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[00:00] [marful] have you tried substituting jolt cola for milk in with kelogs frosted flakes?
[00:00] [bane] ...eww?
[00:00] [marful] later moo!
[00:00] [bane] that dosent sound good
[00:00] [marful] It'll keep you awake, or at least make your kidneys fail...
[00:00] [moo] lol
[00:00] [dragonessprincess9] night moo
[00:00] [bane] kill or cure
[00:01] [bane] is moo leaving?
[00:01] [moo] no
[00:01] [dragonessprincess9] oh my bad
[00:01] [bane] didnt think so
[00:01] [bane] :p
[00:01] [bane] people got there hopes up
[00:01] [moo] i said 'im going t bed later'
[00:01] [moo] .....jerk
[00:01] [marful] oops. missed the "later" part
[00:01] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[00:01] [bane] thats what im good at
[00:01] *** marful shushes moo"
[00:02] [moo] shush yourself :p
[00:02] [bane] everyone shush!
[00:02] *** marful shushes himself..."
[00:02] [bane] ok everyone can talk now
[00:03] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[00:03] [dragonessprincess9] i'm gona head to bed
[00:03] [moo] oh, thanks
[00:03] [dragonessprincess9] night all
[00:03] [bane] night nina
[00:03] [moo] :s
[00:03] [dragonessprincess9] sweet dreams all
[00:03] [moo] night
[00:03] *** dragonessprincess9 hugs everyone
[00:03] [marful] Night!
[00:03] [moo] sweet dreams
[00:03] [bane] nite
[00:03] [marful] don't let the bed bugs bite!
[00:03] [bane] hey thats my line!
[00:03] [bane] :p
[00:03] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupwhdxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:03] [marful] And if they do, have Bane yell "BANG!!!!!" and scare them away
[00:04] [bane] :p
[00:05] [bane] ...well...
[00:05] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:06] [bane] ...everyone got so quite....
[00:06] [marful] ...
[00:07] [moo] its yor fault
[00:07] [moo] :p
[00:08] *** marful agrees with moo"
[00:09] [bane] booo
[00:09] [marful] no no, mooo
[00:20] [moo] adran? you there?
[00:20] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[00:21] [chibois] tofu
[00:22] [moo] hi
[00:22] [moo] hey, anyone here play yugioh
[00:23] [marful] Going through withdrawl already?
[00:23] [marful] and Hi Chibois!
[00:23] [moo] no
[00:23] [moo] i have a question, is all
[00:27] [moo] so... noe one does
[00:27] [moo] great
[00:27] [moo] i gotta wait for adran to come bacl
[00:27] [marful] sorry =(
[00:29] [chibois] hi marful
[00:29] [marful] Hello =)
[00:29] [chibois] dont play yugioh (or pay good attention...)
[00:31] [moo] sorry, what? i wasnt listening
[00:31] [moo] :p
[00:31] *** marful shushes moo"
[00:31] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[00:31] [moo] no
[00:31] [Adran] back
[00:31] [moo] adran!
[00:31] [moo] i gots a question
[00:31] [moo] whats the maximum # of cards allowed in a deck?
[00:32] [Adran] 60 as of last year
[00:32] [moo] ok
[00:32] [Adran] it's a brand new limit
[00:32] [Adran] before i dont think there was a limit
[00:32] [Adran] hey moo, what do you think of this card?
[00:33] [Adran] Lucky Chance Table
[00:33] [Adran] Group: Spell Card
[00:33] [Adran] Type: Spell
[00:33] [Adran] Icon:Field
[00:33] [Adran] During each player's Standby Phase, both player's roll 1 six-sided die. The player with the highest result may negate the effects of any card requiring a coin toss or dice roll and redo it up to the number they rolled until the end of the turn. However, if a winner's result is 6, they can change the result of any effect requiring a coin toss or dice roll to any result of their choosing for the remainder of the turn at the cost of 500 Life Points per result cha
[00:33] [Adran] for the remainder of the turn at the cost of 500 Life Points per result changed. A player may pay 400 Life Points x the result they rolled to re-roll their die for this card's first effect. If the results are the same, this card has no effect for the turn.
[00:34] [moo] you lost me at player
[00:34] [moo] :p
[00:35] [moo] but seriously, thats cool
[00:35] [moo] comple, but cool
[00:35] [moo] i made a second deck
[00:36] [moo] you wont like it
[00:36] [moo] its a deck out decl
[00:36] [moo] deck
[00:37] [Adran] ugh
[00:37] [marful] lol
[00:38] [moo] i knew youd react like that
[00:38] [moo] my next deck will be a fusion deck, but that'll be another time
[00:39] [moo] i still dont have an exodia deck
[00:39] [moo] not sure ill bother
[00:40] [moo] wanna duel one last time adran?
