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[00:21] [Rebekah] !morf me medium
[02:01] Logger joined #MORFS.
[02:01] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[02:01] Rebekah (Rebekah@nfroriecldzcnfro) joined #morfs.
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[13:33] [] This Channel is for discussing the MORFS Universe found at This channel is not for roleplay, political or religeous chat. have fun.
[13:43] Shrike (~Shrike@neeorylolipgneeo) joined #morfs.
[13:44] [Rebekah] heya shrike
[13:44] [Shrike] Hi
[13:44] [Shrike] No Dale here?
[13:45] [Rebekah] nobodys here ... and i didnt find out till 15 minutes ago that power hadgone out and taken down my puter
[13:46] [Shrike] Dale was here earlier he says
[13:47] [Rebekah] ah
[13:47] [Rebekah] cool
[13:48] [Shrike] I'm talking to him on gchat
[13:48] [Rebekah] cool
[13:48] [Shrike] And replying a mail from Terry
[13:48] [Rebekah] cool
[13:48] [Misty_] no, no dale. How about a hill ?
[13:49] [Rebekah] lol
[13:50] Nick change: Shrike -> Hill
[13:50] [Hill] :p
[13:50] *** Misty_ hugs everyone in turn
[13:50] [Misty_] hehe
[13:50] [Misty_] '
[13:50] Dale (~chatzilla@zirccccgpavczirc) joined #morfs.
[13:50] [Dale] hey hey
[13:50] [Rebekah] heya misty
[13:50] [Rebekah] hugs all
[13:53] [Hill] DALE!!!!!!!!
[13:53] [Dale] ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:53] [Hill] YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:56] [Dale] how is everyone??
[13:56] [Rebekah] im doin alright
[13:58] [Hill] Over the Hedge is on now, bbiaw
[14:02] [Dale] am watching angry video game nerd
[14:07] shadowrider (~_@bozibwpmvwfgbozi) joined #morfs.
[14:08] [Dale] hi rider
[14:08] [shadowrider] hello Dale
[14:09] [Dale] what's up rider?
[14:09] [shadowrider] not too much. you?
[14:10] [Dale] am watching angry video game nerd
[14:16] [Hill] Hi shadowrider
[14:17] [shadowrider] hi Hill
[14:17] Nick change: Hill -> Shrike
[14:18] [Shrike] They didn't like a dale, so i became hill
[14:18] [Dale] lol
[14:19] [Shrike] And Terry might call me
[14:20] [Rebekah] nope that was all misty
[14:20] [shadowrider] hello Rebekah
[14:20] [Shrike] semantics
[14:20] [Rebekah] lol
[14:20] [Rebekah] heya shadowrider
[14:22] [Shrike] !morf me large
[14:23] [Shrike] bbiaw
[14:30] Terry (~Terry@aaawlsxytaaa) joined #morfs.
[14:30] [shadowrider] hi Terry
[14:30] [Terry] Hello.
[14:30] [Rebekah] heya terry long time no see
[14:30] [Rebekah] did u have a good holiday season
[14:30] [Terry] Yeah. I've been in England. I still am. :)
[14:31] [Terry] I've had a good holiday season so far. I'm with my girlfriend. :)
[14:31] [Terry] How was yours?
[14:31] [Rebekah] cool cool
[14:31] [Rebekah] mine was ok
[14:31] [Terry] Yeah. Where's Nina?
[14:31] [Rebekah] i asked nina to be my girl and she said yes
[14:31] [Dale] grats
[14:31] [Terry] I saw that coming a mile away. :)
[14:32] [Rebekah] that and i found acceptance with the rest of my family
[14:32] [Terry] Hey! That's great news. I'm happy for you.
[14:32] [Dale] yep... good news
[14:32] [Terry] It looks like it's going to be a great year for you. :)
[14:32] [Terry] Hi Dale!
[14:32] [Dale] TERRY!!!!!!!!!!
[14:32] [Terry] I haven't chatted with you before.
[14:32] [Rebekah] im not sure where nina is... she went to adrag show last night so i think she probably partied after it and then got home aboutsunup
[14:33] [Rebekah] dale is xenic
[14:33] [Terry] Oh. She's probably sleeping then. Sleepy girl.#
[14:33] [Terry] Yep. Shrike told me about Dale.
[14:33] [Rebekah] thats the way it happend forthe last oneanyway
[14:33] [Terry] I can't remember his latest nickname. One is chipmunk.
[14:33] [Terry] Dale?
[14:33] [Dale] I'm the relatively mad/sane one
[14:33] [Terry] What's your latest nickname?
[14:33] [Dale] yep... i'm the chipmunk
[14:34] [Dale] dale is my real name
[14:34] [Terry] Well met, Chipmunk. :)
[14:34] [Terry] Stormrider? I haven't forgotten you.
[14:34] [Dale] though sometimes I still use Xenic and sometimes I use Pumbaa
[14:34] [Terry] Pumbaa! That's the one Shrike mentioned.
[14:35] [Rebekah] yep Mr. Pig
[14:35] [Rebekah] hehe
[14:35] [Dale] and that's all because I have bad gas sometimes
[14:35] [Terry] I thought he was more like a boar. I haven't seen the Lion King though.
[14:35] [Dale] warthog actually
[14:35] [Terry] Ewwww! Too much information.
[14:35] [Terry] Heh
[14:36] [Terry] Are you still there, Stormrider?
[14:36] [Rebekah] yeah i was quoting a line from lion king
[14:36] [Terry] Ah yes. That's wasted on me. Sorry.
