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[00:00] [Rebekah] yeah that happens also
[00:06] dragonessprincess9 (~dragonessprincess9@zuhucqcbrixqzuhu) joined #morfs.
[00:06] [dragonessprincess9] hi
[00:06] [Rebekah] nina baby hey
[00:06] *** dragonessprincess9 hugs all
[00:06] [dragonessprincess9] hi bekah
[00:07] *** Rebekah hugs nina and kisses her cheek
[00:07] [Rebekah] how wass the show last night
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] ok
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] we arrived late
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] : (
[00:08] [Rebekah] sorry to hear that
[00:08] [dragonessprincess9] np
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] how are you?
[00:09] [Rebekah] im doing great now that u are here
[00:09] [Rebekah] :)
[00:09] [dragonessprincess9] hehe
[00:10] [dragonessprincess9] how was your day?
[00:10] [Rebekah] so how was your day sweety
[00:10] [Rebekah] mine was ok
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] went to storeage dropped stuff off
[00:11] [Rebekah] my roommate started a grease fire that endedup running us all outta the house after we put it out
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] got sidetracked from waxing floors at my mom's office again
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] oh no
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] are u all ok?
[00:11] [Rebekah] ooops moms gonna get upset
[00:11] [Rebekah] yeah we are ok
[00:11] [dragonessprincess9] nope
[00:12] [dragonessprincess9] we have tomorrow to do it
[00:12] Tastes_like_moo (Tastes_like_moo@pipypgckpqbupipy) joined #morfs.
[00:12] [Rebekah] nothing but the pan burnt up
[00:12] [Rebekah] heya moo welcome back
[00:12] [dragonessprincess9] thats good
[00:12] [dragonessprincess9] hi moo
[00:12] [Tastes_like_moo] hi
[00:12] [Tastes_like_moo] fire?
[00:12] [Tastes_like_moo] !morf me medium
[00:13] [Tastes_like_moo] poo
[00:13] Nick change: Tastes_like_moo -> moo
[00:13] [Rebekah] yeah the grease fire my roomate sparked earlier
[00:13] [Rebekah] so when do u leave to head back to school
[00:13] [moo] eeeeeeeee!
[00:13] [moo] who, me?
[00:14] [dragonessprincess9] i think she means me
[00:14] [moo] oic
[00:14] [dragonessprincess9] i'm gona head back on the ninth
[00:14] [moo] college?
[00:14] [Rebekah] ah otay
[00:15] Centaur (Centaur@nwpuryjfxmxo) left irc: Ping timeout
[00:15] [dragonessprincess9] yeah moo
[00:15] [moo] who is centaur?
[00:15] Nick change: dragonessprincess9 -> Nina
[00:15] [Nina] not sure
[00:15] [Rebekah] centaur is the guy that wrote charlie
[00:16] Centaur (Centaur@nwpuryjfxmxo) joined #morfs.
[00:16] [Rebekah] hes a morfs author
[00:16] [Rebekah] wb Centaur
[00:16] [moo] hi
[00:16] [moo] oh
[00:16] [Rebekah] charlie meat moo and nina
[00:16] [moo] i'd rather he didnt meat me, if it's all the same to you
[00:16] [Rebekah] ooops Centaur meet moo and nina
[00:16] [Centaur] hi
[00:16] [Rebekah] moo nina meet centaur
[00:16] [Nina] hi
[00:16] [moo] hi
[00:16] [Rebekah] damn typos
[00:17] [moo] dont you mean damn tippos?
[00:17] [Nina] yay horsey person
[00:17] [Nina] hehe
[00:17] [Centaur] windows had a memory fart again
[00:17] [Rebekah] Nina here is the girl i been missin all day
[00:17] *** Nina shakes head
[00:17] [Nina] nice to meet u Cent
[00:17] [Rebekah] mine did that last night while i was playing on IMVU
[00:17] [Centaur] yup
[00:17] [Centaur] IMVU?
[00:18] [moo] here's a great quote "computers are like air conditioners. everything works fine, until you open up windows"
[00:18] [Rebekah] yeah lol
[00:18] [Rebekah] IMVU is a 3d chat program
[00:18] [moo] is it any good?
[00:18] [Centaur] ayup
[00:18] [Rebekah] are u shakin your head at me miss nina
[00:19] [Rebekah] its alright
[00:19] [Rebekah] last night was my first time on there in about 6 months
[00:19] [Nina] yeah bekah
[00:19] *** Nina hugs bekah
[00:20] [moo] but is it good? Ive seen it before, and i was wondering
[00:20] [Rebekah] hey i cant help missing you beautiful
[00:20] [Rebekah] its my natural state when u arent here
[00:20] [moo] we know
[00:21] *** moo rolls his eyes
[00:21] [Rebekah] ok ok i get it im like a love sick puppy
[00:21] [Rebekah] geez
[00:21] [Nina] so whats everyone doing?
[00:22] [Rebekah] not much just chatting and reading online
[00:22] [moo] let me put it this way, bekah. if you were any more of a love sick puppy, there'd be leash marks on your neck
[00:22] [moo] ;)
[00:22] [moo] :p
[00:22] [Rebekah] :P
[00:23] [Rebekah] hmmm
[00:23] [moo] hmmm what?
