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[00:04] [Rebekah] so now whatcha doin chibi
[00:04] [chibois] nonsense and stuff :P
[00:04] [chibois] u?
[00:05] [chibois] watchin school of rock
[00:06] [chibois] hello?
[00:07] [Rebekah] not much just sittin around reading prt 29 of the softening of jessie
[00:07] [chibois] ??
[00:07] [chibois] wasat?
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[00:08] [Rebekah] its a story on bigcloset topshelf
[00:08] [chibois] dunno what that is eiter :P
[00:08] [chibois] is it porn?
[00:09] [Rebekah] no not really
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[00:11] [Rebekah] its a bad boy to good girl story and bigcloset topshelf is a story site
[00:14] [Rebekah] otay switching to laptop
[00:15] [bekah] back
[00:16] [chibois] so you old scallywag hows it hanging?
[00:16] [bekah] drooping to the left
[00:16] [bekah] lol
[00:16] [chibois] no clue why but i've been wantin to ask someone that all day
[00:17] [bekah] lol
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[00:18] [chibois] so how was ur day?
[00:18] [bekah] twas good
[00:19] [chibois] i spent my day at work alphabatizing movies, my brain is now tapioca
[00:19] [bekah] ick
[00:20] [chibois] not as bad as yesterday tho
[00:20] [chibois] yesterday i ended up staring at my screen for two hours
[00:20] [chibois] was that out of it
[00:20] [chibois] cus i worked a double
[00:20] [bekah] wow
[00:20] [chibois] yep
[00:22] [chibois] i start classes tomorro :(
[00:32] [bekah] good luck
[00:32] [bekah] nina starts this week also i think
[00:33] [chibois] u goin to school?
[00:34] [bekah] no i dont have the money and ive maxed out my student loans
[00:34] [chibois] >.
[00:34] [bekah] it sux
[00:35] [chibois] what were ya goin for?
[00:36] [bekah] computer information systems
[00:37] [chibois] whats one of those do?
[00:37] [bekah] programming
[00:37] [chibois] what language?
[00:39] [bekah] well the classes i took so far were just the basics of a couple of languages
[00:39] [chibois] ooo
[00:40] [bekah] what about u
[00:41] [chibois] i have no idea
[00:41] [bekah] ??
[00:41] [chibois] still takin generic classes
[00:41] [chibois] cus i dunno what i wanna do
[00:41] [bekah] ah yeah nina also
[00:42] [chibois] i like the idea of some rich relative i've never met leaving me everything
[00:42] [bekah] yeah me too
[00:48] Tastes_like_moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[00:48] [Tastes_like_moo] hi
[00:48] [chibois] thought u went to bed
[00:48] [bekah] wb moo
[00:48] [chibois] go away
[00:48] [Tastes_like_moo] couldnt sleep
[00:48] [bekah] b nice
[00:48] [Tastes_like_moo] is ok, i just ignored him
[00:49] [Tastes_like_moo] anyone know any good tg fiction sites that aren't down?
[00:49] [Tastes_like_moo] besides story alvoe, story site
[00:49] [Tastes_like_moo] alcove
[00:49] Nick change: Tastes_like_moo -> moo
[00:50] [moo] !morf me random specialrare
[00:50] [chibois] might find some harry potter fan fics that involve bodyswaps?
[00:50] [moo] ok?
[00:50] [bekah] never heard of alcove
[00:50] [moo] no more specialrare, that just gets me gargoyle
[00:50] [moo] its good, but half the links are busted
[00:50] [moo] the storyline 'absolute power' is there. AMAZING story
[00:51] [moo] in my modest opinion
[00:51] [moo] ive seen all the tg on deviantart
[00:52] [moo] and i do mean ALL
[00:52] [chibois] pornoholic
[00:52] [moo] dude... if you dont have anything constructive to say.....
[00:52] [moo] i'm not talking about porn
[00:53] [chibois] u said all
[00:53] [moo] for somebody who's chatting on a forum based around what is essentially a tg stories website, you're awfully closed-minded
[00:53] [chibois] lol
[00:54] [bekah] b nice u 2
[00:54] [moo] HA
[00:54] [moo] :):):):):)
[00:54] [moo] i just found morpheus' story site
[00:54] [moo]
[00:55] [bekah] cool
[00:55] [moo] but they're not all there
[00:55] [moo] :(
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[00:55] [chibois] well u said all tg on devianart, and theres tons of it and a vast majority is porn
[00:55] [moo] not tg
[00:56] [moo] its usually not porn
[00:56] [moo] i dont count nudity as porn
[00:56] [chibois] if u have the porn filter off it is
[00:56] [moo] i count sex as porn
[00:56] [moo] how do you turn that off?
[00:57] [chibois] i forget..
[00:57] [moo] :(
[00:59] [moo] anyone?
