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[00:00] [Rebekah] that sux
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[00:00] [Rebekah] trying to charge it or transfer stuff
[00:00] [chibois] hi reb
[00:01] [Rebekah] hi
[00:01] [chibois] pictures
[00:01] [marful] hey bekah
[00:01] [Rebekah] can u not picmsg them to your email
[00:01] [Rebekah] hey marful
[00:01] [chibois] not free, no
[00:02] [Rebekah] does it have a microsd chip
[00:06] [chibois] good call, i even found the adapter for that
[00:07] [Rebekah] cool thats what i always use
[00:07] [chibois] bother
[00:07] [chibois] comp isnt mounting it properly
[00:15] Nick change: marful -> marful_away
[00:16] [Rebekah] poo
[00:16] [chibois] *twitch*
[00:16] [chibois] -.-
[00:25] [chibois]
[00:25] [chibois]
[00:25] [chibois]
[00:25] [chibois]
[00:28] [Rebekah] one of these days when i can afford the hobby i would liketo learn to do that
[00:29] [chibois] its a fairly cheap hobby compaired to most
[00:29] Nick change: Adran -> Adran|Away
[00:29] [Rebekah] still to expensive for my lack of income
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[00:29] [chibois] the wire i use is 20$ for a mile worth of wire
[00:30] [chibois] which lasts a very very long time
[00:30] [Rebekah] brb nose bleed
[00:31] [chibois] apparently she finds making chainmail to be hot
[00:33] [Rebekah] haha
[00:33] [Rebekah] my first spontaneous nosebleed in a long long time
[00:33] [chibois] i have that effect on people
[00:35] [Rebekah] again haha
[00:38] [chibois] still havent found the pair of snips i wanted to find
[00:38] [chibois] did find my old crappy pair
[00:38] [chibois] they work but they get stuck in the closed position and are harder on my wrist
[00:40] [Rebekah] sorry to hear that
[00:40] [chibois] i have a feeling my snips are in my car
[00:40] [chibois] which is dead
[00:41] [chibois] which is still sitting at the auto shop a town over
[00:41] [Rebekah] and where is the dead auto
[00:41] [Rebekah] oh hehe u beat me to it
[00:42] [Rebekah] u know its hard to drink when u have a paper towel in your nose
[00:42] [chibois] lol
[00:44] [chibois] u try out subeta?
[00:46] [Rebekah] yeah it wont make my animal active
[00:46] [chibois] do u have a pet?
[00:46] [Rebekah] yeah
[00:47] [chibois] go to "pets" in the personal section
[00:47] [chibois] then click on the pet
[00:47] [chibois] then click on "make active pet"
[00:47] [Rebekah] :P
[00:47] [Rebekah] i still dont really know what to do
[00:48] [chibois] noone ever knows what to do in a new game :P
[00:50] [chibois] just poke around for a while to get a feel for the layout
[00:50] [chibois] do you have an avatar yet?
[00:51] [Rebekah] no had to have an active pet before i could get one
[00:53] [chibois] well get one now
[00:53] [Rebekah] it keeps erroring
[00:54] [chibois] whats it say?
[00:54] [Rebekah] import old wardrobe
[00:54] [Rebekah] and it does nothing
[00:54] [chibois] u dont have an old wardrobe
[00:55] [Rebekah] i know that silly thats the only option on the friggin screen
[00:55] [chibois] what browser are you using>?
[00:55] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[00:55] [Rebekah] IE
[00:55] [chibois] do u have firefox installed?
[00:56] [Rebekah] not on my desktop and not gonna put it on my desktop
[00:56] [chibois] doesnt answer my question
[00:57] [chibois] they just released the remake of the wardrobe literally this morning
[00:57] [chibois] and its not yet ie compatable because windows sucks
[00:57] [Rebekah] no i do not have firefox on my desktop
[00:57] [Rebekah] i haveit on my linux laptop
[00:57] [Rebekah] and im not using my laptop at this moment
[00:58] [chibois] for whatever reason windows decided to not allow any of the coding the entire rest of the world uses for the internet
[00:58] [chibois] and they have to go in and pritty much make a duplicate that is windows friendly and that isnt done yet
[00:59] [chibois] cus windows doesnt give proper errors either so the writer is having a tough time finding the flaws
[00:59] [Rebekah] it they would use standard w3 coding to begin with then ie would accept it
[00:59] [chibois] its php, javascript and css
[00:59] [chibois] windows doesnt like most of it
[01:00] [Rebekah] shit happens
[01:00] [chibois] this is far more advance then html is the problem
[01:00] [chibois] and its not shit happens, its windows is shit
[01:01] [chibois] why they cant just go along with the rest of the world i dont know
[01:01] [chibois] well make a person when u get on ur laptop
[01:01] [Rebekah] will do
[01:01] [chibois] and as for my question what is on your desktop is not necessarily whats installed
[01:02] [chibois] you dont have to have a link on the desktop for somethin to be installed
[01:03] [Adran] what are you guys talkin' 'bout?
[01:03] [chibois] online game called subeta
[01:03] [chibois] and how ie sucks as a browser
[01:03] [Adran] very much so
[01:03] [Adran] i use google chrome
[01:03] [chibois] firefox
[01:04] [Adran] i upgraded from firefox to chrome
[01:04] [Rebekah] i use ie on windows and ff on linux
[01:04] [chibois] firefox works on both
[01:05] [chibois] and chrome isnt really an upgrade, more a shift to the right or somethin
[01:05] [chibois] that and i dont trust google
[01:05] [Rebekah] i know that
[01:05] [chibois] theyre up to something...
