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[00:44] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[01:04] [marful] ...
[01:07] Jumper (~Jumper@nfhgriecleponfhg) joined #morfs.
[01:07] [marful] omg
[01:07] [marful] peoples!
[01:07] [Jumper] lol
[01:08] [Jumper] i was wondering if you know whats going on with the web site because the last update was so long ago?
[01:08] [marful] dunno
[01:08] [marful] but I think there is going to be a "marathon" in february
[01:08] [Jumper] hmm thats sould be intresting
[01:09] [Jumper] should*
[01:09] [marful] basically they try and post an update every day
[01:09] [Jumper] then they must not be updateing because they are saveing up
[01:09] [marful] thats my guess
[01:10] [Jumper] hmm then ill wait see ya later
[01:10] [marful] ciao!
[01:10] Jumper (~Jumper@nfhgriecleponfhg) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[01:32] [Rebekah] hi
[01:32] [marful] hey
[01:33] [Rebekah] how goes'
[01:33] [marful] ok
[01:33] [Rebekah] thats good
[01:34] [Rebekah] im starting a new character on fable2
[01:34] [marful] I havent played that yet
[01:35] [Rebekah] its a good game
[01:38] [Rebekah] better than the 1st one
[01:51] [Rebekah] u get to choose between being a boy or girl
[03:36] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[03:36] [marful] omg
[03:36] [marful] its a chibois
[03:36] [chibois] lol hi
[03:36] [chibois] i has me a game addiction :P
[03:37] [marful] what game?
[03:37] [chibois] tales of symphonia 2
[03:37] [marful] omg
[03:37] [marful] they made a sequal?
[03:37] [chibois] yep
[03:38] [chibois] came out in december
[03:38] [marful] !!!!!
[03:38] [chibois] for da wii
[03:38] [Rebekah] heya
[03:38] [chibois] hi reb
[03:38] [marful] I LOVED the first one!
[03:38] *** chibois hugs rebekah
[03:38] [marful] I still have to be fallout 3, GoW and Twilight Princess though =(
[03:38] [chibois] the 2nd one is a good deal different but still amazing so far
[03:38] [marful] oh, and fire emblem, lol
[03:38] [Rebekah] heya chibi
[03:39] [chibois] ToS2 lets u befriend monsters and have em fight for u
[03:39] [chibois] kinda like dragon warrior monsters....
[03:41] [marful] ah
[03:42] [marful] is it same characters or new characters
[03:42] [marful] or same world
[03:43] [chibois] yes
[03:44] [chibois] two new main characters, the old characters join you for parts of the plot
[03:44] [chibois] but they arent perminant
[03:44] [marful] woot
[03:44] [marful] I really liked the ToS1 characters
[03:44] [chibois] and lloyd is a villan
[03:44] [marful] !
[03:44] [marful] NOOO!
[03:45] [chibois] i'm pritty sure he eventually goes back to normal
[03:45] [chibois] in the 1st game did u do the neiflheim dungeon?
[03:45] [marful] lol, I honestly can't remember
[03:46] [chibois] well the game has another set of 8 elemental dudes
[03:46] [chibois] that arent summon spirits, instead they are the rulers of the different classes of monsters
[03:47] [chibois] and ur goal is to get em all to revive the lord of all monsters to fix the mana balance
[03:48] [chibois] the only one who can revive the 8 is a girl who has the egg of the lord sucked into her head
[03:48] [chibois] anyone else who touches one of the 8 eggs goes crazy
[03:48] [chibois] lloyd has one, thus he goes nuts and kills people
[03:48] [marful] ahh
[03:58] [chibois] the world is the two worlds combind
[03:58] [chibois] which is kinda odd cus all the continents are in weird places
[03:58] [marful] lol, I read the wiki =P
[04:56] [marful] so quiet
[05:28] [Rebekah] yepyep
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[06:04] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[06:33] *** Misty arrives, cocked and locked, with one in th' chamber...
[06:34] [marful] ...
[06:34] [Rebekah] hehe heya misty
[06:34] [Misty] Good mornin', y'all.
[06:34] [marful] you sure you don't want to be shooting blanks?
[06:34] [marful] or was that not a euphamism?
[06:34] [JennyAtWork] morning
[06:34] [marful] omg, everyone's coming out of the woodwork!
[06:34] [marful] Hi =)
[06:34] [JennyAtWork] hi there
[06:35] [JennyAtWork] just having lunch break
[06:35] [Rebekah] heya JennyAtWork
[06:35] *** Rebekah hugs jenny
[06:35] [Rebekah] \
[06:36] [marful] lunch break....
[06:36] [JennyAtWork] hi Bekah :) *hugs*
[06:36] [Misty] Bubba and I were at the shoot range... we startyed with a bang and then fired off a box or two of ammo.
[06:36] [Rebekah] lol
[06:36] *** marful checks to make sure he is in the right channel
[06:37] *** Misty hugs dat jenny with great gooey gobs of greasy green gusto.
[06:37] [marful] lol
[06:37] [Rebekah] lol
[06:37] *** JennyAtWork huggles Misty back with equel guzzling gusto
[06:37] [JennyAtWork] equal*
[06:38] [JennyAtWork] obviously, Misty and I go back a long time ;-)
[06:39] *** Misty goes off giggling and guzzeling gouts of gusto...
