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[00:00] [Rebekah] its like for examplereading an object or location
[00:00] [Centaur] kinda like far sight but only the past
[00:00] [moo] if you are low powered, you have the ability to remember stuff. yay!
[00:01] [moo] Hey centaur, do you watch south park?
[00:01] [Centaur] been awhile, last one i saw was the WoW episode
[00:02] [moo] I'll roshamboe you for it
[00:02] [moo] !morf me small
[00:03] [moo] tubular
[00:03] [Centaur] armadillo? time to move to texas:)
[00:04] [moo] thank you, no
[00:04] [moo] :p
[00:07] [Centaur] !morf me random
[00:07] [moo] i see your point, girl
[00:08] [Rebekah] wow i think i missed something
[00:08] [Centaur] tall one at that
[00:09] [moo] !morf me small
[00:09] [moo] aw nerts
[00:09] [Centaur] two powers is average?
[00:09] [moo] low powered ones, maybe
[00:09] [moo] who has the most powers out of any character?
[00:09] [moo] jet/quartz?
[00:10] [Centaur] real low precentage even change with morfs, even lower get power, still even lower gets more then one
[00:10] [moo] but out of the actual stories
[00:10] [moo] for MORFS
[00:11] [moo] i mean, jet has precognition, flight, super speed (not sure if it was time manipulation), illusionist capabilities, and doesn't age
[00:11] [moo] thats a lot of powers
[00:12] [moo] does anyone have more?
[00:12] [Rebekah] not sure
[00:13] [moo] hmmm
[00:13] [moo] angel has 1, synergy 1,....
[00:13] [moo] what about flit?
[00:13] [Rebekah] flit??
[00:14] [moo] she's from Angel's tale
[00:14] [Centaur] think there was one
[00:14] [moo] she has time travel, teleportation, invisibility, insubstantiality (walk thru walls)
[00:15] [Centaur] thought she only had teleport and time manipulation
[00:15] [moo] no... invisible and the other one as well
[00:16] [Centaur] the guy in angels tale, the one where angel caused him to go through morfs early, he had wings, fight, farsight telepathy, some others as well
[00:17] [moo] i don't count purely physical things as powers, unless they make them superhuman
[00:17] [moo] i.e. if they have wings but fly without them, wings = not power
[00:17] [moo] if they fly with wings wings= power
[00:17] [Centaur] he could fly because of telikineses, the wings was more for show
[00:17] [moo] then i would not count the wings as a power
[00:18] [moo] kinda like i wouldn't count Jace Neumer's tail as a power
[00:18] [moo] i mean sanura
[00:19] [moo] quick change of topic:
[00:20] [moo] go there. go there now.
[00:21] [Centaur] ???
[00:21] [Centaur] going
[00:22] [moo] go there and laugh
[00:22] [Rebekah] lol
[00:23] [moo] alright, i gotta go. I was hoping to do more writing, but im yawning hard enough that I'm threatening to pop out my jaw again. I'll see after my shower, but I won't be online till later.
[00:23] [Centaur] ttyl
[00:23] [moo] tiitie to you too
[00:24] [moo] I shall leave you all a parting gift
[00:24] [Rebekah] tata moo
[00:24] moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) left irc: Quit: ( o Y o )
[00:24] [Rebekah] lol
[00:24] [Centaur] yi yi yi
[00:24] [Rebekah] ??
[00:25] [Centaur] young'ins whatch'a goin'a doo
[00:26] [Centaur] boobies in his exit tag:)
[00:26] [Rebekah] lol
[00:26] [Rebekah] yeah
[01:00] [Centaur] i've died in Wow and i can't find my body
[01:01] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupurexqla) joined #morfs.
[01:02] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[01:02] [Rebekah] hey baby wb
[01:03] [dragonessprincess9] hugs
[01:03] [dragonessprincess9] kisses
[01:04] [Rebekah] hugs and kisses
[01:04] [Rebekah] did u get you expansion
[01:04] [Centaur] WB nina
[01:04] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[01:05] [dragonessprincess9] yeah
[01:05] [dragonessprincess9] can't put it on computer though
[01:05] [dragonessprincess9] :'(
[01:05] [Rebekah] why not
[01:05] [dragonessprincess9] the cd drives are not working
[01:05] [dragonessprincess9] :'
[01:05] [dragonessprincess9] :'(
[01:05] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[01:05] [Rebekah] that sux sweety im sorry
[01:05] *** Rebekah hugs nina and gives her a shoulderto cry on
[01:06] [dragonessprincess9] thanks
[01:06] [dragonessprincess9] :(
[01:06] *** dragonessprincess9 sniffle
[01:07] [dragonessprincess9] gona take the hole tower to have someone look at it tomorrow
[01:07] [Rebekah] im sorry sweety
[01:07] [Rebekah] wish i could fixit for u
[01:08] [Rebekah] oh yeah btw whatare u interviewing for tomorrow
[01:10] [dragonessprincess9] a position at the history department on campus
[01:10] [Centaur] how you ressurect your self if you can't find(get to) your body?
[01:10] [dragonessprincess9] a student assistant
[01:10] [Rebekah] nice i wish u the best of luck
[01:10] [Centaur] coolness goodluck
[01:10] [dragonessprincess9] thanks
[01:10] [dragonessprincess9] what Centaur?
[01:10] [Rebekah] u go to a spirit healer
[01:11] [dragonessprincess9] yep
[01:11] [Rebekah] there is bound to be a way to download the new expansion
[01:11] [dragonessprincess9] oh
[01:12] [Centaur] graveyard?
