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[00:02] [Rebekah] hey baby brb
[00:05] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[00:05] [bekah] hey baby
[00:07] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[00:08] [bekah] :)
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] hugs
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] i found my usb drive
[00:08] [bekah] hugs
[00:08] [bekah] how are u sweety
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] fine
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] tired from working
[00:09] [bekah] i can understand that one
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[00:10] [dragonessprincess9] whats u doing?
[00:10] [bekah] just layin here chattin with u
[00:10] [dragonessprincess9] neat
[00:10] [bekah] how about u
[00:13] [dragonessprincess9] wandering D-art
[00:13] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[00:13] [dragonessprincess9] and talking to u
[00:13] [bekah] hehe i knew that
[00:13] [dragonessprincess9] and waiting for mother to finish trying to fix laptop
[00:14] [bekah] that i didnt know
[00:16] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[00:17] [dragonessprincess9] how was your dinner?/
[00:17] [bekah] it was really good
[00:18] *** bekah hugs nina
[00:19] [dragonessprincess9] thats good
[00:19] [bekah] :)
[00:21] [dragonessprincess9] whats u got to do tomorrow?
[00:22] [bekah] nothin yet
[00:24] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[00:25] [dragonessprincess9] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:26] Nick change: dragonessprincess9 -> Nina
[00:34] [bekah] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:34] [Nina] aw
[00:35] [bekah] :)
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[00:41] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) left irc: Quit: Goes away with big boom
[01:21] Centaur (Centaur@nwpurgjfxmxo) joined #morfs.
[01:23] [Centaur] }: PPPhhhhttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:19] Logger joined #MORFS.
[02:19] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[02:19] [Misty_] WB, Logger
[02:21] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) joined #morfs.
[02:22] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbyagfezu) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[03:55] [Misty_] "Here it is in a nutshell, so to speak; I have accepted the fact of my becoming female. I just do not feel like a girl," explained the recently morfed teen. A good line, if I never hear another.
[05:46] Starfox (~Starfox@vabdjaroxuab) joined #morfs.
[05:47] [Starfox] Good morning, anyone home?
[05:47] [Starfox] !morf me large
[05:47] Starfox (~Starfox@vabdjaroxuab) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[07:55] [Misty_] Once again I find myself in conflict with my dire enemy, Morning.
[09:29] *** Misty_ am doomed to being all alone in de whole wide world.
[09:46] *** Jenny huggles Misty warmly with lots of gooey green gusto
[10:14] *** Misty_ returns dem huggles ith warmth.
[10:15] [Misty_] And only thirty minutes later than Jenny's.
[10:48] [Rebekah] allo all
[10:49] [Misty_] WB Bekah.
[10:49] [Rebekah] thanx
[10:51] [Misty_] Sorry, I gots foots traffic in here again this morning.
[10:51] [Misty_] I'll just be popping in and out
[10:51] [Rebekah] thanxfoots traffic in where
[10:53] [Misty_] I sweep and scoop and sweep and scoop but never seem to get rid of them.
[10:54] [Rebekah] lol
[11:24] [Misty_] There are always lotsa foots in here on Wednesday. I have classes here on Wednesdays. Lotsa bimbos and Debutantes wantt riding lessons.
[11:25] [Rebekah] ah
[11:25] [Rebekah] i wants ridin lessons
[11:26] [Rebekah] ive ridin a horse before but that wasa horse trail think in pidgeon forge
[11:26] [Misty_] Which category? Experienced or inexperienced...
[11:27] [Rebekah] inexperienced
[11:27] [Rebekah] only riden once that i remember
[11:28] [Misty_] Inexperiencwed, I am trhinking
[11:29] [Rebekah] one of these days
[11:29] [Misty_] I guide a few trail rides during the summer.
[11:31] [Misty_] Winter is for hunting parties in the Rocks wet of here.
[11:31] [Rebekah] nifty
[11:31] [Misty_] wet = west
[11:32] [Rebekah] i figured that
[11:32] [Misty_] I do not guide for winter hunts
[11:32] [Rebekah] figured that also
[11:32] [Misty_] I have modern mountain men for those.
[11:33] [Rebekah] hehe
[11:37] [Misty_] They know them thar hills as well as any 18th and 19th century MM.
[11:38] [Rebekah] hehe
[11:38] [Misty_] These guy do not rely on sat positioning
[11:39] [Misty_] hey use it, but none rely on it.
[11:42] [Rebekah] my dad hunts and never used sat positioning
[11:43] [Misty_] yup
[11:43] [Misty_] I just use a compas and maps.
[11:43] [Rebekah] he doesnt hunt by horseback either
[11:44] [Rebekah] i dont think he uses maps either
[11:45] [Misty_] These guys only use the horses to get there from where Base Camp is.
[11:45] [Rebekah] ah
[11:46] [Rebekah] my dad camps and hunts in the mountains on fut
[11:46] [Rebekah] foot
[11:48] [Misty_] hehe
[11:48] [Rebekah] with just compass
[11:48] [Misty_] yup
[11:49] [Rebekah] but then he knows his way around the area
[11:51] [Misty_] The guys thes MM guide do not know where their ass is without being told.
