01:00] *** Nina hugs everyone good night
[01:00] *** chibois hugs nina
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[01:02] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) left irc: Quit: Goes away with big boom
[01:07] [chibois] guess i wont talk to becka then...
[01:41] Misty ( left irc: Connection reset by peer
[02:37] [chibois] :/
[04:34] Nick change: marful_away_fooooood -> marful
[04:35] [chibois]
[04:36] [marful] lol
[04:37] [chibois]
[04:44] [chibois]
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[08:04] rps (~rps@xmjuzweanwfkxmju) joined #morfs.
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[09:14] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) joined #morfs.
[09:15] [dragonprincess9] hi
[09:15] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Dragoness
[09:16] [Dragoness] i'm in between class.
[09:16] [Dragoness] where is everyone?
[09:18] [Rebekah] heyhey
[09:22] [Dragoness] yay
[09:45] [Jenny] someone called?
[09:45] [Dragoness] hi
[09:45] [Jenny] hi Nina :)
[09:45] [Dragoness] i'm about to leave for class.
[09:45] [Dragoness] sorry
[09:45] [Dragoness] but bekah is here. hehe
[09:45] [Rebekah] heyhey
[09:45] [Jenny] hi Rebekah :)
[09:46] *** Dragoness hugs everyone bye
[09:46] [Jenny] *hugs*
[09:46] [Dragoness] talk to u guys later
[09:46] [Rebekah] how ya doin
[09:46] [Jenny] tired
[09:46] [Dragoness] logging out now
[09:46] Dragoness (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[09:47] [Jenny] I'd love to crawl into bed right now
[09:48] [Rebekah] me to
[09:48] [Jenny] but alas, I have a few hours of work left
[09:49] [Rebekah] i wish i had work
[09:50] [Jenny] youcan have mine for a while :P
[09:50] [Rebekah] if i had work i could probablyfind ahome
[09:52] [Jenny] nods
[09:53] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@tsegvghglclgtseg) joined #morfs.
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[09:53] [Rebekah] iwish that maybe i had a rich relativethati never met that would leave everything to me
[09:53] [Rebekah] heya fox
[09:53] [StarfoxHowl] hey becka
[09:53] [StarfoxHowl] what's going on?
[10:19] Guest5 ( joined #morfs.
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[10:19] Nick change: Guest5 -> Misty
[10:20] [Rebekah] heya misty
[10:22] *** Misty advises: Hold your friends close, but hold your enemies closer.
[10:23] [Misty] Good mornin', y'all.
[10:24] [Rebekah] mornin
[10:24] *** Jenny huggles Misty good morning
[10:25] *** Misty hugs one and all with great gobs of greasy, gooey gusto.
[10:25] [Jenny] hehe
[10:25] [Misty] How is, Jenny?
[10:28] [Misty] Huummm, is anyone feelin' less'n well this mornin'?
[10:29] [Rebekah] depresed fit thatdescription
[10:30] *** Misty offers da depressed one a cuppa da tea.
[10:33] [Jenny] I'm a little tired but good, Misty
[10:33] [StarfoxHowl] Becka you still around?
[10:34] [StarfoxHowl] didn't you sleep at all last night Jenny?
[10:34] [Rebekah] thank ya Misty
[10:34] [Jenny] I slept way after 12
[10:34] [Misty] This time of the day at this time of winter, one has every right to be as tired as one feels lol
[10:34] [Misty] did dat make sense?
[10:38] [Jenny] sure it does
[10:40] *** Misty giggles anmd dances excitedly, "I told dat mean ol' Warden I was not all that blonde."
[10:47] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@tsegvghglclgtseg) left irc: Ping timeout
[11:23] *** Misty ````s bye-bye as da Foxy one exits da room.
[11:23] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[11:24] [Misty] ``` = ~~~~
[11:24] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) joined #morfs.
[11:25] *** Misty ~~~~s bye-bye as chiboi leaves\
[11:27] [Misty] ooops Hello, chibois
[11:27] [Misty] I just read the wrong fanfare.
[11:35] Sarang (~Sarang@zoduzbbktqzdzodu) joined #morfs.
[11:35] [Sarang] Hey all.
[11:35] [Sarang] Back.
[11:35] [Sarang] Yo bane!
[11:35] *** Sarang jumps on bane.
[11:36] [Jenny] hi Sarang :)
[12:04] [Sarang] Sup?
[12:05] [Jenny] you were jumping on my back last night when I was asleep :P
[12:08] *** Sarang rolls eyes.
[12:08] [Jenny] *giggle*
[12:08] [Sarang] Jeez I'm wondering when another update is gonna come.
[12:09] [Sarang] I thought Kelsey had already finished the latest part of "Sounds Like A MORF's Story".
[12:10] [Jenny] Shrike was going to pick up the back log
[12:14] [Sarang] Huh?
[12:14] [Sarang] Yeah.
[12:14] *** Sarang jumps into a hug with Jenny.
[12:24] [Jenny] hehe
[12:25] [Jenny] *hugs*
[12:32] [Sarang] Who else is here?
[12:53] xenic_laptop (~chatzilla@adpwvaxktado) joined #morfs.
[12:53] [xenic_laptop] hey hey
[12:56] xenic_laptop (~chatzilla@adpwvaxktado) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913]
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[13:45] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupuaoxqla) joined #morfs.
[13:46] [dragonprincess9] hi all
[13:46] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[13:56] Nick change: Nina -> Nina_away
[14:38] [Sarang] Hey.
[14:38] [Sarang] Hey Nina check out Sirius.
[14:38] [Sarang]
[14:38] [Sarang] With the "Listen Online" button you can do a free trial.
[14:38] [Sarang] Check out Sirius Left when you listen.
[14:43] [Sarang] Lynn Samuels is great.
[14:49] [Sarang] Hmmm "Devil On the Cross".
[15:03] *** Nina_away sits on a chair
[15:04] Nick change: Nina_away -> Nina
[15:04] [Nina] hi guys and gals
[15:09] [Sarang] Sup?
[15:09] [Sarang] Did you check out what I recommended?
[15:10] [Sarang] Brb.
[15:10] [Sarang] Shower.
[15:15] [Nina] yep
[15:23] [Sarang] Back.
[15:23] *** Sarang gives Nina a hug.
[15:24] [Sarang] You listening to Sirius Left?
[15:24] [Nina] no
[15:24] [Nina] brb
[15:28] [Nina] back
[15:28] [Nina] i'm not listening to it at the moment
[15:33] [Sarang] Ok.
[15:33] [Sarang] Well check out OutQ.
[15:33] [Sarang] That's good.
[15:34] [Nina] k.
[15:34] [Nina] will do later
[15:35] [Sarang] Ok.
[15:35] [Sarang] Mike is great.
[15:35] [Sarang] Michaelangelo Signorle which is on right now.
[15:38] [Nina] neat
[15:40] [Nina] hugs
[15:55] [Nina] how are u sarang?
[16:01] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[16:03] [Nina] hi emw
[16:03] [EMW] hi
[16:05] [Nina] how was your daY?

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