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[00:00] [chibois] 3/8" dia
[00:01] [bane] hmmm so im going to see you on the news one day as a crazy person living in a yurt wearing chaincail underwear?
[00:01] [chibois] no, i'm making a sports jacket
[00:01] [chibois] underwear would chafe something awful
[00:02] [bane] not to mention pinch
[00:03] [chibois] damn, the drill's had it :(
[00:03] [Rebekah] time to recharge
[00:03] [chibois] ah well, this is enough to last me a few days
[00:04] [bane] do you know what fallingwhater is?
[00:04] [bane] fallingwater
[00:04] [chibois] i call it rain
[00:04] [bane] no its a house
[00:04] [chibois] sometimes snow
[00:05] [chibois] the one with the creek going tru it?
[00:05] [bane] its the most famuse house in the world
[00:05] [bane] designed by frank lloyed wright
[00:05] [bane] ya i think it is
[00:05] [chibois] then yes
[00:06] [chibois] its not all that original
[00:06] [chibois] he's not the 1st one to have a creek
[00:06] [bane] bite your toung
[00:06] [chibois] he does have a very awesome waterfall tho
[00:06] [chibois] but thats hardly his doing
[00:06] [chibois] that be nature in its finest
[00:08] [bane] what house is there that is similer to his that predates it?
[00:09] [chibois] theres a bunch of houses that encorporate creeks
[00:09] [chibois] pritty much any colonial flour mill
[00:10] [chibois] plenty were built over the creek
[00:10] [chibois] his however is the most fancy
[00:11] [chibois] and the architecture incorporated is awesome
[00:11] [chibois] but the whole creek thing isnt that original
[00:12] [bane] the creek thing isnt realy the reson it is so famuse, though most people would only recognize it for that
[00:12] [bane] the house it self is amazing
[00:13] [chibois] yes it is
[00:14] [bane] damn right! and i better not hear you say otherwise :p
[00:14] [bane] at lest untell i build something better ;)
[00:14] [bane] which wouldnt be all that hard for me
[00:15] [chibois] i prefer striving for efficiency
[00:15] [chibois] and yurts are very efficient and look cool
[00:16] [bane] ba, they all stink. its the horse shit fires :p
[00:16] [chibois] you're an idiot
[00:16] [bane] lol
[00:17] [chibois] they burnt cow shit
[00:17] [chibois] :P
[00:17] [bane] yake shit
[00:17] [chibois] no e
[00:17] [chibois] yak
[00:17] [bane] yakedy yak dont talk back
[00:17] [bane] :)
[00:17] [chibois] yake sounds like it should be a drink, sake mixed with yak milk or somethin
[00:18] [chibois] which sounds nasty
[00:18] [bane] lol ya that dose
[00:18] [bane] yak milk by it self sounds nasty
[00:19] [bane] besides dont you have to have a war ponie, a big beard and a fur hat to live in a hurt?
[00:19] [bane] yurt
[00:20] [chibois] i just described a russian lumberjack
[00:20] [chibois] *u
[00:20] [chibois] no
[00:20] [chibois] just the hat
[00:20] [bane] lol
[00:20] [Rebekah] lol
[00:21] [bane] poor war ponie they are so out of fashion, back to the peting zoo with them
[00:21] [chibois] the tylenol pm is kicking in
[00:21] [chibois] gonna try sleeping
[00:21] [bane] all right night
[00:21] [chibois] no car = waking up to get a ride to school when my dad goes to work
[00:22] [bane] go sleep in your yurt
[00:22] [chibois] which sucks since my class isnt untill 1...
[00:22] [bane] that ant good
[00:22] [bane] you could walk....
[00:22] [chibois] i actually plan on settin my little yurt up in my room
[00:22] [bane] or public transportation
[00:22] [chibois] its a 40 minute drive
[00:22] [chibois] would be very long walk
[00:22] [bane] ......a yurt IN a room.....
[00:23] [Rebekah] i wantto buy some land to build asemipermanent yurt on so i can haveelectricity andcableand stuff
[00:23] [chibois] and there are no busses around here
[00:23] [chibois] yes bane
[00:23] [chibois] night
[00:23] Nick change: chibois -> chibi_sleeping
[00:23] [Rebekah] nitechibi
[00:24] [bane] well my folks got some land up in auston you could squte on tell they build something :p
[00:25] [bane] or one of my dadys 20 or so other houses, i swear by the time the houseing market is fixed he will own every house around here.....