[01:12] [Rebekah] yeah
[01:12] [dragonessprincess9] i went and brought the cd expansion
[01:12] [Centaur] yup warez sites
[01:12] [dragonessprincess9] not the online one
[01:12] [Rebekah] ill seeif i cant find a download foru
[01:12] [Centaur] personaly i don't see a problem using a warez cd if you bought it:)
[01:13] [dragonessprincess9] k
[01:13] [Centaur] is where i find most of my crud:)
[01:16] [Rebekah] grr i hate my damn roommates... sucking up all the bandwidth
[01:17] [Centaur] hehe i hate my cell
[01:18] [Centaur] 125Kbsdown 44Kbs up
[01:20] [dragonessprincess9] the Cd drives on my computers are not working
[01:20] [Rebekah] nina baby go to and download the 10 day free trail
[01:20] [dragonessprincess9] i found a download online
[01:20] [Rebekah] install like that and use the upgrade key that came with the one u bought
[01:20] [dragonessprincess9] it is on the WoW community site
[01:20] [dragonessprincess9] i am
[01:20] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[01:21] [Rebekah] thats what i was talking about lookin for
[01:22] [Rebekah] i own the cds for original and tbc but dont have thecodes
[01:23] [dragonessprincess9] it is downloading now
[01:23] [dragonessprincess9] aw
[01:24] [Rebekah] the code was missing when i first bought it and they didnt have any other copies so i never managed to getthe codes
[01:25] [Rebekah] i have the code for tbc i think
[01:25] [Rebekah] but it was ok because i only ever used it for free servers
[01:28] [Rebekah] did i tell you that my friends husbandtried to hit onme when we all hung outon sunday
[01:30] [dragonessprincess9] lol
[01:30] [dragonessprincess9] really?
[01:31] [Centaur] why?
[01:31] [Rebekah] yeah it was wierd
[01:32] [Rebekah] she told me later that that wasthe most attention he paid to her since they got married
[01:33] [Rebekah] seems he wanted to get in both our panties
[01:33] [dragonessprincess9] 0.o
[01:33] [Centaur] ooookie
[01:34] [dragonessprincess9] i have to head to bed
[01:34] [dragonessprincess9] got to get up in the moring for the interview i have
[01:34] [dragonessprincess9] night all
[01:34] *** Rebekah tucks nina into bed
[01:34] *** dragonessprincess9 hugs Cent bye
[01:34] *** dragonessprincess9 kisses bekah bye
[01:34] [Rebekah] kiss kiss
[01:34] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[01:34] [Centaur] GL
[01:34] [Rebekah] yes good luck sweetheart
[01:35] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@xqlavcpupurexqla) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[01:36] [Rebekah] wierd huh
[01:40] [Centaur] whats that?
[01:40] [Rebekah] the situation with my friends
[01:42] [Centaur] yup
[01:42] [Centaur] some people just have no cooth
[01:43] [Rebekah] whats funny is the only thing that bothered her was that it was the most attention he had paid to her since they married
[01:44] [Centaur] like i said no cooth
[01:45] [Rebekah] she had enuf coothto rebuke his advances
[01:47] [Centaur] still not right to think is has a shot at some thing like that, espesaly to his wife whom he has not paid atention too
[01:48] [Rebekah] yeah i think he thought thats what we were doin
[01:48] [Rebekah] but thats otay
[01:48] [Centaur] some peope just assume shit they shouldn't
[01:48] [Rebekah] sometimes he doesnt think very much
[01:49] [Centaur] sound like he thinks with Jr. >;)
[01:50] [Rebekah] yeah sometimes
[01:53] [Rebekah] i love her to death but she has terrible taste in men
[01:55] [Centaur] hell i'm a man, thinking, asuming, acting on are all differant things. hope you don't think we as a gender are all bad <grin
[01:56] [Rebekah] nope
[01:56] [Rebekah] im genetically onyour side of the fence
[01:56] [Rebekah] M2F tg
[01:57] [Centaur] :)
[01:58] [Centaur] yup i remember:)
[01:58] [Rebekah] ok just makin sure
[01:59] [Rebekah] but yeah i know not all men are like that
[02:00] [Rebekah] but the wierd thing is her husband knew mebefore the changes
[02:01] [Centaur] one thing i've prode to say i've learned over the years(wish i had learned earlyer) is to accept people as that people on the inside, not who or what they are or were
[02:02] [Rebekah] yeah i always acceptppl how they wish to be thought of
[02:03] [Centaur] yupper
[02:03] [Rebekah] and they accept me as the girl i am
[02:03] [Centaur] so do i, as that is how i've always known you:)
[02:04] [Rebekah] :)
[02:04] [Rebekah] they both newme before ilet the world see rebekah
[02:05] [Centaur] however i'm not going to talk quilting :)
[02:05] [Rebekah] i dont do quilting either
[02:05] [Centaur] hehehe
[02:07] [Centaur] welp he's was just being dumb:)
[02:07] [Centaur] how ever you could take it as a complemet too:)
[02:10] [Rebekah] i did take it asa compliment
[02:11] [Centaur] :)
[02:11] [Rebekah] she ended up telling me she was more comfortable with me as a girl and thought i looked better as a girl also
[02:12] [Centaur] did Hunter Class show up in TBC?
[02:12] [Centaur] :)
[02:12] [Rebekah] no it was in original i think
[02:13] [Centaur] humm
[02:14] [Rebekah] im not really sure what all was added with tbc
[02:15] [Centaur] i had hunter class show up, i clicked it made the char, but it shows the char as a warror
[02:15] [Rebekah] thats wierd
[02:16] [Rebekah] but then again i have never played blizz
[02:16] [Centaur] i'm not on a blizz server:)
[02:17] [Rebekah] oh then it could be a problem on the freeserver your on
[02:17] [Centaur] my own:)
[02:20] [Centaur] i downloadd a server package from

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