[06:40] [JennyAtWork] *giggle*
[06:40] [Misty] :)
[06:40] [marful] ok, I'm in the twilight zone...
[06:40] [marful] in the plane of giggles.
[06:41] *** JennyAtWork cues the appropriate theme music
[06:41] [Misty] Marful, you have to remeber that Misty is a punster and was taught by one of the very best
[06:42] [Rebekah] lolol
[06:42] [JennyAtWork] it's a shame Prue does't come here anymore, she was the world champion of puns
[06:42] *** Misty misses da Prue
[06:43] [JennyAtWork] she had a black belt in punfu
[06:43] [Rebekah] lol
[06:43] [Misty] Yup, at the least
[06:45] [Misty] But, I think my use of all those "G"s is something other than punning
[06:46] [Misty] Asimile, I think...reminds me of assembling
[06:46] [JennyAtWork] no disassemble nr5!
[06:46] [Rebekah] lol
[06:47] [Misty] I have a couple of the "Misty's Campfire Tales about ready to post, Jenny.
[06:48] [JennyAtWork] where'd you want them to post?
[06:48] [Misty] Any where that you will post them, please...
[06:49] [Misty] hehe
[06:49] [JennyAtWork] if I can pull myself away from work fora few hours I'll create a site for you
[06:49] [Misty] Oh, wow!
[06:50] [Misty] That would be great
[06:50] [JennyAtWork] :)
[06:51] [JennyAtWork] arg...back to work for now
[06:51] [JennyAtWork] cya all later!
[06:51] [marful] bye!
[06:51] [marful] nice to finally hear from you =)
[06:52] [marful] (You're always afk when I pop in irc)
[06:52] [Misty] send me an e-mail so I can add you to my fave list, please.
[06:52] [Misty] Ah phudge.
[06:53] [Misty] Jenny is a busy body.
[06:54] [Misty] er... a busy person, I meant
[06:54] *** Misty hugs dat Marful twice or thrice.
[06:55] *** marful hugs the Misty back
[06:56] [Misty] Good morning, Rebekah...*hugs*
[06:56] [Rebekah] good mornin
[06:57] [Rebekah] *hugs*
[06:58] [Misty] Are ye well this AM?
[06:59] [marful] ok
[06:59] [Rebekah] im doing well how about u
[06:59] [marful] about to pass out
[06:59] [marful] since its 4 am =(
[06:59] [Rebekah] 7am
[07:00] *** Misty is as well as can be today.
[07:00] [Rebekah] how well is well as can be
[07:00] [Misty] I was able to get in another page on a third Tall Tale this AM.
[07:00] [Rebekah] cool
[07:01] [Misty] I am actuqally learning how to write with my Dragon.
[07:02] [Rebekah] cool
[07:03] [Misty] The training is a bitch... down to training oindividual words now, ie... Rebekah and Bekah.
[07:04] [Rebekah] yeah
[07:04] [Misty] yeah
[07:04] [Misty] Honest
[07:04] [Misty] hehe
[07:04] [Rebekah] im sure it is a pain
[07:06] [Misty] Just you wait until you begin learnin' yore dragon ta talk Yankee.
[07:07] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[07:10] [Rebekah] i dont have a dragon to teach
[07:10] [Rebekah] and i aint no damn yank
[07:11] [Rebekah] virginia is south ofthe mason dixon line
[07:15] [Rebekah] :P
[07:48] [marful] Sleep taketh me
[07:48] [marful] !
[07:48] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) left irc: Quit: zzzZZzzZZZz
[10:51] [Misty] Good night, Marful.
[11:38] [Rebekah] watching labrynth
[11:50] *** Misty is taking a coffee break!
[11:51] [Rebekah] hehe
[11:51] [Rebekah] labrynth is a great movie
[11:52] [Misty] Sorry, I am not familiar with that one.
[11:54] [Misty] But ask me about Princess bride, LOL.
[11:54] [Rebekah] david bowie plays the goblin king
[11:55] [Misty] Ah, and a young cruise is the good guy~!
[11:55] [Rebekah] nope
[11:56] [Misty] I have seen it!
[11:56] [Rebekah] your thinking legend
[11:56] [Misty] Ulp!
[11:56] [Misty] I am, I think
[11:57] [Rebekah] u should utube search for it
[11:57] *** Misty does not know utube.
[11:58] [Rebekah]
[11:59] [Misty] AndGot it. TY.
[12:00] [Rebekah] cool
[12:38] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) joined #morfs.
[12:38] [Rebekah] heya beautiful
[12:38] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[12:38] [dragonessprincess9] how are u?
[12:39] [Rebekah] have u ever seen the movie Labyrinth
[12:39] [Rebekah] im good and u
[12:39] [dragonessprincess9] i don't think so
[12:39] [Rebekah] its an awesome movie
[12:39] [dragonessprincess9] i have heard good things about it
[12:40] [dragonessprincess9] i have an GLBTQ support group meeting at 2 pm
[12:40] [Rebekah] cool
[12:41] [Rebekah] i wish i knew where a local glbtg support group was

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