[01:05] [Rebekah] and i just dont wanna do it
[01:06] [Adran] chrome works better for me overall
[01:07] [Adran] for 1, no memory leak (huge plus, thus upgrade)
[01:07] [chibois] well u should eventually, ie has some major major security flaws
[01:07] [Rebekah] not worried about it ... only 22 days left here
[01:08] [chibois] ... so when ur a hobo go to the library
[01:08] [chibois] free interweb there
[01:08] [Rebekah] that would be using my laptop... its linux lol
[01:09] [chibois] wanna try subeta adran? kinda curious if the wardrobe works on chrome
[01:10] [Adran] wardrobe?
[01:10] [chibois] subeta is basically neopets made by anime fans and goths
[01:10] [chibois] one of the features is u get a human character u get to dress up
[01:11] [chibois] they just remade the human avatar system and released the remake this morning
[01:11] [chibois] it isnt currently ie compatable
[01:12] [chibois] i hear it isnt workin properly on opera either
[01:13] [Adran] meh. i didnt like neopets that much when i tried it
[01:14] [Adran] i'd probly play it for a day or 2 then get bored
[01:14] [chibois] well this game isnt geard towards preteen girls
[01:14] [chibois] tho yeah u might get bored anyway
[01:14] [Adran] especially considering i have the attention span of a cat
[01:14] [Adran] or at least my cat
[01:14] [Adran] which is rather short >.
[01:15] [chibois] lol
[01:15] [Adran] stop petting him for all of 5 seconds and he leaves
[01:15] [chibois] my current cat is like that
[01:16] [chibois] my old one had a really long attention span
[01:16] [chibois] once found a mouse
[01:16] [chibois] and chased it up and down the steps for hours
[01:16] [Rebekah] lol
[01:16] [chibois] and once the mouse had a heart attack and died
[01:16] [Adran] lol
[01:16] [chibois] she threw the mouse up and down the stairs and chased after it
[01:17] [chibois] for like another hour or so
[01:17] [Adran] wow
[01:17] [Adran] very long attention span
[01:17] [chibois] yeah
[01:34] [chibois] i'm watchin holes
[01:34] [Adran] awesome movie
[01:35] [Adran] better book
[01:35] [chibois] was one of the few movies that did the book justice
[01:35] [chibois] only major flaw was stanley was fat
[01:35] [chibois] tho i understand, a movie about a fat kid wouldent sell as well
[01:36] [Adran] didnt remember he was far
[01:36] [Adran] fat^
[01:36] [chibois] yep
[01:36] [chibois] shoveling made him skinny tho
[01:36] [chibois] woulda been hard to add
[01:36] [Adran] i liked the movie, they did a great job, but the book was better imo
[01:36] [chibois] woulda had to spread out the filming over time to do that properly
[01:40] [Adran] anyway, im off to bed. night all
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[01:41] [chibois] so it is down to you and it is down to me
[01:44] [Rebekah] yep
[01:46] [chibois] so watcja doin?
[01:46] [Rebekah] watchin pretender episodes
[01:49] [chibois] chainmail and watchin holes
[01:49] [Rebekah] pretender is an awesome show
[02:14] jamie (~jamie@ijddkjixclyrfaijddk) joined #morfs.
[02:14] [Rebekah] hihi
[02:14] [chibois] hello stranger
[02:14] [marful_away] oi
[02:14] [jamie] hi everyone
[02:14] Nick change: marful_away -> marful
[02:14] [Rebekah] i dont believe weve met
[02:15] [jamie] ive never been in this chatroom before
[02:15] [chibois] odd
[02:15] [chibois] i've never been in any other chat room :P
[02:16] [marful] I have 10 fingers.
[02:16] [jamie] anybody want to pvt?
[02:17] [Rebekah] i have 8 fingers and 2thumbs
[02:17] [marful] ...
[02:17] *** marful fails
[02:17] [marful] what is pvt?
[02:17] [marful] is it a military rank?
[02:17] [chibois] i have all 21 phalanges
[02:17] [marful] I don't like the military
[02:18] [chibois] i dont like the government
[02:18] [marful] so, if thumbs aren't technically "fingers"... but are phalanges, what are big toes?
[02:18] [jamie] just chat in a private room
[02:18] [marful] oh...
[02:18] [chibois] the army just follows orders, its the people in charge of em who are idiots
[02:18] [marful] so it's an acronym?
[02:19] [jamie] yea what exactly do you chat about in here?
[02:19] [Rebekah] navy = never again volunteer yourself
[02:19] [marful] I have 10 toes!
[02:19] [chibois] a phalanges is any of the digits coming off a hand or foot
[02:20] [chibois] morfs
[02:20] [Rebekah] and u say u have 21???
[02:20] [marful] morfs
[02:20] [marful] he has 6 fingers on his right hand
[02:20] [marful] don't tell the Dread Pirate Roberts though...
[02:20] [chibois] was making a stupid penis joke
[02:20] jamie (~jamie@ijddkjixclyrfaijddk) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[02:20] [marful] doh
[02:21] [chibois] lol

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