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[00:12] [bekah] so far this is an awesome story
[00:27] [Centaur] farside?
[00:27] [bekah] yep
[00:35] [Centaur] greet, sounds like the bearings or something when out on the NB HD
[00:36] [Centaur] here i thought the CPU fan was making all that noise
[00:36] [bekah] that sux
[00:37] [Centaur] ws tryingto use ghost to make an HD image
[00:38] [bekah] yeah
[00:38] [Centaur] ghost crashed:(
[00:38] [bekah] ouch
[00:44] [Centaur] doing a ghost secter image
[00:45] [Centaur] see if that works
[00:45] [bekah] maybe
[00:45] [Centaur] i hope:)
[00:46] [Centaur] fingers crossed
[00:46] [bekah] best of luck to u
[00:46] [Centaur] !morf me large
[00:47] [Centaur] Damn!!!!
[00:47] [Centaur] i wonder if my Telekinetic is perportional to the Gravitational Disruptor
[00:48] [bekah] interesting powers
[01:12] [bekah] dang another nite no nina ... im begining to be a little worried
[01:20] [Centaur] i'm sure she is ok, probably RL keeping her
[01:30] [bekah] i hope so ... i love that girl to death and would hate it if anything happened to her
[01:34] [Centaur] grrrr i hate image limits
[01:34] [bekah] yeah really big pain in the ass huh
[01:34] [Centaur] 2gig files, 30gig's of files, that will be 15 files
[01:35] [Centaur] yup, take all night too
[01:35] [bekah] yepyep why 2 gig files though ... i thought it allowed for dvd size images
[01:40] Centaur (Centaur@nwpulcjfxmxo) left irc: Ping timeout
[01:47] Centaur{afk} (~centaur@nwputkjfxmxo) joined #morfs.
[01:47] [Centaur{afk}] GRRRRR!!!!!
[01:47] [bekah] wb
[01:47] Nick change: Centaur{afk} -> Centaur
[01:47] [Centaur] computer rebooted it's self
[01:48] [bekah] that blows
[01:48] [Centaur] wondering if i'm pulling too much though the USB ports, i only have 4 and using three
[01:49] [bekah] maybe
[01:50] [Centaur] heard from moo?
[01:50] [Centaur] he doing ok?
[01:56] [Centaur] can you call her voice? might ease your mind if you talk to her
[01:57] [bekah] moo is ok ... i dont have ninas number otherwise i would have called already:(
[01:59] [bekah] i really wish i had asked for her number but im a ditz sometimes
[02:00] [Centaur] nope, you just get doe eyed:)
[02:01] [bekah] yeah i guess
[02:40] [Centaur] i'm just pick'in on ya:)
[02:41] [Centaur] 10 of 15 imag files done
[02:41] [bekah] wow
[02:41] [Centaur] as i was saying, i'm using ghost 8, 11 didn't want to run
[02:42] [bekah] woof
[02:42] [Centaur] it also said dvd burning was unavalable when i started it :(
[02:46] [Centaur] tomorrow i'm going to do a full format on another 40gig HD i have and do a restore(if there are no bad sectors)
[02:47] [bekah] good plan
[02:48] [Centaur] i'm the king of procrationation, i'll procrastionat later:)
[02:49] [Centaur] working on image 12:)
[02:50] [Centaur] hummm might even take and image my old NB HD, it had bad sectors too, but was still workig when i got my new NB, i stopped using it because the hinges broke
[02:52] [Centaur] humm seems to be taking 5min per two gig image
[02:52] [Centaur] humm i was wrong 14 images
[02:53] [bekah] cool not bad
[02:53] [bekah] broken hinges suck
[02:54] [Centaur] yup
[02:54] [Centaur] video out(VGA) port is broke too
[02:54] [Centaur] just under an hour
[02:54] [Centaur] to image
[02:55] [Centaur] 4 min under:)
[02:55] [bekah] damn that really sux does it have svid
[02:57] [Centaur] nope:(, screen still works, i have/had it proped up it lasted 3 years, i bought it for $60, i had to fix the power connecter(replaced it)
[02:58] [bekah] well u could use it to make the install then move the drive over for all the drivers and such maybe
[02:58] [bekah] wait nvr mind
[02:58] [bekah] forgot xp and up is a bitch
[03:04] [Centaur] hup
[03:04] [Centaur] er yup
[03:05] [Centaur] back before XP came out i had a quick install CD for 98, i could load a computer in 5min drivers and all, XP put a stop to that real quick
[03:05] [bekah] yepyep
[03:06] [Centaur] sorry was AFK nature call, and you have to listen to her
[03:06] [bekah] yepyep
[03:10] [Centaur] i'm an old DOS guy from way back when, first computer i had was a VIC20 with a tape drive, some where between that and my first 286 i havd a timex cenclar and a TSR80, i used desqview on my 386 and 486 till 95 came out and went kicking and screaming to that, i wanted to put a hit out on gates when he cripped millium and ripped out dos boot(unless you hacked the boot files)
[03:11] [bekah] i loved dos
[03:12] Centaur (Centaur@nwputkjfxmxo) left irc: Nickname ghosted by Centaur
[03:12] Centaur (Centaur@nwpulcjfxmxo) joined #morfs.
