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Souvenirs or Merchandising is now available through the panel [Resources] - Merchandising.

Synergy, Jason2Jessica and Angels Wings have been published as a book.

Limited offer, order Synergy now for only $30 USD incl shipping or $38 USD with track & trace.

This offer expires when all the on-sale copies are sold.

Links or instructions to order the books are on the page Merchandising.

A 3D look of the Nexus living level is available through the panel [Resources] - Nexus.

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New pop-quiz: In Feral 16 Dawes says to Feral, “Yeah, yeah. I know that. But…”.

Later he says: “Don’t you want to start running again?”.

The question is: In what movie did Tommy Lee Jones say those lines?


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Britney & all the writers connected here.


'Massive Ontogenetic Regulation Failure Syndrome' or MORFS for short, was originally launched on the world's population by means of a genetically engineered virus. It had been started as an attempt at a biological weapon by a group of terrorists back in the early 2000s. The virus spread unnoticed across the globe. All life forms that experience some form of puberty where affected. This virus altered the strand of DNA that is supposed to protect and regulate the integrity of an individual's genome. The mutated portion essentially disables all or part of that activity, thus allowing many other mutations and gene swaps to appear and survive. This altered DNA was passed down to all subsequent generations and now each child is faced with the chance of undergoing life changing mutations in their teenage years.