[00:35] [bane] night
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[06:52] [dragonprincess9] good morning
[06:58] [Rebekah] heya baby
[07:00] [dragonprincess9] yay
[07:00] [dragonprincess9] hugs
[07:00] [Rebekah] how are u doin sweetness
[07:00] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[07:00] [Nina] rested hehe
[07:00] [Rebekah] hehe thats good
[07:00] [Nina] how r u?
[07:00] [Rebekah] im doin alright
[07:01] *** Rebekah kisses nina on the cheek
[07:01] [Nina] thats good
[07:01] [Nina] i have class in an hr
[07:02] [Rebekah] yeah i know
[07:02] [Nina] whats u doing?
[07:02] [Rebekah] watching more pretender
[07:03] [Nina] cool
[07:03] [Nina] whats it that?
[07:03] [Rebekah] its an old tv show
[07:03] [Nina] ah
[07:04] [Rebekah] well not to old lol its from the 90s
[07:04] [Rebekah] its really awesome
[07:05] [Nina] neat
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[07:25] [dragonprincess9] stupid computer
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[07:25] [dragonprincess9] dang it
[07:25] [dragonprincess9] hehe
[07:25] [dragonprincess9] hugs
[07:25] [Rebekah] wb baby
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[08:26] *** Jenny waves
[08:27] [Rebekah] heya jenny how goes
[08:27] [Jenny] not too bad for a monday ;)
[08:27] [Jenny] how's you?
[08:27] [Rebekah] im doin alright
[08:31] [Rebekah] wish there werent so many hiring freezes in place
[08:31] [Jenny] aye
[08:31] [Jenny] how's the room hunting going?
[08:32] [Rebekah] is going nowhere fast
[08:32] [Jenny] :(
[08:32] [Rebekah] im gonna call my grandmother tonight and see if i can move down there
[08:33] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[08:34] [Rebekah] and unfortunately my roommates habits are making me sick
[08:41] [Rebekah] one of them is a pothead and boiling his pipes
[08:44] [Jenny] bleah
[08:44] [Rebekah] yeah
[08:44] [Rebekah] its really stinking up the place
[08:44] [Jenny] one small consolidaion when you move out, eatleast you'll be away from the pothead
[08:45] [Rebekah] very tru
[08:45] [Jenny] I hope your grandmother is willing to take you in, atleast for a while
[08:45] [Rebekah] me too
[10:12] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) joined #morfs.
[10:12] [dragonprincess9] back
[10:19] [Jenny] hi Nina :)
[10:19] [dragonprincess9] hi
[10:20] [dragonprincess9] how r u ?
[10:21] [Jenny] not too bad for a monday
[10:21] [Jenny] how's you?
[10:22] [dragonprincess9] good
[10:22] [dragonprincess9] just got back from classes
[10:22] [dragonprincess9] i have another at 2
[10:23] [Jenny] fun
[10:24] [Rebekah] oo hey baby
[10:24] [dragonprincess9] hi
[10:25] [dragonprincess9] i'm playing jade empire
[10:25] [Rebekah] coolness
[10:26] [dragonprincess9] whats u 2 doing?
[10:26] [Rebekah] watching more pretender
[10:26] [dragonprincess9] neat
[10:27] [Rebekah] hehe
[10:32] [Jenny] I love that show
[10:33] [Rebekah] im watching it on but u need a proxy located in america to watch anything on hulu
[10:40] [dragonprincess9] neat
[10:40] *** Rebekah snuggles with nina
[10:41] [dragonprincess9] hehe
[10:42] [Rebekah] :)
[10:49] [dragonprincess9] u clean your car yet bekah?
[10:49] [Rebekah] nope not yet
[10:49] [dragonprincess9] k
[10:53] [Rebekah] im letting it warm up a little more outside first
[10:54] [dragonprincess9] k
[11:02] [dragonprincess9] oh no i died
[11:02] [Rebekah] nooooooooo
[11:03] [dragonprincess9] my poor vide game character
[11:03] [dragonprincess9] all well she will be reborn
[11:03] [dragonprincess9] lol
[11:03] [dragonprincess9] i'll play it some more later
[11:05] [Rebekah] hehe
[11:06] [Rebekah] so now whatcha doin
[11:10] [dragonprincess9] trying to clean room a little
[11:10] [Rebekah] ah
[11:11] [dragonprincess9] before i have to go to my next class
[11:12] [Rebekah] i think im gonna go take a nap
[11:13] [Rebekah] for a few hours
[11:13] [Rebekah] nite nite
[11:14] *** Rebekah kisses nina and heads off to bed

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