[03:13] [Centaur] never used windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 workgroups until AOHELL came along(before internet realy hit)
[03:14] [bekah] yeah and wb
[03:14] [Centaur] i used deskview to run a multi line(3) bbs, internet came along and pretty much killed that hobby
[03:15] [Centaur] remember paying through the nose for four or eight mgs of ram?
[03:15] [Centaur] megs
[03:15] [bekah] i still play on bbs's
[03:15] [bekah] and yes
[03:16] [bekah] i have even run a telnet bbs
[03:16] [Centaur] ones on the internet or ones you still have to dial in to?
[03:17] [bekah] telnet ... though the work the same
[03:17] [Centaur] yup
[03:17] [Centaur] asni graphics:)
[03:17] [bekah] ansi yepyep
[03:18] [bekah] loved lord and tradewars
[03:18] [Centaur] that to:)
[03:18] [Centaur] Oh yes Legdens of the red dragon:)\
[03:19] [Centaur] i could never get in to tradewars
[03:19] [Centaur] ledgends
[03:19] [bekah] i still play tw lol
[03:19] [Centaur] online or your own copy?
[03:20] [Centaur] that was network able between bbs's wasn't it?
[03:20] [bekah] i dont remember but it was multiplayer
[03:21] [Centaur] biggest doors i had was LORD and foodfight
[03:22] Centaur (Centaur@nwpulcjfxmxo) left irc: Nickname ghosted by Centaur
[03:22] Centaur (Centaur@nwpuryjfxmxo) joined #morfs.
[03:22] [bekah] wb
[03:22] [Centaur] modem dropped
[03:23] [bekah] i hade modems
[03:23] [bekah] i want fios but its not available in my area
[03:23] [bekah] hate not hade
[03:23] [Centaur] this is a hi-speed cell modem
[03:24] [Centaur] plug in to my USB
[03:24] [Centaur] speed is like a low grade dsl
[03:24] [bekah] still i still hate modems
[03:25] [Centaur] every thing is a modem of one sort or another:) cable modem, dsl modem, cell modem hehehe
[03:27] [Centaur] unless your lucky and have a t-1 or better:)
[03:27] [bekah] yeah i know
[03:27] [bekah] i still want fiber
[03:29] [Centaur] that would be great
[03:35] Centaur (Centaur@nwpuryjfxmxo) left irc: Nickname ghosted by Centaur
[03:35] Centaur (Centaur@nwpulmjfxmxo) joined #morfs.
[03:35] [bekah] yep
[03:35] [bekah] wb
[03:36] [Centaur] tx
[03:38] [Centaur] welp, i just did some speed tests at DSLReports for the hell of it, i had never done it before on this cell modem avg 123 Kb/s down and 43Kb/s up
[03:38] [Centaur] sounds about right with my torrent downloads
[03:40] [Centaur] hate to do this to you, but i have to get some shut eye, gots to gets up in'a morn'in
[03:41] [Centaur] Knighters Bekah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:41] [bekah] k nite nite
[03:41] [Centaur] Knighters every-on-else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:41] Centaur (Centaur@nwpulmjfxmxo) left irc: Quit: General Protection Fault in common sense
[05:43] [Misty_] The notorious Miss Ti is awake now... sorta awake that is... well, maybe I will stay awake...