[00:23] [moo] you have to do a lower case p for the smilie
[00:23] [Centaur] :D
[00:24] [moo] lower case for the smilie
[00:24] [Rebekah] lol
[00:24] [Centaur] }:þ PPPhhhhttttt
[00:24] [moo] :p and :d, not :P and :D
[00:24] [Rebekah] doesnt matter u get the idea
[00:24] [moo] what?
[00:24] [moo] how the heck did centaur do that?
[00:24] [Rebekah] i use old school irc smilies
[00:24] [Centaur] macro
[00:24] [moo] :o
[00:25] [Nina] k.....
[00:26] [Centaur] "/:P /say }:þ PPPhhhhttttt
[00:26] [moo] kk.....
[00:26] [Rebekah] they dont use mirc
[00:26] [Centaur] so colors are all screwed up?
[00:26] [moo] yes
[00:27] [Rebekah] i think the colors comeout right on the java version
[00:27] [Centaur] i guess i better not bring out the skittle babies
[00:27] [Rebekah] lol
[00:27] [moo]
[00:28] [moo] watch the little monkey
[00:28] [Rebekah] yeah that was funny
[00:28] [moo] :)
[00:29] [Centaur] “You got it come’in to ya, ya have two weeks paid and two weeks unpaid vacation time saved up. Call me a ‘crack whore’ I can get you three days administrative leave with pay.”
[00:29] [Rebekah] lol
[00:29] [moo] ?
[00:29] [moo] :$
[00:30] [moo] :/
[00:30] [Centaur] comment from chapter 3
[00:30] [moo] ignore the blushing one
[00:30] [Rebekah] thats a line outta charlie chapter 3
[00:30] [moo] chapter 3 of what?
[00:30] [moo] oh
[00:30] [moo] kewl
[00:30] [Centaur] officeer talking to her sergent
[00:31] [Centaur] getting time off
[00:32] [moo] good line
[00:37] [Rebekah] yeah the line was said buy the sargent
[00:39] [moo] sergeant
[00:39] [Rebekah] what ever
[00:40] [Rebekah] my mind isnt on spelling at the moment
[00:40] [moo] every time bane isn't here, everyone else's spelling goes to crap. I wonder why that is?
[00:40] [Centaur] him too
[00:40] [moo] maybe there's a quota that needs to be maintained
[00:40] [Nina] not sure
[00:41] [Centaur] i can't spell anyway
[00:41] [moo] i would have been more willing to believe you if you had written ' i cant spel anywey
[00:43] *** Nina lays in bekah's lap
[00:43] *** Rebekah strokes ninas hair
[00:43] *** moo whispers: get a room
[00:43] [Nina] so whats everyone doing tomorrow?
[00:44] [Nina] we would if we could moo
[00:44] [Rebekah] there is nothing inappropriate goin on
[00:44] [Nina] yeah
[00:44] [Nina] lol
[00:44] [moo] what? i didnt say anything
[00:44] [moo] you can't prove it
[00:44] [Rebekah] im just gonna hang around at home
[00:44] [moo] this is dirty funny
[00:44] [Rebekah] i have logs silly
[00:45] [Rebekah] ouch
[00:45] [moo] :d
[00:45] *** Nina yawns
[00:46] [moo] be careful
[00:46] [Nina] huh?
[00:46] [Rebekah] do i need to tuck u in sweety
[00:46] [moo] you can hurt yourself if you yawn to much
[00:47] [moo] I know that personally
[00:47] [Nina] ah
[00:47] [Rebekah] you yawn due to a lack of oxygen to the brain
[00:47] [moo] I dislocated my jaw once, and now i have to be careful when i yawn, i can pop it out again
[00:47] [Nina] i may head to bed in a bit
[00:47] [Nina] neat, but probably hurts a lot
[00:48] [moo] feels kinda like getting puched in the nuts and giving birth at the same time
[00:48] [Rebekah] oh yeah im sure thats painful
[00:48] [moo] only on your face
[00:48] [moo] plus, i only dislocated the right side
[00:48] [Nina] neat because i'm trying to think of things u can do by dislocating your own jaw
[00:48] *** Rebekah wonders how moo can make that comparison
[00:48] [moo] getting punched will do that
[00:48] *** Rebekah blushes
[00:48] [moo] I cannot
[00:48] [Nina] ouch sorry moo
[00:49] [moo] and yet i just did
[00:49] [Nina] huh?
[00:49] [moo] i didnt get punched, i fell
[00:49] [Nina] ow
[00:49] [moo] but thats why i dont like fighting, my dentist told me that if you take a punch the side of your jaw, the other side will be annhilated
[00:50] [Nina] ow
[00:50] [moo] this is the mouth:
[00:50] [Nina] we don't want that
[00:50] [Rebekah] ouch
[00:50] [moo] |_ _ _ _ _|
[00:50] [moo] then:
[00:50] [moo] \_ _ _ _\
[00:50] [moo] then

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