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[00:13] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
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[00:52] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[00:52] [chibois] anyone home?
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[01:51] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[01:55] [marful] Entertain me!!!!!1
[02:00] *** marful pokes Rebekah
[02:03] *** marful sighs in defeat at the abject passiveness of the channel
[02:13] *** chibois causes a massive explosion to entertain marful
[02:13] [marful] ...
[02:13] [marful] um
[02:13] [marful] dude
[02:13] [marful] I'm not into stuff like that...
[02:13] [marful] I like girls...
[02:14] [chibois] doesnt matter, its like watching a train wreck, you cant look away from the explosion....
[02:14] [chibois] :P
[02:14] [marful] !
[02:14] [chibois] and so do i
[02:14] [chibois] lets talk about liking girls :P
[02:14] [marful] wait, which kind of explosion are you talking about?
[02:14] [chibois] kaboom
[02:14] [marful] ok
[02:14] [marful] whew
[02:14] [chibois] lol
[02:15] [chibois] get your mind outa the gutter
[02:15] [marful] I don't really think that is possible...
[02:15] [marful] not without a floor jack
[02:15] [chibois] yeah i gave up trying years ago
[02:15] [marful] So what's happening on an ever exciting friday night?
[02:15] [chibois] work
[02:15] [marful] !?!
[02:16] [marful] class work or work work?
[02:16] [chibois] work work
[02:16] [marful] are you a network guy?
[02:16] [chibois] i work at hollywood video
[02:16] [marful] and you are on a puter?
[02:16] [chibois] kinda, i'm behind a register
[02:16] [marful] lol
[02:17] [chibois] which has the movie database linked to it so kinda
[02:17] [marful] =P
[02:17] [marful] must be real exciting
[02:17] [chibois] >.
[02:17] [marful] how late do you have to work till?
[02:17] [chibois] midnight
[02:17] [marful] wait... isn't it past midnight for you?
[02:17] [chibois] is now
[02:18] [marful] wait... what are you doing still at work?
[02:18] [chibois] i'm not
[02:18] [marful] oh, whew!
[02:18] [chibois] its also not friday anymore is it?
[02:18] [marful] For me it is!!!!!
[02:18] [chibois] u asked how i spent friday
[02:18] [marful] Still 42 minutes left of Friday!
[02:18] [marful] Ahh
[02:18] [chibois] lol
[02:18] [marful] I see where the disconnect occurred
[02:18] [marful] I just got home from work at about 11
[02:19] [marful] hrm, more like 10:50
[02:19] [marful] but still
[02:19] [chibois] hmm yeah i ranted too long...
[02:20] [chibois] was sharing a revalation with a friend and the message i sent her is like crazy long....
[02:20] [marful] Ranted? about what? =P
[02:21] [chibois] about how i'm drawn to depressed people...
[02:21] [marful] lol
[02:21] [marful] is she a depressed person?
[02:21] [chibois] yep
[02:21] [marful] so you were drawn to her?
[02:21] [chibois] yep
[02:21] [marful] did she freak out?
[02:22] [chibois] pity she's a lesbian...
[02:22] [marful] does she know you are into gay midget pr0n?
[02:22] [chibois] i dunno she's not on, she'll read it tomorro
[02:22] [chibois] yes, yes she does
[02:22] [marful] wow
[02:22] [marful] Whats her number, I'll call her for you!
[02:23] [marful] lol
[02:23] [marful] It's ok
[02:23] [chibois] lol well first off i've never really gotten into midget porn
[02:23] [marful] just that one time?
[02:24] [chibois] as for the gay part my fetish preference changes daily and it does rarely gear towards gay, today i'm into anal schoolgirls....
[02:24] [marful] A month back I met this totally gorgeous woman who is into Anime and stuff like that. And then the next time I stopped by to drop some stuff of for work (she was the receptionist for the client) I found out she was married T_T
[02:24] [marful] hrmm.... catholic?
[02:25] [chibois] no, japanese uniforms
[02:25] [marful] long pleated skirts?
[02:25] [marful] well, knee length
[02:26] [marful] Just a FYI, japanese school girls are mean >_
[02:26] [chibois] ya but solid navy blue
[02:26] [chibois] cant stand plad
[02:26] [chibois] yes they are, i meant the uniform, not the women
[02:26] [marful] when I was in tokyo in '95, I witnessed an all girl school let out, man did that side of the street clear
[02:26] [marful] some business man was on his cell in the way of one of the girls, so she clubbed him with her book bag till he got out of the way
[02:26] [marful] was interesting
[02:28] [marful] interesting fetish
[02:28] [chibois] lol
[02:28] [marful] if today is that, what was yesterdays?
