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[00:16] [chibois1] make the churning and gurgling stop!!
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[02:26] Nick change: marful_on_a_mission -> marful
[02:27] [marful] !morf me medium hybrid
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[03:51] [chibois] any signs of life?
[03:51] [marful] ?
[03:51] [marful] no
[03:51] [chibois] doesnt even have to be intelligent life
[03:51] [marful] I am a walking bag of 55% water and 100% carbon
[03:52] [chibois] gave up searching for that years ago
[03:52] [marful] and I come from fance
[03:52] [marful] france
[03:52] [chibois] so your one of those meat shields right? very useful when playing dodge ball
[03:53] [marful] no no
[03:53] [marful] meat sack
[03:54] [chibois] speaking of meatshields i gotta do a spot of research on monstr stats in tales of symphonia2
[03:56] [chibois] tho i already have a meatshield...
[03:56] [chibois] i need a good mage
[03:56] [marful] siblings don't count
[03:56] [marful] your parents get mad when you use them a shield
[03:57] [chibois] own a wii?
[03:57] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[03:57] [marful] yup
[03:57] [marful] OMG
[03:57] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[03:57] [marful] It's Shrike
[03:57] [marful] finally
[03:57] [chibois] lol?
[03:58] [chibois] hi shrike
[03:58] [marful] I want him to sign my underwear
[03:58] [chibois] uhh
[03:58] [marful] lol
[03:58] [marful] j/k
[03:58] [chibois] gl shrike
[03:58] [marful] Shrike wrote the first Morfs story I read
[03:58] [marful] =P
[03:58] [chibois] i read brits 1st
[03:58] [chibois] read grey 2nd and his thrid
[03:59] [marful] though... Shrike hasn't responded yet...
[03:59] [marful] T_T
[04:00] [chibois] lol
[04:00] [chibois] so have u written anything?
[04:01] [marful] who?
[04:01] [chibois] u
[04:01] [marful] yes and no
[04:01] [marful] I used to write a lot in hs and college
[04:02] [marful] And I started writing a novel, but then I got a job
[04:03] [chibois] anythin morfs related?
[04:03] [marful] lol
[04:03] [marful] just been reading morfs for less than a month
[04:03] [marful] but reading them all kicked my desire to write
[04:03] [marful] so I have been working on something
[04:04] [marful] it's kind of a crime/detective story
[04:04] [marful] with serial killers, etc
[04:04] [marful] it's pretty insulated from the big events going on in the morfs world
[04:04] [chibois] i started writing one, got a chapter and a half in and kinda stopped
[04:04] [marful] and the main character is pretty weak
[04:04] [marful] good ol writers block =P
[04:04] [marful] that happens a lot
[04:04] [chibois] not writers block
[04:04] [marful] oh?
[04:04] [marful] lost desire?
[04:04] [chibois] yep
[04:05] [marful] that happens a lot
[04:05] [chibois] after ppl kept commenting on what i havent written instead of whats there
[04:05] [Shrike] Hi everyone
[04:05] [chibois] i got annoyed and stopped
[04:05] [marful] it's less common in more developed universes, but happens a lot when you start running into world definition issues
[04:05] [marful] Hey Shrike!
[04:05] [marful] I've been hoping to catch you and tell you how much I loved and got hooked on your stories =)
[04:05] [Shrike] I've been a bit busy, I have to go to the hospital soon again
[04:06] [marful] no baby yet?
[04:06] [Shrike] Jason Teake was taken by C-section yesterday at 15.52 hours
[04:06] [marful] !
[04:06] [marful] Is everything ok?
[04:07] [Shrike] I'm at home only now to put pics in the computer to send to the family in Indonesia
[04:07] [chibois] o.o
[04:07] [marful] I understand first births for small sized moms, c-sections are common
[04:07] [chibois] taken in what definition?
[04:07] [marful] Congratulations Shrike, and my best wishes to a speedy recovery for your wife
[04:08] [Shrike] No he was being stubborn and decided to lay across
[04:08] [marful] yup
[04:08] [marful] usually birth complication, such as positioning, etc
[04:08] [Shrike] He's still stubborn with drinking
[04:08] [chibois] shrike rephrase that next time you say it
[04:08] [marful] lol
[04:08] [Shrike] rephrase what?
[04:08] [marful] taken = removed from womb
[04:09] [chibois] taken by c-section can also mean died via c-section
[04:10] [chibois] ˙"Jason Teake was taken by C-section yesterday at 15.52 hours" sounded like a declaration of death not birth, ya had me worried
[04:11] [Shrike] I only know the duth phrase
[04:11] [chibois] fair enough
[04:11] [chibois] ˙Jason Teake came into the world by C-section yesterday at 15.52 hours
[04:12] [chibois] works better
[04:12] [Shrike] I can't worry about that now, I'm too busy
[04:12] [Shrike] And tired
[04:12] [chibois] i keep forgetting your not american :P
[04:13] [chibois] well get the pics sent and get some rest
[04:13] [chibois] we all hope to see some pics here when ya get the chance, no hurry :)
[04:13] [marful] Congrats Shrike!
[04:13] [marful] Have fun changing diapers
[04:13] [marful] for the next 6 months, your life is going to revolve around bowel movements
[04:13] *** Shrike starts gagging
[04:14] [marful] did it poop? what did the poop smell like? what color was the poop? what consistency was the poop? When was the last time he pooped?