[00:59] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[00:59] [moo] bueller?
[00:59] [moo] anyone?
[00:59] [moo] bueller?
[01:01] [moo] anybody here like the legend of zelda?
[01:01] [chibois] which one?
[01:01] [moo] any of em
[01:01] [bekah] yeah
[01:02] [moo]
[01:02] [chibois] havent played the 2nd or 3rd one, havent played majoras mask, phantom hourglass or minish cap
[01:02] [chibois] played all the others
[01:02] [moo] shit wrong link
[01:03] [moo]
[01:06] [chibois] o sry moo
[01:06] [chibois] i mixed up devianart with a similar site
[01:06] [moo] sorry for what?
[01:06] [moo] oh
[01:06] [moo] k
[01:06] [moo] what site?
[01:06] [chibois] thats specifically for animal people
[01:06] [chibois] like catgirls and such
[01:08] [chibois] most of the art is bad but some is really good
[01:08] [chibois]
[01:08] [moo] eh, doesnt do it for me, either sexually or other
[01:08] [chibois] yet ur on the morfs board?
[01:11] [bekah] ok yall be nice to each other im gonna crash
[01:11] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[01:11] [moo] i like the stories, tg doesnt have to be porn
[01:12] [moo] besides, very few of the characters get more animal than just a few cosmetic changes
[01:18] [moo] night
[01:18] moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[01:35] [Rebekah] well crap couldnt sleep
[01:46] [chibois] yay u's bac
[01:46] [chibois] i has pie
[01:46] [chibois] nom nom nom
[01:46] [Rebekah] lol
[01:47] [Rebekah] insomnia sux
[01:47] [Rebekah] what kinda pie
[01:49] [chibois] strawberry rubarb and apple
[01:49] [chibois] 2 pies
[01:50] [Rebekah] ick cooked fruit
[01:50] [chibois] uhhh
[01:50] [chibois] what kinda pie are u eatin then?
[01:50] [Rebekah] im not
[01:50] [chibois] how do u not like apple pie?!?
[01:50] [Rebekah] but if i eat pie its usually pecan
[01:51] [Rebekah] i dont like cooked fruit period
[01:52] [chibois] whats wrong with you!?!
[01:52] [Rebekah] its just not my thing
[01:52] [chibois] pie is one of the greatest things in the world
[01:54] [Rebekah] yeah pecan pie
[01:54] [Rebekah] yumyum
[01:54] [chibois] which is a fruit
[01:54] [chibois] and it is cooked
[01:54] [Rebekah] pecan is a nut not fruit
[01:54] [chibois] from a biological sense nuts are fruits
[01:55] [Rebekah] nuts are seed not fruit
[01:55] [chibois] only part of it is a seed
[01:55] [chibois] rest is food for the seed
[01:55] [chibois] thus fruit
[01:57] [Rebekah] no a pecan all the edible part is seed
[02:00] [chibois] well it is a vegetable and u cant argue that one :P
[02:00] [Rebekah] the definition... idk
[02:00] [Rebekah] but i prefer my veggies raw also
[02:01] [chibois] vegetable is any part of a plant u eat
[02:01] [Rebekah] no because in that case apple would be veggie not fruit
[02:01] [chibois] they are
[02:01] [chibois] all fruits are vegetables
[02:02] [chibois] like all pit bulls are dogs
[02:02] [Rebekah] nope beggies do not grow on trees
[02:02] [Rebekah] veggies*
[02:02] [chibois] yes they do, a veggie is any part of a plant u eat
[02:02] [chibois] a tree is a plant
[02:03] [Rebekah] yeah well i consider fruits and veggies seperate things
[02:03] [Rebekah] and im a woman i can argue all i like
[02:04] [chibois] torn between continuing to watch joe dirt, playing ocarina of time and findin porn
[02:05] [Rebekah] lol
[02:06] [Rebekah] im watching black dog
[02:06] [Rebekah] and just checked net speed
[02:06] [Rebekah] Download Speed: 30463 kbps (3807.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
[02:06] [Rebekah] Upload Speed: 3824 kbps (478 KB/sec transfer rate)
[02:06] [chibois] how ya check?
[02:07] [Rebekah] speakeasy
[02:07] [Rebekah]
[02:07] [chibois] which server?
[02:08] [Rebekah] one closest to u
[02:09] [chibois] 2613 and 317 from california
[02:10] [chibois] pritty much the same for dc
[02:10] [Rebekah] ur in ohio right??
[02:10] [chibois] yep
[02:10] [Rebekah] try the illinois one
[02:10] [chibois] 2608 and 324 from illinois
[02:11] [Rebekah] wow your speed sux
[02:11] [chibois] er thankyou?
[02:11] [Rebekah] is that the first number or the one in ()

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