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[02:14] [marful] hi!
[02:14] Nick change: marful -> marful_playing_wow
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[02:37] [moo] !morf me random
[02:37] [moo] tall, with a hair cut. interesting...
[02:38] [moo] star, you here?
[02:38] [moo] guess not...
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[03:37] [mischevious] hi everyone
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[04:42] moo (~moo@fnaliluagdajifmak) joined #morfs.
[04:42] [moo] hi
[04:43] [StarfoxHowl] Hey Moo
[04:43] [moo] whats up, doc?
[04:43] [StarfoxHowl] not much.. trying to have a day off.
[04:44] [moo] cool
[04:44] [moo] hows that working out for you?
[04:45] [StarfoxHowl] not too good at the moment. Junk at work keeps draging me back.
[04:45] [moo] hmm, thats how it is
[04:45] [StarfoxHowl] yeah.. but I'd rather be OFF OFF not maybe off.
[04:46] [moo] lol me too
[04:47] xenic_laptop (~chatzilla@ayjscclgzgjcayjs) joined #morfs.
[04:47] [xenic_laptop] hey hey
[04:47] [moo] hi
[04:47] [xenic_laptop] MOO!!!!!!
[04:47] [StarfoxHowl] What's going on with you today?
[04:47] [moo] what?
[04:47] [moo] :o
[04:48] [xenic_laptop] FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:48] [StarfoxHowl] hey Xenic
[04:48] *** StarfoxHowl tosses pecans at Xenic
[04:48] *** xenic_laptop dives for pecans
[04:48] [moo] i want pecans :(
[04:49] *** xenic_laptop hands moo some pecans
[04:49] [moo] YAY!
[04:49] [moo] :)
[04:49] [xenic_laptop] hows you fox?
[04:49] [StarfoxHowl] I'm doing good. what's up in your world?
[04:49] [xenic_laptop] not much...
[04:50] [xenic_laptop] pretty much same old same old
[04:50] [xenic_laptop] apart from getting annoyed with the boss more often than not...
[04:50] [StarfoxHowl] any progress on your stories?
[04:50] [xenic_laptop] umm....
[04:50] [xenic_laptop] a little...
[04:50] [moo] no
[04:50] [moo] none
[04:51] [StarfoxHowl] and which boss are you getting anoyed with?
[04:51] [xenic_laptop] i hope to do a bit more today...
[04:52] [xenic_laptop] the gsm for the site... i'm thinking of asking one of the marines to shoot him
[04:52] [StarfoxHowl] Be Careful what you wish for has been edited and posted.
[04:52] [xenic_laptop] cool
[04:52] [StarfoxHowl] no no no.. too much blood and too much paperwork to replace him.
[04:52] [moo] lol
[04:52] [xenic_laptop] i do all his work as it is
[04:53] [StarfoxHowl] Fill out a supply chit requesting his replacement and forward it to him for his signature.
[04:53] [xenic_laptop] lol... i love that idea
[04:53] [StarfoxHowl] THEN have the marine shoot him.
[04:54] [moo] lol
[04:54] [xenic_laptop] nah... when the marine shoots the boss, i'll go to the major and say that i'll pay for the bullet used
[04:55] [StarfoxHowl] thirty five cent's US.
[04:55] [xenic_laptop] i'd pay them interest on the bullet...
[04:55] [StarfoxHowl] wait, no.. that will be a 1.87 USD because of all the paperwork involved.
[04:55] [xenic_laptop] maybe 1
[04:55] [xenic_laptop] in that case... 2
[04:55] [StarfoxHowl] 2 euro?
[04:56] [xenic_laptop] or maybe... anything up to 10
[04:56] [xenic_laptop] i'm not sure of the exchange rate...
[04:56] [StarfoxHowl] US to Euro?
[04:57] [xenic_laptop] to
[04:57] [xenic_laptop] 1 = 1.14
[04:57] [StarfoxHowl] sorry.. your symbols don't translate
[04:58] [xenic_laptop] = Great British Pound
[04:58] [xenic_laptop] = euro#
[04:58] [xenic_laptop] 1 = $1.46... ish
[04:59] [StarfoxHowl] It's beginning to look like I'll be passing through either Frankfurt or Amsterdam on the way home this time on leave.
[04:59] [xenic_laptop] cool...
[04:59] [xenic_laptop] 1 dollar = 0.78euros atm
[05:00] [StarfoxHowl] I'll be there for about 2 to 4 hours before flying the rest of the way home. I've done the Doha to DC run and it just hurts too much.
[05:01] [StarfoxHowl] that and a 5 hour wait for a 90 minute flight to Atlanta.. just not worth the pain.
[05:01] [moo] lol
[05:02] [xenic_laptop] true
[05:02] [xenic_laptop] it was bad enough flying back from china to uk
[05:03] [StarfoxHowl] The last flight from DC to ATL was on one of those cramped mini-jets that were build for the lollipop kids, not full sized adults.
