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[03:14] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[03:14] [Rebekah] otay now my bots on
[03:14] [Rebekah] forgot to boot him backup after my few pcrestarts earlier
[03:14] [Centaur] makes me want to play with my bot :)
[03:15] [Rebekah] why chibi whatcha need
[03:15] [chibois] i'm tryin to rig my site such that i can add pages via php and mysql
[03:15] [Rebekah] oh sorry thats to deep for me
[03:15] [Centaur] a management type page?
[03:15] [Rebekah] :(
[03:15] [chibois] problem is when inputting data it glitches whenever i use single quotes
[03:15] [Rebekah] hmmm
[03:16] [chibois] cus it tries cutting off what i'm inputting at the single quote instead of at the end
[03:16] [Rebekah] oh that sux
[03:16] [chibois] wanna make it so all the pages are in mysql instead of individual files for saftey and organization
[03:17] [Rebekah] not sure how to fix that
[03:17] [Centaur] doesn't the / before the quote stop that?
[03:17] [chibois] no
[03:17] [Centaur] ie /'something/'
[03:17] [Centaur] hummmm
[03:17] [Centaur] only i dead i had:)
[03:17] [Centaur] er idea
[03:17] [Rebekah] centaur sql reads quotes differntly i think
[03:18] [chibois] dunno if mysqp has somethin along the lines of u tellin it how many characters the input has
[03:18] [Centaur] i've never programmed php/sql
[03:18] [chibois] so it ignores the quotes till it gets to the end
[03:19] [Rebekah] u might be able to
[03:19] [Rebekah] i haventlooked at my mysql since i shut down my WoW server
[03:20] [Rebekah] btw chibi do u have MySpace
[03:20] [chibois] i dont use it
[03:21] [Rebekah] well poo are u gonna be on here more often
[03:21] [chibois] yep
[03:21] [Rebekah] otay cool ... i missedchattin with u
[03:21] [chibois] i use aim, msn and yahoo if u use any of those
[03:21] [Rebekah] though i am ussually not up this late
[03:21] [chibois] i also play runescape and subeta...
[03:22] [Rebekah] i have myspace but use it mostly for myspace im recentlt
[03:22] [Rebekah] its how i keep in touch with most of my friends ... well those that dont chat in here
[03:23] [chibois] o and ur legal name was rebekah when i was on last
[03:23] [Centaur] Knighters all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:23] [Rebekah] oh otay couldnt remember whenu were on last
[03:23] [chibois] night
[03:23] [Rebekah] nite Centaur
[03:23] [Centaur] before i have key letters imprinted in my forhead
[03:23] Centaur (Centaur@nwpurgjfxmxo) left #morfs.
[03:24] [chibois] ooo!!! i figured out how to make it work!!
[03:24] [Rebekah] cool congrats
[03:24] [chibois] and i also feel like an idiot :P
[03:25] [chibois] the slash thing worked, i was usin the wrong slashes before :P
[03:25] [Rebekah] oh yeah me and a fellow chatter fell inlove in december inhere
[03:25] [Rebekah] oh lol
[03:25] [Rebekah] hehe
[03:25] [Rebekah] so why do u say school was trying to kill u
[03:26] [Rebekah] and work and the holidays
[03:26] [chibois] between work and projects and finals and my parents not leavin me the hell alone i had no spare time
[03:26] [chibois] then the holidays and work was chaos
[03:26] [Rebekah] ah yeah i can seethat
[03:26] [Rebekah] i wish i could find work
[03:26] [chibois] so how've ya been?
[03:26] [chibois] thought u had a job
[03:27] [Rebekah] ive been good just cant find steady work
[03:27] [Rebekah] just temp work
[03:27] [Rebekah] and its not steady enuf
[03:27] [chibois] :/
[03:28] [Rebekah] i dont remember what i was doin last time you were online ... its been a while
[03:28] [chibois] i dont either :P
[03:28] [Rebekah] glad to see u back and alive though
[03:28] [chibois] well yeah, be kinda creepy if i was back and dead
[03:29] [Rebekah] :p
[03:29] [Rebekah] u are in canada right??
[03:29] [chibois] ohio but close enough :P
[03:29] [Rebekah] oh wow i dont know why i thought canada lol
[03:29] [Rebekah] silly me
[03:29] [chibois] lol
[03:30] [chibois] where r u again?
[03:30] [Rebekah] virginia
[03:30] [chibois] ok
[03:30] [Rebekah] and my gf is in georgia
[03:30] [chibois] ur not the one with the farm right?
[03:30] [chibois] u have a gf?
[03:30] [Rebekah] nope
[03:31] [Rebekah] yeah her and i met in here and chatted and exchanged picsand fell in love
[03:31] [chibois] who's the one witht he farm who cant see properly?
[03:31] [chibois] ooo
[03:31] [Rebekah] im not sure who has the farm
[03:32] [chibois] think it might be misty...
[03:32] [chibois] well w/e
[03:32] [Rebekah] might be i know misty works with horses
[03:32] [chibois] never did get around to gettin those nipple things you recommended :P
[03:33] [Rebekah] oh righthadto think about that lol
[03:33] [Rebekah] forgotall about those
[03:33] [chibois] of course
[03:33] [chibois] i am a pervert after all
[03:33] [Rebekah] :p
[03:33] [chibois] why else would i be on a chat board about guys who turn into female cats?
