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[00:28] [marful] Hello
[14:22] Logger joined #MORFS.
[14:22] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[14:22] [nina] yay
[14:22] [StarfoxHowl] I don't understand the mindset that says that someone needs to take drugs and surgery to make them into what they think they are, but I don't have to live in that skin.
[14:22] Rebekah (Rebekah@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[14:23] [StarfoxHowl] Hey Becka.
[14:23] [nina] well we want the drugs and surgery to feel more comfortable
[14:23] [Rebekah] heyheyyall
[14:23] *** nina jumps on bekah
[14:23] [nina] hi bekah
[14:23] mischevious (~mischevious@xkaozgtcnfhgxkao) joined #morfs.
[14:23] *** Rebekah hugs nina
[14:23] [mischevious] hi all
[14:23] [nina] hi Mischevious
[14:23] [StarfoxHowl] Nina.. you don't JUMP ON.. you POUNCE!
[14:23] *** nina hugs everyone
[14:23] [Rebekah] heya foxy
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[14:23] [nina] lol
[14:24] [StarfoxHowl] Hey Becka.. did you get a tech call today?
[14:24] [Rebekah] i didnt have power today
[14:24] [nina] aw
[14:24] [StarfoxHowl] ouch!
[14:24] [StarfoxHowl] you may want to check your VM.
[14:25] [Rebekah] they were finishing fixing it
[14:26] [nina] yay
[14:26] [Rebekah] nope nothin
[14:27] [Rebekah] well poo
[14:27] [StarfoxHowl] who was fixing what?
[14:27] [nina] i told fox he was mean for trying to move u away from me. hehe :d
[14:28] [Rebekah] the electricians had to finish building the meter box pedestal
[14:28] [nina] neat
[14:28] [StarfoxHowl] As long as you have trons now, that's the good thing.
[14:29] [Rebekah] yepyep
[14:29] [nina] bekah whats u doing?
[14:30] [StarfoxHowl] reseting all the clocks.
[14:30] [Rebekah] nope gonna do that after we get our meter put back in
[14:31] [StarfoxHowl] you mean it's not done yet?
[14:31] [Rebekah] no the electrician put a temp fix so we could have heat till vepco gives the meter back
[14:32] [Rebekah] im chatting with u guys and making tea and watching tru calling
[14:33] [nina] cool
[14:33] [StarfoxHowl] why does the power company have your meter?
[14:38] [Rebekah] because they took it yesterday morning when the meter box burned up
[14:39] [nina] bekah?
[14:39] [StarfoxHowl] You had a fire in the meter box at your home?
[14:39] [Rebekah] i still here
[14:39] [Rebekah] it started smoking
[14:39] [nina] fox asked question
[14:40] [Rebekah] and i answered it
[14:41] [StarfoxHowl] Any damage to the house? doesn't sound like it if all it was doing was smoking.
[14:42] [Rebekah] nope no damage
[14:43] [StarfoxHowl] That's good.
[14:43] [Rebekah] did the hiring guy talk to u about me
[14:46] [StarfoxHowl] Other than to let me know that he had received your resume and was sending it up the chain, no.
[14:47] [Rebekah] oh otay
[14:47] [Rebekah] thats cool
[14:47] [Rebekah] i hope it gets some bites
[14:50] [StarfoxHowl] I do as well..
[14:50] [Rebekah] :)
[14:52] [Rebekah] so whats yall up to
[14:52] [nina] watching tv
[14:53] [Rebekah] cool whatcha watchin
[14:54] [nina] random thingd
[14:56] [Rebekah] cool
[15:03] [nina] yep
[15:05] [Rebekah] did u have a good day today baby
[15:06] [nina] yeah
[15:06] [Rebekah] thats good
[15:06] [Rebekah] kiss
[15:06] [nina] had a guest speaker in both my classes
[15:06] [nina] we need to recycle all the paper we can
[15:06] [nina] like 30% of trash is paper we can recycle
[15:07] [Rebekah] wow
[15:07] [nina] try to guess what class i'm taking.
[15:08] [nina] Environmental Biology hehe
[15:08] [nina] my professor is a recycle nut. lol
[15:10] [Rebekah] hehe yeah
[15:14] [Rebekah] brb fixxin lunch
[15:16] [nina] k
[15:17] [nina] fox where u go?
[15:18] [Rebekah] back
[15:18] [nina] yay
[15:20] [Rebekah] i think maybe foxy fell asleep
[15:20] [nina] aw
[15:20] [nina] is late there
[15:23] tastes_like_moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[15:24] [nina] hi moo
[15:24] [tastes_like_moo] hi nina
[15:24] Nick change: tastes_like_moo -> Moo
[15:24] [Rebekah] hiya moo
[15:24] [Moo] hi
[15:24] [Rebekah] how ya doin
[15:25] [Moo] im pretty good
[15:25] [Moo] im a little worried that my stories wont be posted, tho
[15:26] [nina] aw
[15:26] [nina] they may just be doing the stories of already posted authors then will do new authors
[15:27] [Moo] meh
[15:27] [Moo] i have had some ideas as to how to make the site more profitable
[15:27] [Moo] besides merchandising
[15:27] [nina] :p
[15:27] [nina] make a book series?
