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[00:04] [chibois]
[00:04] [chibois] this site is great...
[00:08] [Sarang] Awww Nina left.
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[00:42] [Sarang] Peace.
[00:42] [Sarang] Sleep.
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[08:11] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
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[08:45] [Misty] Never let it be said that you do not look both ways before crossing the street.
[08:46] [Misty] Good mornin', y'all.
[08:47] [Rebekah] mornin
[09:00] [Jenny] morning
[09:00] [Rebekah] mornin jenny how are u
[09:08] *** Misty hugs da Jenny.
[09:09] *** Misty hugs da Rebekah
[09:18] [Rebekah] heya Misty
[09:26] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) joined #morfs.
[09:26] [dragonprincess9] good morning
[09:27] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[09:29] [Rebekah] heya baby
[09:30] [Nina] hug
[09:30] [Nina] how are u this morning?
[09:31] *** Misty waves wildy at Nina as she psees in and out of the room gin...
[09:31] [Nina] hi misty
[09:31] [Nina] lol
[09:32] [Misty] read psees as rushes
[09:32] [Rebekah] hehe
[09:32] [Misty] gonna shoot me a dragon I think.
[09:32] [Rebekah] im doin pretty good and u *hugs*
[09:33] [Nina] just got back from class
[09:33] [Nina] hehe
[09:33] *** Nina hugs misty hello
[09:34] [Nina] we watched a movie call: "who killed the electric ca?"
[09:34] [Nina] car*
[09:34] [Rebekah] interesting
[09:35] [Nina] yep
[09:35] [Nina] the auto industry conspired to kill it
[09:36] [Nina] do u know what the EV1 is?
[09:36] [Rebekah] Electrical vehicle 1?
[09:37] [Nina] yeah
[09:37] gw (~gw@bsjobqjkroawbsjo) joined #morfs.
[09:37] [Nina] it was a electric car GM made in 2001
[09:38] [Nina] after about a couple of years they recalled them all but didn't say why.
[09:38] [Nina] it is a good movie should see it
[09:38] [Nina] hi Gw
[09:38] *** Nina hugs gw
[09:38] [Rebekah] heya gw
[09:45] [Nina] whats u all doing?
[09:47] [Rebekah] playin wow
[09:48] [Nina] neat
[09:48] [Nina] i'm waiting to call the WoW company
[09:48] [Rebekah] still
[09:50] [Nina] yeah
[09:50] [Nina] they are closed now
[09:50] [Nina] i'll call them in an hour
[09:50] [Nina] i want to find out why i can't log into my account on their website
[09:56] [Rebekah] that sux
[09:58] [Nina] yeah
[09:58] [Rebekah] im sure itsquite annoying\
[10:00] [Nina] yeah
[10:00] [Nina] it is saying my password or account name is wrong and i know it isn't
[10:01] [Rebekah] password may be temporarily disabled
[10:01] [Nina] us annoying
[10:01] [Nina] i have to call them at 11
[10:04] [Rebekah] yeah
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[10:07] [Nina] hi fox
[10:07] [StarfoxHowl] Hi Nina.
[10:07] [Rebekah] heya foxy
[10:07] [StarfoxHowl] Hey Becka.
[10:08] [Rebekah] so whatcha up to
[10:09] [StarfoxHowl] me? Not much, just got off work and done with dinner. In the room working on Angel Wings.
[10:10] [Rebekah] cool
[10:10] [StarfoxHowl] Got the fridge and microwave installed, so I'm doing good.
[10:11] [Rebekah] cool cool
[10:11] [Rebekah] anywork from the boss man
[10:12] [Rebekah] i think im getting carpal tunnel
[10:12] [Rebekah] anywork should be any word hehe
[10:13] [StarfoxHowl] no.. haven't had a chance to talk with him. Been up to my eyeballs in security issues all day.
[10:13] [Rebekah] oh otay
[10:15] Nick change: StarfoxHowl -> Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM
[10:15] [Rebekah] have fun foxy
[10:16] *** Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM frowns no one here to have fun with.
[10:16] [Rebekah] i didnt mean be naughty
[10:17] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] Oh, well, you know that's where my brain is all the time..
[10:17] [Rebekah] hehe yeah
[10:17] *** Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM smiles
[10:18] [Nina] hehe
[10:22] Nick change: Rebekah -> bekah_nap
[10:23] *** bekah_nap is away -( >- Sleep -< )- Pager is on
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[10:42] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] !morf me large hybrid
[10:43] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] anyone home? Nina?
[10:44] [Nina] eah
[10:44] [Nina] yeah
[10:45] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] not to worry.. I was going to ask for some help with a term that I was using in the story, but I think I found something I can use.