[03:33] [Rebekah] i have one
[03:34] [Rebekah] lol thats not all the morfs
[03:34] [chibois] no but its a vast majority of the stories
[03:34] [chibois] and the main ones i focus on reading :P
[03:34] [Rebekah] i canonly remember 3 m2f kitty morfsoffthe top of my heat
[03:34] [Rebekah] head
[03:35] [Rebekah] synergy sanura and grey
[03:35] [chibois] yep the three stories i've read :P
[03:35] [Rebekah] ive read alot of the stories
[03:35] [Rebekah] first hybrid is good
[03:35] [chibois] which makes u even more perverted then me :P
[03:35] [Rebekah] so is loving my bunny girl
[03:36] [Rebekah] ;p
[03:36] [Rebekah] salamander 1 and 2 are great
[03:36] [Rebekah] angel was good
[03:36] [chibois] read 1 dunno if i read 2
[03:37] [Rebekah] and of all that i have listed only loving my bunny girl wasnt an m2f morf lol
[03:37] [chibois] exactly!
[03:37] [Rebekah] onmorehybrid was good it wasnt m2f
[03:37] [chibois] really should continue writing my story...
[03:38] [Rebekah] charlie is good it wasnt m2f
[03:38] [chibois] should just write it and to hell if brittany likes it or not
[03:38] [chibois] this every 8 words i type i get yelled at thing doesnt work for me
[03:39] [Rebekah] if she doesnt it either doesnt get posted orit doesnt get canon status
[03:39] [chibois] i'm writing a story where things arent clear till the end, its not something u can judge till its done
[03:39] [Rebekah] sizzle is good andnotm2f
[03:39] [chibois] i know it breaks some of the rules, but the reasons why they were broken should make it acceptable
[03:40] [chibois] problem is the reasons are presented at the end :P
[03:40] [chibois] brb bathroom >.
[03:40] [Rebekah] well u have to convince the committee and brit
[03:40] [Rebekah] k
[03:40] [Rebekah] brb also
[03:40] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[03:44] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[03:45] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpelgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[03:45] [chibois] bac
[03:45] [bekah] back decided to switch to laptop in bed
[03:45] [chibois] oic
[03:45] [chibois] i'm in a similar situation :P
[03:46] [bekah] i moved so that when i get tired i dont have to get up to go to bed lol
[03:47] [chibois] guess i wont be officially submitting anything till the last or 2nd to last chapter then
[03:47] [bekah] thats up to u
[03:47] [chibois] well i know ittl get shot down till things are made clearer
[03:47] [bekah] ill read it :)
[03:47] [chibois] ok
[03:48] [bekah] i love to read
[03:48] [chibois] i only have 1 chapter done
[03:48] [chibois] thought i gave it to u already tho
[03:48] [bekah] im not sure
[03:49] [chibois] enigma
[03:49] [bekah] i dont remember
[03:49] [chibois] girl with amnesia
[03:49] [bekah] doesnt sound familiar
[03:49] [bekah] u want my email
[03:50] [chibois] gonna stick it on my sire
[03:50] [chibois] *site
[03:50] [bekah] ah otay
[03:50] [chibois] umm nvm
[03:50] [chibois] e-mail
[03:50] [bekah] hehe
[03:50] [chibois] dont wanna fight with converting it to html this late at night
[03:51] [bekah]
[03:51] [bekah] ill check it tomorrow before i go out
[03:52] [chibois] its a gdoc, u've been invited
[03:52] [chibois] ok
[03:52] [chibois] i work from noon to 5 tho
[03:52] [bekah] ill be gone most of the day
[03:52] [chibois] almost 4 am, really should sleep soon :P
[03:52] [chibois] nah
[03:54] [bekah] i should lol
[03:54] [chibois] i need to stob being such a social recluse
[03:54] [bekah] me to
[03:55] [bekah] but if i do i will get less time to talk to nina
[03:55] [chibois] its only served to make me perverted to the point where if i ever do go out i'd prolly end up ruining things
[03:55] [bekah] just gotta take things slow
[03:56] [bekah] i forget who i heard it from but supposedly brava does a good job giving feminine breasts
[03:56] [bekah] its a suction system
[03:56] [chibois] huh?
[03:57] [chibois] that came outa nowhere :P
[03:58] [bekah] thought about it because of the nipple things lol
[03:58] [bekah] which i thought of because u called yourself a pervert again
[03:58] [chibois] i need to lose like 50 lbs if i ever crossdress
[03:58] [chibois] and if i do its not gonna be perminant
[03:59] [bekah] i still need to lose about 30-40
[03:59] [bekah] but i look good enough to be hit on now
[03:59] [chibois] thats good
[03:59] [bekah] 5'7 at about 170
[03:59] [chibois] i need to lose 50 before i'll feel secure enough to hit on anyone
[04:00] [bekah] awe comeon now cant be that bad
[04:01] [chibois] my problem is i'm short too, i end up lookin more like a hobbit then anything else :/
[04:01] [bekah] one of my best galpals is short
[04:01] [bekah] as is my roommate
[04:01] [chibois]
[04:02] [chibois] hobbit
[04:02] [bekah] i remember that pic
[04:02] [bekah] :p
[04:02] [chibois] :D
[04:02] [bekah] the gurt
[04:02] [chibois] yurt
[04:02] [bekah] i knew it was something urt lol
[04:02] [chibois] also known as ger
[04:03] [chibois] so close enough :P
[04:03] [bekah] hehe
[04:03] [bekah] so u have your own domain name huh
[04:03] [chibois] yep

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