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[01:40] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[01:40] [Sarang] Yo.
[01:40] [bekah] hry
[01:40] [bekah] hey*
[01:54] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) joined #morfs.
[01:54] [dragonprincess9] hello
[01:55] [bekah] hey baby
[01:57] [dragonprincess9] beka
[01:57] [dragonprincess9] how was your game?
[01:57] [bekah] it was fun as always ... kiss kiss
[01:57] [dragonprincess9] yay
[01:58] [dragonprincess9] i fell asleep for about 3 houes a bit ago
[01:58] [dragonprincess9] lol
[01:58] [bekah] hehe
[01:58] [dragonprincess9] hours*
[01:58] [dragonprincess9] lol
[01:59] [dragonprincess9] whats u doing?
[01:59] [bekah] just talkin to u
[02:00] [dragonprincess9] neat
[02:00] [dragonprincess9] u tired?
[02:00] [bekah] yeah
[02:00] [dragonprincess9] ah
[02:00] [bekah] kinda
[02:00] [dragonprincess9] hugs
[02:01] [bekah] hugs
[02:01] [dragonprincess9] i won't keep u if u get to tired
[02:01] [dragonprincess9] that would be mean
[02:01] [dragonprincess9] hugs
[02:01] [bekah] im ok for now ... hugs
[02:01] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) joined #morfs.
[02:01] [chibois] hi all
[02:01] [bekah] hey
[02:02] [chibois] any newcomers in the past few days?
[02:02] [bekah] holly
[02:02] [chibois] hmm
[02:02] [dragonprincess9] chibois is holly?
[02:02] [dragonprincess9] ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
[02:02] [dragonprincess9] nvm
[02:02] [chibois] no
[02:02] [dragonprincess9] lol
[02:03] [dragonprincess9] my bad
[02:03] [bekah] hrhr
[02:03] [bekah] hehe*
[02:10] [dragonprincess9] i'm reading the new interface chapters
[02:12] [bekah] cool
[02:13] [dragonprincess9] yep
[02:18] [dragonprincess9] so chi whats u do today?
[02:18] [chibois] work
[02:18] [chibois] and now watchin anime and makin chainmail
[02:18] [dragonprincess9] ah
[02:18] [dragonprincess9] whas ur job?
[02:19] [dragonprincess9] 0.o?-
[02:19] [dragonprincess9] chainmail?
[02:20] [chibois] hollywood video
[02:20] [chibois] and yes, chainmail
[02:21] [dragonprincess9] neat
[02:21] [dragonprincess9] chainmail for what?
[02:21] [dragonprincess9] do u play LARPS?
[02:22] [chibois] kinda
[02:22] [dragonprincess9] or making it for a costume for an anime convention?
[02:22] [dragonprincess9] neat
[02:22] [dragonprincess9] i did a larp once
[02:22] [dragonprincess9] it was fun
[02:22] [chibois] i'm in the sca, not really larping
[02:23] [chibois] the sca is a group that focuses on learning how they lived in medival times
[02:24] [chibois] kinda larping, just not dramatic and personas arent set in stone
[02:24] [chibois] that and the kinda fighting we do chainmail is useless
[02:24] [dragonprincess9] oh
[02:24] [dragonprincess9] cool
[02:24] [dragonprincess9] sounds like fun
[02:24] [chibois] the chainmail i'm making is just for show
[02:25] [dragonprincess9] yep
[02:28] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
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[02:34] [Nina] cool CHi
[02:34] [Nina] sorry i'm reading the interface updates
[02:34] [Nina] how much of the chainmail do u have done?
[02:34] [chibois] no worries
[02:35] [chibois] makin chain, not real attentive either
[02:35] [Nina] ah
[02:35] [Nina] so not that much? lol
[02:35] [chibois]
[02:35] [chibois]
[02:35] [Nina] cool
[02:36] [chibois] decent size chunk
[02:36] [Nina] ?
[02:36] [Nina] oh
[02:36] [Nina] yep
[02:36] [Nina] u making chest mail or legs?
[02:36] [chibois] thing is this shirt is gonna take like 10 times as many rings as the last one i made
[02:36] [Nina] that answers that quesiton
[02:36] [Nina] lol
[02:37] [Nina] ah
[02:37] [Nina] why more?
[02:37] [chibois]
[02:37] [chibois] the old one had bigger rings and a less dense pattern
[02:41] [Nina] oh
[02:42] [chibois] this one is gonna be a suit jacket :P
[02:42] [chibois] just to confuse people :P
[02:43] [chibois] from a distance ittl look like a patterned casual suit heh
[02:45] [Nina] cool
[02:45] [Nina] good luck
[02:50] [Nina] hope u get it done soon
[02:51] [chibois] lol
[02:51] [chibois] ittl take a very long time
[02:52] [Nina] iitl?