[06:15] [Rebekah] heya misty
[09:56] [Misty_] Good mornin', Bekah.
[09:58] [Rebekah] wb
[10:16] [Rebekah] i think it is nap time for me
[10:16] [Rebekah] nite nite
[10:17] [Misty_] Ni-ni
[10:18] [Misty_] cyas laytre
[10:19] bekah (~whitefyr@nfroriecldzcnfro) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[10:34] [Misty_] Phooey, Misty is all alone in da whole wide world again.
[12:16] [Misty_] Nearly two hours later and I still all alone in de whole wide world....
[14:28] [Misty_] Another two hours have passed and I am still all alone in de whole wide world...
[15:25] RJ (~RJ@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[15:44] EMW (~chatzilla@tkpwxdhclezetkpw) joined #morfs.
[16:12] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@zixscccgpbcczixs) joined #morfs.
[16:12] [Chipmunk] hey hey
[16:20] [EMW] hello
[16:23] [Chipmunk] MATT!!!!!!!!
[16:23] [EMW] hello
[16:24] [Chipmunk] how be??
[16:24] [EMW] hello
[16:24] [EMW] not bad :D
[16:24] [EMW] shrike was about earlier but he vanished
[16:25] [Chipmunk] i was speaking to him on gchat
[16:26] [EMW] likewise
[16:26] [EMW] he told me to come on the chat then vanished
[16:26] [Rebekah] allo all
[16:26] [EMW] hello
[16:27] [Chipmunk] BEKAH!!!!!!!
[16:27] [Rebekah] so whats yall up to
[16:27] [Chipmunk] not much...
[16:27] [EMW] I'm playing an adventure game
[16:28] [Chipmunk] what one?
[16:28] [EMW] vampyre story
[16:28] [Chipmunk] oooh
[16:29] [Rebekah] cool ... i just woke
[16:29] [Rebekah] up
[16:29] [Chipmunk] good morning to you then
[16:30] [Rebekah] thank u
[16:31] [Chipmunk] you're welcome
[16:31] *** Misty_ hugs da Bekah... WB
[16:32] [Chipmunk] MISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:32] [EMW] hi misty
[16:32] [Rebekah] stayed up till 1030 this am
[16:32] [Rebekah] heya misty
[16:32] [Chipmunk] !! ... why?
[16:33] [Rebekah] was reading
[16:33] [Chipmunk] must have been a good story
[16:34] [Misty_] me hugs da chipmunk and whispers a reminmder to watch out for the shrikelions.
[16:34] *** Chipmunk hugs Misty
[16:34] *** RJ hugs all
[16:35] *** Misty_ hellos and hugs da EMW
[16:35] [Rebekah] hugs
[16:35] *** EMW hugs himself
[16:35] Nick change: RJ -> Shrike
[16:36] [Shrike] Is that known as a monkey hug?
[16:36] [Rebekah] heya shrike
[16:36] [Shrike] I didn't vanish, but Prisonbreak and the wife interfered
[16:37] [EMW] you had to prison break the wife! what did she do?
[16:37] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:37] [Rebekah] i dont worry bout sharklions they have no effect on me but i fear they have taken nina away
[16:37] [Rebekah] :(
[16:38] [Misty_] BTW, EMW, did I say to you that I read, and loved "Salamander" and want more?
[16:40] [EMW] Maybe but it's always nice to hear it again :D
[16:41] [Shrike] How about feral?
[16:41] [Rebekah] i miss my nina
[16:42] [Misty_] I reaad all of Feral that you have sent me.
[16:42] [Shrike] And?
[16:42] [Rebekah] i hope shes otay
[16:42] [Misty_] I like it.

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