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[00:00] [moo] give me an example
[00:01] [moo] compensating for something?
[00:01] [moo] :)
[00:01] [bane] lol
[00:01] [moo] lol
[00:01] [moo] first sexual joke of the day
[00:01] [bane] if you think thats the only sexual joke that has been said to day on this chat you dont know it very weel
[00:02] [bane] well
[00:02] [moo] [00:01] <moo> compensating for something?
[00:02] [moo] whats the time on that, bane?
[00:02] [bane] im a hour behind you dimwit
[00:02] [moo] jeez, cant spell or tell time
[00:02] [bane] :d
[00:02] [moo] :p
[00:03] [Rebekah] 1201 hearalso
[00:03] [bane] here also
[00:03] [bane] :p
[00:03] [moo] ?
[00:03] [bane] haha got you
[00:03] [moo] weirdo
[00:03] [moo] so what's it like being in yeaterday
[00:03] [dragonprincess9] i'm heading to bed
[00:04] [dragonprincess9] night all
[00:04] [moo] during the turn this card it activated,
[00:04] [Rebekah] night sweetheart
[00:04] [bane] night
[00:04] [moo] nigjhty night
[00:04] *** dragonprincess9 hugs everyone goodnight
[00:04] [moo] hugs
[00:04] *** Rebekah kisses nina goodnight
[00:04] [moo] during the turn after....
[00:04] [moo] sorry
[00:04] *** dragonprincess9 hugs bekah
[00:05] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xqlavcpupujwxqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:05] [moo] it was during the turn after this card is activ.....then it cut
[00:05] [moo] wait
[00:05] [moo] Special Summon 1 monster with "Amazoness" or "Amazon" in its name from your Graveyard to your side of the field. During the turn this card is activated, increase the ATK of the Special Summoned monster by 1000 points, and the ATK of all monsters on your side of the field with "Amazoness" or "Amazon" other than the Special Summoned monster by 500 points until the End Phase of the turn. During the turn after this card is activ
[00:06] [moo] thats where it cut
[00:06] [moo] see?
[00:06] [moo] no you didnt
[00:06] [moo] oh yes you di
[00:06] [moo] d. sorry
[00:07] [moo] my bad
[00:07] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[00:07] [moo] what do i do now
[00:07] [moo] hi chibois
[00:07] [chibois] hi burger
[00:07] [moo] im a little annoyed with you
[00:07] [chibois] ?
[00:07] [moo] for stealing my story idea
[00:07] [chibois] huh?
[00:08] [moo] manifesting objects from nothing
[00:08] [moo] enigma?
[00:09] [moo] 32 megs!
[00:09] [moo] wtf!
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[00:09] [moo] no
[00:09] Centaur (Centaur@biawlsxolbja) joined #morfs.
[00:09] [bane] do they still do dial-up?
[00:10] [moo] no its not
[00:11] [moo] it costs more to buy a new computer after you put an axe through it
[00:11] [moo] :p
[00:13] [moo] kewl
[00:13] [moo] ok
[00:14] [bane] cannot attack o
[00:15] [moo] blazing pho
[00:15] Adran (Adran@xbpadsectdckxbpa) joined #morfs.
[00:15] [Adran] to play 1 "Harpie Lady's Blazing Phoenix Formation" from your hand or Graveyard.
[00:16] [Adran] what do you think of that one?
[00:16] [Adran] i'll post Blazing in a sec
[00:16] [moo] ..........woah?
[00:16] [Adran] lol
[00:17] [Adran] it makes the harpie's immortal
[00:17] [Adran] more or less
[00:17] [Adran] Harpie Lady's Blazing Phoenix Formation
[00:17] [Adran] Attrib: Wind
[00:17] [Adran] Type: Winged Beast/Effect
[00:17] [Adran] Level:8
[00:17] [Adran] Atk: ?