[04:14] [chibois] dont scar the man, let him enjoy the moment
[04:14] [marful] I'm being serious =)
[04:14] [marful] like 3 of my friends just had kids and I've helped a bit with baby sitting and watching them
[04:14] [Shrike] during the night, and the nurse did it, so I didn
[04:15] [Shrike] well come here, we sure could need the help
[04:15] [marful] There is this awesome device
[04:15] [marful] I can't remember what it's called but its basically a tube with a garbage bag
[04:15] [chibois] called a teleporter?
[04:15] [marful] and you put the diaper in and twist the cap and it seals the diaper in so you can't smell it
[04:15] [marful] great for disposing of diapers =P
[04:16] [chibois] i'd rather a teleporter
[04:17] [Shrike] We have a special garbage bin with a top that rotates, so the diaper goes in and we don't have to open anything
[04:18] [marful] thats the one!
[04:18] [marful] diaper genie or something it's called
[04:18] [Shrike] Have sanura open a wormhole here, so we can dump it there
[04:18] [marful] So, when thing settle down, pop on more so we can talk!
[04:19] [marful] I know your tired and got a lot on your mind so I'm going to refrain from hitting you up with questions =)
[04:19] [Shrike] Kay, I'm sending out emails aswell
[04:21] [chibois] my story is the kind where u dont fully get whats going on till the very end
[04:21] [chibois] and ppl kept complaining about what the 1st chapter diddnt say instead of critiquing what was there
[04:23] [chibois] thus i got annoyed and stopped
[04:23] [chibois] will eventually continue it but too much is goin on right now
[04:26] [Shrike] excuses, excuses
[04:26] [chibois] lol go have a baby or somethin
[04:26] [marful] He did
[04:26] [marful] next!
[04:27] [chibois] school+work+tales of symphonia 2
[04:37] [Shrike] Well got to get going again
[04:37] [marful] bye!
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[07:41] Dad (~Dad@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[07:41] [marful] OMG, Dad? what are you doing herE?
[07:41] [marful] What will happen if mom finds out!
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[07:43] [Dad] I didn't feel like going with Shrike now
[07:43] Mom (~Mom@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[07:43] [marful] ahh damn,m and here I was going to mess with you!
[07:43] [Dad] Very funny
[07:43] [Mom] Omg Honey!
[07:43] [Mom] picking up young guys in online chat rooms?
[07:43] [marful] =P
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[07:44] [Dad] Mom is still in the hospital, till monday or tuesday
[07:44] [marful] Everything ok?
[07:44] [marful] no complications with the c-section?
[07:44] [Dad] Well the breast still doesn't deliver that much, but the bottle went in like a black hole
[07:45] [marful] give it time
[07:45] [marful] as the she gives more and more milk her body will respond
[07:45] [Dad] I'm waiting for my family to arrive
[07:45] [Dad] They live 100 km away
[07:45] [Dad] About an hour's drive
[07:45] [marful] Has your wife had instruction on latching? if you don't due it right it can become very painful
[07:46] [marful] due=do
[07:46] [Dad] Yes we had, but it is hard work for him
[07:46] [marful] yeah
[07:46] [marful] from what I remember there are some tricks.
[07:46] [marful] I'm sure the nurse/midwife showed them though
[07:46] [Dad] Nope a special information evening
[07:46] [Dad] 3510 grams is 7 pounds, 12 ounces
[07:47] [marful] lol, 3 of my friends popped out kids around the same time so I got to assist in a lot of baby handling
[07:47] [Dad] This is my first
[07:47] [marful] what ethnicity are you and your wife?
[07:47] [Dad] I'm too careful with him said the nurse
[07:47] [marful] lol
[07:47] [marful] I was the same with kids at first
[07:47] [marful] they look so fragile
[07:47] [Dad] I'm Frisian, she's Chinese-Indonesian
[07:47] [marful] until they rip out your chest hair
[07:47] [marful] Frisian?
[07:47] [marful] oooh chinese-indo... hawt!
[07:48] [Dad] THe north part of Nederland, famous for the 200km ice-skating race
[07:48] [marful] oooh!!!!
[07:48] [Dad] Also frisian flag, a famous milk brand
[07:48] [marful] that is pretty cool
[07:48] [marful] wait
[07:48] [marful] so how the heck did you two meet?
[07:49] [Dad] How did we meet, you and I?
[07:49] [marful] indo-chinese are usually found in malaysia/indonesia/china/france/and america
[07:49] [marful] no no, you and your wife =P
[07:49] [Dad] Yes, but how are we communicating?
[07:49] [marful] ah
[07:49] [marful] teh intarwebs =P
[07:49] [Dad] Got the picture
[07:49] [marful] ah
[07:49] [Dad] I registered to AsiaFriendFinder
[07:50] [marful] the reason why I ask, is I have a lot of indo-chinese friends and I know where they congregate and northern europe isn't one of them
[07:50] [marful] damn, you got lucky!
[07:50] [marful] I've had horrible luck with the online dating
[07:50] [Dad] For other pics look at
[07:50] [marful] I've always wanted to go to the nederlands
[07:50] [Dad] I didn't jump, but went on vacation and attended her older sisters wedding
[07:51] [Dad] And I have several people here that married indonesian woman or from phillippines
[07:51] [marful] looks like you did a traditional wedding =P

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