[02:52] [Nina] ittl?
[02:53] [chibois] it will
[02:53] [Nina] oh
[03:01] [Nina] k
[03:04] [chibois] damnit
[03:05] [chibois] i cant count
[03:09] [Nina] what?
[03:10] [chibois] for some reason i was thinking 25 instead of 45
[03:10] [Nina] huh?
[03:11] [Nina] in relation to what?
[03:12] [chibois] one of the patches i'm making
[03:15] [Nina] oh
[03:15] [Nina] miscounted putting them together?
[03:16] [chibois] somethin like that
[03:18] [chibois] i need to make the peice i sent u a picture of longer
[03:19] [chibois] so i'm making the addition separate then attaching iy
[03:19] [chibois] need to make sure the one length is the same length as what its being added to
[03:20] [chibois] and i was off by 20 >.
[03:20] [chibois] doesnt cause major issues, just means i need to add more
[03:20] [Nina] ouch
[03:20] [Nina] k
[03:20] [Nina] well it is 3:20 am
[03:20] [Nina] i think i will head to ed
[03:20] [Nina] bed*
[03:20] [Nina] lol
[03:21] [Nina] good luck finishing te chainmail.
[03:21] *** Nina hugs chi good night
[03:21] [chibois] night
[03:23] Nina (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
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[05:20] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[05:20] [chibois] hi
[05:20] [marful] hey
[05:21] [chibois] sup?
[05:21] [marful] 'sick =(
[05:21] [marful] computer dust is *CENSORED* toxic!
[05:22] [chibois] >.
[05:23] [chibois] i had a really bad bout of gas earlier
[05:23] [marful] ...
[05:23] [marful] bean-o
[05:24] [chibois] was quite painful till i burped and farted like 20 times
[05:30] [chibois] so how are you?
[05:30] [marful] the fluids stopped coming out of my sinuses
[05:30] [marful] but the coughing hasn't stopped
[05:34] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[05:35] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfxwzqtg) joined #morfs.
[05:35] [chibois] damn interweb
[05:35] [chibois] bummer on the cough
[05:36] [marful] yup
[05:36] [marful] makes sleeping a pain
[05:36] [chibois] i hate these tin snips -.-
[05:49] [marful] how far along are you on your suit?
[05:51] [chibois] 1/3rd ish
[05:51] [chibois] this shirt has at least 10x more rings then the last one i made
[05:52] [marful] are you doing 4 in 1 or something denser like 6 in 1
[05:52] [chibois] 6 in one and much smaller rings then the last one
[05:53] [chibois] the one i'm makin now
[05:53] [chibois]
[05:53] [chibois] old one
[05:53] [chibois] much bigger rings, heavier gague, 4 in one
[05:53] [marful] wow that is a tight weave
[05:53] [chibois] yep
[05:54] [chibois] u *can* do 8 in one with this size ring but it literally doesnt bend
[05:54] [chibois] tho i would like to make a corset out of it if i could find a girl to wear it ^.^
[05:57] [chibois] ack finally done cutting that coil
[05:57] [chibois] my hand hurts
[05:58] [marful] want to hear a secret?
[05:58] [chibois] sure
[05:58] [chibois] if u tell me u know how to count to 55 i'm gonna hurt u
[05:58] [marful] use a dremel with a cutting wheel and just zip down the threaded rod
[05:58] [marful] cutting the rings and dropping into a bucket
[05:59] [chibois] i have very unsteady hands with a dremel
[05:59] [chibois] tried, was a mess
[05:59] [chibois] what i should do is find a way to mount the dremel
[05:59] [chibois] and run the coil under it
[06:03] [chibois] that and my parents are crazy
[06:03] [marful] lol
[06:03] [chibois] i need to move out
[06:03] [chibois] they are nuts when it comes to me and power tools
[06:03] [chibois] which is odd cus they bought me a dremel...
[06:04] [chibois] that and i'm not allowed to use it inside
[06:04] [chibois] which includes the garage for some reason
[06:04] [chibois] and its winter
[06:18] [chibois] gonna try sleeping
[06:18] [chibois] night
[06:21] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) left irc:
[06:35] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[06:45] [Shrike] !morf me random
[06:50] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupunbxqla) joined #morfs.
[06:50] [dragonprincess9] good morning
[06:50] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina

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