[00:17] [Adran] Def: 0
[00:17] [Adran] This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Harpie Lady's Rising Phoenix Formation". The ATK of this card becomes half the combined original ATK of the monsters Tributed to summon this card. This card can attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. You cannot attack your opponent directly if you attack any monsters first. You may Tribute this card to destroy all monsters on your Oppone
[00:17] [moo] oppone
[00:17] [Adran] You may Tribute this card to destroy all monsters on your Opponent's field and inflict damage equal to half this monsters ATK to both player's Life Points. If you do, you may also destroy a number of Spell and Trap Cards on the field equal to the number of monsters destroyed. You cannot attack during the same turn you use this effect. During the End Phase of the turn this card is Special Summoned, if this card is on your side of the field or in your Graveyard,
[00:18] [Adran] i can see myself now
[00:18] [Adran] i can use the bot to see where it cuts
[00:18] [moo] cool
[00:18] [Adran] remove this card from play. You may then play 1 "Harpie Lady's Dying Phoenix Formation" from your hand, deck or Graveyard. During your Main Phase, if this card has been removed from play, you may pay half your Life Points to move this card to your Graveyard.
[00:18] [Adran] rather nice of it to cut right after the comma
[00:18] [moo] wait
[00:18] [moo] i cant read so quickly
[00:19] [moo] wow
[00:19] [moo] keep going
[00:19] [chibois] !morf me hybrid
[00:20] [moo] eh, exodia seems better
[00:20] [Adran] lol
[00:20] [moo] easier to win with, easier to guard against
[00:20] [moo] much fairer
[00:20] [moo] thats why i like exodia
[00:20] [Adran] plenty of ways to guard against this
[00:21] [moo] and also why it should remain limited
[00:21] [Adran] you can stop phoenix formation fairly easily
[00:21] [Adran] return blazing to the hand and the formation ends
[00:21] [Adran] destroy rising and the formation ends
[00:21] [Adran] those are the two most vulnerable forms of the formation
[00:22] [Adran] the last one isn't quite so vulnerable, but returning it to the hand also ends the formation
[00:22] [moo] yea, which relies entirely on luck
[00:22] [Adran] not really. depends on how the deck is built
[00:22] [Adran] lots of cards now can do that kinda stuff
[00:22] [moo] no, i mean on the opponent side
[00:22] [moo] it would be luck to take it down
[00:22] [Adran] to stop the formation?
[00:23] [moo] yes
[00:23] [Adran] it's not as hard as it might seem
[00:23] [Adran] just requires the right cards
[00:23] [moo] if you dont have the right cards, your *CENSORED*
[00:23] [Adran] Harpie Lady's Dying Phoenix Formation
[00:23] [Adran] Group: Spell Card
[00:23] [Adran] Type: Spell
[00:23] [Adran] Icon:Continuous
[00:23] [Adran] This card can only be played by the effect of "Harpie Lady's Blazing Phoenix Formation". When this card is played, and each time you take damage to your Life Points, Special Summon 1 "Dying Phoenix Token" (Winged Beast-Type/FIRE/Level 4/ATK ?/DEF ?) to your side of the field. When this card is removed from the field, destroy all the monsters that were Special Summoned by this card's effect. If your Life Points are lower than your opponent's Life Points, the A
[00:23] [Adran] it depends on how many harpie cards are out when the formation starts
[00:23] [moo] seems like if it fails, the game would end that much sooner
[00:24] [moo] what does harpies dying formation do?
[00:24] [Adran] if the formation is stopped, the harpie deck is screwed
[00:24] [moo] i hat harpy decks
[00:24] [moo] hate
[00:24] [Adran] If your Life Points are lower than your opponent's Life Points, the ATK and DEF of the "Dying Phoenix Token" is equal to the difference between your and your opponent's Life Points. Tokens Summoned by this card cannot declare an attack unless you Tribute 1 card on your side of the field with "Harpie" in its name. When a "Dying Phoenix Token" is destroyed by your Opponent's Card Effect, inflict damage to your Opponent equal to half it's ATK, then destroy 1 card
[00:24] Nick change: chibois -> chibi_pmable
[00:25] [Adran] then destroy 1 card on the field. If "Harpie Lady's Rising Phoenix Formation" exists in your Graveyard when a "Dying Phoenix Token" is destroyed, you may pay half your Life Points to reduce any battle damage to 0 and set it on your side of the field, then destroy this card. You cannot activate it the same turn it is set. If this card is destroyed by your Opponent, you may pay half your Life Points to add 1 "Harpie Lady's Rising Phoenix Formation" from your de
[00:25] [Adran] from your deck or Graveyard to your hand.
