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[00:01] [Nomura_Yuki] give a shot ^^'
[00:01] [chibois] female?
[00:01] [Nomura_Yuki] oh thx but nope ^^'
[00:01] [chibois] ok
[00:01] [chibois] a giggling guy
[00:01] [Centaur] 50/50 chance
[00:02] [Nomura_Yuki] yep, even my nick is sexless^^'
[00:02] [chibois] or more to the point few people know enough japanese to know what's typically a male or female name
[00:03] [Nomura_Yuki] no really it's sexless ^^'
[00:03] [Nomura_Yuki] Yuki could be a girl or a boy name ^^
[00:04] [Nomura_Yuki] same as Yue, Tsubasa and others ^^'
[00:05] [chibois] favorite anime?
[00:05] [Nomura_Yuki] don't know soo much animes....
[00:06] [chibois] manga then
[00:06] [Nomura_Yuki] one the most is Fate/Stay Night
[00:06] [Nomura_Yuki] manga is even worse >.>'
[00:06] [Nomura_Yuki] i get more mangas than animes
[00:06] [Nomura_Yuki] dial up net
[00:07] [chibois] favorite anime is flcl and favorite manga is love hina
[00:07] [Nomura_Yuki] i have all love hina manga o.o'
[00:08] [chibois] :)
[00:09] [Nomura_Yuki] but i get more tg mangas ^^'
[00:09] [chibois] thus the name
[00:10] [Nomura_Yuki] Mai-Otome,
[00:10] [Nomura_Yuki] Hanakimi, Power[girl got game],
[00:10] [chibois] most of the mangas i read are hentai
[00:11] [Nomura_Yuki] Yubisaki Mik Tea
[00:11] [Nomura_Yuki] hahahah hentai-san?
[00:11] [chibois] hai
[00:11] [Nomura_Yuki] i get lot hentai manga tg XP
[00:12] [Nomura_Yuki] some where yaoi =/
[00:12] [chibois] kinda a hard line to draw
[00:12] [chibois] does male/shemale count as gay?
[00:12] Tastes_like_moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[00:13] [Tastes_like_moo] hello
[00:13] [chibois] hi
[00:13] [Tastes_like_moo] hi chibois. I don't believe weve met before
[00:13] [chibois] kinda tempted to change my name to tastes like cluck
[00:13] [Nomura_Yuki] depend
[00:13] [Tastes_like_moo] thank you for refraining
[00:13] [chibois] lol
[00:13] [Tastes_like_moo] :)
[00:14] [Tastes_like_moo] hi nomura
[00:14] [Nomura_Yuki] hi there ^^
[00:14] [Tastes_like_moo] how's it going?
[00:14] [chibois] i was on a lot during october then school ganged up on me
[00:14] [Nomura_Yuki] i'm fine XD
[00:14] [Tastes_like_moo] ah
[00:14] [Tastes_like_moo] so, you guys MORFS authors, readers, or other?
[00:14] [chibois] yes
[00:14] Nick change: Tastes_like_moo -> moo
[00:15] [moo] ......yes what? which one?
[00:15] [chibois] yes
[00:15] [bane] i am god-king of all the world!!!
[00:15] [chibois] exactly@
[00:15] [moo] yes, yes you are
[00:16] [chibois] u are the bane of existence, shadap
[00:16] [moo] hey bane, was sarah on today?
[00:16] [Nomura_Yuki] reader but lost all wen my hd transform in plant fertilizer
[00:16] [bane] dont think so
[00:16] [moo] ?
[00:16] [moo] i didnt understand any of that
[00:16] [moo] "reader but lost all wen my hd transform in plant fertilizer "
[00:16] [Nomura_Yuki] make moresense in my language
[00:17] [moo] which is? if it bane speaking id say dislexic
[00:17] [Nomura_Yuki] lost all the fics i get when my hd broken
[00:17] [bane] where are you from?
[00:17] [chibois] he's brazilian
[00:17] [moo] hd? what is hd besides high definition
[00:17] [Nomura_Yuki] brazil ^^
[00:17] [bane] cool
[00:17] [moo] ohhh. hows the weather down there? ;)
[00:17] [chibois] hard drive?
[00:17] [moo] ohhhhhhhhhh
[00:18] [Nomura_Yuki] yep
[00:18] [Nomura_Yuki] hot >_>''''
[00:19] [moo] 0_.
[00:19] [chibois] -(._.")-
[00:19] [moo] ( o Y o )
[00:19] [bane] moo......
[00:19] [moo] what?
[00:20] [bane] your going to get in truble again :p
[00:20] [chibois] looked like an owl head just like he intended
[00:20] [chibois] a rather hot owl head :P
[00:20] [moo] ???????????????
[00:20] [moo] @_.
[00:21] [moo] bane? is rebekah here?
[00:22] [chibois] no
[00:22] [bane] nope
[00:22] [chibois] she wont be on till like 2
[00:22] [chibois] she's playin dnd or somethin
[00:22] [moo] dnd?! really? i didnt think she was such a nerd
[00:22] [moo] ;)
[00:23] [moo] :p
[00:23] [moo] ;p
[00:23] [bane] watch it she has a logger :p
[00:23] [chibois] she hangs out on this chat, of course she is
[00:23] [moo] lol
[00:23] [chibois] most ppl here will say they are a nerd with pride
[00:23] [bane] im not, i dont understand computers ;)
[00:23] [Centaur] who are we talking about?
