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[00:59] [marful] !morf me medium hybrid
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[10:27] [bekah] !morf me medium
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[10:58] [bekah] heya fox
[10:58] [bekah] i like what u have so far
[10:58] [StarfoxHowl] Hi Becka.. which story? Angel Wings?
[10:58] [bekah] yep
[10:58] [StarfoxHowl] :-)
[10:59] [StarfoxHowl] I have two seperate stories for Angel, this and another one. I think I may combine them. I need to pare down AW a lot.
[11:00] [bekah] pare down?
[11:01] [StarfoxHowl] I'm working from a handwritten draft that I did when I was in Bagram.
[11:01] [StarfoxHowl] way too much time on my hands there.
[11:01] [bekah] i dont know what pare down means
[11:02] [StarfoxHowl] pare down.. to reduce... you use a paring knife to cut up vegitables and fruits.. to pare.
[11:02] [bekah] ah otay
[11:02] [StarfoxHowl] but the handwritten draft goes into a lot of detail with JAcob in the hospital and it doesn't really need to.
[11:03] [bekah] ah otay
[11:03] [StarfoxHowl] I'm not sure if I want to show the world a 5 foot woman in thigh high leather boots or not.
[11:04] [StarfoxHowl] Back in a bit. Bio Break.
[11:05] [bekah] kk
[11:09] [Misty] BBn 120
[11:16] [bekah] bbiab foxy gonna work on my desktop for a while
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[17:36] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[17:36] [destinybeast] yep i've been ill so I rarely get a chance to get on
[17:37] [Rebekah] brb gotta do some dishes
[17:37] [destinybeast] lol chores are such a pain
[17:37] [Nina] ah
[17:37] [Nina] des u done any stories?
[17:37] [destinybeast] i'm writing one now
[17:38] [Nina] neat
[17:38] [Nina] me too
[17:38] [destinybeast] but i'm also working on my own story and script so i'm spending most of my time on them
[17:38] [destinybeast] what's yours called
[17:38] [Nina] i'm writing a story about the formation of a morf nation
[17:38] [destinybeast] oh coolio
[17:38] [Nina] "A Tale of Life and the Rise of a NAtion
[17:38] [Nina] title need work lol
[17:39] [destinybeast] nice, mines called "The Rise of Destiny"
[17:39] [Nina] lol
[17:39] [destinybeast] it's a comedy/action/romance lol
[17:40] [Nina] neat
[17:40] [Nina] not sure what mine is
[17:40] [Nina] i'm just writing it
[17:40] [Nina] will figure that out as i go
[17:40] [destinybeast] lol I did that as well and it all just slotted into place
[17:41] [destinybeast] hey do you have googledocs nina?
[17:42] [Nina] uhh
[17:42] [Nina] not sure
[17:42] [destinybeast] lol
[17:42] [Nina] someone put part of my story on there for me
[17:42] [Nina] but it needs to be changed
[17:42] [destinybeast] ahh
[17:44] [Nina] lol
[17:44] [destinybeast] So Nina whats your favourite power?
[17:44] [Nina] the vote to remove the IL gov from office broke where they were voting
[17:44] [Nina] to many yeses
[17:44] [Nina] lol
[17:44] [destinybeast] lol
[17:45] [destinybeast] soooo tell me what's your favourite ability, the one you would like to have if you could.
[17:45] [Nina] a power like rogue from the x-men
[17:45] [Nina] and maybe t look like here
[17:45] [Nina] she is cute. hehe
[17:46] [destinybeast] lol
[17:46] [Nina] the old Xmen
[17:46] [Nina] the cartoon one
[17:46] [destinybeast] I never really liked it, if you want cute you should see Tesa from Full Metal Panic
[17:46] [Nina] lol the machine is still broken
[17:46] [Nina] i'm watching c-span
[17:47] [Nina] lol
[17:47] [destinybeast] never heard of it
[17:47] [Nina] where do u live?
[17:47] [destinybeast] England
[17:47] [Nina] i'm in USA
[17:47] [Nina] an that may be why
[17:47] [destinybeast] lol I can get anything from anywhere
[17:47] [Nina] it is a channel that showes vote our congress does
[17:47] [Nina] and their meetings
[17:47] [destinybeast] just go online lol
[17:48] [Nina] lol
[17:48] [Rebekah] back
[17:48] [destinybeast] I should know, I'm bedridden so all I have is my laptop, TV and a few other things
[17:48] [Nina] bekah
[17:48] [destinybeast] BB yeyyyyy
[17:49] [Nina] u know the Govenor they are trying o impeach?
[17:49] [Rebekah] bb??
[17:49] [Rebekah] no?
[17:49] [destinybeast] lol
[17:49] [Nina] aw sorry to here that Des
[17:49] *** Nina hugs Des
[17:49] [Nina] why are u bed ridden?
[17:49] [destinybeast] nah I'm used to it, I wright or watch anime
[17:49] [Nina] the IL one
[17:50] [destinybeast] some unknown illness that's weakening me while causing pain
[17:50] [Nina] the one that tryed to sale a senate seat
[17:50] [Nina] the Govenor from Illinois
[17:50] [Nina] aw
[17:50] [destinybeast] oh I read about that in the newspaper
[17:50] [Nina] sorry to here that Des
[17:50] [Nina] yeah
[17:51] [Nina] the machine they are trying to use to cast the votes broke a bit ago
[17:51] [destinybeast] it's fine, I do physics courses from the Open University, watch anime, wright my book and scripts, it's not all that bad really, I probably won't be saying that in a month but i've only been in the bed for two weeks.