[00:25] [Adran] Dying is the hardest to stop
[00:25] [moo] that is way more complicated than it needs to be
[00:25] [Adran] lol
[00:25] [moo] im the same way about pokemon
[00:25] [moo] im a fan of the classics
[00:25] [moo] here's an example of my kind of combo
[00:26] [bane] to much card junk for me im out!
[00:26] [moo] "Exodia the forbidden one: If this card is your hand, along with left leg, right leg, left arm, and right arm of the forbidden one, you automatically win the duel"
[00:26] bane (~bane@nqngnqxcjsrfnqng) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:26] [moo] hell be back
[00:26] [Adran] lol
[00:26] [moo] simple, to the point
[00:26] [Adran] of course
[00:27] [moo] no confusion
[00:27] [Adran] exodia hasn't seen any play in a long time
[00:27] [moo] or this one (though i like it a lot less):
[00:27] [Adran] or at least i haven't seen it in play
[00:27] [moo] and destiny board, too
[00:27] [moo] i dont remember how it goes
[00:27] [moo] but same premis
[00:28] [Adran] those are all old game cards
[00:28] [moo] get all 5 in play, you win
[00:28] [moo] i know
[00:28] [Adran] now it's all about themes
[00:28] [moo] i like the classics
[00:28] [moo] theme decks are retarded
[00:28] [Adran] more often than not you see theme decks
[00:28] [Adran] theme decks are what have all the support now
[00:28] [moo] they have weaknesses that can be exploited
[00:28] [moo] my decks, are never less than dual-themed
[00:28] [moo] for instance: exodia/deck out
[00:29] [moo] beat-down/fusion
[00:29] [Adran] not what i meant by theme decks
[00:29] [moo] i know
[00:29] [moo] but i also don't like sticking with those themes either
[00:29] [Adran] most of them can now stand so well on their own they don't need any other support
[00:29] [moo] why should i confine myself to harpie ladies, when something else might work better?
[00:30] [moo] maybe
[00:30] [moo] there were less cards when i stopped
[00:30] [Adran] they've stepped up theme support a LOT with the newer sets
[00:30] [moo] now, i wouldnt be surprised if there were a hundred thousand different types
[00:30] [moo] of card
[00:30] [Adran] there aren't THAT many cards
[00:31] [moo] i know, poetic liscence :p
[00:31] [moo] no one could remember them all
[00:31] [Adran] only bout 4500 or so
[00:31] [moo] not surprising
[00:31] [moo] i shouldve said a million
[00:31] [moo] wouldve been more obvious i was exagerrating
[00:32] [moo] ill delete mine first?
[00:32] [moo] ok
[00:33] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[00:33] [moo] 6%
[00:33] [Adran] bah.
[00:33] [Adran] gotta remember to talk on here and not on the bot
[00:34] [Adran] so, you're a fan of exodia huh?
[00:34] [moo] yea, he works
[00:34] [moo] i like it
[00:34] [moo] never was much of a fan of the god cards, though
[00:34] [Adran] well, this may not QUITE be Exodia, and definitely is different from his effect, but what about this?
[00:34] [Adran] Exodius, Guardian of Egypt
[00:34] [Adran] Attrib: Dark
[00:34] [Adran] Type: Spellcaster/Effect
[00:34] [Adran] Level:10
[00:34] [Adran] Atk: ?
[00:34] [Adran] Def: 0
[00:34] [Adran] This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Only one copy of this card can exist in your deck (including side deck). This card cannot be Special Summoned except by returning all monsters from your Graveyard to your Deck. When this card declares an attack, you may send 1 monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard. This card has 500 ATK for each Monster in your Graveyard, and an additional 500 for each Normal Monster in your Graveyard. Once per duel, when t
[00:34] [moo] (remember i stopped watching the show after yugi)
[00:34] [Adran] Once per duel, when this face-up card is destroyed, you may return it to your deck instead. For the remainder of the duel after this effect has been activated, this card's name is also treated as "Exodia the Forbidden One". If this card is destroyed while it's name is "Exodia the Forbidden One", you may send to your Graveyard 4 cards with different names that contain "Exodius" or "Forbidden One" that you control, or from your hand, or Deck to Special Summon 1
[00:35] [moo] why?

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