[00:23] [moo] i just sent her logger a pm saying NERD
[00:24] [chibois] lol
[00:24] [moo] you
[00:24] [Centaur] bekah?
[00:24] [moo] no you
[00:24] [moo] you nerd
[00:24] [moo] :p
[00:24] [bane] the one and only
[00:24] [Nomura_Yuki] i'm not nerd XP i'm aproud otaku XP
[00:24] [Centaur] i'm not a nerd, i'm a geek there is a diifernce
[00:24] *** moo softly whispers "neeeerrrrrrd"
[00:24] [chibois] hey i resemble that remark
[00:25] [bane] sigh
[00:25] [moo] lol
[00:25] [bane] all right kids settle down
[00:25] [chibois] u started it by existing bane
[00:25] [moo] but mommy, i wanna cookie! and centaur shoved me!
[00:25] [moo] waaaah!
[00:25] [chibois] but mommy, i dont want to go to school today. i want to stay home and bake cookies with you. :)
[00:26] [moo] lol space jam
[00:26] *** Nomura_Yuki ouvindo Elfen Lied - Be your girl ! [quality:128kbits 44100KHz time:06:45] -=[Cyber]=-
[00:26] [moo] ?!
[00:26] [Nomura_Yuki] canshowmusiclisten here?
[00:26] [Nomura_Yuki] can show music listen here?
[00:26] [chibois] was in the tiny tunes and another daffy duck cartoon long before space jam
[00:27] [moo] i know
[00:27] [moo] but still
[00:27] [moo] lol space jam
[00:27] [moo] :p
[00:27] [chibois] i wanna watch the tiny tunes summer vacation movie
[00:27] [moo] good for you
[00:27] [moo] and i wanna cokie
[00:27] [moo] i mean cookie
[00:28] [chibois] freakin coke heads
[00:28] [moo] I prefer weed
[00:28] [moo] and the occassional crack-whore
[00:28] [moo] ;)
[00:28] [bane] you like yourself?
[00:28] [moo] how bout you, bane?
[00:28] [moo] i am not a whore
[00:28] [chibois] i prefer slaves over crack whores
[00:28] [bane] im clean
[00:29] [moo] no your not, i have read your jokes
[00:29] [moo] your the dirtiest person in this chatroom
[00:29] [chibois] cleaner and more loyal
[00:29] [moo] no one asked you, slave owner. ;)
[00:29] [bane] and i perfer the enusent and unsuspecting girl next door
[00:29] [chibois] i'm in the market, as it were
[00:29] [moo] i n n o c e n t
[00:29] [moo] not enusent
[00:30] [chibois] u prefer the eunich?
[00:30] [bane] whatever
[00:30] [moo] lol
[00:30] [moo] or did you mean friend of en emu? cause then itd be emu sent
[00:30] [moo] or emo sent
[00:30] [moo] elmo knows where you live!
[00:31] *** Nomura_Yuki ouvindo Naruto - Kanashimi wo Yasashis ! [quality:64kbits 44100KHz time:10:01] -=[Cyber]=-
[00:31] [Centaur] !morf me random
[00:31] [chibois] he likes emo eunichs
[00:31] [moo] lol
[00:31] [Nomura_Yuki] !morf me random
[00:31] [chibois] tickle me hellmo!
[00:31] [moo] i'm probably gonna end up breakin this thing again. mark my words
[00:31] [bane] yep
[00:32] [moo] ok, listen to this, i was in the lower level of my synaagogue once, and they had a tickle me elmo doll for the kids
[00:32] [moo] and it wasnt working right, so it wouldnt shut up
[00:32] [moo] so i stuffed it under a pillow
[00:32] [moo] and it clearly said "get this thing offa me!"
[00:32] [chibois] lol
[00:32] [moo] then "let me outta here"
[00:32] [bane] .....
[00:33] [moo] I almost pissed myself
[00:33] [Nomura_Yuki] lol
[00:33] [moo] laughing
[00:33] [moo] so what's the verdict? possessed toy or really good jewish ventriliquist?
[00:33] [bane] holy crap a possesed tickle me elmo in a synaagogue!!!
[00:33] [moo] :p
[00:34] [Nomura_Yuki] possessed it's more cool o.o'
[00:35] [chibois] anyone here by any chance play subeta?
[00:35] *** Nomura_Yuki ouvindo Flow - Go ! [quality:128kbits 44100KHz time:03:56] -=[Cyber]=-
[00:35] [moo] no
[00:35] [moo] stop doing that
[00:35] [Nomura_Yuki] music show?o.o
[00:35] [moo] it doesnt work
[00:35] [moo] [00:35] * Nomura_Yuki ouvindo Flow - Go ! [quality:128kbits 44100KHz time:03:56] -=[Cyber]=-
[00:35] [bane] dont be rude
[00:35] [chibois] !morf me random
[00:35] [moo] sorry
[00:35] [moo] lol
[00:35] [moo] HA!
[00:35] [chibois] ironic
[00:36] [bane] we all get what we duserve
[00:36] [moo] how?
[00:36] [chibois] one of my characters dies from morf
[00:36] [Nomura_Yuki] wow a funeral
[00:36] [Nomura_Yuki] !morf me random
[00:36] [chibois] and gets buried with an apple pie...
[00:36] [moo] aaaaamaaaaaaaaziiiiiing graaaaaaace howwwww sweeeeeet theeeeee sooouuuund
[00:36] [moo] ?!?!?!

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