[14:36] *** Rebekah loves disney movies
[14:36] [Dale] "They call me, MR PIG!"
[14:36] Nick change: Dale -> Pumbaa
[14:36] [Terry] I love Disney movies but I just haven't gotten around to seeing them all.
[14:37] [Pumbaa] I have all the lion king films
[14:37] [Terry] I have Mulan and The Sword in the Stone on DVD.
[14:37] [Rebekah] i loed mulan it was a great movie
[14:37] [Terry] Mulan is my fave. *sigh*
[14:37] [Rebekah] oved*
[14:37] [Pumbaa] Mulan is a good film
[14:37] [Rebekah] loved*
[14:38] [Terry] Keep trying, Rebekah. Third time's a charm.
[14:38] *** Terry giggles
[14:38] [Rebekah] i like all the disney princess though i dont count belle as a princess
[14:38] [Terry] Hah! Try telling all the little girls of the world that.
[14:38] [Terry] I know many who would disagree with you.
[14:38] [Pumbaa] yeah...
[14:38] [Pumbaa] though i agree
[14:39] [Terry] I think I like Sleeping Beauty the best of the princesses.
[14:39] [Rebekah] she wasa common mans daughter
[14:39] [Rebekah] but then again so was mulan
[14:39] [Terry] True.
[14:39] [Terry] So where's Shrike?#
[14:39] [Terry] I see him as being online.
[14:39] [Pumbaa] though Mulan was a warriors daughter rather than just any 'common man'
[14:39] [Rebekah] watchin over the hedge
[14:40] [Terry] I was going to try to call him.
[14:40] [Rebekah] true
[14:40] [Terry] Is Over the Hedge any good? It looked good.
[14:40] [Pumbaa] i'm trying to figure out which game to play now...
[14:40] [Rebekah] idk never watchedthat one
[14:41] [Terry] How about Monopoly? ;)
[14:41] [Terry] Solitaire?
[14:41] [Terry] Tiddly winks?
[14:41] [Pumbaa] solitaire... haven't played that in ages...
[14:41] [Terry] I like mah jong. It's addicting.
[14:42] [Pumbaa] especially not with real card
[14:42] [Rebekah] mahjong is very addicting
[14:42] [Terry] Hey. So where is Shrike? Has he been chatting recently?
[14:43] [Rebekah] yeha like i said he said he was going to watch overthe hedge
[14:43] [Terry] Oh!
[14:43] [Terry] Duh. Sorry.
[14:43] [Rebekah] thats otay
[14:43] [Terry] I didn't read very carefully.
[14:43] [Rebekah] though you couldprobably still call him
[14:44] [Terry] Okay. Yeah. I want to talk to him before I leave England. Sorry. I'll be back to chat sometime.
[14:44] [Terry] I'm not here for much longer. I leave on Tuesday.
[14:44] [Terry] Congrats again, Rebekah. Please say hi to Nina for me. She's sweet. :)
[14:45] [Rebekah] i will
[14:45] [Terry] Nice chatting with you Dale.
[14:45] [Terry] Thanks.
[14:45] [Pumbaa] and you terry
[14:45] [Terry] Bya Shadowrider!
[14:45] [Rebekah] nice chatting with you again terry
[14:45] [Terry] Don't be afraid of chatting with me! :)
[14:45] Terry (~Terry@aaawlsxytaaa) left irc:
[14:50] [Pumbaa] !morf me medium
[14:57] shadowrider (~_@bozibwpmvwfgbozi) left irc:
[15:04] [Pumbaa] i'm bored
[15:08] [Rebekah] boredom sux
[15:08] [Shrike] talking to Terry now on phone
[15:08] [Pumbaa] it does indeed
[15:08] [Rebekah] cool
[15:19] [Shrike] bbiaw
[15:21] [Pumbaa] still bored
[15:24] [Rebekah] it happens
[15:25] [Pumbaa] indeed
[15:25] [Rebekah] i justgot thru reading chapter4 of gil_gamesh's "A world of my choosing"
[15:25] [Pumbaa] finished the CAD comics?
[15:26] [Rebekah] nope im up to feb. '08
[15:26] [Pumbaa] not that far to go then
[15:27] [Rebekah] nope
[15:29] [Pumbaa] i've got tons of anime to watch, tons of games to play, books to read... why am i so bored??
[15:30] [Rebekah] personal choice??
[15:30] [Pumbaa] lol
[15:31] [Shrike] Back
[15:32] [Pumbaa] wb
[15:32] [Pumbaa] !morf me medium
[15:32] [Rebekah] wb
[15:32] [Shrike] Saw the last piece of over the hedge
[15:32] [Shrike] I love that squirrel
[15:33] [Pumbaa] the squirrel is cool
[15:33] [Shrike] Specially when he has drunk the caffeinesoda
[15:36] [Pumbaa] lol... yeah
[15:36] [Rebekah] yeah the last part is about the only part ive ever seen
[15:36] [Pumbaa] i have a special wing of my squirrel army like him
[15:36] [Shrike] No no, you have a chipmunk army :p
[15:37] [Pumbaa] i have a special squirrel wing
[15:37] [Shrike] Maybe I should have a morfs like him
[15:37] [Shrike] A speeder power added
[15:37] [Pumbaa] super speed would be a cool power
[15:40] [Shrike] And a bit of an airhead like Hammy
[15:40] [Shrike] Maybe I'll call him Hammy
[15:40] [Shrike] Hamilton
[15:41] [Pumbaa] how fast would he be though?
[15:41] [Shrike] Like Hammy on Caffeine, out walking laserbeams?

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