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[00:15] [chibois] :/
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[08:47] [Rebekah] allo all
[10:43] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[10:44] [Shrike] Hello?
[10:45] [Rebekah] heya
[10:48] [Shrike] brb
[10:48] [Rebekah] k
[11:17] [Shrike] back
[11:17] [Rebekah] wb
[11:18] [Shrike] busy day today
[11:18] [Rebekah] yeah i can imagine
[11:19] [Shrike] Had to report to county, trade in the bottle warmer that didn't work, buy some other things, and more
[11:26] [Shrike] At least he's sleeping
[11:26] [Rebekah] wow
[11:27] [Shrike] Later feed him again, and get rid of the output
[11:27] [Rebekah] yeah
[11:28] *** Shrike slaps emw
[11:28] [Shrike] He's online in gchat
[11:28] [Rebekah] lol
[11:30] [Shrike] He said to use a plunger
[11:31] [Rebekah] lol
[11:33] [Shrike] Now he said, 'maybe a shredder to make it fit
[11:35] [Rebekah] ??
[11:42] [Shrike] Ask him
[11:42] [Shrike] baby-alert went off again
[11:49] [Rebekah] maybe
[11:50] [Shrike] No I mean the alarm sounded
[11:50] [Shrike] Too bad there's no off button
[12:12] [Rebekah] yeah
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[12:57] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@tsegvghglclgtseg) joined #morfs.
[12:57] [StarfoxHowl] Good evening.
[12:57] [Rebekah] heya foxy
[12:58] [StarfoxHowl] How you doing becka?
[12:58] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[12:58] [Rebekah] im doin alright
[12:59] [Rebekah] how about u
[13:00] [StarfoxHowl] I'm doing okay. Trying to get over this pulled muscle in my back and having to re-edit Be Careful.
[13:00] [StarfoxHowl] Transmutation, eh, does that mean I can turn lead into gold?
[13:01] [Rebekah] ouch a pulled muscle huh
[13:01] [Rebekah] that sux
[13:02] [StarfoxHowl] yeah.. I did that on the copter ride up here, tossing my luggage around on the truck and such. Have some nice pain pills though.
[13:03] [Rebekah] thats good
[13:03] [Rebekah] brb gonna switch to laptop
[13:03] [StarfoxHowl] Yeah. You do not want me operating heavy machinery or dangerious equipment after taking one.
[13:03] [StarfoxHowl] okay.
[13:07] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[13:08] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[13:08] [bekah] back
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] WB Becka
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] ohhh here kitty kitty
[13:09] [bekah] ??
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] YOU'RE A FAIRLY AVERAGE MORF!
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] [22:37] MORFS_Registry_Database: You are a Absolute Jaguar Hybrid!
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] [22:37] MORFS_Registry_Database: You are a Cell Shifter!
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] [22:37] MORFS_Registry_Database: You are a Tamer!
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] [22:37] MORFS_Registry_Database: Your gender does not change!
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] [22:37] MORFS_Registry_Database: Your hair changed color!
[13:09] [StarfoxHowl] [22:37] MORFS_Registry_Database: You are 10 feet and 2 inches tall!
[13:10] [bekah] big kitty
[13:10] [bekah] but want me i dont think
[13:10] [StarfoxHowl] I took one of the pain pills for my back, you do not want me operating heavy machinery or driving a car about now.
[13:10] [bekah] wasnt*
[13:11] [StarfoxHowl] no, it was me.
[13:11] [StarfoxHowl] :-)
[13:12] [bekah] oh hehe
[13:12] [StarfoxHowl] I hope that ten feet includes the tail!
[13:12] [bekah] lol
[13:14] [StarfoxHowl] I'm off to bed. I need to crash with this pill. TTYL Becka.
[13:14] [Shrike] FOX!!!
[13:14] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@tsegvghglclgtseg) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[13:15] [Shrike] shucks
[13:19] [bekah] phooey
[13:20] [Shrike] What?
[13:20] [bekah] he went away
[13:25] [Shrike] Yeah
[13:25] [bekah] oh well
[13:25] [Shrike] Hey even Jorey send congrats on forum
[13:25] [Shrike] And Brit reacted as well
[13:26] [bekah] coolness
[13:31] tina (~tina@ndlcpalqlbfbndlc) joined #morfs.
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[13:55] [Shrike] Hi Tina, bye tina
[14:10] EMW (~chatzilla@racgtypgldegracg) joined #morfs.
