Rage of the Earth

"Jerald Vicario, or Jair as he was known, was an average 16-year-old boy, at least average for a 16-year-old boy growing up in the war torn South American country of Ecuador, living with the constant fear of MORFS and the possibility of being forced to join the army because of it. But when he does come down with MORFS, his life becomes unglued. His family is forced to flee to the U.S., one step ahead of the army recruiters. There he tries to find a new life in the midst of dealing with the shards of his old. He will have to learn to deal with his smoldering rage, the truth about his father not being the man he though he was, not to mention his new and frightening powers. And of course his past might not be as solidly behind him as he might think. There are still those who would very much like to “recruit” him for their own cause. The foundations of his life are shaking and his whole world seems like it might erupt at any moment."
Rating: 1.2.4
Categories: EL
Timeline: 2049

part 1
........part 2
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