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[02:29] [Rebekah] wow nina didnt come in tonight
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[09:55] *** Misty_ muuddles along while the kawphy bubbles and broils through the brand new Perk-O-Lator...
[09:56] [Misty_] Waaiting for the pot to do its thing seems to take forever!!!
[09:57] *** Misty_ hugs da icons, just to be sure no one is hiding in dem.
[10:01] *** Jenny huggles that iconic Misty warmly
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[10:12] [Starfox] !morf me random hybrid
[10:13] [Starfox] Tigger Tigger Buring Bright in the Forest of the Night.
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[13:19] [Misty_] Me halo is now shiny and clean, just polished and absolved of all its tarnish, too.
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[13:40] [Rebekah] alla all
[13:40] [Rebekah] hey shrike
[13:41] [Hammy] Hi
[13:41] [Hammy] Only us 2 here?
[13:41] [Rebekah] seems like it
[13:41] [Hammy] THen I have to eat my dessert now
[13:41] [Hammy] bbiaw
[13:42] Nick change: Hammy -> snoozing_hammy
[13:42] [Rebekah] k have fun
[14:08] [snoozing_hammy] Both Dale and Matt are in gchat
[14:14] Chipmunk (~chatzilla@zixscccgpavczixs) joined #morfs.
[14:14] [Chipmunk] hey hey#
[14:14] [Rebekah] heya chipmunk
[14:14] [Chipmunk] hows things?
[14:17] [Rebekah] they're goin otay ... kinda worried about nina ... she didnt come in last night and never read my myspace msgs
[14:20] [Chipmunk] maybe she's just busy
[14:20] [Chipmunk] i'm just looking on the positive after all
[14:21] [Rebekah] i hope thats it
[14:22] [Rebekah] i wasnt here last night but i left her msgs on myspace to make sure she knew and she never read them
[14:22] *** Misty_ pops in, dressed casually in a long, hooded caftan, which droppes down to the ankles. Itís dark red in colorp so dark it appears burgundy in dim light, ie starlight. My hair, the color of White Sand, (named by my hairdresser, not me.) flowing long and neatly over my shoulders, demands to be wrapped around a manís hands. It is a grand and comfy costume for lounging about the house on a cold, wintery afternoon.
[14:22] [Chipmunk] hi misty
[14:22] [Rebekah] heya misty
[14:22] [Misty_] Hi Chipmunk!
[14:22] [Misty_] Hi rebekah.
[14:23] [Rebekah] how are u today
[14:23] [Misty_] I just love making a grand entrance.
[14:23] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:23] [Chipmunk] cool
[14:24] [Misty_] I am good, but kinda cold. We under a winter storm warning out here in da Great Plains today.
[14:25] [Chipmunk] i wish we had snow here...
[14:25] [Rebekah] me too
[14:25] [Misty_] Do you all likew my lounging gown?
[14:26] [Rebekah] yepyep
[14:26] [Misty_] Kinda Star Wars-ish, er sompthin'.
[14:26] [Chipmunk] as cool as my nipples were this morning
[14:27] [Rebekah] tmi Chipmunk
[14:27] [Chipmunk] what? i'm just commenting that it was cold this morning
[14:27] [Rebekah] lol
[14:28] Nick change: snoozing_hammy -> Hammy
[14:28] [Hammy] Hi all
[14:28] [Rebekah] wb Hammy
[14:28] [Chipmunk] finally joined pete
[14:28] *** Misty_ hugs da Hammy one wartmly.
[14:29] [Hammy] I was here earlier, but working on my train thing
[14:29] *** Hammy hugs misty
[14:30] [Hammy] Not too much misty, the wife might get jealous
[14:30] [Rebekah] lol
[14:30] [Rebekah] well atleast its not some lady on the street comin up and huggin u warmly
[14:31] [Chipmunk] lol
[14:31] [Hammy] CSI NY is on
[14:32] [Chipmunk] boring
[14:32] [Misty_] I do not mean to make any wives jealous.
[14:32] [Rebekah] im reading firefly fanfic
[14:32] [Misty_] Just like to hugs peeps.
[14:32] [Misty_] especially da guy peeps.
[14:33] [Chipmunk] lol
[14:33] [Rebekah] lol
[14:33] [Misty_] firefly fanfic...
[14:34] [Misty_] Wow! you get fanfic, huh?
[14:34] [Rebekah] yep firefly is a show by joss whedon
[14:34] [Misty_] What da URL... I'll read it, too.
[14:35] *** Misty_ is a voracious reader.
[14:36] [Rebekah] ... is the first part of it
[14:36] [Rebekah] after thoose chapters comes
[14:44] [Hammy] I couldn't get into firefly
[14:44] [Chipmunk] i've got the series... somewhere
[14:45] [Rebekah] its a great series
[14:45] EMW (~chatzilla@tkpwxdhclezetkpw) joined #morfs.
[14:45] [Chipmunk] MATT!!!
[14:45] [Rebekah] so is the fanfic im reading
[14:46] [EMW] hello
[14:46] [Rebekah] it takes place after the movie serenity
[14:46] [Rebekah] heya EMW
[14:46] [EMW] a firefly fan fic?