[05:03] [xenic_laptop] lol
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[05:22] [xenic_laptop] !morf me medium
[05:22] [xenic_laptop] ... cool
[05:23] [StarfoxHowl] well, I would think being almost seven foot tall would be an enhancment.
[05:23] [xenic_laptop] 6 foot tall... so i've grown about half a foot
[05:24] [StarfoxHowl] oh.. okay.. thought that read 6 foot 10 inches.
[05:25] [xenic_laptop] still... cool... morf...
[05:25] [xenic_laptop] i hate myself for saying that it was cool...
[05:25] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[05:25] [StarfoxHowl] GACK!! get rid of that!
[05:25] [xenic_laptop] lol
[05:29] [xenic_laptop] !morf me medium
[05:29] [xenic_laptop] rad...
[05:32] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[05:33] [StarfoxHowl] A rare tailless peruvian rabbit air elemental empath.
[05:34] [StarfoxHowl] HARVEY!
[05:40] [xenic_laptop] lol
[05:40] [xenic_laptop] brb... off to get brunch
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[10:16] [dragonessprincess9] hello
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[11:15] [Hercules] !morf me random
[11:31] trish (~trish@ainkeqdczkbiaink) joined #morfs.
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[12:00] [Rebekah] !morf me medium
[12:45] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[12:52] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[12:53] [Rebekah] hay baby
[12:55] [dragonessprincess9] hugs
[12:55] [dragonessprincess9] whats u doing?
[12:55] [Rebekah] killing and skinning
[12:55] [Rebekah] :) in wow
[12:56] [dragonessprincess9] 0.0
[12:56] [dragonessprincess9] oh lol :D
[12:56] [dragonessprincess9] :d
[12:57] [Rebekah] :d
[12:58] [Rebekah] what about u beautiful
[12:58] [Rebekah] whats u up to
[12:58] [dragonessprincess9] rying to do the figure out my major thing for my counseling center
[12:58] [Rebekah] oh and trying to ignore the soundsof sex coming from the other bedroom
[12:59] [dragonessprincess9] 0.o?
[12:59] [dragonessprincess9] ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
[12:59] [Rebekah] so have u made a decision
[12:59] [Rebekah] yepyep ewww
[13:02] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[13:03] [Rebekah] so what do u think u want your major to be
[13:04] [dragonessprincess9] not sure
[13:04] [dragonessprincess9] History or international studies
[13:05] [Rebekah] not psychiatry
[13:06] [dragonessprincess9] hmm
[13:07] [dragonessprincess9] this questionire they have me doing is related to my interest
[13:07] [Rebekah] ah otay
[13:12] [dragonessprincess9] travel writer sounds like a job i would like
[13:12] [Rebekah] :) sounds like funget totravel places
[13:13] [dragonessprincess9] yeah
[13:20] [Rebekah] what does a travel writer need to majpr in
[13:20] [Rebekah] major*
[13:21] [dragonessprincess9] one sec
[13:21] [Rebekah] kk
[13:21] [dragonessprincess9] Communication Studies
[13:21] [dragonessprincess9] lots of things
[13:21] [dragonessprincess9] History
[13:22] [dragonessprincess9] internation studies
[13:22] [dragonessprincess9] creative writing
[13:22] [dragonessprincess9] just to name a few
[13:22] [Rebekah] wow
[13:22] [dragonessprincess9] these are things they look for
[13:23] [dragonessprincess9] don't need all of them hehe
[13:23] [Rebekah] :p
[13:34] Hercules (~Hercules@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[13:35] [Hercules] Hi Nina
[13:36] [Rebekah] allo Hercules
[13:37] [Hercules] I follow the leader Jason :p
[13:38] [Rebekah] lol
[13:38] [Rebekah] :p
[13:38] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[13:38] [dragonessprincess9] have u beatig a Hydra yet Hercules?
[13:38] [Hercules] So Nina how is life?
[13:38] Nick change: dragonessprincess9 -> Nina
[13:39] [Nina] boring
[13:39] [Hercules] I follow the leader Jason
[13:39] [Hercules] He cries and I run
[13:40] [Rebekah] so sweety anyluck with the questionaire
[13:41] [Nina] yeah
[13:41] [Nina] writing down my options for majors now
[13:41] [Nina] i'm suppose to pick 6
[13:42] [Rebekah] cool
[13:46] [Hercules] good for you, I got a bill today for a magazine I don't know, don't want and didn't even get
[13:47] [Nina] that sucks
[13:47] [Rebekah] thats happened to me before i just calledand told them i had never received it nor did i want it and refused to pay
[13:47] [Hercules] Well I don't want to pay either, so they either take me out of the database or they can wait for their money indefinite
[13:48] [Rebekah] did u call and tell them
[13:48] [Hercules] It is saturday :B
[13:48] [Rebekah] so u gotta wait till monday
[13:49] [Hercules] Not open of course, but I googled them on internet, got the customerservice email and sent an email
[13:49] [Hercules] And promised to call monday
[13:49] [Rebekah] hehe
[13:50] [Hercules] Well I'll be at work, so the 0900 number that costs money won't cost me

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