[17:52] [Nina] :(
[17:52] [Nina] why a month?
[17:52] [destinybeast] because I'm usually a very active person and can't stay sitting somewhere to long
[17:53] [Nina] aw sorry
[17:53] [Nina] did u go to anime conventions?
[17:53] [destinybeast] No like I said I live in England lol
[17:53] [Nina] u could cosplay anime charaters that are in wheel chairs
[17:53] [Nina] i think england had at least a small convention
[17:53] [Nina] i think i heard about it somewhere
[17:54] [destinybeast] they have them in london I think
[17:54] [Nina] neat
[17:54] [destinybeast] But I live in the north-east
[17:54] [Nina] is there anyway to help u get better?
[17:54] [Nina] aw sorry
[17:54] [destinybeast] no, not yet anyway. I'm working on it though and have a solid, but unusual theory.
[17:55] [Nina] nbekah where u go?
[17:55] [Rebekah] im still here
[17:55] [Nina] really?
[17:55] [Nina] what is it Des?
[17:55] [Rebekah] im sorry to here u arent feeling in better db
[17:56] [destinybeast] it's okay, with my brain power and determination I'll know I will find a way at some point to get better
[17:56] [Rebekah] i hope so
[17:56] [Nina] yay
[17:56] [Nina] good luck
[17:57] [Nina] i shall ask the gods and goddess of every religion to help u get better. hopefully one of them will answer
[17:57] [destinybeast] I have an IQ of 184 i'm sure i'll find a way lol
[17:57] [Nina] cool
[17:57] [Nina] u like my idea?/
[17:57] [Rebekah] im lost
[17:58] [destinybeast] so am I lol
[17:58] [Nina] we were talking about ways to help Des get better
[17:58] [Nina] somepeople turn to the powers of gods to help them feel better
[17:59] [destinybeast] Oh well I'm not really a fan of religion, and I'm an Empath, I really don't have a god
[17:59] [Nina] so i was saying i would look to all the gods for help hehe
[17:59] [Nina] was kind of joking
[17:59] [Nina] but do hope u get better
[17:59] [destinybeast] lol I know
[17:59] [Nina] it would take to long to ask each individual god to help u. lol
[17:59] [destinybeast] I always do get better,
[18:00] [Nina] neat
[18:00] [destinybeast] It's just taking a lot longer then usual
[18:00] [Nina] aw
[18:00] [Nina] how old are u?
[18:00] [destinybeast] 17
[18:00] [Nina] aw :'( that is sad
[18:01] [destinybeast] i've had this thing since i was 12 and it's been slowly getting worse
[18:01] [Rebekah] i do hope u get better
[18:01] [Nina] aw
[18:01] [destinybeast] Hummm i'll be a sec I just ned to take some medicine.
[18:02] [Nina] do u play world of warcrat Des?
[18:02] [Nina] i think u guys have it over there
[18:02] [destinybeast] got the game but it doesn't work on my laptop.
[18:02] [Nina] aw sorry
[18:03] [destinybeast] and yes we do have it over here, we're actually more modern then the USA just smaller so it doesn't seem like it.
[18:03] [Nina] lol
[18:03] [Nina] thats ok
[18:03] [Nina] Japan i have heard is one year ahead of us in tech
[18:03] [Nina] lol
[18:05] [Rebekah] i wouldnt doubt it
[18:05] [destinybeast] they are
[18:06] [destinybeast] but Europe is the most advance in science and always has been
[18:06] [Nina] oh corse
[18:06] [Nina] one of the oldest nations
[18:06] [Nina] lol
[18:06] [Nina] we are only 200 years old lol
[18:06] [destinybeast] Europe did in vent the internet
[18:07] [Nina] uh huh
[18:07] [destinybeast] do you know CERN
[18:07] [Nina] no
[18:07] [Rebekah] heard of it
[18:07] [Nina] i thought Bill gates made the internet?
[18:07] [destinybeast] they invented the internet, and currently have the worlds largest LHC
[18:07] [destinybeast] no he invented microsoft
[18:08] [Rebekah] no actually the us invented the internet
[18:08] [destinybeast] no
[18:08] [destinybeast] it was CERN look them up on the internet
[18:08] [EMW] we invented the web
[18:08] [EMW] US invented the internet
[18:08] [destinybeast] they invented the internet to network information between there scientists
[18:08] [destinybeast] they didn't it was Cern
[18:09] [Rebekah] it was originally arpanet a network among the military and universities in the us
[18:09] [EMW] tim bernes lee invented www
[18:09] [Nina] one sec looking internet up on google
[18:09] [destinybeast] C.E.R.N
[18:09] [Nina] lol
[18:09] [EMW] the internet is just the network wires and such
[18:09] [Rebekah] arpanet or darpanet
[18:09] [EMW] the web is the software cern invented that
[18:09] [EMW] so http www etc all that was cern
[18:10] [Rebekah] thank u emw
[18:10] [EMW] hyper links etx
[18:10] [Rebekah] i have been studying this since before u turned 5 db

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