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[01:51] [chibois] creepy crackers and cardboard!!!
[01:52] [chibois] fiddlesticks
[02:26] [Jenny] morning
[02:26] *** Jenny pokes a random idler, and watches the cardboard cut out fall over
[02:26] [chibois] noooooQQQ
[02:26] [chibois] *stands cardboard rebekah back up*
[02:28] [chibois] ayo?
[02:29] [Jenny] hehe
[02:29] [Jenny] hi Chi
[02:29] [chibois] hi
[02:30] [Jenny] I guess we're the only ones awake at the moment
[02:30] [chibois] yep
[02:30] [chibois] you know what that means
[02:31] [chibois] more icecream for us >^.^
[02:32] [Jenny] *giggle*
[02:32] [chibois] and ya know what we could do with that icecream?
[02:33] [chibois] we could eat it *puts pinky up to mouth like dr. evil*
[02:54] [Jenny] hehe
[02:54] [Jenny] what flavour?
[02:54] [chibois] french vanilla
[03:22] [Jenny] what's wrong with plain vanilla? ;-)
[03:28] [chibois] i dont have any?
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[03:37] [Shrike] Anyone here?
[03:38] [chibois] nope
[03:41] [Shrike] Funny!!!!!!!!!!
[03:41] [Shrike] NOT
[03:42] [Shrike] Didn't have much sleep, the terror gave war back
[03:42] [chibois] er
[03:42] [chibois] what?
[03:46] [Shrike] The terror called JT, I feel like I joined navy seals and hell week just started
[03:46] [chibois] 2 days and ur already complaining?
[03:50] [Shrike] Yeah so? Sue me
[03:50] [chibois] maybe i will :P
[03:50] [Shrike] Fortunately you don't know where I live
[03:50] [chibois] oh dont i?
[03:51] [Shrike] You may have the address, but that won't be valid much longer
[03:51] [chibois] oh wont it?
[03:51] [Shrike] Besides, how would you go here? Even people from this country can't find the house
[03:51] [Shrike] We are planning to move soon to the bigger house
[03:52] [chibois] oh are you?
[03:52] [chibois] :P
[03:52] [Shrike] Yes we are
[03:52] [Shrike] and yes we can
[03:52] [chibois] ok
[03:52] [Shrike] :p
[03:52] [Shrike] Where is the story from you? WE need more
[03:53] [Shrike] Go write and fast
[03:53] [Shrike] But good, or it won't make the cut
[03:53] [chibois] we?
[03:53] [Shrike] Goddess brit and me
[03:53] [chibois] i doubt she wants rubbish writing like mine
[03:54] [Shrike] Have to go again
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[06:17] [Misty] There is no morning just like thia morning at any time other than this morning, so this must be the morning...
[06:18] [Misty] It's morning I am offering you all!
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[09:45] [dragonessprincess9] hello?
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[10:32] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[10:33] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[10:34] [dragonessprincess9] hi shrike
[10:34] [Shrike] Hi Nina, bekah is on gchat
[10:34] [dragonessprincess9] gchat?
[10:34] [Rebekah] hey baby
[10:35] [dragonessprincess9] bekah
[10:35] [dragonessprincess9] what is gchat?
[10:35] [Rebekah] thanx shrike
[10:35] [Rebekah] goole chat
[10:35] [dragonessprincess9] ah i don't have that
[10:36] [Rebekah] :*
[10:36] [Rebekah] hey baby what college do u go to
[10:36] [Shrike] Fox and Matt are on gchat
[10:36] [dragonessprincess9] georgia southernuniversity
[10:36] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[10:37] [Rebekah] cool
[10:37] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[10:37] [Rebekah] iam gonna try to get a placement throughtthe company fox worx for possibly in albany georgia
[10:37] [dragonessprincess9] neat
[10:38] [dragonessprincess9] where is albany?
[10:38] [Rebekah] southern georgia
[10:39] [dragonessprincess9] ah is see it
[10:40] [Rebekah] about 150-200 miles from ur school
[10:40] [dragonessprincess9] I
[10:40] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[10:40] [dragonessprincess9] yes but how far from Commerce georgia?
[10:40] [dragonessprincess9] where my family live?
