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[00:00] [Nina] yeah
[00:05] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:05] [Nina] oh no:'(
[00:05] [bane] is a radioactive dragon like godzila?
[00:05] [Nina] my hair is falling out
[00:05] [Nina] :'(
[00:05] [moo] but 5'10
[00:05] [Nina] lol
[00:05] [bane] hmmm a short godzila?
[00:05] [Nina] maybe
[00:06] [Nina] oh BAne u should make a stoury about that
[00:06] [Nina] story*
[00:06] [bane] lol
[00:06] [bane] what a guy that looks like godzila?
[00:06] [moo] rrrrriiiiight.....bane, right a story? :p
[00:06] [Nina] someone who morfs and ends up looking like a mini Godzilla
[00:06] [bane] lol
[00:07] [bane] wonder if he would be alowed to trvile to japan.....
[00:07] [bane] they might not let him go
[00:07] [Nina] lol
[00:07] [Nina] if he was allowed to go
[00:07] [Nina] Japan would probably have a tank follow him around the entire time
[00:07] [bane] and he could end up being a profecional modile city builder :p
[00:08] [Nina] point right at him
[00:08] [Nina] yeah
[00:08] [bane] lol
[00:08] [Nina] or he could help do remakes of the godzilla movies
[00:08] [Nina] lol
[00:08] [Nina] would look more life like
[00:08] [bane] lol
[00:08] [Nina] oh
[00:08] [Nina] u got to wonder
[00:09] [bane] wonder what?
[00:09] [Nina] how much morfs has helped the Movie industry
[00:09] [bane] lol
[00:09] [Nina] lol
[00:09] [Nina] no more fake looking monsters
[00:09] Centaur (Centaur@biawlsxolbja) joined #morfs.
[00:09] [Nina] and no more fake fire
[00:09] [Nina] lol
[00:09] [Nina] hi Cent
[00:09] [moo] hi cent
[00:09] [bane] it would kill the computer sepecal effects industry
[00:09] [Centaur] full house:)
[00:09] [Nina] yep
[00:09] [bane] yo centaur
[00:09] [Centaur] hi all
[00:10] [bane] but talk about people geting type casted :p
[00:11] [bane] typecasted
[00:12] [Nina] we are talking about how morfs can help movies now
[00:12] [moo] huh
[00:13] [Centaur] looks like i'm going to have tyo complain to my cell provider
[00:13] [moo] every set would probably require a bio elemental
[00:13] [moo] if they were using elementals for effects
[00:13] [moo] like fire
[00:13] [bane] they could use illusionest
[00:13] [bane] must cheaper
[00:13] [bane] and safer
[00:13] [moo] only high powered
[00:13] [moo] no, cgi would still be cheaper
[00:13] [bane] one illusionst could make all el
[00:14] [bane] cgi?
[00:14] [moo] cgi cant demand a raise
[00:14] [moo] computer graphic imaging
[00:14] [bane] ah
[00:14] [moo] they use that now
[00:14] [bane] probubly
[00:14] [moo] cgi is cheap now
[00:14] [moo] and illusionists dont work well on camera :p
[00:14] [bane] not realy that many high power morfs to begein with
[00:14] [bane] says who?
[00:15] [moo] i dunno
[00:15] [moo] me
[00:15] [bane] :p
[00:15] [moo] :p
[00:15] [bane] problby stick with computers realy
[00:15] [bane] should be even cheaper in the future
[00:17] [Nina] I wish bekah would come back
[00:17] [Nina] :'(
[00:17] [moo] me too
[00:18] [bane] isnt she still playing d$d?
[00:18] [bane] or should she be done by now
[00:18] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[00:18] [moo] hi adran
[00:21] [Nina] i'm not sure
[00:21] [Nina] hi Adran
[00:24] [Nina] hugs
[00:28] *** moo hugs nina
[00:34] Nick change: Adran -> Adran|Away
[00:35] [Nina] aw
[00:35] [chibi_is_ignoring_u] s'ok i'm still here :P
[00:36] [Nina] \yay
[00:36] [Nina] hugs
[00:36] [bane] me to! me to!
[00:36] [Nina] so what should we talk about now people?
[00:37] [Nina] Chibi i think u need to change your name
[00:37] [bane] how cool i am!
[00:37] [Nina] your not ignoring people are u? hehe
[00:38] Nick change: chibi_is_ignoring_u -> chibi_zoned_out
[00:38] [moo] lol
[00:38] [moo] i have a topic
[00:39] [Nina] what?
[00:39] [moo] at any point in the MORFS universe would there be MORFed superheroes?
[00:39] [moo] or at least vigilantes?