[10:46] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] !morf me large hybrid
[10:54] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[10:54] [Nina] neat a piggy
[11:00] Sarang (~Sarang@aijwasegtwdwaijw) joined #morfs.
[11:00] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] oink oink, snuffle snuffle
[11:00] [Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM] Hi Sarang
[11:00] Nick change: Starfox_Busy_Leave_IM -> Starfox
[11:07] [Nina] hi
[11:19] [Nina] where u guys go?
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[11:30] [Nina] k got to head to class bye for now
[11:30] *** Nina hugs everyone bye
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[11:40] [E_Red] !morf me random
[11:43] [Starfox] !morf me large hybrid
[11:43] [Starfox] no you may not have my eye!
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[12:36] [Sarang] E_Red!
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[13:27] [E_Red] !morf me random
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[14:54] E_MINTY_W (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[14:54] [Anonymus] Hello
[14:54] [E_MINTY_W] hi
[14:54] Nick change: E_MINTY_W -> EMW
[15:00] [Anonymus] Evil minty way
[15:00] [Anonymus] !morf me random
[15:05] [Anonymus] Matt?
[15:05] [Anonymus] !morf me random
[15:05] [EMW] yes?
[15:06] [Anonymus] Fox said that MIndcontrol was a bit cold without emotion, what do you say?
[15:06] [EMW] it lacks gore it's too straight :P
[15:06] [Anonymus] I thought too much gore
[15:07] [EMW] nah arms and legs coming off heart exploding barely any gore
[15:10] [EMW] it does seem that there is not much to the danny character
[15:11] [EMW] but that maybe as at the moment nothing interesting has happened in the story all just background
[15:11] [EMW] now that he's up and about it will probably pick up a bit
[15:13] [Anonymus] I'll see what I can do
[15:13] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@xqjucgxkpwdfxqju) joined #morfs.
[15:13] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[15:14] [Anonymus] DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:14] [Anonymus] I updated Mindcontrol on gdocs, care to read? Fox said too cold, like spock
[15:15] [Chipmunk] lol
[15:15] Nick change: Anonymus -> Shrike
[15:15] [Shrike] !morf me random rare hybrid
[15:15] [Chipmunk] i'll look in a bit
[15:16] [Shrike] Take your time
[15:16] [Chipmunk] getting laptop ready for tomorrow... leaving after lunch to get to stevenage for a training day on thursday :(
[15:17] [Shrike] Walking 200km again?
[15:18] [Chipmunk] something like that
[15:18] [Shrike] And all in snow this time too :p
[15:20] [Chipmunk] fun isn't it?
[15:20] [Shrike] For me it is
[15:20] [Shrike] :d
[15:21] [Chipmunk] no update?
[15:23] [Shrike] I haven't seen it yet, She's late
[15:26] [Chipmunk] not always words you want to hear :p
[15:31] [Shrike] He's crying a lot now
[15:31] [Chipmunk] means he's got healthy lungs
[15:34] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) joined #morfs.
[15:35] [dragonprincess9] hi
[15:36] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[15:36] [EMW] hi
[15:36] [Chipmunk] NINA!!!!!!!!!
[15:36] *** Nina hugs everyone
[15:36] [Chipmunk] MATT!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:36] [Nina] how are u guys?
[15:36] [Chipmunk] bored :p
[15:37] [EMW] ok
[15:38] [Nina] i got back from class a litle while ago
[15:39] [Shrike] worried
[15:39] [Chipmunk] cool
[15:41] [Chipmunk] he'll be fine
[15:43] [Nina] why are u wqorried shrike?
[15:45] [Shrike] He's having stomach problems
[15:45] [Shrike] that's why he's crying
[15:46] [Nina] aw
[15:46] [Nina] your new son?
[15:46] [Shrike] Yep
[15:48] [Misty] It i8s the DUTY of a new father to worry... It's on the frontice piece of the "New Poppa Handbook".
[15:48] [Chipmunk] MISTY!!!!
[15:48] [Chipmunk] it's also the duty of a new-born to do things to make the parents worry
[15:49] *** Misty hugs one and all
[15:49] *** Chipmunk hugs Misty
[15:49] [Shrike] He didn't poop, so she's worried, and then I'm worried
[15:51] [Misty] He'll do a double next time.
[15:52] [Chipmunk] soon you'll be saying that he's too quiet :p
[15:52] [Shrike] He should do one every day
[15:52] [Nina] i'm sad at the moment
[15:52] [Shrike] Why sad?
[15:52] [Nina] anyone heard of the EV1
[15:53] [Nina] ?
[15:53] [Shrike] ? what do you mean
[15:53] [Chipmunk] rings a bell, but it's not something i remember off the top of my head

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