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[00:00] [marful] if it was triggered by like a cold virus
[00:00] [marful] and you caught the cold
[00:00] [marful] same virus
[00:00] [bane] but maybe it dosent trigger it for you
[00:00] [marful] hang around some more =P
[00:00] [Adran] !morf me medium specialrare
[00:00] [bane] and dont take your vitumens?
[00:01] [Adran] .... bah
[00:01] [Adran] forgot Hybrid
[00:01] [bane] but knowing my luck i would end up with a suxy morf
[00:01] [marful] Ignoring super powers, if you guys morfed, what would you want?
[00:01] [bane] like a pig hybrid or a cow or something
[00:02] [Adran] what would i want?
[00:02] [marful] you'd have to hang around those critters I'd say
[00:02] [marful] Yeah Adran
[00:02] [bane] poor farmers
[00:02] [marful] yup
[00:02] [Adran] !morf me mastermorf
[00:03] [Adran] that's what i'd want
[00:03] [marful] lol
[00:03] [bane] i would like 4 arms :p
[00:03] [marful] is that one set up for you?
[00:03] [Adran] yes, i set that up just for me
[00:03] [marful] I can't decided if I'
[00:03] [marful] d rather be a cat hybrid or elf
[00:04] [marful] after reading all the stories though, I'd definately want boobies either way. I mean, if
[00:04] [bane] lol
[00:04] [marful] I'm going to be part animal, I'd want a consolation prize
[00:04] [bane] no boobies for me
[00:04] [marful] I thought about wings... but they would be a huge hastle
[00:04] [bane] now the multible sex organs ;)
[00:04] [bane] tail?
[00:04] [bane] i would want a tail
[00:05] [marful] unless they were like bat wings that you could drape. But then flying endurance would be limited
[00:05] [marful] if I was a cat yes, a tail would be cool
[00:05] [marful] Takes a whole new meaning to go [CENSORED] yourself?
[00:05] [bane] lol
[00:05] [bane] O.O
[00:05] [marful] that's a lot of powers Adran =P
[00:06] [marful] You'd be more powerful than Sanura...
[00:06] [bane] could a person with multible sex organs get themselfs pregent?
[00:06] [marful] yes
[00:06] [marful] They can
[00:06] [bane] hmmm that would sux
[00:06] [bane] you would have to be careful
[00:06] [marful] Though in Humans, what we know as "hermaphrodites" are really people with AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) and generally the ones with both male and female genetelia don't have utereruses
[00:06] [Adran] Sanura can destroy the planet. i wouldnt necessarily be that strong
[00:07] [marful] ah, true
[00:07] [marful] as long as you can't break weak nuclear bonds =P
[00:07] [marful] only reason why I know about AIS is that I have a friend who is one =(
[00:08] [marful] but plants can polinate themselves
[00:08] [bane] i dont know if i would want to be a cat hybrid or a wolf hybrid
[00:08] random_guy (~random_guy@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[00:08] [marful] Ideally a controlled lycanthrope
[00:08] [marful] uh... hi random_guy...
[00:09] [bane] a cats tail would be better but the wolf has other things
[00:09] [marful] wolfs shed
[00:09] [marful] a lot
[00:09] [marful] 3 coats of fur =P
[00:09] [marful] trust me, it sucks =P
[00:09] [marful] I have a wolf hybrid for a pet
[00:09] [bane] well a none sheding one :p
[00:09] [marful] shaved?
[00:10] [bane] if its morfs why not make it convenent
[00:10] [marful] you'd look silly =P
[00:10] [bane] hmmmm
[00:10] [bane] i guess i would go with tiger hybrid
[00:10] [bane] 4 arms
[00:11] [bane] a bodybuilders body :p
[00:11] [bane] hey if im dictating it i want to look good
[00:12] [bane] and a few dozen powers
[00:12] [bane] :p
[00:12] [bane] what about you?
[00:13] [marful] Cheetah or Jagaur Lycanthrope hybrid with full control (assuming that lycanthrope exists in morfs universe)
[00:13] [marful] barring that Elven features with huge boost to reflexes and agility.
[00:13] [marful] (huge in comparison to human norm)
[00:14] [bane] lol if people could decide on morfs i think the world would be full of 'thunder cats' exstras
[00:14] [marful] ...
[00:15] [marful] only 2 female thunder cats
[00:15] [bane] THUNDER CATS HOOOOOOO!!!!
[00:15] [marful] in morfs male cats would be rare...
[00:15] [bane] fine by me :p
[00:15] [bane] i would like that
[00:15] [bane] much more females for me
[00:18] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:19] [bane] so... i have no brain.....
[00:19] [marful] jellyfish hybrid
[00:19] [marful] hahahahahahaha
[00:19] *** bane stings marful
[00:19] *** marful dodges
[00:19] [bane] as i understand it the jellyfish has the worst sting in the world
[00:20] [bane] it stays painfull for weeks and nothing can be done about it
[00:20] [marful] countered by it's limited intelligence and speed =P
[00:20] [bane] people accualy ask for there leg to be cut off
[00:20] [marful] it's a neuro toxin
[00:21] [bane] saw a show about them once
[00:21] *** marful sprays ammonia from squirt bottle on bane...