[14:46] [Rebekah] yepyep on TopShelf
[14:47] [Rebekah] the dead pilots spirit was put in a female pilots body and sent back to help the firefly crew
[14:47] [Rebekah] ... is the first part of it
[14:47] [Rebekah] after thoose chapters comes
[14:47] [EMW] interesting
[14:47] [Rebekah] i like it
[14:47] [EMW] wash was one of my favourite characters
[14:48] [EMW] I was annoyed they killed him off
[14:48] [EMW] still at least Jayne is still around for any potential serenity 2 :D
[14:48] [Rebekah] yeah me to but river was awesome against the reavers
[14:48] [EMW] indeed
[14:48] [Rebekah] i mean that girl can kick some major but
[14:49] [EMW] I saw a think on xkcd that suggested a potential movie "coming this fall River Tam beats up everyone"
[14:49] [Rebekah] lol
[14:49] [EMW]
[14:49] [Misty_] Thank you, Rebekah.
[14:50] [Rebekah] cool ill have totake a look after i finish this read
[14:50] [Rebekah] yw misty
[14:56] [Rebekah] lol that is funny EMW
[14:57] [EMW] :D I like xkcd they are funny and often clever :D
[14:57] [Rebekah] yeah
[15:02] *** Chipmunk snores
[15:05] [Rebekah] tired little chipmunk
[15:06] *** Chipmunk grunts sleepily in agreement
[15:06] [Rebekah] maybe you should go take a nap
[15:07] *** Chipmunk curls up in the corner
[15:08] [EMW] I wouldn't use that corner
[15:08] *** Chipmunk mumbles in his sleep and curls up on his bed
[15:09] [Rebekah] sweet dreams sleepy
[15:10] *** Chipmunk mutters a sleepy thank you to bekah
[15:13] [Hammy] WAKE UP
[15:13] [Hammy] I'm back
[15:14] [Hammy] And I had a little too much caffeine
[15:14] [Hammy] zooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
[15:14] *** Chipmunk sleepily waves to Hammy
[15:14] [Misty_] Niters, Chips
[15:14] *** Hammy pokes chipmunk
[15:16] *** Chipmunk waves away Hammy's poking
[15:29] [Rebekah] lol
[15:29] [Misty_] Ghad, some sorta convuluted tale that one, huh?
[15:30] [Rebekah] its awesome
[15:30] [Misty_] yup.
[15:30] [Rebekah] just gotta suspend your disbelief alittle
[15:31] *** Hammy fires a small cannon near chipmunk's ear
[15:31] *** Chipmunk snores
[15:32] *** Misty_ stick hr fingers in her ears,
[15:32] *** Hammy turns up the sound of the soundblaster with van Halen at max
[15:32] [Rebekah] lol
[15:33] *** Chipmunk rolls over, still snoring
[15:33] [Rebekah] lol
[15:34] [Misty_] Onh noo, not Van Halen! Puuuhhleeze!
[15:41] [Misty_] Van Halen is Oklahoma University-stompin' -Georgia University music.
[15:49] *** Chipmunk wakes up yawning, feeling better
[15:51] *** EMW points out Chipmunk was sleeping in quick set cement
[15:52] *** Chipmunk points out that i have an anti-cement bed
[15:53] *** EMW points out the fact that the bed has sunk into the cement
[15:53] *** Chipmunk points out that he has a hover-bed
[15:54] *** EMW looks for where synergy is hiding powering the hoverbed
[15:56] *** Hammy changes music to AC/DC
[15:57] *** Chipmunk points to powercell on the underside of the bed
[15:57] [Misty_] Poor synergy,. N She gets blamed for everything
[15:57] [Chipmunk] true
[15:58] [EMW] but then she deserves it
[15:58] [EMW] :D
[15:58] [Chipmunk] not always :p
[16:00] [Misty_] And I don't think she's responsible for a volcano in Gaston Buhl
[16:05] [EMW] she's out to kill us all!
[16:06] [Chipmunk] no... if she was out to kill us... we'd already be dead
[16:07] [EMW] we are ...
[16:11] [Misty_] I don't want them as analogs I added you knowledge in Asia
[16:18] [Misty_] Please pardon my dragon he's talking gibberish today.
[16:19] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:20] [Chipmunk] !morf me medium
[16:22] [Hammy] There is your converter
[16:22] [Rebekah] hehe
[16:22] [Hammy] It wasn't synergy
[16:24] [EMW] it was synergy in a false moustache
[16:28] [Chipmunk] i don't have a moustache... and neither does synergy
[16:29] Tastes_like_moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[16:29] [Chipmunk] MOO!!!!!!!!!
[16:29] [Rebekah] heya moo
[16:29] [Tastes_like_moo] hi
[16:29] [Rebekah] how are u today
[16:29] [Tastes_like_moo] where'd everyone go last night? it said you were here, but you weren't
[16:29] [Tastes_like_moo] i is good
[16:30] [Rebekah] i was out with friends
[16:30] [Tastes_like_moo] but it said bane, emw, and you were all online
[16:30] [Tastes_like_moo] no one said anything for over an hour
[16:30] Nick change: Tastes_like_moo -> moo
[16:30] [Chipmunk] MOO!!!!!!!!!
[16:30] [moo] so, what's new?
[16:30] [moo] hi chip
[16:30] [EMW] I think I was in the other room
[16:30] [moo] what other room?
[16:31] [moo] by the way, long time no see emw.
[16:31] [EMW] the one next to this one :S
[16:31] [Chipmunk] lol
[16:31] [moo] how's it hangin?
[16:31] [moo] who is chipmunk?
[16:31] [EMW] xenic
[16:31] [moo] oh
[16:31] [moo] hi
[16:31] [Chipmunk] aka Dale, aka Xenic, aka Pumbaa
[16:31] [moo] ohhhhhhhh
[16:31] [moo] hi
[16:32] [EMW] aka Mimbu aka the great wisty aka jeff

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