[02:28] [chibois] oral milfs....
[02:29] [marful] lol
[02:29] [marful] so, do you have a day planner or something to keep track of each fetish?
[02:29] [marful] or just spur of the moment things?
[02:29] [chibois] spur of the moment
[02:32] [marful] so, do you have any idea if more stories are going to be posted for feb madness thingy?
[02:33] [chibois] huh?
[02:33] [marful] on the morfs website =P
[02:33] [marful] new chapters =P
[02:33] [chibois] i actually havnt been to the site since october :P
[02:33] [marful] !
[02:33] [marful] lol
[02:34] [marful] =(
[02:35] [chibois] ?
[02:35] [marful] I'm going through withdrawls here
[02:35] [marful] the cliffhangers are killing me
[02:35] [chibois] of?
[02:35] [chibois] ah
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[02:50] Nick change: marful -> marful_away
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[02:56] [marful_away] Hi Shannon
[02:57] Nick change: marful_away -> marful
[02:57] [MistressShannon] Hello.
[02:57] [marful] How was your friday?
[02:57] [MistressShannon] It was nice ,and yours
[02:57] [marful] long and wet =(
[02:57] [marful] work + rain = not fun!
[02:58] [MistressShannon] what do you do?
[02:58] [marful] Printer
[02:58] [marful] the moisture makes printing difficult
[02:58] [MistressShannon] I see.
[02:58] [marful] paper can curl and stuff when wet and cause problems
[02:59] [marful] like say, you print the front side and the paper curls, and you try to print the back side, but it doesn't line up with the front because the paper shrunk/expanded due to moisture
[02:59] [MistressShannon] I know, I used to live on Cape Cod, very humid.
[03:00] [marful] You wouldn't by chance know if there is indeed a definite plan to release more chapters of the morfs stories come February, would you?
[03:00] [MistressShannon] sorry
[03:01] [marful] =(
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[12:44] [dragonessprincess9] Update the story list please.
[12:44] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[12:44] [dragonessprincess9] be back in a while going for food
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[15:13] [Nomura_Yuki] hi
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[16:02] [dragonessprincess9] hi
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[16:21] [Misty] That link does not compute
[20:25] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[20:25] [marful] !morf me medium hybrid
[20:54] [marful] !morf me medium hybrid asdf
[20:54] [marful] !morf me medium hybrid
[20:59] Nick change: marful -> marful_away
[22:01] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[22:01] *** dragonessprincess9 sneaks in and jumps on bekah
[22:01] [Rebekah] heya beautiful
[22:01] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[22:01] [dragonessprincess9] yay your awake
[22:02] Nick change: dragonessprincess9 -> Nina
[22:02] [Rebekah] sorry i wasnt on last night
[22:02] [Rebekah] i slept
[22:02] [Nina] np
[22:02] [Nina] sleep is good
[22:03] [Rebekah] yep and i had a funeral to go to this am
[22:03] [Nina] aw
[22:03] [Nina] who died :'(
[22:04] [Rebekah] i went as moral support for a friend
[22:04] [Nina] ah
[22:04] [Nina] thats good
[22:04] *** Nina sniffles
[22:04] [Nina] :(
[22:04] *** Rebekah hugs nina
[22:04] [Nina] hehe
[22:04] [Nina] i'm sorry someone died
[22:05] [Nina] whats u been doing today?
[22:06] [Rebekah] yeah but i didnt know the person
[22:06] [Rebekah] lets see funeral this am .. then hiking .. then mall .. then dnd
[22:06] [Rebekah] how about u
[22:06] [Nina] cool
[22:06] [Nina] umm
[22:06] [Nina] woke up
[22:07] [Nina] watched tv
[22:07] [Nina] got food
[22:07] [Nina] took shower
[22:07] [Nina] hung out with friends
[22:07] [Nina] played super smash brothers brawl
[22:08] [Rebekah] i like that game lol
[22:08] [Nina] hehe
[22:08] [Rebekah] i like to play lucario
[22:08] [Nina] i'm trying to get good at sonic
[22:08] [Rebekah] coool

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