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[00:16] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[00:16] [Rebekah] heya chibi
[00:16] [chibois] hi
[00:20] [Rebekah] brb
[00:34] [Rebekah] back
[00:54] [Rebekah] anyone around
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[01:05] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[01:05] [Adran] bah. my computer is getting really slowed down so i gotta close a lot of stuff to try and fix it, so the bot will be offline for an unknown length of time.
[01:05] [Rebekah] otay
[01:05] [Adran] hope to have it back up soon.
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[01:05] [Rebekah] kk
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[02:02] bane (~bane@nqngnqxcjsrfnqng) joined #morfs.
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[02:23] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) joined #morfs.
[02:23] [marful] dang, where is everyone?
[02:25] [bane] sleepy time
[02:25] [marful] Hey bane
[02:25] [bane] hey
[02:26] [marful] you taking off too?
[02:26] [bane] yep in a minute
[02:27] [marful] boo
[02:27] [bane] got to be up early :p
[02:27] [marful] no one is ever on!
[02:27] [marful] Britney popped in for like all of 30 seconds and then left I think sunday night / monday morning
[02:27] [bane] not when you show up at 1:30 at night
[02:27] [marful] and Adran and his bot got DCed last night
[02:27] [marful] its 11:30pm!
[02:27] [marful] still early!
[02:28] [bane] ya i was there almsot got to her in time
[02:28] [bane] i said hi and she logged out
[02:28] [marful] lol yeah
[02:28] [marful] so whats up with you?
[02:28] [bane] just finishing up some studing
[02:28] [marful] got your pc issue sorted out/
[02:28] [marful] ?
[02:29] [bane] havent ordered anything yet
[02:29] [marful] Did you get a 2nd opinion?
[02:29] [bane] no....
[02:29] [marful] you should =P
[02:29] [bane] is your opintion bad?
[02:29] [bane] :p
[02:30] [marful] no, but someone who knows more may know something I don't
[02:30] [bane] oh about the virus
[02:30] [marful] I'm not super up to date on the hardware, I just pieced together a budget pc that I thought was good
[02:30] [bane] ah
[02:30] [bane] ill ask bekah to look at it
[02:30] [bane] i think she knows computers
[02:31] [bane] too bad stormy dosent show up anymore, he know computers
[02:31] [bane] i finished up the rough draft of chapter 2
[02:32] MORFS_Registry_Database (MORFS_Registry_Database@tqjsvdpafsri) joined #morfs.
[02:32] [marful] oh, i need to cehck it out
[02:32] [marful] ...
[02:32] [bane] now i just have to go back over it and change every other sentince
[02:32] [marful]
[02:32] [marful] lol
[02:32] [bane] :p
[02:32] [bane] got to make sure it sounds good and flows
[02:33] [bane] but once that is done ill let you see it
[02:33] [marful] ok!
[02:34] [bane] im going to need some opintions on some parts i think i might have gone over board on some of the emotions
[02:34] [marful] lol cool
[02:34] [marful] did you get a chance to read my 3 chapters?
[02:34] [bane] lot of tearful feirwells
[02:34] [bane] i had calls all day, and my free time was spent on writing. sorry :(
[02:34] [bane] class i mean not calls
[02:34] [marful] np! it's all good =)
[02:34] [marful] I know you meant calls
[02:35] [marful] gotta keep your pimp happy....
[02:35] [marful] ^_^
[02:35] [bane] lol
[02:35] [bane] thats bitches
[02:36] [bane] i guess that just proves that half my typeing has nothing to do with my brain just musile memory
[02:36] [marful] or a physical manifestation of your libido as presented by your subconcious taking over your passive motor control...
[02:36] [bane] :p
[02:37] [bane] where are you at that is only 11:30
[02:37] [marful] Southern California
[02:37] [marful] land of starbucks
[02:37] [bane] thats everywhere
[02:38] [marful] ...
[02:38] [bane] oh
[02:38] [bane] didnt read the first one
[02:38] [bane] lol
[02:38] [marful] Over here... we have a star bucks in a grocery store
[02:38] [bane] same here
[02:38] [marful] a star bucks outside in the parking lot
[02:38] [bane] yep
[02:38] [marful] and one across the street
[02:38] [bane] we have two
[02:38] [bane] :p
[02:38] [marful] and 2 more within 1/2 a mile
[02:38] [bane] lol
[02:38] [marful] we have drive through parking lots
[02:39] [marful] and drive thru crispy-kreme donut shops
[02:39] [bane] drive through parking lots....
[02:39] [marful] we have [CENSORED] drive thru DONUT SHOPS!