[11:51] [Rebekah] lol
[11:56] [Rebekah] personally i never liked hunting
[11:56] [Rebekah] but i do enjoy camping
[11:58] [Misty_] I personally do not hunt. I do not guide hunts, except a camera hunt once in a while.
[11:58] [Rebekah] a camera hunt i would do
[11:59] [Misty_] I just like to guide trail rides.
[11:59] [Rebekah] yeah
[11:59] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@zbxwdbdwrmhozbxw) joined #morfs.
[11:59] [Rebekah] heya nina baby
[11:59] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[11:59] *** Misty_ hugs da nina person warmly
[12:00] [Rebekah] so u have everything ready for the move back to school sweety
[12:00] *** Rebekah kisses nina on the cheek
[12:00] [dragonessprincess9] just about
[12:00] Nick change: dragonessprincess9 -> Nina
[12:00] [Nina] hehe
[12:00] [Rebekah] cool
[12:02] [Rebekah] so nina sweety i dont remember if i have asked before or not but do u like to camp
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[12:04] Nina (~dragonessprincess9@zbxwdbdwrmhozbxw) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[12:05] [Rebekah] poo
[12:05] [Misty_] Nina gone?
[12:08] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@zbxwdbdwrmhozbxw) joined #morfs.
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[12:08] [Misty_] WB nina
[12:10] [Rebekah] wb baby
[12:10] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[12:10] [dragonessprincess9] stupid computer
[12:10] [Rebekah] do u like camping sweetheart
[12:12] [dragonessprincess9] never een
[12:12] [dragonessprincess9] been
[12:12] [dragonessprincess9] i have been fishing once
[12:13] [dragonessprincess9] i caught my tacklebox lol
[12:13] [Rebekah] im gonna have to carry u campin one of these days
[12:13] [Rebekah] lol
[12:13] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[12:13] [dragonessprincess9] hi Misty
[12:13] [dragonessprincess9] how r u?
[12:15] [Rebekah] misty is dealing with alot offoot traffic today
[12:15] [dragonessprincess9] whats u been doing bekah
[12:15] [dragonessprincess9] ah
[12:16] [Rebekah] ive just been sitting here occasionally chattin with misty and now u
[12:17] [dragonessprincess9] neat
[12:17] [dragonessprincess9] i have to go in a bit
[12:17] [dragonessprincess9] got to run something to my mom's office
[12:17] [Rebekah] otay
[12:18] [Rebekah] and u said u were heading to school tomorrow
[12:18] [dragonessprincess9] i have a bit before i go
[12:19] *** Rebekah hugs nina
[12:23] [dragonessprincess9] hugs
[12:24] [dragonessprincess9] i'm gona head to my mom's office now
[12:24] [Rebekah] otay see u when u get back
[12:24] [dragonessprincess9] k
[12:24] [dragonessprincess9] hugs
[12:24] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@zbxwdbdwrmhozbxw) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[12:34] [Misty_] Is poparotsau a word?
[12:35] [Rebekah] probably spelled different
[12:36] [Rebekah] u mean all the camera ppl right?
[12:36] [Misty_] yup
[12:36] [Rebekah] yeah spelled differently
[12:36] [Misty_] I thought so
[12:37] [Rebekah] i forget how its spelled
[12:37] [Misty_] This was used to denote a single cameraman.
[12:38] [Rebekah] yeah i forget how its spelled
[12:39] [Misty_] I think the word poparotsi is one ogf those words that is the same single or plural.
[12:39] [Rebekah] yeah
[12:40] [Misty_] hehe just another of my pet peeves.
[12:40] [Rebekah] yeah i can understand that
[12:40] [Misty_] authors misuse too many words.
[12:41] [Misty_] One has to wonder if they even took English and/or creative writing
[12:41] [Rebekah] lol
[12:45] [Misty_] Probably slepty through the classes.
[12:45] [Rebekah] sounds like me
[12:46] [Rebekah] i slept through history class
[12:47] [Misty_] Me, too.
[12:49] [Misty_] At least the histories of that "across th' pond" place.
[12:49] [Rebekah] lol
[12:53] [Rebekah] mmm frozen caprisun
[13:02] [Rebekah] tasty
[13:43] [Rebekah] paparazzi is the word you were lookin for earlier
[15:14] [Misty_] yup. That's th' word.
[15:16] [Misty_] Thank you.
[15:21] [Rebekah] welcome
[15:49] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@zixscccgpbcczixs) joined #morfs.
[15:49] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[15:52] [Chipmunk] quiet today
[15:53] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@zixscccgpbcczixs) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]
[16:13] [Rebekah] damn
[16:20] [Rebekah] yay
[16:37] [Misty_] Yay???
[16:38] [Misty_] What's a yay???
[16:39] [Misty_] Yay. Yay? We don' need no stinkin' yay!
[16:46] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
[16:47] [Misty_] wb bekah
[16:49] [bekah] tnx
[17:53] Hammy (~Hammy@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[17:55] [Hammy] Hi bekah
[17:56] [Hammy] Anyone?
[18:11] [Rebekah] im here
[18:11] [Rebekah] sorry was afk

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