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[00:08] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[00:08] *** dragonessprincess9 hugs bekah
[00:08] [Rebekah] wb baby
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] i found a bug in my bed so i'm cleaning my room
[00:08] [Rebekah] kisskiss
[00:08] [Rebekah] ewwwww
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] yep
[00:09] [Rebekah] that would keep me up i wouldntbe able to sleep after that
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] yeah
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] trying to clean off bed
[00:10] [dragonessprincess9] where everyone go?
[00:10] [Rebekah] fox went to work i think and shrike loged back off
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] where is gwm?
[00:11] [Rebekah] never answered after coming backonline
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[00:12] [dragonessprincess9] wondfer if he is havin computer problem
[00:12] [Rebekah] probably isnt even at his puter
[00:13] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[00:13] [dragonessprincess9] whats u doing?
[00:13] [Rebekah] now watching episode 3 season 1 of pretender
[00:13] [Rebekah] andtalkingtou ofcoarse
[00:14] [dragonessprincess9] heeh
[00:14] *** Rebekah kisses nina on the cheek
[00:15] [gwmclintock] ?
[00:15] [Rebekah] oh wow he is around
[00:15] [dragonessprincess9] hi Gwm
[00:15] [gwmclintock] hi
[00:15] [Rebekah] hehe
[00:16] [Rebekah] so whats up
[00:16] [dragonessprincess9] i'm watching South park
[00:16] [gwmclintock] watching Law and Order CI
[00:16] [Rebekah] cool i like ci
[00:17] [gwmclintock] yeah, gonna b on for a bit more until I feel like crashing
[00:17] [gwmclintock] got to get up early to go swimming
[00:18] [dragonessprincess9] neat
[00:18] [Rebekah] i would loveto go swimming
[00:19] [dragonessprincess9] me too
[00:20] [Rebekah] i love to swim
[00:20] [gwmclintock] its alright, but its hell to get up at 6:30 to go do it
[00:21] [Rebekah] why so early
[00:21] [dragonessprincess9] why?
[00:22] [gwmclintock] cause if I don't work out early, I won't
[00:25] [Rebekah] ah
[00:25] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[00:25] [Rebekah] idget up that early to swim if i had a place to swim
[00:26] [gwmclintock] lol, its across the parking lot from hell
[00:27] [Rebekah] lol
[00:29] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[00:29] [gwmclintock] you ever seen leverage?
[00:29] [dragonessprincess9] yeah
[00:29] [dragonessprincess9] oh shit i forgot to watch it tonight
[00:29] [Rebekah] yeah i lovethat show
[00:29] [Rebekah] damn me too
[00:29] [dragonessprincess9] :'(]
[00:31] [gwmclintock] lol, its on right now, 11:30 central tnt
[00:32] [Rebekah] ill watch it online tomorrow
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[00:39] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[00:40] [dragonessprincess9] back
[00:40] [Rebekah] heya baby
[00:40] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[00:40] [Rebekah] kiss kiss
[00:41] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[00:47] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[00:47] [marful] Ahoy mateys!
[00:47] [dragonessprincess9] hi Marful
[00:47] [Rebekah] heya
[00:47] [marful] How are things going?
[00:48] [Rebekah] goin alright what about u
[00:48] [marful] just got home
[00:48] [dragonessprincess9] fine
[00:50] [dragonessprincess9] night all
[00:50] [dragonessprincess9] heading to bed swet dreams
[00:51] [marful] night!
[00:51] [Rebekah] night love
[00:51] [marful] man, I am so excited about new stories posts =P
[00:51] *** dragonessprincess9 kisses bekah on the cheek
[00:51] *** marful waits patiently for his kiss too!
[00:51] *** Rebekah kisses nina on the cheek
[00:51] [Rebekah] hehe
[00:51] *** dragonessprincess9 hugs marful good night
[00:51] *** marful is crestfallen!
[00:52] [marful] night =)
[00:52] [Rebekah] sorry marful
[00:52] *** dragonessprincess9 give marful a peck on the cheek to feel better
[00:52] [marful] Woot!
[00:52] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[00:52] [dragonessprincess9] logging out now
[00:52] [dragonessprincess9] night all
[00:52] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:54] [Rebekah] so what r u up to
[00:54] [marful] re-reading my outline for my morfs story
[00:54] [marful] it's too involved to write it in the stream-of-consciousness way
[00:55] [Rebekah] ah thatscool
[00:55] [marful] because of the fact it's kind of an investigative detective story with a serial killer and 2ndary motives and badguys
[00:55] [marful] there is a main plot as I like to refer to as the "main action sequence" but it's really a puppet for what's really going on in the story that the reader won't get initially
[00:56] [Rebekah] cool
[00:57] [marful] I want to put it up on G-Docs but then I don't want to give away the ending... but the outline is a tad to-the point so I won't
[00:57] [marful] whole story is effectively 15
[00:57] [marful] scenes / chapters
[00:57] [Rebekah] cool
[00:57] [marful] that can change of course.