[02:39] [bane] good idea :p
[02:39] [marful] oh yeah, meant drive thru starbucks lol
[02:39] [marful] CA is wierd
[02:39] [bane] are they run by chinese people there too?
[02:39] [bane] the donut shops
[02:40] [marful] college babes =P
[02:40] [bane] luck
[02:40] [bane] we have asian people
[02:40] [marful] stuck up ones =(
[02:40] [bane] and they have those buddist status or something
[02:40] [bane] little shrins
[02:40] [marful] lol
[02:40] [bane] i always want to put a donut in it hand
[02:41] [marful] where you at? Colorado?
[02:41] [marful] Canada?
[02:41] [bane] texas
[02:41] [marful] WTF? Asians in texas?
[02:41] [bane] yep
[02:41] [bane] and next door is the toco shop run by the mexicans
[02:41] [bane] :p
[02:41] [bane] im near houston
[02:41] [marful] what do they sell at the toco shop?
[02:41] [bane] lol
[02:41] [bane] taco?
[02:42] [bane] what ever
[02:42] [marful] +P
[02:42] [marful] =P even
[02:42] [bane] so how close to the boarder are you?
[02:43] [marful] 220 miles
[02:43] [marful] lol
[02:43] [marful] 120 miles
[02:43] [bane] :p
[02:43] [marful] about an hour and a half driving
[02:43] [bane] im a bit farther, but i have hunted down in south texas on the border
[02:43] [bane] you have to be careful
[02:43] [marful] hunted?
[02:43] [bane] hunting :p
[02:43] [marful] I don't like killing animals =(
[02:43] [bane] no that was right
[02:44] [bane] i have hunted down in sounth texas
[02:44] [marful] I don't have a problem with hunting, I just don't like killing animals
[02:44] [bane] :( dont correct me if im right
[02:44] [bane] :p
[02:44] [marful] I mean, I eat meat and all
[02:44] [bane] ill get confused
[02:44] [marful] I should do it once though
[02:44] [Rebekah] hey all ... couldnt sleep
[02:44] [bane] and you have to take a bite out of the heart
[02:44] [bane] :p
[02:44] [marful] kind of a hypocrite to love steak but not know how to hunt or have the moral capability to do so
[02:44] [marful] ...
[02:44] [marful] no
[02:44] [bane] lol
[02:45] [marful] I like guns though
[02:45] [marful] =P
[02:45] [Rebekah] i like venison but dont like to hunt
[02:45] [marful] Venison jerky! mmmmm
[02:45] [bane] im texan = i like guns
[02:45] [Rebekah] i know how i just cant stomach it
[02:45] [marful] a friend went hunting and brought some back
[02:45] [marful] that was the best jerky I ever had
[02:45] [Rebekah] my dad hunts i get my venison from him
[02:45] [marful] what kind of hunter is he?
[02:46] [bane] i dont hunt much now adays, i used to hunt with my dad and one of his freinds
[02:46] [marful] Fudd or serious hunter?
[02:46] [bane] ummm the kind with lots of beer
[02:46] [bane] :p
[02:46] [marful] redneck hunter =P
[02:46] [marful] lol
[02:46] [marful] hahahahah
[02:46] [Rebekah] my dad enjoys hunting but he doesso for food not sport
[02:46] [marful] ah
[02:46] [marful] serious hunter then
[02:46] [bane] but that freind died so not much hunting, dont think my dad injoyes it anymore with out his freind
[02:47] [marful] I like to put holes in paper with military style firearms
[02:47] [Rebekah] i before e bane
[02:47] [marful] lol
[02:47] [marful] Hi bekah
[02:47] [bane] :p
[02:47] [Rebekah] hi marful
[02:47] [Rebekah] i like target shooting also
[02:47] [marful] I before e, lol
[02:47] [Rebekah] and skeet shooting
[02:47] [marful] skeet is hard =(
[02:47] [bane] we dont realy do much killing when we go hunting its more.....
[02:47] [marful] trap is ok =P
[02:48] [bane] well drinking and...drinking
[02:48] [Rebekah] i use to be able to shoot 2 skeet per pull
[02:48] [bane] and shooting someone by accudent
[02:48] [marful] Beer + Guns = Bad Idea
[02:48] [bane] and play poker
[02:48] [Rebekah] very bad idea
[02:48] [marful] Beer + Babe = Good Idea
[02:48] [bane] and win money off the drunk old men
[02:48] [bane] :p
[02:48] [Rebekah] :P
[02:48] [marful] Bear + Beer = bad idea
[02:48] [Rebekah] i dont like beer
[02:49] [marful] Beer + Marful = Sleep
[02:49] [Rebekah] lol
[02:49] [bane] lol
[02:49] [Rebekah] beer + bekah = blech

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