[00:40] [moo] your best deck vs mine?
[00:40] [moo] adran?
[00:40] [Adran] my best deck?
[00:40] [Adran] give me a sec
[00:41] [moo] whichever you hink is the best one
[00:41] [bane] too
[00:41] [moo] think
[00:41] [bane] much
[00:41] [bane] cards!!!!!!!!!!
[00:41] [bane] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:41] [moo] lol
[00:41] [Adran] too
[00:41] [Adran] much
[00:41] [Adran] bane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:41] bane (~bane@nqngnqxcjsrfnqng) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:41] [moo] i was typing that too
[00:41] [Adran] lol
[00:41] [moo] crybaby
[00:42] [moo] so adran, you up for it? battle to win, not (just)for fun?
[00:42] [Adran] im trying to figure out which is my best deck
[00:42] [moo] i challenge you to a match
[00:42] [Adran] none of my decks particularly stand out
[00:43] [Adran] it's too late to go more than 1 round
[00:43] [moo] alright
[00:43] [moo] okay
[00:43] [Adran] i should be going to sleep soon
[00:43] [moo] me too
[00:43] [moo] wait, what time is it for you?
[00:43] [Adran] 9:43
[00:43] [moo] how old are you?
[00:43] [Adran] 21
[00:43] [moo] sorry
[00:44] [moo] oh?
[00:44] [moo] you must get up really early
[00:44] [Adran] not really
[00:44] [Adran] i just tend to sleep for 9-10 hours
[00:44] [moo] why do you go to bed so early?
[00:44] [moo] your giving 20 year olds a bad name
[00:44] [Adran] i have to keep to a schedule
[00:44] [moo] :p
[00:44] [Adran] i have medical conditions
[00:44] [moo] oh
[00:45] [moo] sorry
[00:45] [moo] :(
[00:45] [moo] i have a medical condition too.
[00:45] [moo] its called insanity
[00:45] [moo] heh
[00:46] [moo] you ready? or should i host?
[00:46] [Adran] i guess this deck will do
[00:46] [moo] and wait for you?
[00:46] [Adran] i was trying to figure out which one would worj
[00:46] [Adran] work^
[00:46] [Adran] i dont think this is really my best, but it is probably my most relyable
[00:46] [Adran] reliable^
[00:46] [moo] cool
[00:46] [moo] give it your all
[00:47] [moo] ok?
[00:47] [Adran] im hosting
[00:47] [Adran] ready for ya
[00:47] [moo] ok
[00:47] [moo] bye everybody!
[00:47] moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:48] [marful] ?
[00:48] [Adran] I am currently away! If you need to speak with me, send me a Query! (which is an IRC equivilant to a PM/IM or the like)
[00:48] Nick change: Adran -> Adran|Away
[00:51] Nick change: marful -> marful_away
[02:27] Nick change: Adran|Away -> Adran
[02:27] [Adran] im off to bed now. night all
[02:28] Adran (Adran@xbpadsectdckxbpa) left irc:
[03:22] [chibois] ...*sigh*
[03:24] [JennyAtWork] morning
[03:24] [chibois] mornin
[03:26] [chibois] sup?
[03:28] [JennyAtWork] work, I'm afraid :P
[03:28] [chibois] :/
[03:45] [JennyAtWork] meh, there just aren't enough hours in a day
[04:59] [chibois] ...*sigh*
[05:02] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[05:30] [Rebekah] morninall
[06:05] [marful_away] Morning Bekah
[06:05] Nick change: marful_away -> marful
[06:06] marful (~marful@rbjcxscepmbcrbjc) left irc:
[06:07] [Rebekah] ooops
[08:49] [Misty_] Mornin' y'all.
[08:50] [Rebekah] mornin
[08:51] [Rebekah] though i am thinkin about goin back to bed
[08:51] [Misty_] Sounds like a good thing to me.
[08:52] [Misty_] 'Tis colder than the provobial witch's brass doorknob.
[08:52] [Rebekah] lol
[08:53] [Rebekah] yeah its like 20degrees here in willyburg Va
[08:54] [Misty_] Same here in Lawton-Ft.Sill, Oklahoma
[08:54] [Rebekah] damned cold id say
[08:56] [Rebekah] yep i think a nap is in order
[08:57] [Misty_] 'Tis merely the south edge of the next ice age.
[08:58] [Rebekah] lol that would be bad
[08:58] [Misty_] Okay , see ya when ya get back from yer nap\
[11:04] Misty_ ( left irc: Connection reset by peer
[11:15] Misty_ ( joined #morfs.

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