[00:58] [Rebekah] yeah
[00:58] [marful] I'm kind of torn though on the level of violence...
[00:59] [marful] It's not a Silence of the lambs kind of story, but the main antagonist is...
[00:59] [marful] got issues
[00:59] [marful] aggression, impulse control style issues.
[00:59] [marful] he operates primarily on desires & impulse
[00:59] [marful] I might leave them out
[00:59] [Rebekah] ah nifty
[01:00] [marful] I think I'll make the descriptions *very* vague and rely on character's reaction to convey levity and horribleness
[01:01] [marful] What do you think of EMW's "poison" story?
[01:01] [marful] I don't know why, but I skipped it before reading through and now I wish I didn't. I really like it
[01:02] [Rebekah] i like it though i havent read the new one
[01:04] [Rebekah] itsreally good
[01:08] [marful] afk, going to eat some curry and the re-write the first chapter to reduce the violence
[01:14] [Rebekah] mmmmm curry
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[01:19] Jenny ( joined #morfs.
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[01:19] [marful] Hi
[01:19] [marful] back!
[01:19] [Rebekah] wb
[01:19] [Rebekah] how was the curry
[01:19] [marful] great!
[01:19] [marful] Grandma's family recipe from the 1930's
[01:19] [Rebekah] what kinda curry
[01:19] [marful] greem
[01:19] [marful] green
[01:20] [marful] my favorite is japanese brown curry
[01:20] [marful] but my Grandma (who is chinese) likes green curry
[01:20] [Rebekah] i mean was it just curry or curry chicken/shrimp/beef/porf/rice??
[01:20] [marful] chicken!
[01:20] [marful] rice on the side
[01:20] [marful] potatoe, onions
[01:20] [marful] carrots
[01:21] [Rebekah] mmmmm sounds good
[01:23] [marful] another cool thing is that my grandmother has cookie recipes from the 40's and 50's =)
[01:23] [Rebekah] cool
[01:23] [marful] she makes the most awesome chocolate chip cookies. She said she got the recipe from nestle's back in the 40's
[01:25] [Rebekah] awesome
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[15:20] Logger joined #MORFS.
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[15:20] [Zombie] back for now
[15:20] [EMW] hi
[15:20] Rebekah (Rebekah@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[15:21] [Rebekah] heya shrike can u reach the baby pics on my server now
[15:25] [Zombie] yes I can
[15:25] [Zombie] Hi Bekah
[15:26] [Rebekah] yay
[15:27] [Zombie] bbl starwars again
[15:27] [Rebekah] i just woke up
[15:27] [Rebekah] kk
[15:30] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[15:30] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[15:30] *** dragonessprincess9 jumps on bekah
[15:30] Nick change: dragonessprincess9 -> NIna
[15:30] [NIna] !morf me Medium
[15:30] [Rebekah] heya baby
[15:30] [EMW] hi nina
[15:30] *** NIna hugs everyone
[15:31] [NIna] whats everyone doing?
[15:31] [Rebekah] just woke up
[15:32] [NIna] ah
[15:33] [NIna] i'm reading Hardest alloy story
[15:33] [Rebekah] what about u baby whats u doin
[15:33] [Rebekah] hehe u beat me to it
[15:34] [NIna] lol
[15:37] [NIna] what u and Emw doing?
[15:37] [Rebekah] im now reading poison 4
[15:37] [EMW] I'm watching a video
[15:38] [NIna] cool
[15:44] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[15:44] [Adran] i just finished Hardest Alloy
[15:44] [NIna] what vide u watching
[15:44] [Rebekah] heya adran
[15:44] [NIna] cool Adran
[15:44] [Adran] hi
[15:45] [Adran] yet another good chapter
[15:45] [NIna] i haven't finished it
[15:45] [NIna] i'm reading part one
[15:45] [NIna] be back in a bit
[15:45] [Adran] k
[15:45] Nick change: NIna -> Nina_is_reading_
[15:45] [Adran] !morf me medium specialrare hybrid
[15:45] [Adran] hmm. thats an odd morf
[15:47] [Zombie] wereshark?
[15:47] [Rebekah] hehe
[15:47] [Adran] yeah
[15:50] [Adran] !morf me medium specialrare hybrid
[15:58] *** Misty ~~~~s wildly at Adran!

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