[00:39] [bane] 2009
[00:39] [bane] ghost
[00:39] [moo] let me rephrase
[00:39] [moo] superhero teams
[00:40] [bane] 2062 ECLIPSE
[00:40] [bane] :)
[00:40] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[00:40] [moo] but arent eclipse like all secret?
[00:40] [bane] i have all the ansawers
[00:40] [moo] hi adren
[00:40] [moo] no you just think you do
[00:40] [bane] maybe
[00:40] [bane] its never realy been spelled out
[00:40] [moo] im talking uniformed, battle group, x-men type superhero
[00:41] [chibi_zoned_out] x-men are secret too ya kno
[00:42] [moo] im mean with their activities, not their identities. for example, not the improbables
[00:42] [moo] theyre secret
[00:45] [moo] you see, new topics dont matter if no one is saying anything
[00:45] [moo] :p
[00:45] [bane] we are all thinking very hard
[00:45] [bane] hmmmmm
[00:45] [moo] dont hurt yourself
[00:45] [bane] ow!
[00:45] [moo] lol
[00:45] [bane] something poped!
[00:45] [chibi_zoned_out] no, truth is we were ignoring u
[00:45] [moo] poped?
[00:45] [moo] you poped?
[00:46] [chibi_zoned_out] bane we dont wanna hear about it when you pop
[00:46] [moo] lol
[00:46] [moo] so, im gonna submit my stories in a half-hour. if anyone thinks i should change anything... nows the time
[00:47] [moo] chibi, you read em yet?
[00:47] [bane] fix all the grammer mistakes
[00:47] [Nina] what story?
[00:47] [moo] what grammar mistakes?
[00:47] [chibi_zoned_out] umm no...
[00:47] [bane] i dont know but im sure there are in there :p
[00:47] [moo] AAFT chapter 2, manifest chap 1
[00:47] [moo] you havent?
[00:47] [moo] want to?
[00:47] [Nina] yay
[00:47] [chibi_zoned_out] kinda forgot to >.
[00:47] [Nina] happy now
[00:47] [moo] oh
[00:47] [chibi_zoned_out] if u want me to
[00:47] [moo] sure
[00:47] [moo] i do this as editing
[00:47] [chibi_zoned_out] whatcha happy about nina?
[00:48] [Nina] My World of warcraft game is updated and ready to play on lapop hehe
[00:48] [Nina] laptop*
[00:48] [moo] considering the 'official editor' never contacted me back :p
[00:48] [moo] cool
[00:48] [bane] lapop lol
[00:48] [moo] yay for nina!
[00:48] [chibi_zoned_out] did u read mine moo?
[00:48] [bane] YAY nina!!!! YAY nina!!!!!
[00:48] [Nina] gona play a litte SPORE though lol
[00:49] [moo] enigma? yes
[00:49] [moo] it has an interesting concept
[00:49] [chibi_zoned_out] pm me comments plz
[00:49] [moo] I do have a comment
[00:49] [bane] told you that guy wasnt a official editor, just some guy, only offical editor is holly that i know of
[00:49] [moo] you sometimes switch writing characteristic
[00:49] [chibi_zoned_out] pm it to me
[00:49] [moo] you go from third person-to narrative
[00:49] [moo] oh
[00:49] [chibi_zoned_out] i keep things logged
[00:49] [moo] sorry
[00:50] [chibi_zoned_out] np
[00:51] MistressShannon (~MistressShannon@zifgborgtbfwzifg) joined #morfs.
[00:51] [moo] hi
[00:51] [MistressShannon] Hello All!
[00:52] [moo] hi
[00:52] [bane] hi
[00:52] [marful_extended_away] weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[00:52] Nick change: marful_extended_away -> marful_computer_repair
[00:53] [bane] ? problem with your computer?
[00:53] [MistressShannon] Any one having any fun tonight?
[00:53] [marful_computer_repair] no, I was fixing my mom's computer =(
[00:53] [bane] ah
[00:53] [marful_computer_repair] I did msconfig, and checked the services... about 14 viruses and worms
[00:53] [marful_computer_repair] just from looking there
[00:53] [bane] ew
[00:53] [bane] i need someone to do that for my computer
[00:54] [marful_computer_repair] so I formatted the HD and reinstalled.... except her tablet pc is like 5 years old... so that was a lot of updating
[00:54] [bane] i have a virus that i cant seem to get rid of
[00:54] [marful_computer_repair] herpes doesn't go away...
[00:54] Nick change: marful_computer_repair -> marful
[00:54] [marful] !morf me medium
[00:54] [bane] ....
[00:54] [bane] not funny
[00:54] [bane] :p
[00:54] [marful] =P
[00:54] [bane] a computer virus
[00:54] [moo] ?
[00:54] [marful] wow... I morf and get nothing!

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