[15:28] [Moo] maybe
[15:28] [Moo] but not whati was thinking
[15:28] [Rebekah] idk
[15:28] [Moo] brit needs to make the site more popular
[15:28] [nina] ah
[15:29] [nina] oh i know
[15:29] [Moo] she should request a higher number of non tg stories, for starters
[15:29] [nina] a role playing game book
[15:29] [nina] :p
[15:29] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[15:29] [Moo] i mean, i like tg fiction, and i was like 'wow, do ALL of these characters MORF into girls'?
[15:29] [Moo] also....
[15:29] [Moo] she NEEDS to buy advertising
[15:30] [Moo] the ONLY place i have EVER seen a link to the MORFS universe from was on MORFS stories posted on fictionmania
[15:30] [nina] lol
[15:30] [Moo] if i had never heard of morfs, there is no way id be able to find it
[15:31] [Moo] theres no advertising anywhere
[15:31] [Moo] no banners
[15:31] [Moo] sponsors
[15:31] [Moo] etc
[15:31] [nina] ah
[15:31] [Rebekah] :p
[15:31] [nina] well the tg is apart of this site because the first place i found it
[15:32] [nina] was on a site Called Fictionmania
[15:32] [Moo] i know, thats where i found it
[15:32] [nina] ah
[15:32] [Moo] but if she wants more popularity, she needs to have something for more people to read
[15:32] [Moo] honestly, i wouldnt brag to most of my friends about being an author on the MORFS website
[15:33] [Moo] cause first, theyd go "what's that?", then, if they found the site and read some stories, theyd say "Thats dirty. you like transexual stuff"?
[15:33] [Moo] ^i have very closed-minded friends
[15:33] [nina] that sucks
[15:34] [Moo] meh
[15:35] [Rebekah] no butu can advertise your stories on other fiction sites
[15:35] [Rebekah] and point to morfs site
[15:36] [nina] true
[15:36] [nina] yeah there are a lot of tg one but they are interesting to see how the character handles the chang
[15:36] [nina] change*
[15:36] [Moo] yea, I think so
[15:37] [nina] the other stories are cool too
[15:38] [Moo] yea
[15:40] [nina] so whats u doing moo?
[15:40] [nina] besides complaining about the story selection on the site. loti
[15:40] [Moo] lol
[15:41] [Moo] not much
[15:41] [Moo] pondering
[15:41] [Moo] are you pondering what im pondering?
[15:41] [nina] lol
[15:41] [Moo] i dont know, brain. but how are we going to get the kitty to wear a tutu?
[15:41] [Moo] :p
[15:42] [nina] lol
[15:42] [Moo] i loved that show
[15:42] [Rebekah] lol
[15:43] [Moo] whats you two up to?
[15:43] [Rebekah] not much
[15:44] [nina] watching Law and Order SVU
[15:44] [Moo] i think im going to read the new stories
[15:45] [Rebekah] im gonna read them later
[15:48] [Moo] cool
[15:49] [nina] neat
[15:50] [Rebekah] hehe
[15:52] [Moo] hehe what?
[15:52] [Rebekah] just hehe
[15:53] [Moo] 0_o
[15:53] [Rebekah] :p
[15:56] *** Moo sneezes
[15:56] [Moo] excuse me
[15:56] [nina] bless you
[15:56] [Moo] :p
[15:58] [nina] i'm running a blanket through the wash
[15:59] [Rebekah] yes blesh u
[15:59] [Rebekah] bless*
[16:00] [Moo] blesh u too :p
[16:01] [Rebekah] :p
[16:01] [nina] lol
[16:03] [Rebekah] remember when i had the infected lymph node
[16:03] [Moo] yes
[16:04] [Rebekah] now i have an infection on the other legs lymphnode
[16:04] [Rebekah] notas bad though
[16:04] [Moo] :(
[16:05] [nina] noooooooooooooooooo
[16:05] [nina] :'(
[16:05] [Rebekah] havent had a chance to go to the doc to get meds forthis infection
[16:05] [Rebekah] it doesnt really hurt
[16:05] [Moo] :(
[16:05] [Moo] hope you feel better
[16:07] [Rebekah] instead of being the size of a grape it about the size of a small ball bearing
[16:07] [nina] aw
[16:07] [Rebekah] ill be fine
[16:07] [Moo] brb
[16:08] [nina] k
[16:08] *** nina hugs bekah
[16:08] [Rebekah] k... i hope the people that hire contractors like fox like my resume
[16:08] *** Rebekah hugs nina
[16:08] [Moo] back
[16:08] *** Moo hugs bekah
[16:08] *** Moo hugs nina

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