[00:21] [bane] this sicentest let him self get stung by what ever kind of jellyfish it is and he was screaming like a little girl for days afterwords
[00:22] [marful] did you get a chance to read any of my stuff bane?
[00:22] [bane] not yet :s
[00:22] [marful] ...
[00:23] [bane] hmmm what would a sting for a 6 foot jellyfish be like?
[00:23] [marful] dunno
[00:23] *** marful preemptively evades Bane's sting attack
[00:24] [bane] bet if a kid got changed into a jellyfish hybrid he wouldnt have to worrie about bullys at school
[00:24] [marful] unless they used bats
[00:24] [bane] well thats not bullys that assolt
[00:25] [bane] and he could probubly killthem with a sting
[00:25] [bane] or at lest incapasitat them
[00:25] [marful] you obviously never endured the bullying that I did =P
[00:25] [bane] nope
[00:25] [marful] bats, knives, chains etc. were common here =(
[00:25] [bane] shit
[00:25] [marful] too many gangs at school
[00:26] [marful] if you made eye contact they would jump you after school for "disrespecting" them
[00:26] [bane] at my school everyone was too busy smoking week
[00:26] [bane] weed
[00:26] [bane] it was all white kids
[00:26] [bane] rich ones
[00:28] [bane] i dont remember a kid at school that didnt smoke
[00:28] [bane] exsept maybe one or two
[00:29] random_guy (~random_guy@pipypgckpqbupipy) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:29] [bane] i think schools would have to be more active about bulling in the morf universe, after all, all the kids carried weapons pretty much
[00:29] [marful] !morf me medium specialrare hybrid
[00:29] [bane] at least the morf ones
[00:30] [bane] some of them
[00:30] [marful] wow
[00:30] [bane] lol
[00:30] [marful] converter, technopath and magnetism disruptor! woot
[00:30] [bane] some one got a custom morf
[00:30] [marful] and a primal partial lycanthrope hulk type!
[00:30] [bane] hulk type hybrid?
[00:30] [marful] I get mad, I smash
[00:31] [marful] you dont' like me when I get angry!
[00:31] [marful] and primal...
[00:31] [bane] so you revert your your hybrid type.....
[00:31] [bane] you get more hulk like?
[00:31] [marful] yeah
[00:31] [marful] kind of like Sanura when she went nuts in the compound after she got kidnapped?
[00:32] [marful] minus the black hole /darkmatter energy
[00:32] [bane] no primal is all in the mind
[00:32] [bane] you act more like a animal
[00:32] [marful] oh was talking about hulk
[00:32] [marful] yeah
[00:32] [bane] ah
[00:32] [bane] but....
[00:32] [marful] hulk and primal are different
[00:32] [bane] your only 5'5"
[00:32] [marful] both a bad combo =P
[00:32] [marful] I grow when I get mad =P
[00:32] [bane] but what are you primal too?
[00:32] [marful] animal
[00:32] [bane] you cant be primal to hulk
[00:32] [marful] whatever animal type I am a hybrid of
[00:33] [bane] but your a hulk hybrid???
[00:33] *** marful shrugs
[00:33] *** marful points at Adran
[00:33] [bane] guess it left out your hybrid animal
[00:33] [marful] Ask him
[00:33] [marful] thats what I am thinking
[00:33] [marful] !morf me medium rare hybrid
[00:34] [marful] Martian? WTF?
[00:34] [bane] lol
[00:34] *** bane puts his hand on his head and holds him off
[00:34] [bane] nana!
[00:34] [bane] short ass! :p
[00:34] *** marful zaps bane with his ray gun...
[00:35] [marful] I come in peace...
[00:35] [bane] how the hell you get a ray gun!
[00:35] [bane] and ow
[00:35] *** marful points ray gun menacingly
[00:35] [Centaur] !morf me random SpecialRare
[00:35] [bane] all right let me take you too bush :p
[00:35] [marful] lol
[00:35] Nick change: Nina -> Nina_sdleep
[00:35] [marful] NINA!
[00:35] [marful] Quit lurking =)
[00:35] [bane] sdleep?
[00:36] [Nina_sdleep] i'm gona heaad to bed
[00:36] [marful] Night Nina =P
[00:36] [bane] nighty night
[00:36] [bane] dont let the bed bugs bite
[00:36] [Nina_sdleep] ifell asleep a bit ago
[00:36] [marful] sleep typing?
[00:36] [Nina_sdleep] gona go back to sleeep
[00:36] [bane] !morf me medium rare hybrid
[00:36] [marful] well, you got your boobs!
[00:37] *** bane feels himself
[00:37] *** bane trys not to nock him self up
[00:37] Nina_sdleep (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupujwxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:37] [Adran] I am currently away! If you need to speak with me, send me a Query! (which is an IRC equivilant to a PM/IM or the like)
[00:37] Nick change: Adran -> Adran|Away
[00:38] [bane] ow!!
[00:38] [bane] i stung my self!
[00:39] [bane] hmmm dose a bio el have the power to stemulate the plesure center of the brain?
[00:39] [bane] ....
[00:39] [bane] i want to be a bio el :p
[00:39] [marful] that would be easy
[00:39] [marful] pleasure is just a release of hormones
[00:40] [marful] EVERY emotion / feeling is nothing but a hormanal response

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