[10:40] [dragonessprincess9] lol
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[10:42] [Rebekah] probably about 300-350 i think lol
[10:43] [dragonessprincess9] ah lol
[10:44] [Rebekah] but atleast would be in the same state
[10:45] [dragonessprincess9] yep. hehe
[10:46] [dragonessprincess9] i hae a class today at 1230 :(
[10:48] [Rebekah] how long will that class be?
[10:48] [dragonessprincess9] 1 hr and 15 mins
[10:48] [dragonessprincess9] it ends at 1:45
[10:48] [dragonessprincess9] how do i get to google chat?
[10:50] [dragonessprincess9] brb
[10:52] [Rebekah] sign up for gmail
[10:53] [Rebekah] is the easiest way
[10:53] [dragonessprincess9] back
[10:53] [Rebekah] thenu can download googletalk thats howi do it
[10:54] [Shrike] bbiaw
[10:55] [Rebekah] kk
[10:56] [dragonessprincess9] k
[10:56] *** Rebekah kisses nina on the cheek
[10:57] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[10:57] [dragonessprincess9] k
[10:57] [dragonessprincess9] how do i get into gtalk?
[10:57] [dragonessprincess9] i'm in gmail
[10:58] [Rebekah] um let me find the im download link
[10:58] [dragonessprincess9] k
[10:59] [Rebekah]
[11:04] [dragonessprincess9] i'm in
[11:05] [Rebekah] ok whats your gmail address
[11:05] [dragonessprincess9] now what?
[11:05] [dragonessprincess9] ?
[11:06] [dragonessprincess9] not sure
[11:06] [dragonessprincess9] what address?
[11:06] [Rebekah] your login
[11:06] [Rebekah] so i can add u to my list
[11:06] [dragonessprincess9] dragonessprincess
[11:06] [dragonessprincess9] -9
[11:06] [dragonessprincess9] like on here
[11:07] [dragonessprincess9]
[11:07] [Rebekah] oops
[11:08] [dragonessprincess9] oh
[11:08] [dragonessprincess9] oops
[11:08] [dragonessprincess9] ok no ess
[11:08] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[11:08] [Rebekah] otay sent invite
[11:10] [dragonessprincess9] neat
[11:10] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[11:10] [dragonessprincess9] k
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[11:29] Nick change: Guest15 -> Misty
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[11:39] [Shrike] Hi misty
[11:48] [Rebekah] u wanna join groupshrike
[11:49] [Misty] Good morning you all
[11:49] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupurexqla) joined #morfs.
[11:49] [Misty] It's freezin here
[11:49] [Misty] freezin' drizzle...
[11:49] [dragonprincess9] hi
[11:49] [Misty] foggy
[11:49] [Misty] miserable
[11:49] [dragonprincess9] how are u misty?
[11:50] [dragonprincess9] aw
[11:50] [dragonprincess9] hugs
[11:51] [Rebekah] heya misty
[11:51] [Rebekah] wb nina baby
[11:51] *** Misty hugs da nina
[11:51] [dragonprincess9] hi
[11:51] [dragonprincess9] bekah can u gace me to page for gtalk again?
[11:51] *** Misty hugs da bekah
[11:51] [dragonprincess9] so i can put it on my laptop?
[11:52] [Rebekah] yepyep
[11:52] *** Misty hugs da Shrike
[11:52] [Rebekah]
[11:52] [Rebekah] yay hugs all around
[11:53] [dragonprincess9] i have to head to class in 7 mins
[11:53] [dragonprincess9] hehe
[11:53] [Rebekah] hehe
[11:53] [Rebekah] otay whendo u think u might be back sweety
[11:54] [dragonprincess9] k invite me to group chat
[11:55] [dragonprincess9] Misty how r u?
[11:55] [Misty] Take yer time agoin', and hurry back../.
[11:55] [Rebekah] invite sent
[11:55] [Misty] Me? I are fine, but chilled to da bones
[11:56] [Misty] Was two hands short this AM and had to do the feeding myself.
[12:00] *** Misty really hates doing the morning feed.
[12:02] [Misty] Be back later.
[12:04] [dragonprincess9] k
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[12:07] [Rebekah] ouch that sux
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[12:29] [tastes_like_moo] hi
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[13:04] [Shrike] anyone
[13:45] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
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[14:03] [Rebekah] hihi
[14:05] [Shrike] Hi, steph is in gchat
[14:08] [Rebekah] cool invite me to group
[14:14] [Shrike] I can't, this is home computer
[14:14] [Shrike] Don't have FF with better gmail installed

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