[14:12] tastes_like_moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[14:12] [tastes_like_moo] hi shrike
[14:15] [EMW] hi moo
[14:15] [tastes_like_moo] hi matt
[14:15] Nick change: tastes_like_moo -> moo
[14:15] [moo] where did everyone go?
[14:15] [bekah] heya moo and emw
[14:15] [moo] hi bekah!
[14:15] [EMW] vegas
[14:15] [moo] :p
[14:16] [moo] did you see shrike's new baby?
[14:16] [moo] Jason Teake
[14:16] [EMW] yes
[14:16] [bekah] yepyep
[14:16] [moo] I think thats what he said his name is
[14:16] [moo] cute kid
[14:16] [EMW] ugly like all babies
[14:16] [moo] lol
[14:16] [EMW] bawling noise machines :D
[14:18] [bekah] brb
[14:25] *** Shrike slaps emw again
[14:25] [moo] SHRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:25] [moo] hi
[14:25] [Shrike] ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:25] [moo] :D
[14:25] [Shrike] MOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:25] [moo] how you doin! hows jason?
[14:26] [Shrike] The airalarm was sounding for quite a while, but now he's sleeping for a bit again
[14:26] [moo] air alarm?
[14:26] [moo] ....oh
[14:26] [moo] lol
[14:26] [Shrike] Still haven't found the off button
[14:26] [EMW] I told you invest in some proper noise cancelation
[14:26] [moo] lol
[14:27] [moo] the cone of silence
[14:27] [moo] its a good investment
[14:27] [Shrike] Who has a sound elemental for me?
[14:27] [moo] lopl
[14:27] [moo] i mean lol
[14:27] [Shrike] Synergy is busy, or I would ask her
[14:27] [Shrike] Saves on the heating bill as well
[14:28] [Shrike] He's sleeping on M's shoulder now
[14:28] [moo] awww
[14:29] [EMW] ploting his next kill
[14:30] [Shrike] SHe now put him down on the sofa, hogging all the room
[14:30] [Shrike] I need to see where to post the movie
[14:30] [Shrike] bbiaw
[14:32] [moo] laters
[14:32] [moo] !morf me large small medium
[14:32] [moo] lol
[14:32] [moo] !morf me random rare
[14:37] [Rebekah] back
[14:37] [moo] wb
[14:37] [Rebekah] tnx
[14:41] [moo] sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet eeeeeeeemooooooooooooooooootion
[14:42] [moo] sorry
[14:42] [Rebekah] lol
[14:42] [moo] listening to aerosmith
[14:42] [moo] :p
[14:42] [EMW] sweet lotion?
[14:42] [Rebekah] i figured
[14:42] [EMW] :P
[14:42] [moo] :s
[14:42] [moo] so
[14:42] [moo] why so quiet?
[14:42] [Rebekah] i always thoughtthat lotion was kinda salty
[14:42] [moo] we should be celebrating
[14:43] [moo] theres a new life on the planet!
[14:43] [moo] yay
[14:43] [Rebekah] brb again
[14:46] [Rebekah] back again
[14:47] [Rebekah] !morf me medium hybrid
[14:47] [moo] wb
[14:48] [Rebekah] tnx
[15:01] [Rebekah] hey boo do u like tati
[15:02] [Rebekah] tatu
[15:02] [moo] hey boo?
[15:02] [Rebekah] moo
[15:02] [moo] do you mean moo?
[15:02] [moo] oh
[15:02] [moo] okl
[15:02] [Rebekah] sorry cant type today
[15:02] [moo] dont know what that is
[15:02] [moo] today? :p
[15:02] [Rebekah] its a music group
[15:02] [Rebekah]
[15:03] [moo] welllllll, since i didnt know who or what that was.... i think its safe to assume the answer
[15:03] [Rebekah] yeah the correct answer is u dont know
[15:03] [moo] yes
[15:03] [moo] you get a cokie
[15:03] [moo] cookie
[15:04] [Rebekah] so hitthe link above silly
[15:04] *** moo gives bekah a cookie
[15:05] [moo] i am
[15:05] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[15:05] [moo] a clam
[15:05] [moo] :p
[15:06] [Rebekah] lol
[15:09] [Rebekah] im trying to learn how to make my own flash mp3 player like the one i am hosting
[15:21] [moo] back
[15:22] [moo] !morf me rare

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